tagNonConsent/Reluctance1869: A Whore's Life

1869: A Whore's Life

byEnglish Bob©

Dateline: 19th October 2170

As Troy entered his home dwelling, it was difficult to miss the delivered package - in fact he nearly bumped into it. It looked similar to the old two seater sofa, popular in the latter part of the twentieth century, but had the addition of a clear perspex roof and a complicated looking control panel. Stenciled on the roof was the manufacturer's hologram together with the words "STT - Specific Time Transporter".

"Hi Talia," Troy shouted to his wife as he looked up from the machine. "It's arrived I see."

"Hi darling. Yes, it came today. What on earth is it?"

"It's a project we are working on at the lab. Specific time transportation. This is the prototype. It's ready to test now and I thought you might like to be a part of the trial run! You know you always wanted to find out what it was like in the 1960's with all that free love and sex - well, now we can do it! This machine will take us anywhere, or rather any TIME, we want to go. I'm sure that you can get up to all kinds of mischief!"

Talia was instantly excited. She admired her husband's engineering expertise and loved to test out his new gadgets. That very afternoon she had been playing with the Mind Controlled Vibrator that Troy had designed some months back. She had only planned on a quick session with the wonderful toy, but as usual, the amazing sensations that it provided had caused her to lose all track of time and before she knew where she was it was three hours and five orgasms later. Not that Talia was complaining, she had a huge capacity for sex of all types and the MindVib had just relieved some of the tension that she had been feeling earlier and still felt now. She had been planning to jump on her husband as soon as he returned tonight and ravish him, but the arrival of this new toy had definitely piqued her interest.

"Mmmm, sounds wonderful," she said, immediately thinking about the orgies and wife swapping that she had heard about from that period of history, "when can we get started?"

"No time like the present!" replied Troy. He pushed a button on the external control panel and the perspex roof slid smoothly back with a hum. "In you get!"

The couple made themselves comfortable inside the capsule and Troy pushed another button that closed the roof.

"Okay." he said excitedly, "I just tap in the date that we want to end up at...1969...and then press this button here..........."

Almost instantly, the capsule and it's passengers disappeared into a black void. Talia felt her stomach turn and twist as the molecules in her body were scattered and reassembled across time and space. The feeling lasted for only a second, before they emerged the other end of the time passage.

"Wow! That was really weird!" said Talia as she tried to peer out of the perspex roof. "Where, or rather when, are we?"

"Lets get out and take a look shall we?" her husband replied.

On exiting the capsule, the couple were immediately disorientated.

"It's not as I expected," said Talia, "These buildings look much older than 1969. And what's this damn smoke all about?"

Troy looked about him, a worried expression on his face. He had not expected this either. He sniffed the air. "I'm not sure," he replied, "but one thing I do know, this isn't smoke, it's smog. I'm fairly sure we're not in the sixties, not the nineteen sixties anyway - look at the street, I think these are cobblestones!"

"What are you two up to then?" said a deep voice from behind them.

Talia and Troy wheeled round to see a tall, caped figure outlined in the swirling mist by the light of a nearby gas lamp. The smog made it difficult to make out his face even at such close quarters, but his uniform made it obvious that he was a cop.

"Er.. Nothing officer," said Troy quickly as he put his arm around his wife's shoulders and pulled her protectively close. "We were just ..er...."

"Oh yes, I'm sure you were!" continued the cop and looking at Talia. "Isn't it a bit cold for you whore's to be working the streets tonight? Come on, I'll take you back to Mrs. Potter's house, you'll be much more comfortable working from there!"

"But wait!" cried Talia, suddenly finding her voice, "I'm not a -"

"Yes..yes..I know. They all say that. Don't worry, I'm not going to arrest you, but you must get off the streets, it's dangerous in this bloody smog - you never know who's going to be around the next corner!"

As much as Talia and Troy tried to reason with the cop, they knew that, in the absence of a believable explanation, he wouldn't be listening. Troy had already surmised the reason for their error in destination: The STT had obviously malfunctioned and delivered them to 1869 instead of 1969. His knowledge of this era was sketchy at best, but he knew that the cop told the truth; this was indeed not a good time to be out on the streets at night! Reasoning that they would probably be much safer in the company of the policeman, Troy kept his wife close and they both followed the shadowy figure through the narrow, cobbled streets.

"No, she's not one of mine!" said the woman the couple took to be Mrs. Potter. She looked at Talia, almost inspecting her before she continued. "But you know me Jack. I'm always on the look out for a new girlie to join my little household! Come on, bring them both inside and have a drink!"

Obviously not keen on taking the couple anywhere else, and spurred on by the thought of Mrs. Potters excellent whiskey, The cop ushered the shivering couple into the old, run down house.

Once inside, Troy looked about him. If the house was run down, then Mrs. Potter wasn't any better. She looked around seventy years old, but Troy realised that in this time, the hard lives that the people led took a toll on their bodies and they aged much faster. He would not have been very surprised if she wasn't a day over fifty. Her clothes looked threadbare and she leered at them with a toothless grin.

As the cop downed his second glass of whiskey, the kitchen door creaked open. A cold draught accompanied a young, unkempt looking man as he entered the room. He glanced quickly at Troy and Talia before addressing Mrs. Potter and the policeman.

"Hello, Ma. Hello Jack, how are ya? What we got here then?"

"New girlie." Mrs. Potter replied. "How much do you think she's worth Freddie?"

Jack smiled and helped himself to a third glass of whiskey while Freddie rubbed his chin, looking hard at Talia.

"Hmm, dunno. Seems nice though." He said, "lets have a better look then!"

Troy moved to stand and protest as Freddie began running his hands roughly over Talia's hair, but was quickly replaced in his seat by the large policeman.

"Oh no you don't," said Jack with a laugh as he held Troy down in his seat, "got to let Freddie check out the merchandise - see what she's worth!"

Troy's emotions were running high as he watched Freddie's grubby hands begin to traverse Talia's body. He was a little surprised that his wife seemed to cool about the whole thing. She just seemed to accept what was happening and made no move to stop the strangers hands as they wandered over her covered breasts and mauled her thighs under the light dress that she wore. Troy also thought that he detected a small moan from his wife as Freddie's fingers returned to her chest and sought out her hardening nipples.

"Mmm. Seems very nice indeed!" murmured Freddie as he continued his exploration of Talia's body. "Nice firm tits, good legs and she's clean as well! Let's see how well she sucks cock then, shall we?"

Troy felt completely helpless with the cop's firm hands on his shoulders, pinning him to the hard wooden chair. He watched with a mixture of horror but also some fascination, as Freddie quickly slipped his braces from over his shoulders and opened the front of his grubby work trousers, sliding them and a pair of stained shorts down to his ankles. Troy had the idea that this was not the first time that Freddie had done this - he suspected that this was how all the new "girlie's" were put through their paces. He looked at Talia. Her face was serene and composed as she eyed the large slack penis that now dangled in front of her eyes. Freddie grabbed his shaft in his fist and pumped it a few times in a bored, resigned fashion.

Slowly the large tool began to grow. As it stiffened visibly before her, Talia's eyes widened. Troy could not tell if this was from horror or lust, but from the way that his wife began to lick her lips, he had to assume the latter. Freddie was obviously no great master at foreplay, and as soon as he was hard, he simply took Talia by the hair and began to thrust his weapon towards her face.

Troy knew that his wife was not resisting now as he watched her open her lips and immediately swallow the young man's tool into her mouth. Freddie groaned as his cock slipped over her tongue and into her wet orifice. He immediately thrust his hips forward and pulled her head back towards him, sinking six inches of solid meat straight into her mouth. Troy, Mrs. Potter and the cop all watched in silence as Freddie violated her with swift deep thrusts. He grunted his pleasure on each stroke and held his breath when Talia rolled her tongue over his swollen glans. As resigned as he was to start with, it did not take long for his excitement to get the better of him.

"Ahhh..yes...suck it bitch!.....mmmm....you're going to make a great little whore, you are!...oh yes...yes..I'm cummmmmiiiinnnnggggg!!!"

Talia tried to prepare herself for the impending onslaught of male seed but even then, Freddie's ejaculation took her by surprise. His cock head swelled in her mouth and she felt the first blast coat her teeth and gums. The second jet went straight to the back of her throat and she delighted in the way it trickled down her windpipe. She swallowed, but Freddie kept on cumming, eventually pulling out of her mouth and smearing her face and hair with his jism.

"She certainly can suck!" cried Jack as he began to loosen the trousers of his cop's uniform. "I don't want to miss out on this. You don't mind if I try her out too do you Mrs. Potter?"

"Be my guest dearie!" The old woman replied. Troy was amazed that nobody was even paying him the slightest attention. His wife was being used by both men for their (and it also seemed her) pleasure, and it was as if he didn't even exist. He felt a mixture of emotions; horror and rage, but also lust and envy as well. He realised, from the bulge that had formed in his trousers, that he was actually being turned on by watching Talia get taken.

Without even bothering to cover himself, Freddie simply changed places with the cop. Troy was acutely aware of Freddie's hanging cock as his hands gripped Troy's shoulders and kept him pinned to the chair. The large weapon seemed to swing menacingly and was coated with a mixture of Talia's saliva and Freddie's cum. Jack was quickly fumbling with the fastening on his uniform britches as he walked towards the still sitting Talia. With a swift movement, he picked her up and virtually threw her onto the hard wood of the kitchen table..

"Better get used to the life of a whore, my sweet!" laughed Jack as he heard Talia mumble a half hearted protest.

Troy had virtually given up trying to help his wife. It was obvious that she had no objection to being used in this fashion; quite the contrary, she looked like she was really enjoying herself now. As Jack's britches dropped to the floor and he stepped out of them, Troy thought that Talia was fortunate in being placed face down on the table; at least this way she would not have to see the massive erection that was projecting from the cop's body. Troy almost gasped when he saw it. It was huge: at least eleven inches of hard, throbbing meat with a wide, purple head. If his wife could take this, he thought with a smile on his lips, she would really enjoy it!

Jack was strong and forceful. He was not about to take his time. Troy heard a loud ripping sound as his wife's dress was split up the back under the huge strength of the policeman. As Talia's lemon coloured bikini panties were exposed, Troy was the only person watching that did not gasp in astonishment. Not the kind of underwear they were obviously used to seeing, he thought with a grin. Jack's astonishment soon gave way to his lust, however, and with a deft movement, Talia's sexy underwear was yanked from her body and lay in a crumpled heap on the floor. His hands were immediately over her butt, squeezing and mauling. Groping around her upper thighs and spreading her legs. Talia squealed, almost delightedly, Troy thought, when she felt the strong digits open he buttocks and expose her most private of regions.

Talia could still not see the policeman who towered above her twitching body, nor could she see his fearsome cock that he was positioning against her wet pussy lips. But she could certainly feel it. Her cry of ecstasy echoed around the small room as she felt the thick invader penetrate her body from above. The cop's hands were in the small of her back pinning her firmly to the table, and she realised that she could not have moved even if she had wanted to.

Troy, Freddie and Mrs. Potter looked on in awed fascination as, inch by inch, the cop's massive tool disappeared into Talia's tight hole. The deeper Jack sank into her, the louder her groans of satisfaction became. Finally the cop's prick was in to the hilt. He took a deep breath, withdrew a little and slammed back into her. Talia screamed loudly as she came. Her body shuddered and twitched under Jack's firm hands, and the policeman took this as a sign to start fucking her properly. Spurred on by Freddie and Mrs. Potter's words of encouragement, he pistoned his huge tool in and out of Talia's dripping pussy. Troy knew, from the way his wife was moaning, that her orgasm was continuing and probably intensifying as she was fucked harder and harder by the big policeman.

Jack had built up quite a rhythm now, and was sawing his penis back and forth with little regard for anything but his own intense pleasure. His eyes were closed and his head thrown back. Troy thought that, if his wife hadn't consented to this and was so obviously enjoying the rough treatment, it would have been the closest to rape you could probably get. The lustful assault lasted for several more minutes with Talia orgasming almost continuously before Jack paused suddenly. Everyone in the room seemed to hold their breath as he withdrew, held on for a moment and then suddenly released the first emission of his climax with a cry of satisfaction. He gripped his large tool in his fist as the second, third and fourth blast of cum spurted from his cock head and splashed onto Talia's buttocks. Troy could see his wife's now empty vagina open and contract as her orgasm subsided and Jack's thick, hot cum splashed against her skin.

As Jack fell back against the sink, gasping for air, his huge, softening cock swung and dripped between his muscular thighs. Troy felt the pressure of Freddie's hands on his shoulders lift as the half dressed young man left the room to clean himself up. Troy looked about him. If they were going to be able to get back to their own time it would have to be now, he thought. Freddie was gone, Jack was busy struggling to draw his trousers up and he reckoned that he could handle Mrs. Potter. Talia looked tired but still aware of their situation. Now or never, he thought!

Jumping quickly from the wooden chair, Troy grabbed his wife's hand and pulled her from the table. Her dress was in tatters and there was no time to collect her discarded underwear. There was no lock on the kitchen door, and before either Jack or Mrs. Potter could react, Troy and Talia were outside and running down the dark cobbled street.

They darted this was and that through narrow alley's and past squalid looking houses. It was not until Troy had relocated the capsule that they stopped to catch their breath.

"Quick! Inside now!" shouted Troy as he pressed the button that lifted the perspex roof. Talia looked in a dream world. He movements were stunted and slow and Troy eventually had to lift her in and follow her himself. As he joined her on the seat, he could hear the running footsteps and shouts from the cop, hard on their trail. His fingers fumbled with the controls as he reset the date for their own time.

Talia looked over and saw that her husbands fingers were firmly crossed as he entered the date: 19th October 2170. She felt her stomach turn again as the capsule hummed into life, re-entering their own time a fraction of a second later. They both looked at each other and sighed gratefully as the capsule re-appeared in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their home dwelling.

"Thank god for that!" breathed Troy as he raised the capsule roof. "I was beginning to think we would never get out of there! Are you okay honey?"

Talia was still a little subdued. Her dress was open and ripped exposing her firm breasts and tanned upper thighs. Her lips and hair were still streaked with cum. Troy couldn't help feeling a little turned on once again as he looked at her.

"Mmmm. I'm fine," she replied, "Really fine! That was one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me. I LOVED it!"

"What? You actually enjoyed being used? Used like a whore?"

"Yes, darling, I really did enjoy it. Maybe it's just me, but I think I would like to experience the life of a whore in 1869 - when can we go back, please?"

- The End -

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