1997: My Cousin's Nasty Wedding


Lella kept a steady rhythm riding me as I was teasing her tits, sometimes wandering around over the rest of her body before going back to her chest.

Sometimes she bent over me, offering her nipples to my mouth to be sucked hard; then she would rise again, impaling herself back on my cock and taking it as deep as she could with a long, soft moan of satisfaction.

I felt like it was a never-ending fuck, which ended only when her breath suddenly accelerated to a frenzy, she arched and jerked like in agony, and let go a long, deep cry.


I hugged her down to me, enjoying the feeling of her naked breasts splashed on my chest, and kissed her deep while caressing her shacking back.

I waited for her to calm down, then I rolled her over.

"More..." she whined; "Please, give me more... More..."

I grinned, as I spread-eagled her and slammed it back into her sloppy wet cunt, exacting a loud yell out of her exhausted and sore lungs.

My turn to ride... Only, I launched a hasty charge, throwing into it all the energy I had left.

Lella shrieked in surprise and pleasure, taking all that the hammering into her abused belly without regrets.

"Oh my God!" she panted, "Yes... Yes... Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck meee..."

I felt her peaking again, this time quite high and fast. A high wave, a docks-shattering one, which speed and intensity was only going to match mine.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Aahhh... Aahhh... Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" she cried, convulsing under my merciless assault, as I unloaded myself a last time inside her, releasing all what was left of me deep into her already cum-soaked pussy.

I fell over her, almost unconscious.

I barely remember we cuddled and kissed for a while, she did kick her high heels away, pulled the cover over us, and then we fell asleep in each other's arms.


We didn't sleep long.

I woke up first, and checking the time, I assumed it was better getting moved. There was a wedding we couldn't afford to be late at...

I kissed my cousin awake, and she opened her eyes with a radiant smile.

"Hi," she said, immediately awake.

She saw the time, smiled again, and commented: "Better be fast, my love..."

I was raising from the bed, but she bottomed me back down.

"That's not what I meant," she smiled, going down on me and taking my cock into her mouth.

"Oh my God!" I groaned, relaxing and taking the blowjob with glad pleasure.

Lella sucked me quickly to a full erection, then let go of me and smiled: "Fuck me now... Fast and hard! We haven't got much time..."

I rolled her down and quickly nailed her at the bed.

"Aawww... Yes, do that! Take me... Take me like a slut, and make me scream!"

No time, no mercy.

I was rested, and I balled her hard and deep, with no regard for her at all. And it was right what she wanted.

Her thighs closed around my sides, her hands grabbed my shoulders, her heels pushed my ass deeper into her, and I fucked her up to a frantic rhythm that I couldn't hold for more than a few minutes.

Lella's moans quickly rose to screams and yells of pleasure, her pussy muscles tightened around my pistoning cock, and I quickly lose it.

"Aahhh... Aahhh... Aahhh!!!"

I ram into her as deep as I could making her squeal, then I pulled out completely, and to her amazement, I shot my load all over her gorgeous, naked body in front of me.

My jets of sperm splashed on her chest, spraying cum all over her breasts and up to the collarbone, coating in thick white cum her left nipple and filling her navel.

Lella laughed, surprised and pleased by the outcome of her slut fuck, and started rubbing my cum over her breasts, while the last spurts ended up on her stomach.

"It's your wedding day," I grinned wickedly: "It's not appropriate for me to come inside you, right?"

She smiled back, without remorse: "Right. Let's the groom get its due."

Lella hastily cleaned herself with a towel, then jumped back into her evening dress while I was wearing my clothes, still laying on the floor.

I collected her knickers, but she waved me with a smile to keep them, as she was wearing her shoes.

We managed to drive back into the centre before the Saturday morning traffic, and I dropped my cousin at her parents barely half an hour before the hairdresser and the bridesmaids came to help her into the wedding dress.

I made it back home to walk Ysa around the block, then I had a shower and quietly got dressed myself for the ceremony.

In the end, we were both just in time, barely.

My uncles didn't feel like telling Lella off for being so late at home after her bachelorette party, and in the end everybody forgot about it, and our escapade went through unnoticed.

I stood in my gala uniform in the second row as Lella walked the isle at her father's arm. She threw at me a glowing smile as she passed me, and in a second she was beside the groom, in front of the altar.

Half an hour later, my little cousin was married.

Outside the church, everybody was waiting to kiss the bride.

I waited my turn without struggling... After all, I got my share of her the night before, and I was in no lack.

I shook hands with an overjoyed Michele, I hugged my uncles and Lella's brother, kissed his own fiancé (another wedding sceduled soon), and waited for my turn.

Once Lella made her way to me, she hugged me tight and whispered into my ears, "I had no time to shower... I'm still all sticky and full of you!"

Then she shamefully kissed me full-mouth.

For the spark of a second, our tongues met inside her mouth; then she pulled out, threw me a knowing smile, and moved on to cheer somebody else.

That was my sweet, church-going little cousin's nasty wedding.

Two years later, I re-married myself, and Lella was nowhere nearby.

... And I have been a happy man since then.

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