tagMature18, Old Enough For Love

18, Old Enough For Love


This story is based on a girl my youngest sister grew up with. I have changed the town and people's names, otherwise it's fairly accurate.


Mom and I sat at the kitchen table looking out the window as the girl next door trudged off to school. She had recently turned 18, wearing baggy pants, combat boots and a flannel shirt buttoned up to the neck. No make-up, hair clean, pulled back in a pony tail. Taking a bite of my bagel and a sip of coffee I asked mom what the story was with her.

"She's a bit of a homely girl, not ugly by any means, if she'd put on a little make up and fix her hair, she'd be more appealing. She's angry with the world and running 100 miles an hour ... in the wrong direction. Dad and I took care of her while Shirley worked, up until she started first grade, then after school until she was 12."

"Is she learning disabled mom?"

"No honey, she's a smart girl, average build, lovely girl inside, it's the exterior that causes her such heartache and grief. She has buck teeth, coke bottle bottom glasses, and is nearly deaf from an early childhood disease. Her hearing aids are the big clunky kind from 20 years ago, kids are cruel little bastards and make fun of her."

"I noticed she didn't have them on this morning, because of the pony tail. She'll spend her day in silence, not knowing what was said, laughing when the others laugh. Saddest part is they're usually laughing at her, and she doesn't even know it, just breaks my heart. Shirley makes enough at the bank to keep food on the table, clothes on their backs, pay the utilities and drive a decent car, but beyond that there isn't much left over."

"Sad situation. How is it that Shirley is a single mom in a town this small? I think she was a few years ahead of me in high school, and she was always nice to me, I don't remember her being unpopular."

"In her senior year she started working Friday evenings and Saturdays at the bank, when banks used to serve their customers. Upon graduating from high school, they hired her as a fulltime teller. About a year after being there a new manager was put in place, he was late 20's with degrees hanging all over his office walls. Another kid who couldn't pee straight but was being heralded as some sort of numbers guru. He was rich, his daddy pulled strings to get him the position, in the end it turned out he was nothing more than a gigolo. Screwed half the married women in town and basically all the single girls, except Shirley. She wasn't going to put out unless he married her, which he did. She had Jill right away, and then things got ugly. She found out he was still screwing anything with a skirt or tits, so she filed for divorce. His family wanted her out of their lives, she accepted a decent settlement in place of monthly child support and him giving up all parental rights. It gave her enough to buy the place next door outright and buy a decent car, with little left over."

How I ended up in my mother's kitchen is another story in and of itself. I grew up in west central Wisconsin. My dad was an exterior lineman and did electrical work on the side on weekends, mostly for farmers. He was offered a position in a lower Kentucky cooperative, my folks were tired of the cold long winters and dad accepted the position. We moved when I was 15, I graduated there and immediately out of high school went into the Army. When my enlistment was done I chose to be discharged in southern California. I noticed advertisements for young ex-military to apply for apprenticeships in the trades. I applied and was accepted into an apprenticeship as an electrician.

A little more than two years into the apprenticeship I was sent with a journeyman to wire an addition to one of the places in the ritzy part of town. The lady who owned it was in her late 30's and foxy as hell. She wore what today would be modest bikini's around the pool, back then they were considered skimpy and very naughty. More than once we were treated to a glimpse of breast as she walked around in a whispy robe not tied at the waist. We even saw her walk from the pool to the house once, completely nude, none of it fazed her a bit. I soon found out she was the local rich bitch who gobbled up young men like toys, screwing them a while before moving on to the next one.

Little did I know I was to be the next one. Long story short, she was great in bed, fucked like a mink and showed me a real good time. She liked parading me around at parties and functions, I was her "working" boyfriend. Apparently, that was something new, I didn't care, I was getting lots of tail and going to places I wouldn't have otherwise been invited to.

My surprise came when she wanted me to marry her. Said she was tired of the dating scene and all the drama that went with it, she was looking for someone with a solid future, so we got married. She loved lingerie, I was treated to a show almost daily. Long natural red hair, lovely facial features, her breasts were on the bigger side and didn't match the rest of her body, they'd been enhanced. Slim waist, nice hips, sweet round ass with no flab, flat tummy, accentuated by a small soft rug of red pussy hair that was heaven to run my fingers through. Long legs that went all the way to her ass.

She loved having her pussy eaten, something we did nearly every time we screwed. She didn't mind returning the favor, so I received as many blow jobs as I did pieces of ass. Our sex life was on turbo charge most of the time, two to three times a night was nothing to her, even though I struggled to meet the demand and still get up for work in the morning. I was becoming depleted of energy and ejaculate, no wonder she had moved from boyfriend to boyfriend every 4 to 6 weeks. Eventually I told her it had to slow down a bit, so I could sleep, and it did. What I didn't know at the time, is she was fucking other guys during the day. I probably wouldn't have known for a long time if I hadn't gotten hurt on the job and was told by the doctor to go home for the day.

I walked in the house to what sounded like laughter, squeals, and moaning. Making my way to the bedroom and peering through the half open door my jaw nearly hit the floor. There was my wife on her side with a guy's cock in her ass, a guy's cock in her pussy, and a guy's cock in her mouth. Looking in the mirror I saw two other guys sitting in chairs with their dicks in their hands waiting their turn, one was the neighbor next door. No wonder I didn't notice any extra vehicles in my drive way. Knowing we had security cameras in every room I went to the utility room to watch on the monitor. I isolated the camera for our bedroom and watched as she was fucked every way possible for over an hour. I removed the tape and drove to a lawyer's.

Within a week I was being offered a handsome settlement along with a divorce if I agreed to non-disclosure, or showing the tape to anyone. If we could reach a settlement amount, she would get the tape after payment. I agreed and walked away with almost 1.2 million, the bitch was loaded, I never knew how loaded until my lawyer started digging. Within a year my apprenticeship was finished, I'd passed my journeyman exam and moved back to the little Wisconsin farm town I was raised in.

Mr. Tuttle owned and operated Tuttle Electric and was looking for someone to hire, I fit the need and happily went to work. His dipshit son wasn't interested in the trades, he was going to college and he had convinced himself he'd make the big bucks. I'd see my folks on long weekend holidays, or they would come north for a week or two in the summer to get away from the hot humid southern weather.

I dated a little, had a couple of gals who didn't want to settle down yet, but didn't mind being fuck buddies. As with all things, life goes on and changes occur, my friends with benefits married and started families, I worked 60 to 80 hours a week so had little time for social activities. If I got horny enough there were several very bored housewives in town who didn't mind being a cum dump for me. I always treated them with respect and made sure our meetings were discreet. All had husbands, but all had lazy husbands when it came to sex, thus leaving a void that I filled. They were girls I'd grown up with before moving away, it wasn't hard to rekindle old relationships. They all knew they were sharing me, none of them cared, as long as each got their share.

Life had developed a rhythm, until my dad had a massive stroke on my 37th birthday. Cell phones weren't available and prevalent in our area, we had what were referred to as "bag phones" in our work trucks. I checked my phone at lunch time and noticed Mr. Tuttle had tried to reach me. Calling him right away he informed me my dad had a massive stroke and mother wanted me to come home. I worked out the remainder of my workload with Mr. Tuttle, loaded my truck and headed for the folk's place. I drove straight through and was able to be with dad about three hours before he took his last breath. Mom ask if I could stay around, so I called Mr. T. Seems his son who was going to get a degree and make the big money couldn't find anything in his degree field and wanted to come home and take over the business.

I still had all that money sitting in the bank and didn't have to work if I didn't need to, so told mother I'd move in with her for a while, went back & moved my stuff. I chose not to sell my property and house. I rented out my 26 acres of cropland to Mr. George across the road, he was milking 60 cows and always searching for more land to buy or lease. The house I leased to the new high school principle on a one year basis. Being single I had put away the majority of my earnings and when I left Mr. T, I transferred the profit sharing from my time working with him. Between the two I added almost another 200 hundred grand to my portfolio.

Mom and I settled into a routine, eating meals together, me grocery shopping with her, taking her out to a meal at least once a week. I drew the line at joining she and the clucking hens to play bridge. I found a part time job at one of the local electrical contractors, he needed extra help during the new house season, but not during the winter. Suited me just fine. Upon meeting the three gals in mom's bridge group I was surprised at how fit and foxy two of them were. They liked their push up bras and mid-thigh skirts, and I liked looking. Ma would call me a perv, saying it was indecent to stare at them.

"Well ma, they're good looking, they have the right equipment, and attitude. Why shouldn't I look?"

"What do you know of their attitude? O my god, don't tell me. This is disgusting. Are you really boinking Alice and Rita? My god Merle, they're widows for crying out loud."

I smiled and said nothing. Mom said, "you are unbelievable, go outside, now."

Dad was an avid wood worker and had a great shop in the back yard. It was 40' by 55' and he had about every tool imaginable for making furniture. He'd always had a shop and I remembered working with him before leaving home. I began spending most of my free time in the shop. I bought an apartment sized refrigerator to keep beer, pop, and water. I had a plumber come in and add a commode in the front part of the shop, so I wouldn't have to keep trapesing into the house just to pee. Flat screens weren't a thing yet, but cable was, so I had that installed and mounted a TV above the door. Dad never really had anywhere to sit, I watched the yard sales, picking up a love seat and stuffed chair for $35. Mom scolded me for wasting my money saying they'd be full of sawdust (what she referred to as "man glitter"). I had never told her about the money in the bank, other than what I'd saved. She was financially secure, but still worried about her baby boy.

Having been at moms about ten weeks I'd developed a routine of being in the shop most afternoons. I was sitting in the sawdust covered chair late one fall afternoon resting and having a beer. The shop had a porch that extended all the way across the front, I thought I saw a shadow or movement of some sort. The door opened and in walked Jill, same drab garb, hair down today but I could see the hearing aids, dark eye liner, black lipstick, a little diamond thing in the side of her nose.

I looked up and said, "Hi, come on in and make yourself comfy, don't bother knocking, just act like you own the place."

"Fuck you", and she walked out.

A minute later I heard a knock, "Come on in Jill. Would you like a pop or some water?"

"I'll take one of those cold beers."

"I'm sure you would, but you aren't old enough, so would you like a Dr. Pepper, or a bottle of water?"

I handed her a Dr. Pepper as she plopped into the loveseat.

"So, your name is Merle, huh? Fucked up name you know, nobody has a name like that anymore."

"My parents liked it, was my great grandfathers name. Does your mother know you talk like that? It isn't very flattering you know."

Out of the blue she said, "you wanna fuck me? I've fucked most of the guys at school, might as well add you to the list."

Calling her bluff, I said, "sure, drop your pants and bend over."

Her eyes got big as saucers, she grunted and groaned and tried to find words, eventually spitting out, "I can't today, I'm on the rag." Stood up and scooted out the door.

I chuckled to myself. No way I'd have touched her, not at 18 and still in school. I ask mom about her that night, wondering if her boast of promiscuity was true. Mom said she knew for a fact Jill had never had a date, much less a sex date. Mom knew Shirley had taken her to her gynecologist a few months ago, the doctor put her on the pill to help regulate her monthly cycle, and her hymen was still intact then. Mom doubted she'd been with anybody since.

Next afternoon I heard a knock, the door opened, Jill walked over to the frig, got a DP and plopped her little ass in my chair. I was standing at a bench gluing up some boards, as soon as I had them clamped I walked to the chair, pulled her scrawny ass out of it and deposited her on the loveseat.

"Hey, what the fuck? I was sitting there."

"First young lady, that chair is mine. If I'm not sitting in it you're welcome to, however if I want to sit in it you will quickly remove your cute ass from it and sit where you are now. Understand?"

She nodded her head yes.

"Secondly, cut the filthy language. If you're trying to impress me you're failing. I have no problem with cussing at times, but not the filth coming out of your mouth for nothing more than shock value."

That only seemed to piss her off. "I'm off the rag today, so if you wanna fuck me you can. I aint a little girl. I got hair."

With that she stood, grabbed her sweat pants and pulled the front down showing me her little muff. It wasn't full like a mature woman's, but it was well on the way.

"Pull your pants up Jill, you don't need to do that."

"Don't you like my pussy? Are you gay?"

"I'm anything but gay Jill. Your pussy is lovely, but you're a bit young for me to get involved with. Offer it to me again when you're older and we'll see where it goes."

She finished her DP, headed toward the door and stopped. "Can I stop by tomorrow after school?"

"You bet, any time you see I'm here, feel free to stop in."

Next afternoon same scenario, only she sat on the loveseat right away.

Staring at me she said, "I know what the problem is, why you won't fuck me. You don't think I look sexy enough. How about this then?"

She stood up and pulled down the front of her sweats showing me her shaved pussy. "Well, is that sexy enough?'

I thought to myself, I need to nip this in the bud, and spoke.

"Pull your pants up. To be honest, I'm not a fan of bald pussies, little girls who haven't reached puberty have bald pussies, I prefer mine with hair. I don't care if it's trimmed, but there ought to be pubic hair on a mature cunt. I liked what I saw yesterday Jill, I'd love to dive into that, bury my face in your muff and screw you until the cows come home. Unfortunately, you're only 18 and still in high school, as much as I might enjoy making love with you, I don't think your mom would be very happy. I know for a fact my mother would castrate me."

As she slowly sat down, she looked at me seriously for the first time. "You really would make love to me if I was older? Yesterday you said I have a cute ass, are you just making that up?"

I moved next to her on the loveseat, she withdrew a little bit and looked scared. I gently took her hand,

"Jill, I don't need to lie or flatter you to get in your panties, you've already offered your virginity to me. Yes, I would make love to you if you were older, and yes, I do think you have a cute ass, even though you try to hide it."

"I'm not a virgin you know."

"Yes, you are honey, and it's nothing to be ashamed of. You should be proud your hymen is still intact, instead of being like most girls your age who are sluts. Screwing everything they can."

"You're not just bullshittin are you?"

"No bullshit, scouts honor. I've been around long enough to know that in the end you'll be the one to succeed while those other blithering idiots will fail."

With that she headed home, for the first time her voice was soft as she bid me goodbye, and she had a hint of a smile on her lips.

Mother and I enjoyed a quiet supper, the topic of conversation was Jill and her recent actions. After listening, mom put her hand on mine, looking deep into my eyes.

"I believe I raised you right, and I know you won't take advantage of that girl, right? She's lonely and starved for affection, she'd do anything you ask her to. Tell me that will not happen."

"No mom, I will not take that girls innocence. I want to help her and guide her if possible, however, if she comes to me when she's older, my decision may alter."

Looking at me over her glasses she said, "If she was older and out of school we wouldn't be having this conversation. I have bridge tonight, so you've got dishes."

It was a pleasant autumn evening, after I finished dishes I was sitting on the porch in front of the shop, nursing a beer. It was dusk so I couldn't see very clearly as I heard Shirley's screen door slam. In less than a minute Shirley was standing next to me.

"Got another one of those?"

"Sure, grab the other rocker and I'll get you one."

We chit chatted about this and that, not really addressing anything. I decided to break the ice.

"Shirley, you didn't come over to talk about high school and who is or isn't married. We've hardly spoken ten words since I moved back with mom. Yet here you are, what's up?"

"I've noticed Jill has been over visiting you some afternoons. Then this morning I found a razor she left in the sink with an awful lot of hair. Pubic hair. I knew it was more than her pits and pressured her until she finally told me she'd shaved her vagina for you."

Holy shit. I knew this was gonna be a fuckin mess, I just wasn't sure how. Shirley must have seen the disbelief and panic on my face.

"You didn't tell her to do that though, did you."

"Oh my gosh no Shirley, I would not do that. In fact, I told her today that I actually prefer a woman with pubic hair."

I could see Shirley blushing.

"I thought as much, but I needed to talk with you, so I have all the facts, not just Jill's story. She's a very lonely girl, starved for confirmation of her sexuality, and acceptance for who she is, as she is. Merle, she'd spread her legs for you in a heartbeat, please tell me you won't take my baby girls virginity."

"That won't happen while she's a girl, but I have to be honest, if she comes to me as a woman, I can't make the same promise."

Shirley searched my eyes for several minutes before speaking.

"I really can't ask for more, can I? If she desires you as a woman that's her choice, but if she does, please be gentle with her."

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