tagNonConsent/Reluctance18th Birthday Surprise

18th Birthday Surprise


Today was my 18th birthday. I was so excited that I could at last drink and smoke legally. No more fake Ids or sweating over whether or not I could get into a club as I queued to get in.

To celebrate some friends and I were planning to hit the town in celebration. Being the youngest out of my friends I was the last to turn 18. I couldn't wait to buy my first packet of cigarettes instead of asking my friends. And I definitely couldn't wait to order my first legal cocktail. But more importantly I promised my boyfriend that tonight I would lose my virginity to him.

My name is Bethan and as you already know I'm 18yrs old. I'm currently a trainee hairdresser in college and I have a wonderful boyfriend called Tom. I'm 5"3 tall weighing 112lbs and just about squeeze into a size 8 dress. My favourite features are my breasts which sit nice and firm and fit a 32C bra. I also have green eyes and shoulder length blonde hair.

As I stood looking out of my window waiting for the mini-bus with all my friends to arrive, I quickly had one last look in the mirror. I felt so happy and excited. Tonight I was wearing a short black dress which fell four inches above my knee. It was low cut and didn't need a bra, which gave me a fabulous cleavage. Underneath I wore my new sexy black lace panties and had early shaved my pussy for the first time. As advised by my best friend Cheryl.

Spraying some fresh perfume I heard the mini-bus beep outside. I quickly grabbed my purse and kissed my parents goodnight with the words of my dad echoing in my head. Be careful and don't get too drunk he would always say.

Once in the club it was mayhem. The dance floor was jumping and the drinks didn't stop flowing. I turned down lots of advances from guys trying it on with the birthday girl. Although I couldn't stop a few wandering hands grabbing my arse. Most of my friends had pulled or were in the process of pulling other guys so I decided to sit down and chill out for a bit.

As it approached 1am some of my friends decided to leave early with their prizes. I could see my friends Hannah and Emma still dancing and felt relieved I still had someone to share a taxi home with. Some guy came over and started chatting with me. He was really nice but after 15 minutes or so he got the message and left me alone.

The cocktails were beginning to take their toll on me so I decided to find my friends and see about leaving. I started feeling dizzy and very tired and I wished I could just climb into bed with Tom. He wasn't expecting me till 2am but I was ready to go.

Searching the club high and low fending off unwanted hands, I couldn't find Hannah or Emma anywhere. I went outside for a cigarette and see if they were there, but I still couldn't find them.

As I stood alone smoking my cigarette a taxi pulled up alongside me. The driver wound down the window and politely asked if I wanted a ride. I flicked away my cigarette and quickly jumped in., noticing the driver checking out my legs as my dress rose a few inches.

He was an Asian man about mid 50s with a moustache. I gave him Toms address and we started chatting about my night.

A few minutes into the drive I began to get sleepy. I opened the window and welcomed the cool breeze on my face as I lay my head back and began to doze off.

With my eyes closed I began to picture myself with Tom. I could feel his hand touching my leg, rubbing my thigh as he slowly moved his hand further up my leg. He paused for second as he reached the hem of my dress before sliding his hand under my dress between my legs. It felt so real that a soft moan escaped my lips as I opened my legs slightly, giving Tom better access. I began to slowly move my hips as his hand rubbed my pussy through my panties. Tom then removed his hand and placed it to my shoulder. I could feel the wetness in my panties as he slipped the dress strap off my shoulder and down my arm.

This felt so real I thought I was going to cum from his touch alone. As he pulled my dress down exposing my breast, I felt my nipple stiffen. I began to moan through short breaths as he took my nipple into his mouth and placed his hand back between my legs. I spread my legs once again and this time he slid his finger through the side of my panties and into my pussy. As I felt the finger inside my body rubbing against the roof of my womb, I started bucking faster to meet his thrusts.

Although I was a virgin I had masturbated many times and knew I was about to have an orgasm. Then I heard a stranger's voice telling me to cum. I opened my eyes and screeched in panic. The taxi driver was fingering me as he sucked on my tits. I hit him off me and tried to open the door. Then I realised we weren't moving. He had parked us in some empty car park as I slept and locked the doors as he molested me.

He quickly put his hand over my mouth and flicked the seat back flat. He scared me into being quiet as he climbed between my legs. My begging fell on deaf ears as he unzipped his pant and released his cock. I tried to kick him off as he tore down my panties but it did no good. He smiled as he seen my shaven pussy and called me a prick teasing slut.

As he rubbed his cock up and down my slit I realised for the first time how soaking wet I was. I felt confused, how could my body betray me like this I kept thinking.

As thoughts ran through my mind he pulled down my dress to reveal my breasts. I noticed my nipples were harder than ever as he resumed sucking on them.

As he sucked and mauled my breasts I could feel him thrusting slowly into my pussy. I pleaded that I was a virgin but he laughed saying that's what all the girls say.

Despite my wetness it still hurt a little. I could feel the head of his cock as it met the slight resistance of my hymen. He looked into my eyes and I could see the look of shock as realised that I was in fact still a virgin. The look of shock quickly turned to lust as he pushed forward tearing my hymen. I groaned as I felt the sharp pain rip through my body.

He continued to suck on my breasts as he thrust in and out of my body. My sobs of shame began to slowly turn to sobs of joy as the pain between my legs faded turning to pleasure.

No matter how hard I tried not to, my moans got louder. Encouraged by this he thrust harder pushing deeper into my body. I could feel my stomach starting to tense with each deep thrust he gave. As I kept tensing I forgot where I was and who I was with. He then knelt up and put his hands on my breasts as he kept thrusting his cock into me, I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist and closed my eyes.

Then the most amazing feeling ever took over my body. My stomach tensed as I arched my back upwards. I grabbed the sides of the seat as I screamed out loud. My breaths were short and fast as I gasped for air. My body felt tingly all over as I lay there totally drained.

Just as I came back down to earth the cab driver gave one last lunge into my body and squeezed my breasts hard as I felt his cock begin to twitch. He closed his eyes and the steamy cab filled with his groans as he shot his cum into my pussy. When he asked for the address again I gave him my address. We both sat in silence smoking cigarettes. A million questions ran through my head. But as I tried to find the answers one thing I knew for sure. I would never forget my 18th birthday.

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