It was 1960 and my husband and I had just bought a house in an adorable little suburb of Baltimore. I was only twenty one and George was ten years older than me but he looked young and the age difference didn’t show. I had a great husband with a great job and now we had a wonderful home.

Not being the kind of people to socialize, I was a little worried about the tight group of young couples that always abound in the suburbs. Everyone welcomed us with casseroles, jellies and various other gifts; each couple carefully checking out what their friends had brought. Nobody wanted to have the least impressive gift. We soon discovered that there were several different tribes or factions of friends. Our immediate neighbors were all fine and friendly but we soon found that our interests matched those of another group of families that everyone else seemed to label unsociable. That suited us just fine.

After a few months of turning down several barbeque invitations we discovered that all of the so-called “unsociables” were actually close friends and they did occasionally have parties and such, they just didn’t do it every Friday. George and I liked that schedule much better and soon found ourselves part of this crowd when we attended our first house party. Unlike the typical burbs parties, this was just a casual get together of about eight couples.. We had light refreshments, a little music and lots of quiet, non-competitive conversation. For once, I felt like I could stand to live in the suburbs.

We found ourselves attending these parties about every two months and after almost a year we decided that it was time to throw one ourselves. Although I was very young, I quickly learned all there was to throwing a house party. George was glad because he could never bring himself to such a task. Every party that we went to, we were the last to arrive and the first to leave. We were unsociable even among the unsociables. We never dressed up for parties, we rarely initiated conversation and we never told funny jokes or stories. Yet among this crowd, we were very welcome and never felt as if they resented us or spoke badly of us. We felt no pressure to throw our own party, we just wanted to return the favor.

Several weeks before we announced the party I mentioned the idea to one of our new friends. Alice informed me that the New Years party usually went a little later than most and that it was one of the few occasions where the party goers sometimes became intoxicated. Last years party had been held at one of the non-drinking couples houses and while they didn’t mind people drinking, they didn’t provide any alcohol. The party had been fine but several of the couples would have been more comfortable drinking at another house. Alice was very glad that we were considering hosting the celebration of the New Year.

I hadn’t even thought about it before, but now I realized that several of the couples didn’t drink. While both George and I drink occasionally, we very much disliked the way some people get drunk and make fools of themselves. That was part of what we liked about this crowd I suppose. But since we had decided to host the New Year celebration, we stocked the house with champagne, beer, wine and a large selection of hard liquor.

Since I was now a hostess, I decided treat myself to a new dress for the party. I also made an appointment to spend several hours at the beauty parlor. While I rarely dressed up, I felt stunning. I have dark eyes and fair skin and the dress I picked out was a white knee length dress that was tight at the waist and had tiny red polka dots all over it. My dark brown hair was done up just like Jackie and of course I wore the most painful torpedo bra that pointed my breasts out like the great pyramids. For an unsociable gal, I was very fashionable. As the couples arrived, the women all complimented me and their husbands all politely undressed me with their eyes in quick enough glances to not be too noticeable.

This crowd was a very low maintenance group by 1960 standards so instead of filling drinks and fussing about guests, we were able to enjoy ourselves and just mingle as if we were guests in our own home. I had several glasses of champagne and by ten o’clock I had to start pacing myself in order to stay awake for midnight. About half of the guests had been drinking but no one seemed overly intoxicated. Our parties never had involved dancing before but we had a television on and as part of the New Year show there was a lot of music. Several people would just begin dancing whenever a song came on. The party was already a huge success in my opinion and I was on top of the world. I had never felt so pretty or happy in my life.

As midnight came closer, almost everyone was dancing to each slow number that came on. I danced with George of course and also had the pleasure of dancing with almost all of the other men present. The lighting was subtle. The music was soft and everything seemed perfect. I may have staggered or fallen over on my own, but I constantly had a strong young man to gently hold me around the waist to keep me steady. They all seemed so strong and sexy. Maybe it was the alcohol, but every man there looked and felt incredibly good. Every time one of their hands would touch my hand or waist, I felt electricity. I would have given anything to put my hands all over each of their chests, buttocks and penises. In my mind, I did. I felt wonderful.

With just about five minutes to go before midnight, I began to wonder who I would be next to for my New Years kiss. I decided that whoever was near me would get a great first kiss of the year. And I also decided that I would deliver several kisses in the first minute of the year. My sex began to moisten as I thought of kissing every man there. Real kisses. Passionate kisses. Kisses with tongues, teeth, noses and chins melded together.

Midnight was no disappointment for me. Everyone seemed to be in the spirit of the moment. I was with another woman’s husband dancing as the crowd counted down with the television program to twelve. Just as we got to one…I began kissing my dance partner. We kissed deeply for at least ten seconds. I peeked and noticed everyone else kissing, shouting and dancing. The two people next to us were kissing passionately. I knew that they were not married to each other so I instantly plunged my tongue into my partners mouth. He responded positively. I found another victim. We kissed for about thirty seconds….arms around each other and our bodies pressed tightly. I kissed and kissed…moved from man to man until I had tasted the saliva of every man in the room. And it looked as if my true love George had done the same to every women there. With each kiss I got a little braver and a little more passionate.

I found a good radio station and we all danced and kissed for over two more hours. Eventually around two o’clock, people began to leave two by two. An hour later there were only three couple left and we had each found a dance-kiss partner other than our spouse. I watched George as he would gently sway with Maryanne for a few minutes, stop, kiss her, and begin to dance again. Bill and I would do just the opposite, kiss passionately for several minutes, and break to dance for just a second or two. Bills wife Alice, was dancing with Maryanne’s husband Jack. At one point I noticed Jack’s hand on her butt. I turned Bill around hoping that he would see and take heed. He did. It felt so wonderful to have his hand on my ass. I quickly returned the favor.

The six of us danced and kissed to the music for about an hour. We drank more, and kissed a lot more. Occasionally I would go over to George and give him a big kiss just to make sure he was ok with me getting so friendly with Bill. He kissed me and looked at me as if I were the one and only true love of his life. Then he would go back to kissing Maryanne as if it were just a fun thing to do at a party. We were all having a great time.

Soon Maryanne began to swagger just a little and I could tell that she may have had too much to drink. George would prop her up as best he could, but there was no denying that she was drunk. He helped her to a chair and came over to Bill and I. He wrapped his arms around both of us and began to dance with us. He said that he was going to offer to let Maryanne lie on our bed because she was tired. Bill agreed that it was a good idea. I told George to make sure that she was comfortable and to help her undress if she wanted to. He looked at me inquisitively. Jack and Alice danced by and Jack agreed to the plan. He commented that his wife’s clothes were probably uncomfortable and that perhaps she should at least remover her bra. George left to the bedroom, I wondered how far this would go. The thought made me wet. I realized how uncomfortable my own bra was and became jealous of Maryanne.

Shortly after my husband had left to the bedroom with Maryanne, I suggested to Bill that he accompany me to the kitchen. As we got there, I immediately kissed him hard. We kissed even more passionately that we had earlier and in a moment of desire, I felt his pants. He was hard as a rock. I gently traced his member as we continued to kiss. My mind was wandering. What was George doing right now? And what about the couple left alone in the living room? The house was silent….or maybe it was just my own blood pounding in my head that kept me from hearing. I was now alone with Bill, and I hoped that I would be for a while.

We kissed and felt every inch of each others body. His hands roamed over each of my breasts, my neck, my waist. My hands felt his butt, his back, his penis We were both fully clothed yet we were getting very familiar with every curve and bump of each others body.

Curiosity was getting the best of me so I told Bill that I had to use the bathroom. As I went through the living room I saw Jack and Alice sitting on the sofa kissing. They were still fully clothed. I quickly went to the hallway and down toward the bathroom and bedroom. I wanted to see if George was making love to Maryanne and I was determined that if he was, I was going to go back to the kitchen and fuck Bill. Half of me wanted to see him doing it with her, half of me didn’t. The light was off in the bedroom but the door was wide open. I could see a shadow of someone on the bed but it looked like it was just one person. I just couldn’t be sure. I entered the room to look closer at the still figure on the bed. Had she gone to sleep? Did they already have sex?

The room was fairly light but the spot where the bed was didn’t have much moonlight shining on it so I couldn’t be sure if she was alone in bed. I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and as I turned and looked, there on the floor were both of them. They were fucking slowly on a blanket with George on top and her legs up in the air. The shadow on the bed was merely their clothes. George saw me and stopped. He asked if I was ok. Maryanne looked worried. I said that I was so happy and that I was sorry for interrupting them. We all giggled and I quickly kissed him. It was such a strange wonderful feeling to kiss him while his cock was inside another woman. I felt a rush of energy as I quickly removed all of my clothes, put on my robe and padded out of the bedroom and down the hall. The whole time I was undressing, they were slowly screwing and watching me.

As I peeked into the living room, I saw that Jack and Alice were still dressed but obviously had been feeling under each others clothes. As hostess, I felt obliged to help break the ice. I removed my robe and walked into the living room bare naked. They both looked at me and smiled. I kissed each of them on the lips. Jack first, then Alice. I had not kissed another female on the lips since forth grade and this kiss certainly had a lot more meaning to it as Alice gently slipped her tongue into my mouth. I left them alone and went to the kitchen. Bill looked so happy to see me. My nudity made him beam like a kid in a candy store.

Within seconds we had him stripped. I had him like on his back on the kitchen table as I climbed on top. My knees were on each side of his wonderful ass and I lowered myself onto him. My breasts begged to be touched and he obliged with forceful yet gentle hands and fingers. His meat felt so warm and solid inside me. I lost all control of my vocal chords as I moved myself gently up and down on his cock. At first it was just soft quiet moans but as my speed picked up, I began to yell. Each time I lowered myself it felt as if he got bigger. He pushed so far into me that I felt that I would explode.

When I came, the whole house knew. And possibly the next door neighbors. I yelled at the top of my lungs uncontrollably. My legs clencheed around Bill and soon my body went limp. I fell on his chest with my breasts pressed flat against him.

After we came to, we I ventured into the living room in time to see his wife Alice bent over the arm of the sofa with Jack pounding into her. The sight aroused us so much that within seconds Bill was hard again. I walked to the other end of the sofa, bent over the arm and found myself ear to ear with Alice. Bill quickly entered my vagina from behind. As we girls lay with our heads so close, we could easily talk as we were being fucked. This time I was much more composed and enjoyed hearing Alice describe how she felt with Jack inside of her, and her husband inside of me. We kissed. When the guys saw this, they both went crazy. Jack came instantly and Alice seemed to be in perfect sync with him. Bill took a few more minutes but soon I could feel him swell and burst inside of me. We all laid on the floor exhausted.

George and Maryanne soon joined us and I can’t remember who suggested it but we all switched partners again and before I knew it, George was fucking Alice, Bill was fucking Maryanne and I was getting it from Jack. This time Alice was on top of George and Jack was on top of me. As we were laying living room floor, and very close to each other, I felt Georges hand on mine. Soon we were holding hands, fingers interlocked, as we enjoyed the intimacy of our friends.

Over the years, our parties never seemed to be that wild or that enjoyable. We still attended a few each year and always went to the New Years party. But the thrill of that one night was never topped. Sure, we kissed new people, flirted a lot, maybe felt someone’s privates for a few seconds; but the magic of having sex with just the right combination of people never happened again. I met and made love with both Jack and Bill several times after that night. It was always enjoyable but I felt that I was neglecting George when I did it. George and Maryanne still get together a couple of times a year but he is still madly in love with me and I think that he does it more for her self esteem than his own pleasure. Alice and Bill divorced and she now has a female partner. I have joined them several times out of curiosity but never felt like that was my lifestyle.

George and I still talk about that one night whenever we want to get worked up before making love. It was defiantly a memorable evening for all of us.

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