18 to 99


We ate at the mall, going as upscale as the mall got by going to Applebee's, and when Gail asked me if she could get a glass of wine with dinner, she seemed elated when I assured her it was fine with me.

"I take it you aren't much of a drinker," I suggested, after watching Gail wince as she sipped her Merlot.

"Always wanted to try a glass of wine," Gail said. "Daddy would flip his lid if he saw me now."

"Seems like there were a lot of things your father didn't let you do," I mentioned. "How long is he going to be incarcerated?"

"Three to five," Gail said. "Years."

"None of my business, but you're probably old enough to break free of him and get on with your life, no matter how much you love him."

"I didn't say anything about loving him," Gail said in a cold tone.

"Oh," I said, stunned at her curt response. "I figured that with the way you talked about him..."

"Just because you're afraid of somebody, doesn't mean you love them."

"Right," I said finally. "Sorry."

"Not your fault," Gail assured me, and we ate the rest of our meal in relative silence.

"I didn't mean to ruin dinner for you," I said after we left the restaurant and began walking around the mall.

"You didn't," Gail said quickly. "That was delicious. Never ate at such a fancy place before."

"I meant with the conversation," I responded, trying to figure out how anybody could call the place we had just left fancy.

"No, that was my fault," Gail replied. "The way I was probably talking about him, I guess you must have thought I worshipped him or something."

"Well, there's nothing wrong with looking up to your father," I said. "My Dad, I still remember..."

"I hate his guts," Gail spat out, her placid demeanor replace by something I didn't recognize. "I hope somebody slits his throat in prison, or he kills somebody else and has to spend this rest of his life in there."

So much for asking about whether Gail visited him often in prison, I thought to myself as I watched the fire in Gail's eyes. I guess that explained the part about his fiery temper and how much she kept mentioning it. We had made our way down to a quiet part of the mall, where the major tenant had just cleared out when the chain had gone belly-up, so I figured we were about as alone as we could be.

"So, I guess his temper... I mean I suppose he beat you?" I asked.

"Sometimes," Gail said quietly. "I learned a long time ago though, that if I didn't want to get beaten, I better do what he said."

"Then why," I started to ask. "I mean, what did he do to you..."

That was as far as I got with the question, because when I looked up at Gail, the fire was gone from her eyes. It was replaced by a look that I can't put into words, but when our eyes met, she didn't have to answer. Her lips were quivering and when tears started to pour down her cheeks I reached out and grabbed her, for fear she was going to faint.

"No," I said aloud, my voice involuntarily saying what was going through my mind, and as Gail practically collapsed into my arms I held her tightly while she let out what had been building up inside of her all of her life.


Chapter Eight: Dad.

I managed to get us over to a bench and held Gail while she cried and cried, her body shaking as she broke down until she had no more tears left inside of her, and only when she had been able to get some of her composure back did she allow me to let go of her.

"Sorry," Gail said while taking off her glasses, drying them and her tear-stained face before sliding them back on.

"How long did this go on?" I asked, not knowing what to ask but unable to let it go.

"I dunno," Gail said. "Guess I don't remember when he wasn't doing stuff to me. Way before my mother left us. 10, 11 years maybe?"

"She just left?" I asked, stunned that a mother would just take off without her daughter.

"She was going to take me, and we were all packed up and ready to leave," Gail explained. "I remember it was a Friday afternoon and I had just gotten home from school. She had my stuff all packed in a suitcase, or at least all she could fit in, and she was telling me that we were leaving."

"I didn't know what was going on," Gail said. "I know they always fought and everything, but this was still home to me, so while I was asking Mom why we were leaving, my father opened the door. He must have just got fired from another job or something, or had been drinking and run out of money.

"He looks at us and the suitcases and laughs, and asks Mom where she thought she was going<" Gail continued. "Mom says that she's doing what she should have done years ago, which was leave and take me with her."

"You can leave whenever you want," he tells her. "She stays."

"He pointed at me when he said that, and then reached over and grabs Mom by the blouse with one hand while pounding her face with the other. By the time he stopped hitting her I couldn't even recognize her. He let her leave, but without me, and told Mom that if she ever came near the house again, or told the police or anybody else, he would kill her and me too."

"He likely would have too," Gail added. "After that, I did what I was told to do for the most part. I was his daughter, and his maid, and then pretty much became his wife. Whatever a man can do to his wife, I suspect he did to me, and probably more."

"He used to tell me that I was lucky, because I was just as ugly as my mother had been," Gail said. "Nobody else would ever want to touch me, so I should be happy that he was willing to fuck me. Keep your mouth shut about all this and be grateful. Those were his famous words.

I had been trying to control my emotions through all of this, and while I hadn't been completely successful, at this point I fell apart. Holding my head in my hands, I cried myself. For Gail, for myself, and for this whole stinking world that we found ourselves in.

"I'm sorry," Gail said softly while putting her hand on my shoulder. "I didn't mean to say all that. It just came out. Never told nobody about that before. I just had to tell somebody, and for some reason I told you. You seem so nice, and I thought I could trust you."


Chapter Nine: Trust me?

"I'm no better than he was," I finally said. "Last week, after we split up, I watched you go through the parking lot and go to the bus stop. When I got to my car and saw you get on the bus and followed you home."


"Curious," I guess. "Wondering why you had been so secretive. It wasn't like I had anything else to do at home. I didn't mean anything by it. I guess I just didn't want the evening to end. I enjoyed talking to you, and after you started talking back, I loved talking WITH you."

We both laughed at that, and it gave me a chance to wipe my face off.

"Guess I just should have said I was going to catch a bus," Gail said. "I was embarrassed about not having a car, and especially about where I live."

"And the other stuff," I said, having great difficulty in finding the right words. "I mean, I'm as old as your father, and I feel ashamed. The stuff that I was thinking of when I thought of you."

"What stuff?" Gail asked, scrunching up her face as she tried to figure out what I was babbling about.

"You know. Thinking about kissing you," I answered. "Not like when we kissed last week, but really kissing you. Touching you. Holding you. Making love to you."

"Oh," Gail said, swallowing as she looked at me. "Well, you aren't my father."

"But still..."

"You aren't my father, and it's not wrong for you to think those things about me," Gail reminded me. "Isn't that what men and women think about each other when they are with each other? I'm not absolutely sure about that, because nobody ever thought about me in that way before."

"I like you feeling like that about me," Gail concluded. "A lot."

It seemed that we had managed to close the mall again, so as the place started shutting down for the night, we got up and headed toward the exit. I reached down and took Gail's hand, which was as moist as my own was, and I was pleased when she held on to it tightly.

"Look, at least let me drive you home tonight," I said, not able to bear seeing her waiting for a bus after all we had gone through.

"No," Gail said, stopping and facing me while biting her lip. "I don't want to go home tonight. Not back there."


Chapter Ten: Home.

"As you can see, this is no palace either," I told Gail as I let her into my modest dwelling.

"It is compared to what I'm used to," Gail said. "It's really cozy."

"I guess," I agreed. "But when you're alone it can seem pretty big."

The kitchenette, and the bathroom were all there was outside of a love seat, a TV and a dresser. That, and the bed, which stood ominiously in the corner, but Gail paid it no mind.

"You two looked so happy," Gail said, picking up the picture of my late wife and I, taken many years ago outside of our house.

"We were," I said, smiling at the image of us young lovebirds who never thought that we would ever be separated.

"What's it like?" Gail asked.

"Being in love?" I replied. "It's like you're on a cloud and the whole world is spinning around but nothing else matters besides the two of you."

"Making love, I mean," Gail asked.

I stood in awkward silence, not knowing what to say. Gail looked so fragile and helpless, yet I couldn't move or speak.

"I know what you must think of me, after everything I said," Gail finally said in a resigned tone, shrugging as if my mute stupidity was a judgement of her.

"No," I finally said. "You don't. I'm just... never was good at this stuff."

I was used to towering over other people, especially women, but because Gail was rather tall, it meant that I only had to lower my head a little bit to kiss her. She kissed me back, with an enthusiasm that set me back on my heels for a second.

We made our way to the loveseat, where we necked with the passion of a couple of teenagers, which one of us most certainly was not, but I made up for my aged state with some enthusiasm of my own, and after a few minutes of that I was getting a full head of steam up.

It didn't hurt that Gail had taken to squeezing my biceps while we necked, and seemed to take special delight when my muscles would tense up as we moved.

Emboldened, I moved my hands down to the modest swells in her sweater, and when I cupped her right breast in my hand we were both shocked. I was shocked to find that their was a lot of fabric there, what with the sweater and the brasieere, and not a lot of Gail. Fine by me, because I love small breasts, but disconcerting to Gail, who tried to fend me off.

"It's okay," I said. "You're beautiful to me."

Gail made a face but stopped resisting my advances, and I soon worked my hand under her sweater and advanced toward her breasts. Her bra was padded, outrageously so, and when I slipped my hand under the harness and slid it upward, I was expecting to find a small breast waiting for me, and I wasn't disappointed in that regard.

Gail was kissing me with her eyes open, looking at me as if I was going to be disappointed, but I kissed her with a smile on my face.

"Just like I thought," I said while my hand massaged the tiny breast that didn't come close to filling my palm. "Gorgeous. I want to see you. I want to see all of you."

Gail lifted her arms and let me lift the sweater off of her. Because of my gropings, her bra was tangled around enough to almost strangle her, but I tenderly unhooked the harness as my eyes took in her sweet beauty.

I had never seen breasts so small on a woman before, and the sight of her made my already crowded slacks unbearble. Even on a woman with a smaller frame, Gail's breasts would look small, but on a girl with such a large frame, her breasyts looked lost.

About the size of limes cut in half, Gail's breasts were almost all aureola, and the crimson buds were topped by stout pegs of nipples that screamed to be caressed, or better yet, sucked on.

Leaning forward, my mouth swooped down and took in all of Gail's tit, and I sucked on her tiny teat like a starving man. Any fears that I was sucking too hard were gone when Gail's hand pushed the back of my head into her even harder.

I went back and forth between the little buds, my hand and mouth keeping both of them occupied, and while Gail might have been shocked at my almost rabid excitement toward what she seemed so ashamed of moments earlier, she was clearly enjoying what I was doing. Her chest was heaving and her breathing was even more rapid than my own was, no mean feat considering that I was almost hyperventilating.

My eyes happened to catch a glimpse of something while Gail was reaching up and clutching at my bald skull, and when I grabbed her wrist and lifted her arm back over her head, she tried to stop me, but I was beyond restrainant by then.

"Julia," I said with a smile, remembering her awkward comment about who she thought she looked most like on our first date, while my eyes devoured the sight of the abundant spray of hair that graced the deep hollow of her armpit.

I moved my head down and buried my face in the rich tuft of hair, which was soft and almost scent-free, and as I let my tongue move up and down the cavernous recess from her bicep to just above her rib cage, Gail started writhing and squirming.

Her free hand was clutching at my shirt, first trying to undo the buttons, and then seemingly trying to rip the shirt off of me as I kept her other arm pinned down on the back of the love seat. When I came up for air, Gail's shaking hands went down the remaining buttons of my shirt in no tim. Her hands were not trembling because of fear, however, but from something totally different.


Chapter Eleven: To the bedroom - five steps over.

We were going to bed, but while that was my idea intially, it became Gail's show as we moved across the room, clothes flying off of us as we went. I eased her down on the bed and got her jeans off of her, her long and skinny legs as pale as a ghost and smooth except for a light sprinkling of down on the insides of her lower calves.

When I reached up to take her very modestly cut white panties off, I wasn't surprised to see hairs peeking out from the inside elastic of her panties, but was delighted to feel that the cotton was very damp. I relieved her of her soggy undies, exposing a bush that was every bit as widespread and thickly endowed with hair as I had hoped.

I wanted to go down on Gail and bury my face in that thick pelt, but she was sitting upright in a flash, pushing me upward as she worked my belt lose and undid my pants while I stood up straight. Gail's hands pushed my slacks downward, but left me to kick them off myself as her hands reached up for the elastic of my boxers and yanked them down.

Her face looked shocked as my cock swung upward upon being released from confinement, and almost hit Gail in the face as it swayed up to point at her. She had a shocked look on her face as she saw me, and when she briefly glanced up at me she looked terrified.

I'm no John Holmes, but I am 6'4" and my cock is more or less proportional to my size, so I guess she might have been put off momentarily. Gail recovered quickly, moving her hands up to grab the shaft of my cock while kissing the fat crown, but I knew I wouldn't last a minute if that started happenning.

I eased Gail back down onto the bed, my hand reaching between her legs and finding the opening with my fingers instantly in her wet bush. Gail's hand was on my cock, pulling me towards her. She was in no mood for foreplay, so I let her pull me inside of her.

She cried out as I sunk into her warmth, the walls of her pussy as tight as a vise as I tore slowly into her, but she was clawing at my arms and shoulders as she implored me to sink deeper.

Veins and tendons were bulging in Gail's neck and shoulders, and her face was beet red as she tried to wrap her long legs around my ass. I probably looked much the same as she did, but I don't think either one of us cared at this point.

As for me, I was trying desparately not to cum as I felt my cock get kneaded my her insides as I kept moving more of me into her. I felt her legs tighten around me, and we began moving in rhythm, and once we started moving, there was no stopping us.

It must have been a combination of my years of loneliness and lust for this gentle creature, combined with a lifetime of frustration on Gail's part, but for whatever reason, it all worked.

It wasn't pretty; We kissed, nibbled and pretty much slobbered over each other like animals as we thrashed around all over the bed, coming periously close to falling off a couple of times.

Gail came at least twice, the first time bringing a muffled cream out of Gail that sent chills down my spine as she clawed at my back with her mouth buried in my neck. The second time was a more passive orgasm, or so it seemed to me at the time. Perhaps that was because I was cumming too, and after I filled her with my seed we were both laughing, crying and hugging each other like we were out of our minds.

Gail tried to say something as I held myself above her, my sweat dripping all over her soggy body, but she couldn't get anything out, at least not much more than the word "That", but I understood.

"The first time should be special," I said softly as I felt myself go limp inside of her, and as far as I was concerned, for her that was the first time. Nothing before that mattered.


Chapter Twelve: Nibbling.

I woke up sometime in the middle of the night to the very pleasant sensation of Gail's mouth nibbling on my nipple while her hand was stroking the hair on my chest. My arm was under Gail's neck and had fallen asleep, but the tingling was bearable because I didn't want to interrupt Gail and her playfullness.

She was fiddling around with me like I was a new toy, kissing and touching me all over like she was trying to wake me up. I managed to maintain my 'pretending to still be asleep' image until Gail moved her face over and began kissing my armpit, much like I had done hers.

It felt ticklish at first, but the more her tongue worked around, the more stimulating it got. That, combined with the fact that my cock was getting hard as a result, gave me away, and so I pulled her close to me.

"You got me," I laughed as we looked down at my cock pointing upward. "That felt nice."

"I like it when you did it to me, so I thought I would try it," Gail said, toying with the hairs she had moistened. "You smell nice, but I have more hair under my arms than you do."

"I should get rid of it now, right?" Gail said, feeling the release of the influence of her father at last.

"Not on my account," I said. "I'm a child of the sixties, you know. It's your body and your choice."

"Well, I want to be - you know," Gail said. "I want to be as nice for you as I can. If we are still going to - you know? If you still like me."

"Like you?" I asked, looking into those big eyes and feeling something more than that but not wanting to say it. "I'm crazy about you. Can't you tell?"

"No. I mean, I think so, but I never had anybody like me before. Really like me, you know?"

"Well, you do now," I said. "Nothing matters except now and tomorrow. Besides, there's another way you can tell how I feel about you."

Gail giggled when she saw my cock pointing up towards our faces, and she brought her slender hand down and began stroking the underside of my erection, and her touch made it twitch, to her delight.

"You thing is big, isn't it?" Gail asked, taking a hold of her toy and slowly stroking it.

"I dunno," I said. "Maybe, but I'm a big oaf anyway."

"I know," Gail said with a grin as she kissed my bicep. "You're big all over. I feel safe around you. Like nothing bad will happen to me."

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