tagLoving Wives18 Traits of a Potential Cuckoldress

18 Traits of a Potential Cuckoldress


Below I've listed traits of a woman who will likely become a Cuckoldress given your gentle, sincere encouragement in that direction.

Please don't take this list too seriously. I haven't done any research. Nor do I claim that any of what's written below is true. It's a hodgepodge of characteristics that might, I say might, signal that a woman is open to cuckolding. Of course exceptions are the rule, timing is important, and ultimately every woman decides who she'll lay down with (or bend over for.)

1) She likes men. She's said this at various times in her life. While she has female friends, she prefers men. Not just because they kill dangerous bugs or have a built in protectiveness or don't take emotional stuff so seriously most of the time. Maybe it's their big hands, that they're easier or not so gossipy and or high maintenance. Whatever. She likes men. A new man helps her find herself and brings her into her own, at least for a while. Male friendship is as good as a dry martinis. A future cuckoldress is almost always up for the flirty playful sexual innuendo that can arise with a guy.

2) Submissive men are fine friends and companions, and husbands but humorous, toppy, intelligent bad boys whose relentlessness is like an arrow to a bullseye will cause her to show up in unsafe places, with her hair curled, and lips coated, just,...just, "for a drink." (oh yes and he fucked me too.)

3) She's embraced the allure, or advantage, of her sex. She intuitively knows that a cool response is more likely to inspire desire than a buoyant needy availability, and that when it comes to sex what she possesses is precious and what he has to offer is pretty much readily available. Of course she is not obvious in this regard.

4) She can separate sex and erotic play from love and attachment. She doesn't need the later to do the former though she may argue relentlessly for it depending on her mood that day.

5) She is not overly burdened by social and cultural sexual norms that trigger fear, shame, guilt and an "are you fucking kidding me" response when you ask if she'd be up for cuckolding. To that question a future cuckoldress is likely to smirk and say, "hmmmm," or "I might like that." (Though she's balanced enough to know that if cuckolding is your singular top priority she's better off elsewhere.)

6) She embraces her sexuality and would likely admit, at least in private circles, that she's a "very, very sexual person."

7) She has a nose for novelty and new experiences and for the most part enjoys meeting new men and getting to know them.

8) She sets boundaries and limits in her relationships. The confidence she has in her ability to say "no," gives her the confidence to say yes. She will say no even when doing so may cause conflict or disappointment.

9) She is independent and rejects attempts to be controlled. This does not mean she is dominant or controlling though she may enjoy being dominant. But note: Many many very dominant women have no interest in cuckolding and view it as a means of topping from the bottom. A dominant woman is not necessarily a cuckoldress. But a cuckoldress, at some level is always a dominant woman.

10) She has probably, in the past, had an affair while she was in a committed relationship, or enjoyed being single and having a string of lovers or done some swinging or threesomes in her past.

11) She may be surprisingly introverted, possess a natural aloofness or detachment, coolness or distance. Extraverts don't have all the fun.

12) She IS comfortable in mental erotic spaces. She doesn't get all anxious and defensive when she hears the word, "cock." She can fantasize and share her fantasies and hear yours without batting an eye. While she may look like a good girl to others she's most definitely not, and may whisper sweet nothings in your ear while twisting your balls just the way you don't like it.

13) While cock size probably matters more to her than it does to most woman it's probably not something she dwells upon.

14) She has a temper. I once read some research that indicated females with who are highly sexual also tend to have tempers, perhaps related to higher testosterone levels which may make them periodically bitchy and impossible. If you're a cuckold: deal with it.

15) She may be extremely possessive and jealous and absolutely not stand for you cheating or fucking around on her. Hence her concern that this is a ploy on your part to have sex with other women. It may be extremely important for you to show evidence that you can stay home while she ventures out.

16) She could wear any political color but the chances are better she's a conservative to the outside world. In general the more rigid and fundamentalist a woman, the more likely she's trying to contain a riotous passion.

17) She's in some form of transition. Meaning she's just gotten a divorce or ended a long term relationship. Typically people want to "play the field," after a relationship ends as a natural response to being free of a long term commitment. This might also be true of a woman who is between jobs, just finished her Phd, or has become an empty nester. People in transition are more open to redefining their values and trying new behaviors. Keep in mind that trying something out obviously doesn't make one committed to it.

18) Her sexual allure could catch a guy who by all reasonable judgments is a much better catch than you. This is the part of her who instinctively would like to have children with a bigger brain and better body than yours. It begs the question why would she stay with you? Well. Perhaps she underestimates her desirability. Perhaps she feels more secure choosing a guy she knows is lower on the mate value scale and would never find anyone as hot and intelligent as she is. Perhaps she feels better choosing a guy she rightfully feels a little superior too, who she knows will need her, who she knows knows he's one lucky boy to have her in his life.

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