tagLoving Wives1st Affair Ch. 4

1st Affair Ch. 4


The next day, Friday August 29th, Randy wanted to go out with a buddy of his. He asked Erin if she wanted to come, but she didn't feel like socializing. He didn't see the point in staying home, since he was cut off anyway (he hadn't made love to her since the 3rd!) so he left without her at around 7.

She sat on the couch, watching TV. It didn't take her long at all to start reflecting on events of the past few days. Her relationship had become ho-hum. Anything new would have been great, any new cock would have renewed her interest in sex. But Jason was at least 9 inches! He could reach so far inside her! And he was sooo good with his tongue, too. Not that Randy was bad, it was just the same thing.

Erin could not avoid the inevitable tingling that began in her pussy. She squeezed her legs together, trying to lose the feeling and calm down. She had already decided that she would continue sleeping with Jason. Every week or two. Not that often because for one, she might get caught, and for two, she might get attached to him.

She had let him fuck her two days already that week, that was enough. She would leave it until at least the following weekend. Leave that long, hard cock alone for a few more days. Not have such a huge member ramming into her mercilessly for a little while longer. Well, maybe this weekend. Yes, this weekend she would stop by after work and let him have his way with her. Tomorrow she could do it. After work tomorrow, she would give herself to him. He would slide his monster penis into her, fill her up. His thick cock would stretch her pussy wide, and barely squeeze into her.

Erin's hand crept down to her jean shorts, and she couldn't help but rub herself over the denim.

That's it.

She picked up the phone and called Jason. He was home, and he was immediately hard when he heard her sexy voice on the other end. The innocent, friendly conversation that she had planned did not turn out that way. It took her all of 2 minutes to invite him over. He eagerly accepted, and they got off the phone.

What was she doing? It’s bad enough that she cheats on her fiancé, couldn’t she control herself for a few days? Apparently not. On top of that, she didn’t even know when her boyfriend would be home! Erin was so horny, her panties were soaked and he hadn’t even got there yet!! 30 minutes later there was a knock on the door. She rushed to answer it wearing only a black pair of boxer shorts, and a black T-shirt. She was dressed for comfort, not planning on getting laid when she put them on. So consumed by thoughts of his big cock, she forgot to “pretty” herself up! Nonetheless, Jason’s rock hard cock got even harder when he saw her.

He stepped inside, shutting the door behind him, and slipped his arms around her waist. Their lips met in a passionate kiss, her tongue darting eagerly into his mouth as his hands cupped her soft ass. She pressed her small body against him, pleasure surging up her spine when she felt his bulging jeans against her stomach. Erin broke the kiss and she took him by the hand.

The horny girl led him to her bedroom, the room she shared with the man she promised to marry. She led him to the end of her bed and she sat down before him. They had yet to say a word. Her small hands fumbled with his button and zipper, and was soon pushing his jeans, along with his underwear, down his legs, freeing that beautiful 9 inch cock. The big man stepped out of his clothes and tore off his shirt, becoming naked for this beautiful vixen. Erin stared hungrily at his member, and her tiny hand reached out to grab it. She slowly stroked it and he sighed.

She leaned forward and her tongue snaked out and lapped at his bag lightly. She gently licked up his shaft, and her tongue circled his helmet. She slowly sunk the head of his penis into her mouth. Her lips slid further down the shaft as she was able to take three quarters of his cock inside. He moaned. Jason just could not believe that she hasn't said a word to him! She began to bob her head back and forth on his crotch, sucking hard on his huge member. 'slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp' Erin slurped loudly on Jason's dick, her soft lips gliding smoothly up and down his long rod.

The big man stood before the small woman as she sucked ravenously on his oversized cock. Her small hand cupped his balls, gently caressing them as her tongue licked at the head of his dick everytime it withdrew. He placed his hands on the back of her head, guiding her as she gave him an incredible blowjob. He loved this woman! She was so hot, he couldn't believe she was doing this to him! He was holding her hair back so he could watch her pretty face. Her eyes were closed her lips snugly wrapped around his shaft, bobbing back and forth. Erin was still incredibly turned on. She knew her pussy was very moist, and her panties must be soaked!

Jason gave her feelings that she hasn't had in nearly 2 years. He brought excitement (and a big cock!) into her life. She was starting to realize that she was addicted to it. That having this cock inside her every week wouldn't be enough. That every few days wouldn't be enough. Even every day may not be enough! She enjoyed his cock so much she found herself thoroughly enjoying sucking on it. Normally, this was almost considered work! She found herself desperate to please him. That making him happy would make her happy. She loved swallowing cum, but she wanted to give him a show that she had never given anyone, including her fiance. Heart pounding, she put all her efforts into giving the best head ever. It did not take all that long to bring her new lover to the brink.

"I'm cumming!" he groaned. Erin bobbed her head two more times on his pole, making sure that he was at the point of no return, then she pulled his penis out of her mouth with a loud 'slurp'. She looked at him with her pretty blue eyes, mouth wide open as she held his giant dick out before her, aiming it at her face.

He moaned, and she could feel his penis jerk in her hand. He watched a load of white cum fire hard out of his dick and land in a puddle on her forehead. Erin blinked as it barely missed her eye. She stroked his long cock as she felt his hot seed hit her face. Another shot fired out, this one shooting square in her mouth. Hot salty flavored cum landed on her tongue.

Her small hand stroked him slowly, and a river of cum gushed out the end. It didn't really shoot with much power as much as it just kind of poured out. Some got on her chin, a lot got all over her small hand and wrist, and she got quite a bit on her black T-shirt. It was so thick the white goo stayed on top of her shirt, not sinking into the material.

Jason watched as she squeezed more out the end of his dick, and then wrapped her lips around it, sucking his man juice dry. Her small hand was stroking his organ towards her face, and every time her hand got to the end of his dick, she hit her chin with her hand. This got cum all over her chin, too!

When she released his cock, his penis didn't soften. Just looking at such a beautiful face, with his cum all over it made it easy for him to maintain a semi hard state. Erin blew his mind even further by licking his cream off of her hand. She wiped her chin with her hand, this time just wiping it into her tight boxer shorts. She had a big, triumphant smile on her face.

"Did you like that?" were her first words.

"Oh God!" he laughed in disbelief. "Wow!" was all he could say. She giggled. Then she pushed her boxers down her smooth, sexy legs, kicking them off quickly. The most gorgeous pussy in the world came into view. A perfect triangle of pubic hair framing moist, swollen pink lips. She lay back on the bed.

"Your turn to do me, now!" she said with a giggle and a smirk. She opened her legs wide before him, hiding nothing. Her perfect, tiny feet were flat on the bed far apart, her pussy was his for the taking. He was fully erect instantly. He knelt before her at the end of the bed and began kissing from her knee, up her soft inner thigh towards her treasure. The lovely scent of her womanhood hit his nostrils and he took it all in as he kissed her smooth, creamy white skin. He licked up the top of Erin's leg, just beside the fur of her vagina.

Her heart was pounding as she watched her co-worker lick her just beside where she wanted to be licked. He kissed the quivering lips of her cunt, and she sucked in her breath as a wave of pleasure struck her. Jason slid his tongue far into the woman of his dreams, tasting her, licking the inner walls of her snatch. He sucked her lips into his mouth, and began to slowly run his tongue up and down them.

She slid her hand down her body, over her cum covered shirt, to hold his bald head between her thighs. “Ohhhhh…” she sighed, her toes wiggling as she tried not to squirm. His tongue teased the sensitive lips that he held in his mouth as she began to subtly writhe her crotch in his face. He released her, and slowly licked from the very bottom of her slit up to the top, gently nudging her clitoris.

Erin gasped as pleasure fired throughout her body. Her heart skipped a beat. He once again slid his tongue deep into her tunnel, wiggling it around inside her, just teasing her. She desperately needed either a good fuck, or have her clit licked, and he was doing neither, just making her want it more. Jason kissed her swollen lips again while she breathed laboriously. His tongue snaked out and he lightly lapped at her clit. “Ohhhh…” she breathed again, legs subconsciously opening wider.

He slid his hands under her ass, squeezing her soft ass cheeks. He sucked her clitoris into his mouth, holding it between his lips. His tongue rapidly licked over the button, shooting bolts of pleasure up her spine and throughout her body. “OHHH…” she moaned louder as she felt an orgasm approach. She began to writhe her cunt more vigorously in his face, her hand pushing him harder into her crotch as his tongue licked lightening quick over her sensitive clit.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh…” she breathed, cumming. Her thighs pressed together around his head and she raised her ass high off of the bed and into his face. Her pussy pulsated around his tongue as she came violently. Her entire body was on fire and everything else in the world was forgotten. The dim light of the lamp in the bedroom glinted off the ring on the finger of her left hand as it held his head between her thighs. Finally she released him, coming to her senses.

“Ohhh God.” She moaned, smiling down at him. He kissed over the triangle of her pubic hair and crawled up the bed on top of her. Erin wrapped her arms around his neck, looking up at him as he reached down in between him and grabbed his cock. She kissed him, closing her eyes and sucking hard on his lips. She was breathing heavily into his mouth as he ran the fat head of his dick up and down the quivering lips of her cunt. He broke the kiss.

“Do you want this in you?” he asked politely, with a smile.

“Sure!” she replied with a smile. He held the swollen head at the entrance to her treasure and began to push forward. Her tight lips parted for his rod and he slowly eased half of himself inside her.

“Mmmmmmm…” she moaned, eyes closing as she felt herself begin to fill up. Her pussy warmed the top half of his penis, the bottom half still feeling the air of the bedroom. He pulled out of her slick cunt slightly, and then pushed forward again. His entire penis slid into Erin’s vagina.

“Ohhhhh fuuuck…” she sighed as that sensation that was still unfamiliar to her, the one where she felt full almost to bursting, hit her. He held himself inside her and he looked at her. She opened her eyes and looked at him. She smiled and they kissed, tongues exploring as he remained deep inside her warmth. She was so horny that really needed to be fucked hard. His tongue felt nice, his huge cock in her felt amazing, but that was merrily an introduction to the feeling that she desperately needed to feel. She needed to feel that long hard penis sliding in and out of her as fast as possible.

She broke the kiss, breathing heavily, looking at him. She was about to tell him to start moving when she heard the front door open and slam shut. Her heart jumped into her throat. Jason’s too.

He jumped off of her, hard cock waving back and forth with his sudden movement.

“In the closet!” Erin hissed. She scrambled back into her boxers as Jason grabbed his clothes and hurried into the closet. She had just pulled her boxers up over her ass and curled on the bed, feigning sleep and Jason had just quietly shut the closet door behind him when Randy walked into the bedroom.

He saw Erin lying in bed, facing the other way. The light was still on and he could clearly see her beautiful body, the lovely shape of her beautiful ass could be seen in her skin tight boxers.

“Are you asleep Erin?” he asked. He had no idea that when he walked in the front door, another man’s cock was 9 inches inside his fiance’s vagina.

“Mmmm” she grumbled her reply, trying to calm her heart down. Her pussy was tingling like mad. She found herself incredibly pissed off that her boyfriend would interrupt her like that when she was getting laid!

“I’m just grabbing my wallet,” he said, “We’re going to the bar.”

‘Well hurry the fuck up!’ Erin thought, cunt aching to get fucked again. He grabbed his wallet off the dresser and leaned over the bed, his arm slipping around her stomach. Erin didn’t know it at the time but his arm was 2 inches beneath the thick glob of Jason’s cum that remained on top of her shirt!

He kissed her cheek and she turned her head, eyes still closed. He kissed her mouth, having no idea that less than 10 minutes earlier that mouth was wrapped around a thick cock, getting another man off. By the time Randy left, Erin was almost as angry as she was horny. She had a wicked temper and for some reason, she lost it.

Even though she was in the wrong for cheating and all he did was grab his wallet, she was pissed off. Maybe it was the guilt she felt when she almost got caught, maybe it was how horny she was and her satisfaction was interrupted, but she was very pissed off and very horny. She got off the bed and poked her head out the door. He was gone.

She tore off her T-shirt angrily and threw the cum covered material on the floor, revealing 2 beautiful, average sized tits. Her skin was creamy white, her nipples were rock hard as she was incredibly turned on. She pushed down her shorts, becoming completely naked as she ripped open the closet door. Inside was a naked, semi hard Jason, who became instantly hard again at the sight of this gorgeous woman naked before him. She grabbed him by the hand.

“Come on.” She commanded angrily, leading him out of the bedroom. “I want you to fuck me at the doorway.”

“What if he comes back?” Jason protested as he followed her. He couldn’t help but stare at her sexy, naked ass as she walked in front of him.

“I don’t fuckin’ care! He shouldn’t have interrupted us. It would serve him right!” she answered as they got to the front door. “Now fuck me!” she ordered.

He had never seen this side of her before and was caught off guard. But that was one command he would never disobey! He pressed her roughly against the door, his mouth covering hers. From behind him, Erin could not be seen. His large body covered hers completely as he shoved his tongue into her mouth. His hand reached down between her legs and he rubbed her slit. She was incredibly wet. “Mmmmmph.” She moaned into his mouth as his fingers rubbed her gash. He reached behind her, grabbing her ass and lifting her up along the door. She wrapped her short legs around his waist, locking her tiny feet behind him.

He pushed his body down a little and then raised up, his fat cock piercing her entrance. “Ohhhh…” she moaned, breaking the kiss as 3 inches of him entered her wetness. He thrusted again and he was completely inside her, buried in her warmth.

“Ohhh yesss…” she sighed, eyes closed as she finally got that cock back inside her. Jason held her beautiful ass in both hands and pressed her hard against the door. He began to slide in and out of her using long hard strokes. “Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” Erin’s moans were so loud that Randy wouldn’t even have to come back in to know what was going on. Anyone casually walking past their door would hear her cries.

Her feet were flailing behind his thrusting ass, desperately trying to lock around each other and pull him into her. She felt an orgasm on its way already, and her moans grew louder and higher pitched. In and out of her his long cock slid over and over Her arms were around his neck, holding him tight as she got screwed by another man right against her front door just seconds after fiance walked out it. “OHHHHH…” she came hard, helpless, at the mercy of this gigantic organ that was driving itself into her.

She was so hot, and such a good fuck that normally Jason would be cumming right now. Fortunately he had the pleasure of cumming all over her face earlier, and so had some longevity. He fucked her through her intense orgasm, but had to stop because his arms were getting tired. He pulled his cock out of her, and she felt so empty. He pushed her up against the bar of the kitchen and she bent over in front of him, resting her arms on the counter.

Her ass was so amazing he thought his heart would explode with desire. Round and perfect, creamy white skin, a tattoo of a sun just above her left ass cheek. He fell to his knees behind her and began to rain kisses all over her bum. His hands were kneading the cheeks as he kissed all over them, closer and closer to her crack. Erin’s heart was pounding. She felt very wicked and she wanted to intensify that feeling. She found herself wanting him to fuck her up the ass.

She had done that several times with Randy but Randy was far smaller than the monster cock that Jason wielded. She found herself a little scared of the size though, but it would not go away.

Jason was thinking about the same thing, minus the fear. He loved her ass and aimed to fuck it some day. He hoped that day was today. His tongue snaked out and licked from one end of her slit to the other, causing her to gasp. Suddenly, he slipped his tongue into her pussy, burying his face in her ass. “Ohhhhh…” she sighed, squirming before him as he tasted her juices. He slowly licked up to the skin between her slit and her ass, and tingles of anticipation shot through her. He wasn’t sure how he’d react to him licking her asshole, so he just licked up close to it, spreading her ass cheeks with his hands, seeing if she would object.

Erin sighed again, and he took that as permission to continue. His tongue slowly circled the tight hole of her anus, teasing her. She was all his, at his mercy. He slipped his tongue into her asshole as far as he could.

“Ohhhhh yessss…” was all she could say. Now she really wanted him in her ass. Or at least try. He was fucking her ass with his tongue, and her desire for more attention there grew to the extent that she couldn’t take it anymore.

“Do you want to fuck me up the ass, Jason?” she breathed. He nearly shot cum into the air at her words.

“Oh God, yes!” he replied, eagerly. He scrambled to his feet, standing behind her. He ran the head of his cock down the crack of her ass.

“You’re too big, Jason,” she said, “you need to get the Vaseline out of the bathroom!” He practically ran to the bathroom, grabbed the jar, and was back in seconds. Erin remained bent over the counter. In fact, she bent over further, giving her beautiful ass completely to him.

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