tagLoving Wives1st Affair: Untold Stories

1st Affair: Untold Stories


That was the beginning of the first affair that Erin had ever been in.

She had never had a boyfriend long enough to cheat on them prior to Randy, and she had never cheated on Randy before. It certainly would not be her last.

On Saturday, August 30th, Erin worked, and Jason was off. This was the day after her letting him in her ass for the first time, right there at the front door. She could not get her mind off of that huge dick. If you get fucked by a big dick like that, you're lucky. If you get it a few times within a week, you are addicted. All you could think about was being so filled that your pussy stretched. That was all Erin could think about. Being filled. She told Jackie about the week she had so far with Jason. Jackie had already admitted to her that she had seen them fucking, but that was the last she knew. They were alone in the lunchroom on a break.

"I saw Jason again." Erin began, slyly. Jackie gasped, smiling.

"You didn't!"

Erin nodded, giggling.

"When?" Jackie inquired.

"Ohhhh Tuesday ... Thursday ... last night ..."

"ERIN!" Jackie exclaimed. Erin giggled. "You slut!" Jackie joked.

"So what happened? Give me the details!" she demanded after the laughter had died down.

"Well, on Tuesday after work he jumped in the car with me and kissed me." Erin began, quietly. "He wanted me to go to his place."

"So what did you say?" Jackie asked.

"Well, we decided to tell Randy that cashiers get off at 10 o'clock now, that way I could go by Jason's for a half an hour. So we go back to his place and start fooling around in his bedroom and he began taking off my clothes." With that, Erin began to giggle again.

"What? What's so funny?" Jackie asked curiously.

"Well, I realized that I had forgot to call Randy, so I did. And while I did, Jason ... ate me out." She said the last part really quietly, not really moving her lips.

"NO!" Jackie yelled, incredulously. "Jason went down on you while you were on the phone with your fiancé?" she whispered. Erin nodded, laughing.

"He fucked me, too." She added, slyly.

"NO WAY!" Jackie cried, smiling. Erin nodded, laughing.

"I had to rush Randy off the phone because Jason is so big."

Jackie mouthed the words 'oh my God'.

"He is?" she asked, "How big is he?"

Erin held out her hands about 10 inches apart, a bit of an exaggeration, but not much. Jackie's jaw dropped.

"That's HUGE!"

"It's thick, too." Erin said, nodding.

"So did you have one?" Jackie queried.

"OHHHHH yeah..." She replied, smiling. Jackie would look at Jason in a whole new light from that point on.

"So what happened Thursday?"

"Well, he called Wednesday night and asked if I wanted to have lunch Thursday morning, just to show that we can keep things as friends after what had happened."

"Oh my God, you fell for that?" Jackie asked. Erin giggled.

"So anyway," she said, still laughing, "he came over the next morning and within 5 minutes he was fucking me in my bed."

Jackie laughed, "So much for just friends!"

"Later," Erin continued, "when I was getting ready for work, he took me from behind right over the bathroom sink!"

"In the ass?" Jackie whispered jokingly. She knew there was no way anal sex would happen that soon.

"No," Erin replied, "just the normal way. Yesterday was when the other thing happened."

"What other thing?" Jackie asked.

"What you just said!"

"Anal?" she whispered. Erin nodded, smiling sheepishly.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?" she couldn't believe her ears. Erin was giggling uncontrollably.

"It gets better." Erin said when she calmed down. "I was really horny on Friday and Randy went out so I called Jason. As soon as he got there I brought him to my bedroom and went down on him. Then he went down on me, and just when we started fucking, we heard the front door open and Randy come in!" Jackie gasped. Erin nodded again.

"So Jason hid in the closet and I quickly threw on underwear, since I was already wearing a shirt, and pretended to be sleeping when Randy came in."

"Did he fall for it?" Jackie asked.

"Oh yeah. Big time. But I was so horny, though. I was really pissed off at him for coming in." At that Jackie laughed.

"Ha! You were mad at him for interrupting your cheating on him!"

Erin laughed again. "As soon as he left, I pulled Jason out of the closet and made him fuck me against the front door out of spite." The two girls laughed.

"He got me in my ass there, too." Erin added. Jackie's jaw dropped again. "I thought you said he was big?"

"He's humongous," Erin replied, "it really hurt, but I was mad at Randy and so I let Jason do anything to me!"

...And so the conversation went....

After work that night she was planning on going to visit her parents for the evening, and most of Sunday. She would stop and see Jason on the way. Just briefly, of course.

When she arrived at 6:30 pm, she was wearing a light blue blouse and navy blue pants, socks and running shoes. Work attire. Her crotch was tingling like never before. Just picturing that large member sliding so deep inside her had her panties extremely wet. What had gotten into her? She was engaged, and she had let Jason fuck her a few times already! He had been in her ass! She felt guilty, she wanted to stop, but he was so big! All of her needs were met! She really did have to limit these visits. Even weekly was too often. She would fuck him tonight, and then try and cool off for a few days. Perhaps hold out until next weekend. She knocked on the front door and Jason let her in.

"Hi!" she said with a beautiful smile. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him soundly on the lips, smacking loudly. He pulled her close, grabbing her soft ass over the pants. He squeezed her ass cheeks, and she found herself becoming turned on by his manhandling her. His black roommate, Mike, was sitting in the living room watching TV, ignoring them. She kissed him a few more times, over and over, before breaking apart. They made small talk; basically she learned that he had no plans that night. She took off her shoes. Her pussy was buzzing like crazy. As if with an unspoken agreement, the two headed to his bedroom. The door shut behind them and they were on each other. Her arms were around his neck and they kissed passionately. His hands began to undo the buttons on her shirt as their tongues explored each other's mouth. Her breathing grew heavy as she kissed him, and her small hands began to fumble with his fly. She knew what she wanted. She had been thinking about it all day. The engagement ring glinted on her finger as she pulled open his pants. Her shirt fell from her shoulders to the floor, her black bra a sharp contrast to her pale skin. She broke the kiss, her blue eyes looking at him with lust. She watched him reach down and undo the button on her pants and slide down her zipper. This was still so new to her! She was engaged to be married! Yet she was letting this guy take off her clothes! He was so well hung though; he reached so deep inside her. She could feel her pussy moisten at the thought of his huge cock ramming into her.

Her pants slid off her ass and down her legs, falling to the floor in a heap. She was wearing skimpy black cotton panties, and they were soaked between her thighs. Jason grabbed her and pulled her close again, hands sliding into the back of her panties and squeezing her naked ass. He reached down with his right hand as they kissed, reaching underneath her and dipping a finger slightly into her moist hole. "Mmmmph..." she moaned into his mouth. His other hand slid up her back and under her bra strap. With some effort, he was able to unsnap her bra with one hand, and she felt it loosen on her shoulders. She pulled back a little, allowing her bra to slip off to the floor, freeing a lovely pair of breasts.

He caught Erin by surprise when he shoved her roughly back onto his bed. She lay there, legs wide open. He grabbed her sock covered foot, pulling the garment off and tossing it. He kissed over her bare foot, all over the top of it, kissing each individual toe. He raised her other foot and she watched, panting, as he pulled off that sock. Now she was down to her panties.

Jason rained kisses all over Erin's tiny foot, kissing up her ankle as his hands slid up her smooth legs. He grabbed the elastic of her panties and he pulled. Erin eagerly raised her ass up off the bed, allowing him to slide the dainty things down her short legs and off. She placed her feet flat on the bed, legs open wide invitingly. Her pink, swollen lips were pressed together, quivering, surrounded by curls of brown pubic hair.

Taking his time, Jason stood up and pulled off his shirt. He then pushed down his already undone pants, along with his boxers. His 9 inches of cock was freed, and was standing at full attention for her. She felt a wave of desire shoot through her pussy at the sight of that monster. He knelt between her legs and kissed the inside of each of her thighs, teasing her further. He kissed closer and closer to the top of her legs until his lips gently caressed her skin right beside her bush. He could smell the strong scent of her arousal, and he kissed her moist lips lightly. Erin caught her breath, toes curling as she reached down between her legs and held his bald head. His tongue snaked out and he slowly licked her from the bottom of her cunt up to the top. "Ohhhhh..." she sighed, tingles shooting up her body as his tongue caressed her slit.

He slid his hands under her soft ass, raising her pussy up to his face. He sucked her swollen lips into his mouth, causing her to gasp in delight. He pulled the pink skin outward a little, running his tongue over it as he held it trapped. Her hands caressed his naked head as he continued to eat her pussy. Jason slid his tongue between the hot folds of Erin's vagina, tasting her delicious juices. She sighed again, toes curling again on either side of him as she felt his tongue wiggle around inside her. While she was enjoying his tongue, her mind wandered. She was thinking about that thick, heavy pole that was between his legs. She was thinking about how good it would feel inside her, and how hard and rough she wanted it. Those thoughts made her pussy tingle even more. Her hands subconsciously forced his head against her crotch even harder.

Jason began to lap up and down the sopping wet slit of Randy's fiancé, his tongue licking wildly over the sensitive skin as she squirmed before him. He was squeezing her ass cheeks with both hands, holding her in place as purposely dodged her clit. He pulled back a little, staring at her beautiful pussy as he became more and more worked up. Her puckered cunt lips were open a little, his tongue having successfully spread them apart somewhat. They were glistening with moisture, almost beckoning him. He buried his face between Erin's thighs, his mouth clamping around her clit.

"Ohhhh God!" She moaned. Her eyes were closed and her eyebrows were raised. She began to writhe her pussy up into his face as his tongue licked rapidly over the sensitive nub of her clit. Her breathing grew heavier, and she began to buck her ass up off the bed as her orgasm rose.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh!" Erin groaned, wincing as an orgasm washed over her. Her heart was pounding, and her entire body was flushed as she fucked her co-worker's face. She could feel the inner walls of her vagina pulsate as she came and came and came. Jason was squeezing her ass cheeks even harder, his tongue lapping at her pussy lightening-quick.

The tingling in her crotch grew unbearable, and she pushed his head out from between her thighs. She was gasping for breath, naked chest heaving as she looked at him with gorgeous blue eyes. Her feet were flat on the bed, legs open invitingly. Her gaze traveled down his chest to his fat pole, and a wave of desire went through her. She had never wanted a penis inside her so badly in her life! When she saw him crawl up the bed toward her, the buzzing in her pussy grew astronomically. Erin reached out eagerly with her left hand. Her hand was so small, and it looked even smaller when the fingers wrapped around such a thick, monstrous cock. Her engagement ring glinted in the light as her hand aimed another man's penis towards her defenseless vagina. She ran the mushroom head down the swollen lips of her needy treasure, stopping when it reached her entrance. She took her hand away expectantly.

A wave of desire went through Jason when he felt the heat of her pussy touching the tip of his manhood. He couldn't stop himself from pushing forward, even if he wanted to. The pink petals of Erin's cunt opened up and accepted the fat head of his penis.

"Ohhhhh..." she moaned, eyes closing to mere slits as she felt herself stretch wide open. He moaned as well, loving the feeling of his penis sinking inch by inch into the tight heat of her pussy. He was half way inside her before he could push no further – she still wasn't used to his size! He pulled out of her a little, his shaft slick with her juices from the midpoint on up. He pushed forward again, this time squeezing most of his cock inside her little hole.

"Ohhhh yesss..." she moaned, arching her head back. Her pussy felt so full! He went in her incredibly deep, and his manhood was so thick that she felt stretched wide open! He moved in and out of her again, this time pressing his groin against her and getting his entire penis inside her aching vagina. Holding himself inside her tremendous warmth, Jason bent to kiss her.

Erin opened her mouth and allowed his tongue inside, kissing him back eagerly. She placed her small feet on his ass as she ran her hands up and down his back. He was grinding himself against her, manipulating her clitoris as he kept his massive organ buried inside her. He was kissing her excitedly, with passion. He wanted her so badly – his driving urge was to fuck the shit out of the poor girl and shoot bullets of cum inside her. It was all he could do to make love to her slowly. His long, thick penis glided in and out of her tight, needy pussy at a steady pace.

"Mmph! Mmph! Mmph! Mmph!" She moaned into his mouth, her feet bouncing helplessly off his thrusting ass. They were kissing sloppily as Jason fed Erin that big cock of his. Not only did she take it willingly, but also she cherished every second of it. Her sensitive cunt was tingling like crazy, and she was conscious of every inch of his pole as it glided along her inner walls. All thoughts of a fiancé left her mind as she felt his pole drive into her even faster. She could feel his hardness bang off the back of her pussy over and over. She was forced to break the kiss.

"Ohh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Ohhhh! Unh!" Her moans became so loud that Mike could hear bits of it in the living room. She raised her tiny feet in the air, increasing the sensation in her crotch as she hurtled towards an orgasm. Suddenly, she was silent – not even breathing as her orgasm continued to build. All that could be heard was the sounds of her ass bouncing off the bed as her lover pistoned into her. Jason looked down on her as he fucked her, watching her struggle for control. Her eyebrows were raised and her eyes were closed. Her face was so beautiful. He was determined to cum on it!

"OHHHHHHHH!" She moaned, cumming. Her cries were high-pitched, and very loud as a wave of orgasm washed over her. The look on Erin's face just made Jason want to fuck her even harder. And fuck her he did – his ass bounced up and down lightening-quick between her legs, pounding his rock hard dick into her body as fast as he could. Her face was flushed, her smallish tits were bouncing, and he could see below her smooth stomach where his big cock disappeared into the triangle of her bush. He looked behind him, not breaking his stride. He could see Erin's tiny foot wave back and forth as he thrust into her. It reminded him of just how helpless this small girl was right now – of how much of a slave she was to his member. He had only been fucking the poor girl for ten minutes, but he was already losing it. He slammed his fat pole into her a few more times before sliding it out of her. He remembered where he wanted to blow his load!

"Let me cum on your face!" He gasped, holding his thick shaft. Erin, fresh off an orgasm, quickly scrambled to a seated position, curling her legs underneath her as she grabbed his giant penis in her little hand. Her long, dirty-blonde hair was unkempt, and a little wet from sweat as she held another man's penis in front of her face. Her beautiful blue eyes were looking right at his cock as she held it in her left hand. She was completely oblivious to the fact that that same hand was wearing the engagement ring of another man!

"Stick out your tongue!" Jason grunted, barely hanging on. Always eager to please, Erin opened her mouth and stuck her tongue way out. His manhood looked even larger when held in front of her tiny head. Her hand could barely grab onto it! She heard him moan, and at the same time she felt his penis spasm in her hand.

Jason watched as cum spurted out the end of his dick and a stream of it shot across Erin's eye. She closed it instinctively, still gamely keeping her tongue out of her mouth. The line of semen ran from her eyebrow to her nose, straight over her eye.

His cock jerked again, this time the pearly fluid landed square on her tongue, with part of it on her upper lip. She could feel the hot liquid hit her tongue, and she could taste his seed. She squeezed his pole, stroking him a little as more of his cum poured onto the middle of her tongue. Jason could see a thick pool form there, as he just would not stop cumming. He moaned as he watched her squeeze even more of his hot semen onto her tongue.

Erin looked up at him with one eye, clearly proud of her herself and of how much she made him cum. She kept her tongue out for him to see. It was covered in his jism. She slipped her tongue into her mouth and closed it. He watched her swallow.

She could feel him go down into her stomach. Erin stuck out her tongue again. It was clean. With cum still across her face, he watched her eagerly jam his softening penis back in her mouth and suck what was left of his sperm out of him. 'Slurp!' She pulled him back out, smiling at him – still with one eye open.

"Oh man!" He exclaimed. Erin laughed, letting go of his penis. She wiped her eye with her left hand, getting sticky cum all over it. She looked at it, noticing it was on her engagement ring. She sucked it off without a thought.

As Jason collapsed on the bed, Erin wiped the rest of his cum off of her face with a tissue. She had a big smile on her face, so proud of herself. She lay back beside him, the two of them were gasping for breath as they recovered. He turned to her, cupping her naked breast with his hand and giving it an affectionate squeeze as he kissed her on the mouth, softly.

*This story actually takes place after my 1st Affair Ch. 04 story. If you enjoyed this one, have a look at the original four - a very exciting set, although some of my earlier works. I've been chipping away at a sequel to that set for the last two or three years now. Let me know what you think! X-Factor*

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