tagGay Male19 Year Old Math Tutor Gets Surprised

19 Year Old Math Tutor Gets Surprised


My interest in exploring sex with other guys started less than three months ago, when I was still 19. This guy I had been tutoring in calculus during the spring semester had dropped by my apartment unannounced. He was carrying an 18-pack of beer in his left hand and he was brandishing his recent exam in the other. "I got a fucking 96," he crowed, a huge smile spreading across his face.

Jason was one good looking guy, tall and well-built, with long hair and always a little scruffy chin hair. He looked like the surfer dude in a car commercial about an SUV that you "need" to get to the good surfing spots He was even more appealing when he grinned like that.

He was scoring in the 60s in calculus when we stated working together and he desperately needed to get a B to stay in his honors engineering program. His grades had steadily climbed all spring and now this exam grade would guarantee him he could make that B, maybe even an A-, if the professor wanted to reward the positive trend.

I opened the screen door and welcomed him in. He surprised my by grabbing me in a bear hug. "I am so fucking happy, dude and you made it all happen!"

"Don't sell yourself short, Jason. You're the one who had to take that final, not me."

"Well, you're the one who taught it to me and I'm drinking to you tonight, Will."

We went inside, sat on my old couch and popped a couple of beers. After I put on some music on my computer, Jason produced a small glass pipe and a film canister containing some weed.

"Bought a bag too. Have a pull with me?" Jason started packing a small bowl.

What the hell, I thought. I had only gotten high a couple of times before, but with classes now over and no commitments for almost 3 months, I had no reason not to join Jason.

Over the next hour or so, we drank at least 4 beers each and smoked more of that that fine weed. Jason told me all about what his calculus grade meant to him, then really opened up about his life. I hadn't known he stood to lose an academic scholarship if he had made below a B. I of course had no idea about his parents' ugly divorce during his senior year of high school. His parents could barely afford one house and now were trying to pay for two; Jason's financial situation was pretty dire. We had really only talked math and a little small talk before. Now, I felt like I was really getting to know him and our formerly strictly-business relationship was turning into what I hoped would be a real friendship.

Jason and I were getting plenty wasted and I was really enjoying his company. He was funny and fun-loving and above all, a genuinely nice guy. Then, through the haze of some very fine smoke, Jason dropped the bomb on me:

"Dude, I don't want to shock you or anything, but you're a hot looking guy and I really like you. I'm mostly into girls, but sometimes like to give head... do you want a BJ?"

I didn't know what to say. I hadn't ever been in that situation before and was high as a kite. He was so cool and confident about it; like he was asking me if I wanted a drink... I wondered how I could ever be that smooth. From somewhere, I still don't know where, I heard myself say "Sure, man, why not? Sounds like fun."

And then it was on. Jason grinned again and reached over to start fondling my dick through my jeans and I felt a surge shoot through me like I was about to come right there. Whoa, whoa, whoa, I told myself... gotta stay cool. I spread my legs and gave him more access to rub my cock through the thin jeans material. He slowly and teasingly traced my cock through the cloth, magically working on the underside where it was most sensitive with two fingers. Within less than a minute, he had me worked up to a rock-hard boner, sitting sideways across my pants and pointing at the pocket.

When it seemed like it couldn't feel any better, Jason started fiddling with my belt. I stood up and dropped my jeans, stepping out of them, facing this awesome looking guy, who was my age, who was about to suck my dick. Jason put his thumbs inside the elastic of my boxers and pulled them quickly down to my knees. As I stepped out of them too, my dick sprang up even with his face.

Jason stared at it for just a few seconds, then slowly but steadily engulfed me in his mouth. The feeling was just indescribable. His warm, wet mouth took my cock in at least half-way to the balls then he slowly started taking me in and out with a steady rhythm. His tongue felt amazing on the underside of my dick, massaging it with every wet wonderful suck. Jason reached up and cupped my balls with one hand while using his other to feed my cock into his hungry mouth. He went deeper and deeper until his lips were pressed against my unshaved pubic hair. He then wriggled his head back and forth while slowly easing off my dick. It felt so good. Then he kept bobbing up and down, taking me in and out of that wonderful mouth.

"Holy fuck, that's amazing " I managed to whisper, still standing. I had to sit down.

When I did, Jason dropped to his knees and kept sucking me while gently massaging my balls. I wanted this to go on forever, but of course it was going to end all too soon unless I stopped him pretty fast.

"Slow down there, dude; I can't last another 30 seconds if you keep this up."

Jason just kept going, with an approving "MMMMMmmm" . In and out, in and out, and unfuckingbelievably good.

"Dude, I don't want to shoot I your mouth; you better stop now."

Jason just looked up at me with those huge eyes with my cock buried in his mouth and said "uhm hmm," in a way that unmistakably said he wanted me to blast in his throat. Wow.

I started quaking in pleasure when I realized he wanted me to come in his mouth. Jason felt my balls tighten and sensed the explosion rising. He just increased his pace in response, driving me absolutely crazy. He was taking my cock all the way down with faster and faster head-bobbing strokes, while his left hand played with my balls, squeezing them just a little harder but never too hard. My hips started rising and falling with his sucks, not quite fucking his eager mouth but matching his moves. My moans were met with his own moans urging me to shoot that load. He wanted it bad.

"Oh, oh, oh fuck. Ooooh fuuuuuuuuck" I thrust my hips up and started shooting that load in his mouth, blinded by the most amazing nut of my life.

Jason stayed with it, gulping and swallowing while milking me with his amazing mouth. His sucking got softer and softer as the spurts started to subside, intuitively not overstimulating me when I got real sensitive after cumming. I had I blasted 5 or 6 times before he buried it in the back of his mouth and just held my cock there as it pulsed. When he finally, slowly pulled my dick out of his mouth, it was still hard as a rock and glistening with Jason's saliva. He gently milked it with his hands until I produced a last big drop of cum, which he eagerly licked off the tip with his tongue, swallowing and saying, "Mmmm. That was good."

"Well, what did you think?" Jason was asking me to appraise the experience before I had caught my breath good.

"That was the most amazing nut of my life, Jason. I need a few minutes to recover."

Jason cracked another cold one and put it in my hand. We just sat there on the couch, me buck naked and him fully clothed. As I sipped the cold beer, I noticed the huge bulge in Jason's shorts. He had obviously gotten hard as steel sucking my cock. I started to think about what I was going to do about that.

To be continued...

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