tagMature15 Years Later

15 Years Later


*The Following Story is Completely Fictional*

My grand father passing away was one of the hardest days of my life. What happened the night before his funeral was one of the best . . .

I stepped outside of my Grandpa's café to grab some fresh air. All the emotions since his passing were stating to catch up to me. As I walked around the corner, I saw her. Shauna was my "first" and we remained good friends ever since, even though I now live thousands of miles away.

She ran up to me and we embraced. That's all it took for my emotional wall to break down and the tears started flowing non-stop. "I'm so sorry baby" was all she kept saying over & over. Now, I don't know if it was my emotional state or not, but for the first and last time, I cheated on my wife.

As she hugged me, my mouth was positioned right at her neck. I lightly started to kiss her neck & her arms tightened around me. After what seemed like an eternity, we broke our embrace. She looked at me, took my hand, and led me back into the washroom of the closed café. She pushed me up against the dishwasher and our lips met. As we kissed, I managed to get her out of her T-shirt and was pleased to find out she still hated bras.

I broke our embrace and started flicking at her nipples with my tongue. "Oh my god Alex, don't stop . . ." I switched from one breast to the other until she grabbed the back of my head and forced her right breast almost all the way into my hungry mouth. I continued sucking and lightly biting her nipple, which caused her to shiver. After about five minutes of again switching back and forth, she pushed down on the top of my head until I was at the waistline of her spandex shorts. I slowly helped her out of them was once again pleased to find her pussy shaved completely bald.

I grabbed Shauna's sweet ass cheeks and pulled her towards my mouth. I started my light circular motions around her clit. "Mmmmmmmm yes, more" was all she could get out without being too loud to get us caught, then I ran my tongue & down her pussy lips. When it got to the point where her legs were trembling, I hardened my tongue & started to slowly tongue fuck her.

As her nails dug into my shoulders, I knew she was close. No sooner had I though that when my tongue face and neck were sprayed by one of the powerful orgasms she was famous for. "Wow you've learned a lot since high school", she said as she collapsed beside me. "Now stand up, now I'm hungry" She stood up, unbuttoned my dress shirt, and got my loose fitting dress slacks down around my ankles with one good tug. As she watched my rock hard cock pop out of my boxers, she didn't say a word and just dropped to her knees.

As she slowing stroked my cock with her right hand, she circled the sensitive head with her tongue. The more she stroked, the more cock she covered with her tongue until she was rapidly deep throating me. All I could hear was slurping & popping, as I would occasionally slip out of her mouth on the up stroke. Just as I thought as I going to warm the back of her throat with my hot load of cum, she surprised me for a third time. I let my quivering cock pop out of her mouth and got a pouty look on her face. "Will you cum in me?"

I didn't even answer. I laid Shauna on the cold linoleum for (which made her nipples & clit rock hard) and entered her gushing pussy with one thrust. She wrapped her legs around me and matched me stroke for stroke. It didn't take long before my eyes rolled in the back on my head and I was getting ready to cum. She could tell and squeezed my cock tight with her pussy muscles to stop my thrusting. "Not yet baby, I want to cum with you"

She rolled over on top of me and started thrusting up and down on my bulging cock. She was coming down so hard on me, I was sure I wouldn't be able to walk for a week. I reached up with my left hand and started to pinch her nipples. That slowed her down and she started grinding herself into me. "Ooo baby yessssss" with my right thumb I started playing with her clit. She threw herself down on me and once again wrapped her armed around me neck.

"Cum with me baby" is all she could get out before I could feel that familiar warming sensation on my cock and hips. With one final thrust, I shot load after load of hot cum into her pussy. She remained on top of me, until her pussy had milked every last drop of cum out of me. Shauna then rolled off of me and nuzzled right beside me.

"Wow, you're incredible Alex." I she lay beside me, I could still feel her heart rapidly beating as she tried to calm herself down. "Do you remember the first time?"

"Do I?! . . .How could I forget!"

It all started back in 1988, our Senior year in high school...

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