1994: Expanding Our Game Ch. 02


Speechless, Carina watched as Karin rose and came to kiss me full-mouth in front of her, and then pulled me to the bedroom by the belt of my kimono without ever saying good night.

I must admit it: I loved to be seduced and drag to bed by my girlfriend in front of her bitch of a friend.

I got pushed down on my back into the bed without Karin ever closing the bedroom door: she straddled me and purposefully opened the kimono with a grin on her face that was driving me mad of passion. Maybe she wasn't 100% sober, and the mix of cigarette smoke and alcohol in her breath wasn't the most seducing of scents, but she looked gorgeous. If I have a fetish, that's boots, and together with the denim miniskirt they highlighted her legs so well!

I pulled her shirt open undoing the knot and exposing her breasts, and saw her excited nipples. Then she pushed her naked chest against mine and French-kissed me with a passion that finished blowing my last resistance and hospitality scruples.

To the hell with the bitch: having a threesome would be nice, but it was Karin the one I really wanted!

I felt her tongue exploring the depths of my mouth like if she wanted to taste my soul, while her erected nipples were rubbing my chest making me shiver.

I started moving my hands over her excited body, looking for the parts that were already uncovered, and after undoing her hair I went down to raise her skirt until I could fondle her hard buttocks. Her silky, soft skin was warm and smooth, and my cock stirred happily.

Karin felt it against her stomach and started moaning inside my mouth. Then she started moving slowly, adjusting her knees around my sides and rubbing her crotch against my rapidly swelling erection.

I felt her pussy hair rubbing my shaft and balls, and knew we were on for another unforgettable night of lust. Gosh, she was wet! For a second I thought my helmet would slip into her without any help, just with her rubbing her labia against it... It probably would eventually, but that wasn't what Karin wanted.

She let go of my mouth and started kissing her way down along my chest and belly, greeting my nipples, my navel, my groin, and then even lower to my thighs inner muscles; She grabbed my cock and caressed it without really stroking it, and sank her face between my legs. I felt her tongue liking under my testicles, then moving slowly over the swollen, hairy balls, like in adoration.

"Hmmm..." she purred, not so loud but loud enough to be heard outside the room: "They're so full of semen, and it's all for me..."

It wasn't usual for her to be talkative during our lovemaking: loud, yes; but no dirty talking until then... Unfortunately. After all, Carina's presence was really having a very positive effect on my fiancé.

Karin licked my balls like a pussycat, slowly caressing my shaft in between. When she was sure it was fully erected, she moved up to lap the shaft along my veins, caressing with her soft, wet tongue all the most sensitive parts of my manhood, which by now she knew so well.

When she finally closed her burning lips over my cockhead, I couldn't help groining hard.

"Hmmmph!" she echoed me, even louder, and started blowing me hard and noisily.

The bed started creaking and bumping, and I realised that, while sucking and stroking me using one hand, she was using the other to touch herself between her legs. I was used to see Karin excited, but this was far more than I was used to.

I grabbed her head and started fucking her upwards between her ears. She seemed to appreciate the small violence, because her muffled moans became even louder.

"Oh gosh," she panted finally letting go of my cock; "I want you now. Fuck me!"

She held my erection straight and crouched over me, resolutely aiming my dick at her moist opening.

I felt with my cock the wet curls of her pussy, the soft labia of her cunt, and finally the sopping softness of her slit as she sat on me, impaling herself.

"Aahhh!" she yelled shamelessly, once she felt my cock sliding deep into her more than ready vagina; "At last..."

I eagerly moved my hands along her endless naked thighs, up under her skirt, which still hide our bodies bond, and fondly grabbed her buttocks, to hold her still and push upwards rhythmically.

"Uhnnngg!" she yelped, shaking her hair, which whipped against her back.

Her breasts bounced and waved nicely in the wide opening of her unfasten shirt, and I had to grab one, to squeeze and fondle it while I captured the other nipple into my mouth and chewed it.

"Yeaaawww..." she screeched, pain and pleasure perversely mixed in her voice.

I heard coughing. Purposefully.

I looked over to the door, and there Carina stood, openly pissed at the whole situation.

"I am so sorry, I just wanted to know weather this performance of yours is going to be as long as last night's," she stated, "Because in that case, I'll find somewhere else to sleep. I do need to rest."

I was both annoyed for the interruption, and amused by her problem. I stopped mouthing Karin's breast, but didn't let go of he other tit, which I kept on kneading.

My girlfriend stopped pumping herself and turned to her old comrade, weaving her hair and smiling: "Hi Car. I didn't hear you coming..."

"I'm not surprised, since you're howling like a bitch on heat."

The smile on Karin's face broadened: "Oh, come on, Car! Don't tell me you are shocked by our openness... I thought you were a modern and open-minded person!"

"This is no matter of open-mindness," the bitch retorted acidly, "It's just disgusting how you degrade yourself with this ape of yours!"

Karin moved on slowly like a cat, unplugging herself and getting down the bed in front of Carina. Now I could see only her back, still covered by the undone shirt and by the wrinkled skirt.

"Degrading? But honey... I'm just being myself, and getting my pleasure, whenever and however I feel to, as any liberated woman should." Karin's voice was sultry, sexy... Seductive. "Are you sure you are not just... Envious?"

It hit me now. It had all been a game by Karin. All this provocation, this continuous mockery and teasing... Karin was seducing her friend! She was just seducing Carina into our bed!

And I could see it was working: Carina looked appalled, shocked.

She screamed: "What the hell are you saying? Are you crazy? Envious... Of what?"

"Of this!" Karin grabbed her friend's arm, and before she could react in any way, she pressed a full-mouth kiss between her open lips.

I was taken aback, knowing how much Karin disliked the idea of too much intimacy with other women. I wondered weather that was the reason she got a double dry vodka before trying the seduction.

Carina jerked herself free, stunned.

"Come on Car," Karin hissed again, seductively: "You need this, and you know it. You have been wanting this from the very minute you entered our house. That's why you have been so scratchy and unpleasant... And that's why you came to our room now. Come with us, we will take care of you... And you'll see, all together, we will cure your sourness."

Carina had her mouth open to protest, but said nothing. Karin had her hand firmly on her wrist, and was pulling. I was slowly stroking my cock, and realised our guest's eyes were fixed on it.

It was like a spell.

Spellbound, Carina let herself be dragged slowly towards our bed, and in a moment she was sitting on the edge, transfixed.

Karin caressed her pretty face, clearing her forehead from her red hair, and kissed her softly on her neck. Affectionately, rather than lustfully.

My time to play.

I extended my hand to caress Carina's other check, and felt her shacking. She wasn't sober either... She got two double dry vodkas, earlier in the living room.

I too kissed her on the neck, on the other side from Karin. Our prey shivered.

I put a hand on her belly and caressed her there, while my diabolic wife-to-be was doing the same on her back. Carina's silky tank top was thin and soft, and I could feel her skin under the tissue.

She moaned.

The bitch was our game now.

I took a breast in my hand and fondled delicately, feeling the cup of the bra under the silk.

Karin started pulling the tank top over Carina's head, and our pray didn't fight back.

I kissed Carina's check while Karin was unfastening her bra, then I kissed her lips.

They burned.

"What are you doing to me..." she whispered, powerless.

Karin moved my own hand over Carina's tit. It was rounded, full and warm. Her nipple was peer-shaped, small, and stiff. I twisted it.

Carina shook and shivered. Karin kissed her hair.

I kissed her mouth, and her lips parted, allowing my tongue in. I got hers, and the dance started.

I hold the girl's naked shoulders and French-kissed her, slow and deep, dragging her down onto our bed.

I perceived a moment of reluctance, which dissipated in a second as I kept suckling her tongue into my mouth. I realised with my eyesight that Karin was pulling Carina's trousers down.

What a girlfriend I had: she promised me a threesome, and a threesome I was getting all right!

We lay on the bed now: me kissing Carina full-mouth and Karin busy over her friend, stripping her naked.

I felt a mouth on my cock while I was still kissing Carina, and knew it had to be Karin... It's so good to feel two female mouths on your body!

Carina's naked tits felt beautiful on my bare chest. My hands went down on our new partner, and found her ass. It was somehow rounder and softer than Karin's tight one, and her redhead skin was paler and smoother. Karin wasn't shaving at all, and an extremely thin and soft fair hair was covering her honey-skinned and slender body; Carina was milky, curvy and accurately depilated all over. The difference between them was intoxicatingly exciting.

Karin was sucking me back to full readiness while I was kissing Carina's last resistances away.

When I finally let go of her, she was breathless. Only her thin knickers were protecting her from my wife and mine determined assault.

Karin winked at me and nodded her encouragement, while lowering Carina's underwear.

Our guest bush was small and trimmed, and brown-reddish turned out to be her real colour.

"Fuck her, now." Karin whispered with a smile. "Make her scream."

I went between her legs, quite shorter than the ones I was so used to, and parted them wide by the knees. Her reddish flower opened like a rose at dawn.

Our eyes met, and her lips trembled like she was trying to say something, but no sound came from her.

Karin grabbed my cock and stroke id slowly, pulling me towards Carina's exposed sex."

"Take her."

I moved my hand over Carina's pussy, and felt her moistness. Karin was right, she was ready. Her slit opened under my finger, and I felt her short curls, more thick and brushy than my girlfriend's, like her skin was softer and smoother. Such an exciting difference!

I slowly pushed myself against her, our sexes approaching and Karin still aiming my cock to target.

Then she withdrew her arm, and I drove into Carina's body.

I felt the warmth of her flash wrapping my inner essence as my cockhead slid into her cunt, and then I had her heels hitting the back of my thighs, to pull me into her.

Her slit was narrow; kind of hotter and less lubricated than Karin's but of course we weren't as accustomed to each other as Karin and I were.

I lay over Carina, splashing her hard tits into her chest with mine as I kissed her in the mouth, allowing her to wrap her arms around me to hold my body tight against hers. Then I started moving.

I gave two strong pushes into her, fucking my way into her vagina until our pubic hair intertwined and my balls slapped against her ass crack.

"Mmmwaahhh..." she whimpered, feeling her cunt filled and stuffed that way. Her legs clenched at me and her fingernails started scratching my back.

I started pumping her slowly, feeling Karin's fingers caressing my ass.

I soon got into a medium-slow rhythm, fucking the bitch with alternately short and long thrusts, probing her pussy to explore its folds and curves, to locate sensitive spots and painful touches in order to chart the map of her pleasure.

My fiancé was still caressing my ass, while lying next to us, her head close to ours.

"So, Car," Karin hissed into her friend's ear, "How is my ape's cock? Do you like it? Hmmm... It's such a good piece of male meat, isn't it? Don't worry my dear; I'll give it to you for as long as you'll need it to come. But remember it's mine, and mine only..."

I felt like being a tool, a human dildo Karin was screwing Carina with... And I loved it!

After fucking Carina missionary-style for a while, I decided to rise in order to watch what I was fucking. And I liked the sight.

Carina's hard and pointed breasts were bouncing like jellies at each and every stroke of mine. I held her legs over my shoulders to push deeper into her vagina and hit target down where I had not reached yet.

"Oohhh..." she appreciatively howled, feeling my cock digging into her belly: "Yes, fuck me. Fuck me... Fuck me... Hmmm..."

Karin muffled her moans kissing her mouth, and let a stray hand wandering over her friend's body, up to rub her full breasts and to twist her pointed nipples.

Then Karin did something strange: she grabbed my hand and took it to Carina's mound.

"Play her clit," she whispered to me, before kissing her again.

I was in no mood to disappoint my lady, who provided me with this wonderful feast, and obliged. Soon I felt Carina's moans grow louder, and her body movement accelerate to the rhythm I was playing her clitoris with.

Karin knew her friend: different for herself, she was a clitoridean type. I was so used to Karin's G-spot-only orgasms that I had never guessed without her help.

The more I was having fun with Carina, the more I was falling in love with my wife-to-be.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oohhh... ...Hnnngg!!!" Carina shat her eyes trashed about under my final stroke, and screamed out her orgasm, with me slamming hard to hit bottom into her, and Karin squeezing her tits cruelly, as if she wanted to pull them away.

Karin let go of her friend's breasts and came to me with lust in her eyes and a dirty smile on her face. She kissed me, and I felt the taste of Carina's mouth in Karin's breath.

"I love you," she whispered softly, as I passed an arm around her hips, pulling her body against mine.

I slowly pulled out from Carina's well-fucked cunt, and Karin got hold of my cock, all smeared in the redhead pussy juice.

"My turn," she whispered, looking straight into my eyes.

Karin got rid of her shirt and laid beside Carina, lifting her hips to roll her miniskirt up.

I admired the view: there were two naked women in my bed, like in my best dreams. The redhead lied down dishevelled, spent after her orgasm, her pale body heaving heavily; the blonde was ready and willing, her lean and tall body waiting to couple covered only by the skirt and the boots.

"Come on, take me!" Karin urged, kneading her own hard nipples and opening her legs to show me her gaping slit showing amongst her uncombed, thick golden hair.

I positioned myself between her spread legs and rubbed her labia with my cockhead, making her shiver with lust and expectation.

"Please, fuck me now..." she pleaded again with her sultry voice.

I pushed into her, and my well-lubed cock slipped easily into Karin's well-known hotbox.

Strange feeling, to smear Karin's cunt with Carina's pussy juice... I had considered cleaning up before fucking her, knowing her ideas about too much intimacy with other women, but she had urged me to be fast taking her, and I didn't want to lose the moment.

As soon as my cock was into her, Karin grabbed me with her legs and arms, holding me in place.

"Now that you fucked my friend, you have damn better be good to me, lover..." she whispered in my ears. I bet she was serious about that.

I started screwing her slow and deep, thoroughly enjoying the professional contractions of her exercised cunt muscles; her long legs clenched at my sides, and I couldn't have pulled out even if I wished.

Karin was really wet: she got far more excited than she would later like to admit, watching me fucking her friend stupid. Again, she started moaning and thrashing about, her voice quickly growing to loud shrieks and screams of lust and passion.

I wasn't sure she climaxed before Carina interrupted us, and I wasn't sure where she was now... It was only pretty obvious to me that my woman looked far more excited than she normally did, and in that situation I wasn't going to last as much as I'd liked to.

Mercifully, after another set of crying and cursing under my determined ploughing of her more than willing belly, Karin whispered again, "Hmmm... So good, honey. Do her again now, before she gets colder."

Carina was touching herself, looking at the two of us screwing next to her, and didn't like somebody who was cooling down at all, but Karin was the party toastmaster, and I didn't think it was smart to disappoint any of the ladies.

I exited Karin and climbed back between Carina's marbled legs.

Our pretty guest smiled and opened her slit for me, invitingly.

I stuffed my weapon into her, making her scream, and this time it was Karin's turn to have her juices smear her friend's vagina.

She was so open and wet that I hit bottom at my first thrust.

"Aahhh! Oh God..." Carina gasped, holding my hips in her thighs' grip and pushing her heels into mine: "Fuck me... Yes! Fuck me... Fuck me... Fuck meeeeee!!!"

And fuck her I did, while Karin watched at us touching herself and smiling lustfully at the scene we were offering to her.

Again I rose to my knees, to better enjoy the sight of the meat I was fucking with so much satisfaction, and Carina got the chance to move her hand to her clit and further increase her pleasure.

"Oh fuck... Oh fuck... Oh fuck... Yeah... Yeah... Yeah... Yeaaaaahhhhhh!!!"

Carina's pale body shook and tensed, convulsing it the spasms of yet another orgasm, just as I kept on ploughing her mercilessly, going into her as rough as I could.

I felt Karin's hand caressing my shoulder: she was on her knees next to me now, still masturbating with the other hand.

"Cum inside her," she urged me hoarsely: "Fill the stupid bitch pregnant!"

I thought for a second I misunderstood, but she added again, "Boone her!"

Did she want to punish her? Was she making an experiment to see weather I could father a child to her? Or was she just being naughty? I never really understood.

For sure, I was on the edge, and Karin's remark threw me over it.

I accelerated my fucking tempo into Carina's womb, holding her naked thighs in my hands against my chest, and felt an electric shiver sparking from my testicles, reaching my brain and finally explode into my hart.

I arched, pushed in a final time, and released my load, deep into Carina's belly.

"Oohhh..." I groaned in the exertion, sweating hard as my whole body let go of it all.

"Oh my Gaaaawwd!" Carina shrieked, still convulsing in her own orgasm, as she felt my semen flooding her most intimate inner parts.

Her eyes sprang open, but she had no guts to protest or to resist getting inseminated.

Spurts after spurts of come filled her slutty cunt, as I kept slowly pumping her and massaging her legs.

"Yeah," Karin smiled wickedly, still caressing my back, "Oh yeah... Stuff her well, the bitch deserves it..."

I kissed my woman, and she rubbed her naked body against me wantonly. Then I left her and went on the other girl to kiss her too, and she answered the kiss with spent enthusiasm.

I rolled over, finding myself lying between the two girls, happily exhausted.

Carina touched her cum-filled pussy and cursed quietly: "Oh fuck... You bloody filled me up, you bastard."

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