tagBDSM18 Master Ch. 09: Friend

18 Master Ch. 09: Friend


A man came into the office late on a Thursday afternoon. Late 20's. Nice suit - and by now I'd seen enough suits on my various Masters to know the nice ones from the cheap ones. He looked very full of himself, like he expected me to swoon when he winked at me. Master Michael must have heard the man introduce himself as "Jimbo", because he swooped out and ushered him into his office. I didn't think much of it until he paged me at the front desk and asked me to join then.

They were in the comfortable chairs in the sitting area. Jimbo was in a chair, and Master Michael was perched on top of a chair. That was something he liked to do as a power play. Jimbo looked like he was magnanimous enough to overlook the dick measuring; he just sat back with a smirk on his face.

"Jimbo, what are you drinking these days? Scotch?"

"If you have a good one!"

"Two scotches, neat," he ordered.

The Masters had been teaching me drink service. At least this was an easy one. The booze was on a low caddy in the corner. I figured Master Michael wanted the FULL service, so I bent over, sticking my ass out. I could feel their eyes locked onto me. I brought over a silver service tray with two glasses and - carefully - the 30-year old Bowmore. He'd told me how much it cost, so I was always nervous carrying it. I put it on the table in front of Jimbo and poured him two fingers, leaning over so he could see down my blouse.

"Ah, the Bowmore. I guess it's hard to find Balvenie these days."

I poured one for Master Michael and handed it to him. I could tell he was annoyed at Jimbo. Since he hadn't dismissed me. I stood there, waiting.

"Well, Mike, pretty unusual to find a secretary who will even get you coffee, let alone pour your scotch. And this one's a beauty!" He toasted, "To beautiful women!"

"To beautify women!" Master Michael echoed. "But, Jimbo, she's not my secretary."

"Oh. Sorry. Right. Administrative Assistant, or whatever PC term they're using these days." He sipped his scotch.

"Oh, no, no - not that. No, she's not my secretary or my administrative assistant. She's my sex slave."

Jimbo choked on his scotch. He tried to cover it up.

"Yeah, right. I guess that explains why you aren't married yet. Hard to find a wife who'd be OK with you also having a sex slave."

"Jimbo, why would I need a wife when I have her, and she'll do anything I tell her to? Including shut up when I tell her to? Not that you aren't a lucky man to have Judy, but come on, dude, I'm living the dream here!"

"Sex slave, huh? Like a hooker?"

"No, much more interesting. Watch."

He stood up and unzipped his fly, then pulled out his dick. He snapped his fingers and pointed to the ground. I knelt and started sucking his cock.

"Holy Fuck!"

"Yeah, she has a great tongue. She gets a lot of practice."

"What else does she do?"

"Anything I tell her to."


He snapped his fingers again.

"Strip!" he commanded.

I knew better than to hesitate for even a second. I unbuttoned the blouse first, revealing a lacy pink bra with demi cups that spilled over a bit with my well-endowed tits. I unhooked it smoothly, letting my jugs bounce as I dropped the bra on the floor. Jimbo's mouth was hanging open. I was glad to see his fat mouth speechless, even though it was horribly degrading for me. I unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the floor as well. I was never allowed to wear underwear, so that left me naked except for my thigh-highs and heels.

"Present yourself to him."

I walked carefully over and stood next to Jimbo's chair. I spread my legs slightly, then clasped my hands behind my back, thrusting my chest forward, looking slightly over his head so I wouldn't accidently make eye contact with him while he checked me out.


"So, yeah, Jimbo, not married yet. But there's time for that, if I ever get tired of this."

"But, how did - why does she - how do you find a sex slave? And how far does she go? I mean, what can you order her to do? Like, can you order her to cut off her arm?"

"She placed an ad looking for a gang bang. Some friends and I were happy to oblige. She's really an amazing little slut. She'll fuck anything that moves. She's so horny we figured we should keep her, partly for her own safety, you know. We take good care of her and fuck her brains out. Oh, and whip her, too. She needs that a lot. Present your ass to him."

I turned my backside to Jimbo, spreading my legs a little more before I bent over, touching my toes to the floor. I had some spectacular bruises from two cane strokes yesterday, with no warm up, and some welts from the single-tail last night. I wish I could have seen his face. He wasn't saying anything. I'm guessing his mouth was hanging open again.

"You should try her out, Jimbo. Would you like a blow job? I seem to remember that Judy doesn't care much for oral sex, so it's probably been a while, right?"

"Oh, she does it. She just doesn't enjoy it." He muttered more softly, "And I get tired of arguing about it."

"Slave, suck his dick."

"Yes, Master."

I knelt in front of Jimbo's chair. I wasn't sure if he was going to just sit there or if he'd whip it out. He still seemed a bit stunned, so I reached forward to unbutton him. That spurred him into action, so he unzipped and scooted forward on the chair as he pulled out his cock. It was a little smaller than Master Michael's, though nothing for Jimbo to be ashamed of. He was hard as a rock so I had to maneuver a bit to take him in. With the angle, I couldn't see his face as I pumped him. I pulsed hard with my tongue, making him groan.

"Now, Jimbo, I can't let you cum in her, not without a full load of STI tests. You can cum on her face or tits, or you can put on a condom if you want to cum inside her."

"I can fuck her?"

"Sure! As long as you wear a rubber. And . . . as long as you're sure Judy won't mind."

"Hah!" Jimbo pushed me back and stood up. He looked around, as if looking for a bed to magically appear. "Where?"

Master Michael tossed him a foil-wrapped condom.

"Anywhere you want, except my desk. Against the window is one of my favorite spots. Or over the back of the sofa for anal."

"I can fuck her in the ass??"

"Yeah, Judy never let you do that, did she? I'm afraid I scared her off of that one by going too fast. Probably ruined that for life for her."

Jimbo shot him a dirty look. He yanked off his shoes and tugged his pants off. He grabbed my wrist and hauled me to my feet.

"Can I touch her? Can I touch her tits?"

"You can touch her anywhere you want. Enjoy!"

He grabbed my tits like a little boy afraid his new toy would be taken away. He groped me hard, his fingers playing with my nipples at first, and then pinching them. If he was trying to hurt me, he had no idea how high my pain tolerance had grown.

He pulled me around behind the sofa and pushed me forward. I knew from experience to brace my hands on the back before he started pounding me.

"Just don't dry fuck her. The condom has some lube, but start with her cunt, or I'll give you the bottle."

I felt some fingers inside me.

"Christ, she's soaking wet!"

"Yeah, I told you she's a slut. She lubes for anyone."

Jimbo pumped in and out a few times, making me twitch my hips a bit. I felt him pause.

"Sure, go ahead." Master Michael offered.


Jimbo planted a few solid ones on my bruised and welted ass with his free hand while he pumped me with the other. Again, nothing I wasn't used to happening several times a day. I heard the tearing of foil and the wet sound of a lubed condom being rolled on a dick. He lined up and rammed his cock into me, hard, but I was braced and wet, and it wasn't like he had a big dick, like some of my Masters. He pumped a few times, reaching over to slide a hand under my tits while he rode me.

He pulled out and I felt him line up again, but this time it was to ram into my ass. Even though he was wet with my cunt lube, it still hurt and I stifled a gasp.

"Oh, shit, yes. You fucking whore, you feel so good! You filthy slut! Take it!"

He went rigid. I would have felt his spunk deep in me, except for the condom. I was glad not to have any of this jerk's semen staining me. He stood there for a moment, rubbing and squeezing my ass. At least he held onto the condom as he pulled out, so it didn't make a mess on the floor. I stayed where I was - I knew if I moved without permission, I'd have more bruises added to my current count.

"So, Jimbo, whaddya think?"

Jimbo was silent for a few minutes.

"Ya know, you and, uh, your slave here should come out to the cabin sometime with me and Judy. I'm sure you and Judy would love to talk about old times."

"Sure, that would be great. Have her call my office and set things up with my slut."

I wondered if Master Michael would actually take him up on it. It didn't sound like Judy was much of a swinger, so I figured it would be the two of them pounding me the whole time. My masters had had me fuck lots of men, and I knew some of them were married, lots had girlfriends. It wasn't my place to judge, just spread. I didn't have to like it, though.

"Slut, come say goodbye to Jimbo."

I stood up from my frozen position on the sofa and walked over to Jimbo.

"Goodbye, Sir," I said, keeping my eyes downcast.

Jimbo hesitated a minute, then grabbed my tits and groped me, hard. He pulled me in close and jammed his tongue in my mouth. It was probably both the scotch and the man, but I felt nauseated. I was glad when he let me go and left, assuring Master Michael that he'd have Judy get in touch.

"You did well, slave."

"Thank you, Master."

"We're leaving work early today. I'm going to take you upstairs and scrub you clean before I touch you again."

"Thank you, Master. Master? If Judy calls, what do you want me to do?"

"I'd say, 'Tell her her husband is an asshole', but if she hasn't figured that out by now then she's a hopeless case. I'd say tell her about her husband fucking your ass in my office, but she's probably figured out by now that he's cheating scum. I doubt that she'll call, but if she does, just keep making excuses until she gives up. I'm over her. I really did get the better deal in the end."

"Yes, Master."

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