tagErotic Couplings19th Century Facial

19th Century Facial

byStout chap©

The Watson girls were preparing for a ball. To be held at the manor belonging to one Lord Fairfax, a rich and noble man of many acquaintances. The girls were very excited, indeed!

“Oh!” snapped Charlotte, the youngest; “this petticoat is filled with creases! I cannot possibly wear such a silly thing. It is too frumpy! Isabelle, give me one of yours.”

Isabella, the eldest and wisest of the girls at twenty-two-years-of-age, sighed, and politely asked, “Do not you have others you can wear? You are much larger than I am: my frocks should not fit you.”

“Oh nonsense! I will make them fit,” she said. And with that, Charlotte took up one the dresses lain on the bed and squeezed her full figure into it. As expected, it was very ill-fitting, and one had the impression that she could barely breathe it was squeezing her corset so tight. It was of finest green silk, however, and she wore it with grace. “This will do perfectly!” she said.

Skipping forwards in time, as authors are wont to do, the girls alighted the carriage that would take them to the nearby manor. This was a few years before very wide crinolines become popular, dearest reader, so all four girls fitted in the carriage with relative ease, their silken petticoats shining in the dim light. They looked fabulous; how could any man resist the temptations they offered? Charlotte fidgeted awkwardly with her heaving bosom, buffeted up by the tight corset and dress, and said,

“I wonder if my bosoms look alluring enough in this frock.”

“If they allure any more they will pop out and poke out your dancing partner’s eye!” remarked Catherine, causing a giggle from Ginevra but a caustic stare from Charlotte (though she was happy her breasts were on show as much as she dared bare).

Soon enough, it was time for dancing and rejoicing. The girls danced many times with many fellows, many of whom were astonishingly handsome; and quickly became quite heated and perverse. Charlotte, in particular, could not think of anything other than taking off all the army fellows’ uniforms and dancing amongst them gleefully. She sat down and crossed her legs. A fellow whom she had danced with, and who was exceptionally charming and good-looking, came and sat next to her.

“Miss Watson,” he said, out of breath, “you dance very well for a girl of your age.”

“I have had much experience in that subject, Lieutenant,” she replied.

“You cannot be more than seventeen!” he cried in disbelief.

“I am eighteen, sir. I feel it is the best age to be for a girl who dances.”

“Indeed,” nodded Lt Burry (for that was his name), “you have much beauty, and you wear it well” (motioning to her dress).

“Oh, yes, it is my sister’s, Isabella – although I just call her Isabelle, over there, dancing with that navy chap.”

“She is beautiful, also. Your parents must be very happy to have such handsome daughters. Although, I think, of all of them , you are the finest.”

“Oh, you jest,” Charlotte laughed, her complexion reddening. “I am the most well-fed, certainly, but I do not have as fine teeth as Isabelle, nor do I have as well-defined features as Catherine, and of all of them I am the palest.” She said these things whilst looking into his eyes with that sort-of knowing gaze that two lusty people often have, and she was (I think unconsciously) stroking the pearl beads of her necklace. Lt Burry was a bawdy fellow, and recognised these lusty signals immediately. The consequences were obvious, and wholly appreciated.

“You are not the palest now, for I fear my compliments have embarrassed you,” he said, moving his hand to her knee, “but I often feel that milky skin, pearl necklaces and a heaving bosom (such as yours) are symbolic of desires outside of the dance floor.” He smiled lustfully.

“Oh, Lt Burry, do not speak so!” she said. I wonder if he has a big cock, she thought.

“Should you like to take a walk out? The grounds are the finest in the county, and it is ever so stuffy in here,” he said.

Charlotte smiled wickedly. “I should love to,” she said, and they promptly left the building.

“It is such a beautiful night,” she said, feeling the cool summer air, as they strolled the moonlit gardens; “the moon has basked everything in a white glow.” She examined the flowers under a nearby tree.

“And other things, too,” said the Lt. “Your face is positively more pale, and milkier than I have seen it this evening; although it is still radiant, and makes a good juxtaposition with your strawberry lips.”

“You are too kind, Lt,” she said.

“But tell me this: why did you remove your lovely pearl necklace?”

“Well,” she said, bawdily, “I had hoped that you would soon give me another.”

“Ah!” said he, happily, “some milky liquid or other, you should like? I should like to see it shine in the moonlight on your creamy neck and velvet lips.”

“I am sure that you would,” Charlotte said, licking her lips seductively. The Lt moved a hand to one of her breasts and squeezed it gently, and then kissed her fervently. He kissed very well, their tongues lashing together, and with just enough suction to feel good. They continued in this manner for awhile till Charlotte allowed him to slowly lower her to the dry grass, and rest her head upon a large root of the tree. He pulled the shoulder-parts of her dress down, revealing her tight black bodice. Although he was very anxious to see these two glorious globes, he undid the bodice with care and precision, kissing her all the while. He looked at his prize: two very large breasts, as white as the rest of her, with two pink nipples, half erect. He took them in his hands and squeezed and played with them as he began kissing her once more. He moved his head down and kissed and sucked on Charlotte’s nipples, alternately, making them hard and erect; Charlotte giggled with glee.

Charlotte raised her hands and began undoing his trousers. After unbuttoning all the necessary parts, she pulled them down and then his underpants, revealing his large, pink cock, now very hard indeed. She smiled at him a loving smile, and took it in her hands, gently rubbing it and squeezing its hot surface. He made some noises to indicate this was pleasing to him, and Charlotte began pulling his cock to her. He knelt down with his knees either side of her midriff, and took up her breasts as she slowly guided his cock between them. It was quite fortunate he had lain her down where he did, for her head was angled so she was very close to her chest.

She put her hands over his hands and squeezed her breasts to the cock as it slid in, which was now completely swathed underneath her luscious bosom. She saw it slowly come towards her and stop fractions away from her lovely lips, and she kissed the cockhead lovingly. The Lt gave some more noises suggesting he was enjoying the experience. She took her lips away from the cock. “Are you quite lost for words, Lt?” she said, rubbing her breasts against the cock, her breath vibrating on the tip of it.

“I am indeed! I feel as if I could make a pint of milk for you. Although I fear it will only complement your creamy features a little.”

“That is nonsense,” said she, her lips coming to the cock again; “I think that if you want to see your milkiness splash my breasts, neck, cheeks and lips half as much as I want to feel it then you surely must know it will complement my ‘creamy features’ a great deal.”

“I do believe it,” he said, beginning to thrust his hips a little, as Charlotte continued to masturbate the cock with her heavy bosom. “Half as much, you say? You surely cannot want to feel my cream splatter you as much I should like to see it engulf your upper body?”

“Oh, come, come,” she said, “I should not think there will be as much as that. Although I fear there will be much all the same.”

“A great deal; and it will run down your chin and pool in your cleavage, I suspect. A glistening, glossy pool of creamy milk.”

These words excited Charlotte, and she squeezed his cock ever more tightly. She licked the head of it intently, tasting the clear pre-cum and making the cock very moist indeed. “I should like to dip my fingers in it, she taste your goodness, and liberally spread the semen all over my upper body, as you say, and you will see me all glossy and white in the moonlight.”

“Such a sight would make me want to cum again and cum again once more,” he said as Charlotte rubbed her lips over the cockhead, poking her tongue out a little.

“Perhaps then I really would be engulfed. You must take care not to drown me in it!”

“I would not dare dream of it. Much of the fun is seeing it come out, and, inevitably, fall on to your waiting, greedy body.”

He thrust a little faster now, but with shorter, more deliberate movements, he was making-love to her breasts. “Am I so greedy, then?” asked Charlotte, trying to look innocent by fluttering her eyelashes (the reader I hope will see the irony of trying to appear innocent at the same time as having a gentlemen’s cock rub against one’s lips!).

“You are abominably greedy, Miss Watson,” he said, staring into her eyes. “You want my thick, white semen to splatter all over your pretty, creamy features! Admit it, you crave it; your body needs it!”

“Ha ha, you cannot fool me, lieutenant! I know the only reason you want me to talk so is because my lips and tongue and breath slither on your cock when I speak.”

“Christ yes!” he said, almost grunting, “talk to me! Tell me how much you want it!”

Charlotte lowered the pitch of her voice to a more seductive degree, and smiled wickedly as the pink, wet cock rubbed on her strawberry lips and velvet tongue. “Well,” she said, “I should be happy for you to empty yourself, so to speak, all over me.”


“I think the position it is in now is good enough. Your cock is at an almost right angle to my lips, and rubs against them so. When you ejaculate, will it be forceful?”

“It will squirt out under high pressure!”

“Then it will go directly to my lips, and it will splash, and thick globs of creamy cum will splatter all over my cheeks. Will there be much cum?”

“There will be a very large amount!”

“Then it will squirt out over and over. And I’ll pull my breasts up-“ at which point Charlotte took her milky breasts and squeezed them up high, the nipples, the cock, and her lips all very close together. She squeezed the breasts tight to the cock, and the Lt shuddered in delight as he thrusted. “-like this, and the cum will squirt and squirt and squirt, and it will run down from my lips – too saturated in semen to take any more – and down, running all over my breasts, creating a glossy layer over them, and my nipples, and the cum will pool in this little ditch you have made here with your cock and my cleavage.”

“Oh god!” grunted the lieutenant, “can you feel my cock throbbing!”

“Oh gosh, here it comes!” began Charlotte, beaming from ear to ear. The lieutenant pushed his body as close to Charlotte as he could, his cockhead pushed tight against her strawberry red lips, and the cock began to squirt!

The cum erupted out of the cock, and immediately had nowhere to go. The impact on Charlotte’s luscious lips made a fountain effect, and the cum splashed all across her cheeks, thick streams splattering even to her hair. Another squirt splurged out, this time with more cum than the last, and splattered Charlotte’s cheeks completely, her lips now invisible for the cum, which ran down profusely as she said it would, slowly seeping down her cleavage and creating a glossy layer of cum all over her breasts. Another squirt, exactly as the last, doing similar splashings: Charlotte’s face completely splattered, now, and she opened her lips just a little, the cock just underneath them. She poked out her tongue and caught some of the cum as it splurged out, licking away the cum from her lower lip, flashing its wet redness momently before it was coated in more cum. The cock began to slow up, and squirted a few more, smaller loads of thick, milky semen before stopping completely.

The lieutenant stood up to admire his handiwork. Charlotte lay, smiling gleefully, beneath him, her translucent, wet features glistening in the moonlight. She raised a hand and spread out the cum more evenly on her face and breasts, licking the globs between her fingers afterwards. “Mm!” she exclaimed; “it tastes very good!” And promptly licked her lips, exposing their redness once again. She sat up, and rested upon her knees, looking up at the beaming Lieutenant, her face glossy and smiling and completely covered in thick white creaminess. She looked at his cock, still hard, throbbing, and covered in cum. She smiled, and then quickly put it in her mouth.

“Oooh” sighed the lieutenant, gazing down at her as she sucked hard on the cock, and after a few minutes he began to ejaculate again, the thick loads this time going unseen down Charlotte’s greedy throat.

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