tagBDSM18 Master Ch. 02: Reprise

18 Master Ch. 02: Reprise


18 Masters – Ch 02 – 18 + 6

If anyone exited the elevator, they would see me kneeling in front of the hotel room door. They would see immediately that I was naked, except for my stilettos. They would see my coat, neatly folded by my side. My brown hair, flowing straight down my back, would be visible. I wasn't sure if they'd be able to see the butt plug in my ass. From that angle, they wouldn't see the nipple clips or clit clip - that view was waiting for the men about to open the door and gang bang me.

It was hard for me to believe my first ever gang bang was just one week ago. When I lost my virginity, the night before I went away to college, I kept thinking I should feel like a totally different person, but I didn't. After losing myself to 18 men last week, I felt like I'd been transformed. I'd crept home before dawn, covered in bruises and dried cum. The next day I kept asking myself, "Did I really do that? I didn't just imagine it?" I'd contacted them again to set up round two, tonight, because I knew I didn't want to live without that intense experience again. It was more than just the mind-blowing sex with 18 guys. Chris, the leader of the group, seemed to know exactly what turned me on, that mix of bondage and pain and submission, along with the acknowledgement that at my very core I am a slut who needs to be used, and used hard.

I took a deep breath and knocked three times, paused, and knocked three times again, as they had ordered me to do. The door opened, but as instructed, I kept my eyes on the carpet and hands behind my back and waited. I was glad the men who were going to fuck me couldn't see my hands right away, because they were shaking.

A blindfold was placed over my eyes, and a ball gag strapped tightly in my mouth. Someone moved behind me to buckle leather restraints around my wrists and ankles, with the wrists connected like handcuffs behind my back. I felt something on my finger; like last time. It was a small, red flashlight that I could use to safeword, if I needed to, when the ball gag prevented me from speaking. I was hauled to my feet. I felt a leash attached to my collar, and I was dragged into the room. The door closed with that solid thunk, like someone spent a lot of money on that door.

They made me stand in what felt like the middle of a room, though I couldn't be sure. My legs were forced apart and a bar was attached to my ankle cuffs. I had no idea what was happening, or what was going to happen. Well, I knew I would be fucked, but we hadn't covered the details as much as last time, just the hard limits.

"Gentlemen, our whore is here."


I had expected to hear Chris' voice, but I didn't recognize the man who spoke. I felt the mystery guy move his hands over my body, in time with the words.

"Look at these huge tits! We had a great time whipping those last week, right? And how about this ass? Man, that was bright red when we were done. "

I heard murmurs of agreement. The memory made me wet. Hands forced me to bend over, my hair streaming towards the floor and my ass and cunt displayed for my unseen audience. After a few minutes, they hauled me upright again, turned me around, and bent me over to display myself to another part of the room.

"Look how wet this whore is. She's ready to service us. All of us!"

I felt fingers spreading my pussy lips and more fingers plunging into me, roughly. After a few more finger fucks, the hand withdrew and I smelled it under my nose.

"Gentlemen, come check out our toy."

I was pulled upright again. I felt hands on my ass, on my tits, and more fingers pushing into my slit. Hands grabbed my hair and pulled. Hands spanked my butt and slapped my face. With the blindfold on, the sensations were magnified.

"All right, all right, as you were." They eventually settled down again.

"Now, last week our team took this cunt as our slave and she serviced us. She couldn't get enough of our cocks. Right, slut?"

I nodded.

"So we found eight more guys who want to ride your train tonight. Do you want that, slut? Do you want 24 hard cocks tonight?"

He forced my chin, nodding my head for me, though I would have gladly nodded myself. I was eager to be fucked, the more the better.


"Let's start with her ass. Cuff her hands in front of her. Bend her over there. Leave the spreader bar in."

My face pressed into the sofa cushion. My hips raised on the arm of the sofa, ass in the air. My legs forced apart and clipped to an unyielding bar. I felt the anal plug yanked from my ass hole and cried out because it hurt.

"Hey, doc, come check her out, make sure she's going to be OK with this."

I heard a guy move around someplace behind me. I heard the snap of a rubber glove, the click of a plastic bottle cap, and that weird gloopy sound of lube. I felt a finger pushing into my asshole, and not gently. I started to shriek, but found a hand forced over my mouth, directing my scream into the cushions.

"She's still pretty tight. Start with a pencil dick and it would probably be OK. And lots of lube."

The finger moved out of me. The unknown Master ordered them to figure out who had the skinniest rod. It turned out the guy with the thinnest cock was one of the new eight guys, and they decided it wasn't right for a guest to take my ass before one of my Masters, so they went with the next skinniest guy. I couldn't see any of this, but I heard the discussion. I heard the click and gloop of the lube bottle again. I braced myself, but even that didn't prepare me for the intense pain as his cock ripped into my ass. I know he was forcing his way in slowly, but it didn't help. Every millimeter hurt more than the one before. I was sobbing, but still had a hand covering my mouth and cushions swallowing my screams. Finally, finally he stopped moving, so I guess he was all the way in, or as far as he was going to get. My ass stopped hurting a little bit as he waited there, hands on my hips. Then he started to grind into me, and pulled back to plunge in again. He started working me, slowly for the first few, but soon he was pounding into me. The guy holding in my screams leaned in and whispered in my ear.

"You know you want this, whore. You know you need this, you fucking slut. You need to have all your holes available to us, all the time."

It was Chris. I couldn't turn my head to look, but I knew the sound of his voice. It quieted me. He was right. I couldn't get to double penetration without going through this. But it still didn't stop the pain. A few strokes later, I felt the Ass Fucking Master tense up, then loose his load in my aching anal cavity. He stood there, shuddering, growling a bit, before he pulled out.

"Damn, that was the tightest thing I ever fucked!"

He slapped my ass a few times. Chris removed his hand from my mouth and leaned in to whisper in my ear again.

"Are you OK? Green light?"

"Green-ish. Maybe a bit yellow," I panted, still reeling from the pain.

Chris grabbed my hair and turned my head so he could look right in my eyes.

"You need this, Slave. Go with it. You need to submit to your Masters. Yes?"

I nodded.

"Now what?" called someone.

I looked at Chris, but he just shrugged and gestured with his head to someone behind me.

"I'm not running the show tonight. It's his turn," he whispered.


"Bring her over to the table," ordered the Master of Ceremonies.

The spreader bar was removed. I was picked up and flipped over, then carried by two guys to what looked like a portable medical exam table with stirrups, like for a pelvic exam. My ankles were chained to the stirrups, exposing my cunt. They removed my slave jewelry and chained me to the table. Someone moved to stand over me.

"Look at our slut, all chained up and helpless."

This was the main voice I'd been hearing all night. Now that I could see his face, I remembered him. He was the last one to cum on me during the bukkake session last time. Barry, that was his name.

"I don't think you enjoyed that ass fuck, did you, Slave?

"I'm not sure, Master."

"Did you cum?"

"No, Master."

"We're going to keep doing it until you love it, until you beg us to fuck you in the ass. You will, you know. I'm too thick to take you yet, whore, but we'll keep pumping that ass hole until you're wide enough to take me."

Yeah, maybe he had a little something to prove after last time. But there wasn't anything I could do about it. Unless I wanted to safe word out, which I didn't. I figured the best thing to do right now was be extra submissive.

"Yes, Master. I want your thick cock, Master."

Barry smiled and moved on in his agenda.

"Tonight's opening game is to show that even though we like hurting our slave, we can also be generous. She hasn't cum yet, but she'd better now."

He looked me in the eyes, but it was different than when Chris did it. With Chris it felt like he knew exactly what I wanted in my dirtiest, sluttiest soul, and he enjoyed giving it to me. With Barry, it was more like he just wanted to see me hurt.

"We're going to give you 30 minutes of working your cunt. I'm ordering you to cum as many times as you can. But every for every time you cum, that's how many times each guy is going to whip you when we're done. But if you don't cum at all, then it's a free-for-all, and they can all whip you as much as they want."

He looked around and gestured to something.

"Who wants to start with this? Tim?"

He held up a huge vibrator wand, with some large attachment shaped like a small-sized, fat dildo. It was covered with little white spiky things, and had a curved part at the front and back that would vibrate my clit and my G-spot. Tim stepped up and took it from Barry, turning it on and then bumping the speed up a notch. Before I knew it, he was spreading my pussy lips and jamming this thing inside me. I tried to press my knees together against this invasion, whimpering a bit.

"Force her thighs open!" Barry ordered.

Two guys stepped in and held me at the thigh and knee, tightly, so I couldn't move my legs at all. That's always been a huge turn on for me, and my libido kicked up a notch. Tim worked the massive thing in and out a few times. Then he pressed it against my clit and pushed some other button. It slowed down a bit, then sped up, louder and faster, then went back to the slower speed. That happened just twice before I felt a massive orgasm overtake me. I was so sensitized, I'm surprised it took that long. They cheered.

"That's a big one!" someone shouted.

"Keep her going!" someone else ordered.

I was trying to close my legs to protect my clit, which was now buzzing with the orgasm that just rocked me. This was the part where usually I wanted my lover to back off and let me bask in the afterglow, but my Masters had other plans. Someone, Josh I think, pushed in between my legs and bent over to start flicking my sensitized clit with his tongue. I started to scream but Barry clamped his hand over my mouth.

"Suck it up, whore. You should love this!"

I could barely register what he was saying, the feeling was so intense. I hadn't had oral sex in a while; my ex-boyfriend didn't like going down and when he did, it wasn't very good. Josh seemed to enjoy giving a good tongue lashing. He shoved his tongue deep in my cunt, giving my poor clit a brief rest, but not for long. He started flicking my clit, licking, sucking, flicking. I felt the heat building, even more intense than last time. I felt like the second orgasm exploded out of me, stronger than anything I'd ever felt. I couldn't scream with the hand hard on my mouth, but I panted, crazy with the strain. I came back to myself and heard them cheering.

"Look at this filthy whore! Two orgasms back to back! She just can't get enough!" crowed Barry.

But it seemed that took so much out of me, the time was almost up before I came again. I think 4-5 guys had taken their turns. They buzzed me with the round head of the wand vibrator and finger fucked me while they did it. They sucked and licked my clit. The crazy clit sensitivity had passed, so this felt really good, but I couldn't get it together to cum again quite yet.

A few guys later, someone realized that my tits were bouncing around, but were available for play. One guy, Tom, grabbed my left tit and started sucking hard on my nipple, biting it. I remembered him cuming on me last time, dumping the first load on my tits. I was distracted from this thought by another guy grabbing the right tit and sucking on it at the same time. It was amazing! I'd had guys suck my tits before – guys always liked my rack – but with one guy and two tits, one side always felt a bit neglected. Now I was being nuzzled and teased in stereo. I don't even know who was doing what to my cunt at the time; the third orgasm was purely from the tit stimulation. I felt myself thrashing around wildly, while they hung onto my tits.

Barry told them they had a few minutes left, so they kept trying. They worked me over again with the spiky knobbed thing in my cunt. They pushed it all the way to the highest vibe setting until my teeth were chattering. They sucked and stroked my tits. They licked my slit. I just couldn't get another orgasm out of me before the 30-minute limit was up.


Barry told them to put away the vibrators.

"If you feel yourself cumming again tonight, you have to beg us to let you cum. We'll decide if you can or not. But if you cum again, you'll get whipped for it. We're punishing you for enjoying sex, you slut. That was three solid cums, so each guy gets three lashes with this!"

Barry pulled out a riding crop. He stood over me and trailed the looped end down my naked body, fiddling with my drenched pussy.

"Chain her up."

I was pulled off the table and moved back to the center of the room. They attached chains to my ankle and wrist cuffs and forced everything wide. The put the ball gag in my mouth and the light on my finger. I realized I didn't have a collar on my neck this time. Is it weird to say I felt naked without it? Barry had everyone line up. I don't know if it was better or worse than last time. Last week I had some guys spanking my butt and some guys using the flogger on my tits at the same time. This week it was just the riding crop, and just one guy at a time, but the other 23 guys watching. I think some cropped me harder because they were watching and being watched, while some were more nervous and didn't get a lot of force behind the blow. Some cropped my ass, some my tits, some my cunt, a few gave one slash on each. Some used the flap and others the shaft. There was also more time between each one, since they had to hand the crop off after each turn. You'd think some of these guys were major league baseball players, the way they sized me up at the plate. I actually started to get a bit bored, and started watching the guys waiting in line. They were all clothed, so I found myself focusing on their faces.

I had a few gang bang pornos that I dearly loved watching. There were scenes that never failed to make me cream. I realized something, though, in watching this line of 24 guys. I loved the faces of the women in the gang bangs – I saw them in extreme pain, and orgasmic pleasure, and even in normal conversation in the after interviews – but I had no idea what any of the guys looked like. There were a few scenes with memorable cocks, and a few tattoos I associated with particularly brutal fucking or whipping, but I couldn't pick any of those guys out in a lineup. It was all about the woman, and what they were doing to her. Tonight, for the second time, it was all about me, and what they were doing to me. What they were still going to do to me. I recognized most of the guys in the line, and found myself remembering more about the way that one had shoved his cock in my mouth and forced my head, or the way some other guy had leered at me while he mounted me.

My arms were starting to feel tingly. This was certainly the longest I'd ever been punished like this. I almost felt like I was watching the whole thing from above, watching the faces of the guys, some watching intently, some laughing with each other, some rubbing their crotches in anticipation.

The next thing I knew, I was on the floor and a guy was shining a light in my eyes.

"She's OK" he said.

I realized it was the same voice as the guy who had probed my ass. I guess maybe he really was a doctor. I moved my mouth, and found the ball gag was out.

"What happened?" I said.

My voice sounded fainter than I intended. I looked around and saw Chris holding my hand, looking a bit worried.

"You fainted. I think that was more whipping than you were ready for."

He looked at Barry, who was kneeling on the other side. He sounded sort of pissed. Barry didn't seem concerned. Bastard.

"Is she OK to keep going?"

The doc looked me over again.

"Yeah, but keep her arms down this time."

"Do you want to safe word out, slut?" Barry said.

"Seriously, you don't have to keep going tonight if it's not working for you. We can stop now and do this another night," Chris said.

Man, I was conflicted. As I was coming to, the beating was catching up with me. I could see welts and red marks covering my body. I could feel the sting. 3x24 lashes? I don't know how far through the line we had gotten, but it was pretty far. I knew I was hurting. As much as I was turned off by Barry's attitude, I was touched by Chris' concern. I could tell he would be totally OK with me stopping, and somehow that made it OK for me to want to go on. And yeah, I guess there was a part of me that felt like, "Fuck you, Barry!", like I wanted to prove that I could take anything he could dish out. I wanted to push my limits. That's what this was about, right? We had set the hard limits – no feces, no blood, no strangulation – and I knew my Masters would respect my limits. I was starting to see how differently my limits could be pushed though, depending on who was in charge. And this was only two Masters so far – what would happen when the other 16 had their chance? I could find out. Or I could stop. They were all looking at me, the faces I had been watching as I stood there in chains being cropped. I felt like disappointing them would be disappointing myself. I wanted to keep going.

"I'm OK. Masters. I don't want to go away without being fucked by you. By all of you

"OK, then we go on! Who didn't get a chance to smack the whore?"

I turns out only three guys were left. I was a little pissed at Barry for hauling me back up there to take it, but then I reminded myself it was part of the package. I wanted to be their slave, so I was going to do what they commanded. I gritted my teeth and took my lashes. But I was glad when it was done.


Instead of a free-for-all whore fuck, Barry decreed a nice, orderly train. No wonder the guy had started with anal - it seemed to suit his personality. Another line formed up. They chained me to the same table where they had forced three orgasms out of me. It seemed a bit of a waste, since they couldn't really get to any part of me except my cunt hole, but I was glad to have my ass off limits. The sting of the crop was fading a bit, though my ass felt raw on the covering of the fuck table. My ankles were chained to the stirrups. My wrists were chained up by my shoulders this time, spreading my tits. They attached straps to my thighs as well, and chained my legs wide apart, leaving me vulnerable to all those cocks. The head of the table was adjusted upward a bit, so I could see the l line of men waiting to violate me.

Barry went first. He was right about having a thick cock. It felt good in my wet pussy, but after he got a few thrusts in, he managed to get a finger in my ass. I was looser, and with him working my cunt, a finger didn't hurt as much. I future tripped a bit, though, thinking about him fucking my ass some day. He was rock hard going in, and it didn't take long this time for him to spurt his load in me. As soon as he was done, Chris took his place. I hadn't cum when Barry fucked me, but now with Chris pumping me, and giving me that intense look, I was turned on. Staring back in his eyes, I felt myself cum in a massive wave. Chris came a moment later, growling like a tiger as he pushed every last drop in as deep as he could. I was still reeling from the orgasm, so I don't even know who came next, just that as soon as Chris was gone, another hard dick filled me. This was exactly the sensation I had craved when I fantasized about being gang banged – I was filled, over and over again. Most guys came pretty quickly, though a few took some strokes, then pulled out to go to the back of the line so they wouldn't hold things up.

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