1994: Expanding Our Game Ch. 01


Behind me, Marco was more than eager to help Karin following me; with her bare legs and her sandals, she wasn't best equipped to walk downhill between row bushes.

When they reached me, I had already given a good look at the view, and left the space to my girlfriend to watch.

"Hmmm... It's beautiful!" she moaned, admiring the landscape, while I took another good handful of her jeans-coated buttocks.

I smiled. I had no real plan inside my head. I was just behaving instinctively, determined to let things go naturally... Maybe just helping the events a bit.

Karin let herself fall down and sit against the wall, besides the opening, and I sat next to her, while Marco took a look himself.

While he was looking, I got the opportunity to embrace Karin and kiss her briefly.

"Isn't it a romantic spot?" I asked intently.

Karin smiled knowingly: "Romantic and conveniently isolated..."

With that, I was determined she wasn't against getting some fun, and I knew already from our days together that she liked Marco. How much she liked him and how far she was ready to play, that was the thing to find out... And the only way to find out was to play.

I kissed her again, and this time open-mouthed.

Karin hesitated just a second, and then she offered me her tongue, and our kiss become something more than a kiss, just below a mouth-fuck.

When Marco looked back at us, we were properly making out right there in the dirt in front of him.

I was fondling Karin's breast through her blouse, and her legs were quite open, showing the tight crotch of her hot pants.

I could see he was embarrassed; he could easily consider leaving us alone, so I had to break the kiss and looked at him.

Before I could think of something to tell him, Karin openly smiled at him and winked: "Oh I am sorry... I always find it a bit dizzying to look down from a high spot. You know, vertigo..."

This left him puzzled for a moment, and I took my chance to mount another assault on my girlfriend, French-kissing her while slipping a hand up along her naked inner thigh until I reached her crotch.

I could feel her pussy steaming under the dyed jeans tissue. And I could feel her hand reaching for my jeans...

It was so fast: Karin's experienced long fingers unbuttoned my Lewis and in a matter of second she was stroking my quickly stiffening meat in full open air.

I shivered by the surprise and the pleasure. Marco audibly gasped.

I felt Karin's hand stroking my growing erection while our tongues were playing hard, and I chose to let me go completely: I had created the situation, now it was up to Karin to rule the game.

I don't know how long we went on French-kissing and masturbating each other.

At a certain moment, Karin let go of my mouth and, without stopping stroking me, she hissed with a sultry, excited voice: "Come on Marco, come here... There is place for three in this chapel."

Boys I was excited! I was fully erected by now, and fully ready to go hard. I had Karin's blouse partly undone, and her left nipple was showing in all its stiffness while I was slowly opening her shorts.

Marco rose slowly, and hesitated a second before reaching us. I smiled him my approval, and he came next to us, of course on Karin's side.

I rose on my knees and got rid of my shirt, remaining with my fully open and partly pulled down jeans, and then helped Karin out of her own blouse, which could be damaged in what was going to follow...

As I did that, Karin had placed a hand on Marco's crotch, checking the developments on that front.

"Hmmm..." she purred, "Nice to see you like me!"

Marco's eyes feasted on Karin's slim, tanned body, on her naked chest, on her swollen and excited nipples, and the bulge on his crotch told everything about his appreciation.

I started moving my hands on what Marco was looking at, and Karin started working on him.

While I was fondling her hanging breasts and caressing her erected nipples, she was slowly opening his jeans; while I started pulling her shorts down her hips, she found her cock and pulled it out for me to see.

My girlfriend was stroking another man's cock, while I was caressing her bare bottom and the moist bush still hidden behind her closed legs... Was that a threesome already? I guessed so.

I pushed her shorts down to her knees, revealing all her most dangerous assets, and she shook her bottom invitingly while still stroking Marco's cock.

I lowered my head on her bottom, and felt the scent of her very ready womanhood.

She was ready, and so was I. Marco was just to follow...

I sank my tongue in the slightly sweaty crack of her ass, and I lap her most intimate parts, causing her to whine. I probed her bush with the palm of my hand, and felt she was dump and ready.

I position myself a little better on my hands and knees behind my kneeing fiancé, and pushed my chin ahead into her intimacy, until I could reach with my tongue her open labia, and I opened them with my fingers so as I could lick into her dripping slit.

"Hmmm... Oh yes!" she hissed, trying to part her legs to help me eating her, but the shorts kept her knees tight. A real torture...

I felt the delicious taste of her cunt as I pushed my tongue ahead into the slit, and she moaned again. Only, this time the sound of her voice was quite muffled.

I shivered, realizing she must have taken his cock into her mouth.

Karin was giving head to another man while I was doing it to her.

Was that a threesome? I guessed so.

I lapped her while she blew him, and in so doing I pushed my fingers into the soft hair of her pubic mound, searching for her clitoris, and once I got it I started frigging it slowly.

"Oohhh..." she moaned, letting go of Marco's cock for a second "Nice... But what are you waiting for? Fuck me!"

She was in lead. I sipped a last sweet drip of her pussy juice and raised my head to stand on my knees and overview the situation.

Marco was sitting on his bottom in the centre of the chapel, naked from the waist down: his jeans lay in the dirt, while he was still wearing his summer shirt, open on the chest. Karin, naked herself apart from the shorts at her knees, was actively blowing him, her head bobbing up and down between his hairy thighs. And I was kneeing behind her bare bottom, my stiff cock in my hand aiming straight at the main target.

I grabbed my fiancé hips, placed my penis at her entrance and slowly into plugged her.


Boy she was soaked in her own juices! I never found her that open and wet before... not that I complained about it: I held her firmly and fucked into her purposefully, determined to make her scream.

She didn't. Too busy I think, at least as far as her mouth was concerned.

"Aahhh..." Marco exhaled instead, enjoying my fiancé's recently acquired oral talents.

I was fucking Karin while she was deepthroating Marco.

Was there a threesome ongoing? I guessed so.

I went on doggystyling her for a while, feeling myself slowly approaching the point of no return and guessing the same was for my friend: we were going to get both milked out by my fiancé without getting any chance to regain the initiative.

I tried to reach for her bouncing tits to stroke them, but they were too far, so I opted to go for her clitoris: I went with my right hand while keeping the left on her hip, and I sank my middle finger into her lush bush until I got her love button.

"Oh my Goooshh!" Karin yelled, letting go for a moment of Marco's dick, which was quite a victory for me.

Damn I was close! I pulled out a second to cool down, and Karin gobbled Marco's cock back into her mouth. Then I charged back into her, stabbing her belly with all what I was worth, and I hit bottom.

Karin choked on the cock she was swallowing, trying to scream, and I felt her naked body convulsing under my stroke as she came disastrously.

I stood still to avoid following suit, and held her in place with my two hands as she finally managed to let go of the cock in her mouth and panted out her orgasm: "Aahhh!!!"

I crossed sight with Marco and we both smiled at each other: we did it. We managed to give it to our female before she did us both.

"Uhhff!" Karin panted again, as soon she got back her breath, "This one was awesome, guys! What about to change now?"

There it was. Marco was going to get to my fiancé's pussy.

For a second I didn't know what to do, and again Karin took the initiative. She rose from her knees unplugging herself from me, kicked away the shorts which where still around her ankles and pulled Marco down with his shoulders in the dirt. Then she strode him naked in all her glory, turned to me with a shy smile, and slowly went down on him, until she managed to grab his still fully erected penis in her hand. Bewildered, I saw her guiding the cockhead between her dripping pussy lips and finally slowing impaling herself on that unprotected pole.

"Oh... Oohhh yes!" she moaned, "That's it! That's it..."

Karin sat on Marco's crotch until his cock was sank completely inside her, and then she lay still for a second, adjusting herself to the feeling of that unfamiliar manhood; finally, she slowly started moving over him using her legs muscles to slide to and fro on his hips and fucking him without bobbing up and down as she was used to.

From my vantage point, standing behind her, I could see Marco's swollen hairy testicles pulsating dangerously under her weaving buttocks. I had got the possibility to see Marco's cock was a bit longer, thought thinner, than mine; I thought, in that position he had to be really deep into her belly... Deeper I had ever been. And that kind of movement was probably arousing her G-spot quite hard.

Karin turned to me and smiled: "What are you doing with that nice cock of yours in your hands? Aren't you going to give it to me to plug back my upper end?"

I didn't realised I was stroking myself. Coming out from Karin's steaming cunt had pushed my climax several minutes back, and I was ready to fight again.

Only, I was considering where to fight, given Karin's main entrance was occupied... But of course she was right.

I got rid of my jeans and walked over to face her; she grabbed my cock with her right hand and started stroking me hard, at the same rhythm she was riding Marco.

He got one hand to keep her ass cheeks while the other was kindly grabbing her bouncing tits, one at a time, softly kneeding her now over swollen nipples. I grabbed her hair, pulling her head to my cock; all coated in her own come.

Karin winched to the smell of her own sex, which she never really appreciated, then she open her mouth and swallowed my manhood sucking me in hard.

I jumped by the violence of that blow, opened my feet to get a better balance, and grabbed her head to thoroughly fuck her face while she was fucking Marco's cock.

Was that still a threesome? I guessed so.

She was in charge, and she gave us the rhythm, even if I tried to force myself into her jaws; but since she was using her whole body to do us, I had no chance. Besides, the sheer fact I was watching the whole scene from above, put me in the uncomfortable situation to get quickly overexcited.

Karin deepthroated me as she recently learned, and soon I felt suckled into her gullet with all of myself.

"Oh yeah... Oh yeah..." Marco looked more in control than I did... It was getting dangerous now... Now...

"Hnnngg! Hnnngg... Aahhh!" Not capable to keep myself any longer, I exploded deep into Karin's skull.

Striving irrationally to hold it back, I pulled out squeezing the root of the rod while Karin gulped and swallowed my first shot of come.

I froze for a second, feeling my nuts bursting in their effort to release, and finally my second spurt of sperm blasted straight on Karin's upturned face, washing her upper lip, nose, left eye and check, and ending up staining her hair.

"Uhng!" she jumped, too late at closing her eyes and too surprised to react, to the point that she lost her fucking tempo, in so saving Marco from another early ejaculation.

Then my third and largest blast hit straight into Karin's right nipple, and washed her whole naked chest.

"Waugh!" she gasped, "That was a big one!"

I couldn't but agree. My sweet pretty lady, still riding naked her newest lover, was soaked in largest cumload I ever produced.

While the last, smaller spurts dripped down on Karin's leg, Marco's arm and finally in the dirt, I waved backwards on shacking legs and held myself against the ancient stonewall.

Karin stood still for a second, breathing hard, then furbished her eye and lips from my cum, placed her hands on Marco's shoulders, and resumed fucking him big time.

"Yeah! Yeah!" she grunted hard, pushing into his pelvis while he held her buttocks tight, "That's it... That's it... Yeah!"

In the passion of their fuck, Karin even bent down to his face, allowing him to twist her cum wet tits; then she kissed him full mouth, rubbing her sperm coated breasts over his hairy chest.

Next to climax himself, Marco didn't look to mind tasting my cum from my fiancé's lips and tongue: he grabbed hard her buttocks and purposefully pushed up into her belly, suddenly getting the initiative and forcing the rhythm of their coupling into a frenzy.

"Hmmmph... Hmmmph... Hmmmph..." difficult to realize which of the two lovers was grunting in the mouth of the other, hard as they were both bumping and trashing on the dirt.


There it was: Marco stiffened and arched, pushing all of himself up into Karin's body, and she clenched as a vice on him. I realized he was emptying his nuts into her unprotected cunt, and she was doing nothing to preventing him to. Actually, she was moving as she was milking him into her belly eagerly.

Karin was coming at the same time with him, sealing their mating.

Well, did I have my threesome? Hell, yes I did!

I watched the two entwined naked bodies slowly subside their jerking, until they lay exhausted in a naked and messy heap of satisfied human meat. Exhausted, but still French-kissing with gusto, fluids leaking from their mashed lips.

I breathed, shaken by the violence of my own emotions. Humiliation, jealousy, anger, desire, excitement... All mixed up in a cocktail that, while the two satiated lovers were still kissing on the ground, made me aroused again. My cock stirred.

Again, as I was watching at them, I was unconsciously stroking myself. And when I watched, I realised I was getting hard again.

I didn't miss time. I went to them, fell on my knees and still stroking I closed up on their mashed faces.

Karin felt my presence, opened her eye (the one which wasn't matted with cum) and saw my semi-erected cock next to herself. She smiled.

With a groan, she let go of Marco's mouth and rose on an elbow to face me with a wide, cum-stained smile.

"Hi honey... I see you're still in the mood to play?"

I grinned: "You bet."

Without stopping smiling, Karin opened her mouth and I fed my meat to her, pronto.

Her mouth was burning, probably because she was running a bit dry, after all the blowing and kissing business she had gone through. Plus, the position must not be one of the easiest, so Karin let go of me for a moment, to rise from Marco's spent body and go on her knees to better give me head.

I was standing, with my sweet, unfaithful girlfriend on her knees, sucking my almost-full erection, and still I had to keep an eye on my fucking friend, who was stirring and tossing himself.

I smiled. He smiled back and gave me a thumb. Then he painfully rose on his feet, almost naked but for his dusty open shirt, and come close to me.

Without stopping the blowjob she was giving to me, Karin reached for Marco's groin and got hold of his limp dick. With no shame at all, she started stroking it back into life.

For a couple of minutes she went on sucking me and stroking him, then she changed; she kept carefully stroking my fully resurrected manhood, and she went back on blowing Marco.

A stereo blowjob. I heard about it, but never thought to get one.

Soon, I was back rock hard, and Marco started to be ready too. Only, since we both came recently, this time we risked to last long, and my poor tart could die on our cocks... And I was getting tired myself.

So I pulled free of Karin's jaws and let Marco alone to enjoy her mouth; I went on my knees behind her, and lifted her leg, to force her back down in a bitch position.

Marco accommodated himself back on the pavement, open legs to fully enjoy Karin's oral ministrations, and I opened her asscheeks to prepare her to be taken again.

I found myself staring at my first cream pie. Cum was slowly trickling out from Karin's wide-open hairy pussy lips: Marco had really filled her.

A freshly fucked pussy is one of the most exciting sight I've ever seen, but I really couldn't get myself into diving in somebody else's semen. Call me a conservative, repressed fart, but I'd rather to be the first to come into my woman's body.

So, while she was eagerly feasting with her mouth on her new lover's resurging cock, I ruled for her other entrance.

"Oohhh..." Marco's groaning was slowly getting louder: Karin's mouth was getting more and more a lethal weapon.

I opened her asscheeks and admired her crack: her recently opened rear entry winked at me as to invite me. I bent over it and probed the small rim with my tongue, then I spat on it.

Karin tensed, sensing my intentions. I was mot sure she was mad to the idea of getting corn holed in front of somebody else. But what the hell: it was her fantasy to get taken by two men, not mine... I was just paying in advance the price to fuck her together with her friend, wasn't I?

I smeared my saliva on the hole with my tongue, and then I pushed in, tongue-fucking her ass for a few seconds. It was so exciting that I felt my cock stir: hadn't I ejaculated recently, I'd cum on her thighs.

I pushed a finger into her hole and played a bit, until I felt the sphincter relaxing enough to accept another one. Then I changed the middle-finger with the other index, and opened her ass.

Karin moaned, difficult to say weather in pain or in pleasure, and I spat more saliva into her open hole.

Finally, I lined up my weapon to the target and placed the mushroom at the entrance.

Karin shivered.

I pushed delicately, and felt she was not making any voluntary resistance: it was only the natural narrowness of the muscle I had to break through.

I drove in slowly and purposefully, and I felt the asshole giving up. I pushed harder, and I saw my cockhead sinking between the girl's tanned buttocks.

"Aahhh!" she squealed, "It hurts... Be careful!"

I stopped a moment, well aware that was the first time I sodomized her without the help of a proper lubricant and using only our own natural juices to soften up her tissues.

Karin went back giving head to Marco, and I started moving inside her ass.

"Hmmm... Oohhh... Hmmmph!" she muffled, her mouth fully engaged by Marco's manhood.

I held her sides and started fucking her burning ass, sliding into the rectum to the hilt and pulling out until the rim of the helmet hit the inner rim of the sphincter, to pump back in immediately afterward.

I was fucking my wife-to-be ass in front of another man, while she deepthroated him.

Was that a proper threesome? I most definitely thought so.

Both of us already unloaded into her, so this doubling wasn't a short experience. After ten minutes at least of fucking her in the ass and mouth, I started worrying Karin started getting sore, but when I was preparing to exit her asshole she got stiff and convulsed around my cock in one of her very distinctive orgasms.

"Hmmmph!!!" she gagged, without letting go of Marco's cock, while her anal muscles clenched at my shaft massaging it roughly in the most delicious way.

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