18-Year-Old Virgin's First Fuck


As soon as I pulled the condom off and tossed it out, Mary was on her knees licking my dick clean before stopping and telling me to get my shorts and shirt on so we could leave the theater. I couldn't find my briefs when I looked for them. Then I realized that was the cloth Mary had given me to clean my thumbs on. After finding my briefs just like the previous evening they went out the window.

"Don't you think you need to put your dress on so we can leave?" I asked Mary.

"I don't want to dress. I really like being naked so I'll just slip my dress on and not button it until we get in my driveway. Do you think you can drive with me sitting next to you showing my tits and pussy to anyone who gets lucky?" she asked me.

"I don't want everyone to see you but I'll probably get hard if they do." I told her.

So we moved to the front seats and started toward Mary's house. She enjoyed riding with her dress open. When we stopped at a stoplight there was a car in next lane with three guys in it. Without saying anything Mary slipped her dress of her shoulders and raised up flashing the guys her breasts. Just as they noticed and started yelling about her 'nice tits' the light changed and I sped off. This scene was to be repeated four other times before we got to the turn-in to where Mary's house was.

"Pull over as soon as you turn in so I can button my dress and brush my hair. I don't want to go in the house with a well fucked look." Mary said with a grin.

Its wonderful 18-year-old males have such a short recovery time for erections because I already had one from watching Mary flash both males and females as we drove. I don't know what made me so bold but as she brushed her hair I unzipped my shorts and took my dick out. Sitting there stroking myself I asked Mary if she wanted to suck my dick again before I took her to her house. With a knowing smile she turned in the seat, leaned over the console and began sucking my dick. I tried to let Mary finish but the sensations were so overpowering I had to make her quit before I could cum.

"Ok. You better take me home now if you don't want me to finish you off." Mary told me with a knowing smile.

"You know we only used three of those condoms tonight. How about if we go out another night this week then you can teach me other things. Then we can use a couple more condoms." I told Mary just as we turned into her driveway.

"You really are eager aren't you? Have I created a sex fiend? My parents are going out of town this week so call me and we'll spend a couple of evenings in my bed instead of the back seat of your car although it's been great the last two evenings!" she told me. After kissing me and putting my hand on her wet pussy for a moment, Mary got out. Walking up to the door, Mary flashed me her ass for the second night in a row.

I called Mary on Tuesday to see when we could get together again. That was when she told me her boyfriend that I didn't know she had, found out about our two dates and was very upset about her cheating. She asked me to give it a couple of weeks for things to calm down and we would get together. We never did get together after that but one time. I went over to her house a few weeks later. We were in her bedroom lying on the bed when her Mother opened the door and walked in unexpectedly. She saw Mary's gown up, her legs spread with her panties off, my dick out and Mary jacking me off. Reacting like a typical parent she screamed for me to get out and never come back. Her Mother simply stood there partially blocking the doorway staring down at us. I didn't even bother to put my dick back in my shorts. I just excused myself, brushed past her Mother and bolted for the front door and my car. Once I was several blocks from the house I stopped and put my erection back in my pants and drove home.

I don't know if Mary even remembers that weekend but I will be forever grateful to her for the very through introduction she gave me to the erotic pleasures of sex. Thank you, Mary!

After a time I finally had to throw the left over condoms out after Torrie found them.

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