tagLoving Wives1st Affair: Untold Stories Ch. 02

1st Affair: Untold Stories Ch. 02


After a few more minutes, Erin broke the silence.

“I have to go. I’m supposed to be at my parents’ house by 8 and it’s already 7:30. I’ll be lucky to get there for 9!” She stated as she rolled off the bed. Damn! Jason was just getting aroused again. He had spent the last few minutes caressing the soft skin of her naked body, and kissing her lightly on her face. His dick was starting to respond.

He watched Erin bend over and pick up her black panties, showing him her beautiful, creamy-white ass. She stepped into them, slowly sliding them up her legs. She stood in front of his armoire, facing the other way as she slipped on her bra.

He was still staring right at her wonderful ass. Her skimpy panties were partway up her crack on the one side, and the sight was so erotic to him. He realized he was fully hard. He certainly could not let this woman leave! He stood up behind her.

Erin was fixing her hair in the mirror when she noticed him standing up behind her. She smiled when he slipped his arms around her stomach. He squeezed her tightly, kissing her cheek. Still smiling, she reached up above her and put her arms around his neck, turning her head. Their lips met and they kissed soundly. She could feel his rock hard member pressing against her between her thinly covered ass cheeks. His left hand slid up her warm body and over her bra, holding her breast. His right hand slipped down over her panties between her legs. He could clearly feel the swollen lips of her slit as he slipped a tongue into her mouth. He began rubbing her crotch, sending tingles up her body. She began to consider staying.

Jason pushed her panties to one side, exposing her moist slit. He began to tease it with his fingers as he kissed down her neck. Erin sighed, her breathing growing heavier as her sensitive lips were being gently caressed. He slipped the top portion of his finger into her warm hole and she found herself pressing against his hand, moaning.

He slid down to his knees, slipping his finger out of her as he began to kiss her ass around her skimpy panties. He kissed all over her beautiful cheeks, and he kissed over her panties over the crack of her ass. Erin placed her hands on the armoire, unable to stop herself from giving in to him. She could feel his lips all over her ass, and it turned her on to know that he wanted her so badly. He placed his fingers at the side of her panties and pushed them to one side, exposing the crack of her ass. Beneath it, he could see the pink, swollen lips of her pussy. Using his thumb, he kept her panties out of the way and he buried his face in her ass, his mouth kissing her cunt.

She sucked in her breath as tingles went up her body, and she opened her legs a little wider for him. He got his head underneath her and kissed the lips of her cunt again, watching them shake on contact. He slipped his tongue up into her, tasting her wonderful juices. His hands squeezed her ass cheeks, spreading them wide as he lapped at her pussy from behind.

“Ohhhh…Jason…you should stop…” Erin whispered, eyes closed. It felt incredible. She could feel his tongue wiggle around inside her. He kissed her ass cheeks again, and then he grabbed the sides of her panties and began to pull them down. He slid them down to her knees, exposing her ass.

“Jason.” She started, “I really have to go.” Yet she did nothing to stop him from pulling her panties down to her feet. She even stepped out of them. He grabbed her bare ass and spread her cheeks again, burying his face between them.

His mouth sucked her pussy inside, lapping at her lips as he held them trapped. His tongue snaked out, licking at her clitoris. Erin shuddered.

He was looking right at her asshole, and he couldn’t help but lick at the skin between it and her pussy. His tongue reached her asshole, and he circled it. He licked at it, slipping it a little inside. She squirmed in front of him, thoroughly aroused again. Jason couldn’t take anymore – he had to fuck her. Giving her ass one last kiss, he stood up behind her.

Instinctively, Erin bent over before him, giving herself to him. She could feel him run that fat cock of his down the crack of her ass, and when she felt it touch her slit, tingles shot up her small body. He could feel her warm entrance gripping the top of his manhood a little. He pushed forward.

The lips of her vagina opened up for him and allowed his fat head to enter. She moaned, arching her head back as she felt herself stretch wide for him. He placed his hands on her waist and pushed his cock, forcing more of himself to slip inside her inch by inch. Her wonderful cunt now gripped most of his cock. He pulled back a little, watching the pink lips of her pussy being pulled outward along with his manhood. He rammed his rock hard penis into her, driving the entire length inside her.

“OHHH!” Erin groaned, wincing. She felt so filled up so fast! Jason loved how her white ass was pressed against his groin, his cock buried inside her. He rubbed his groin against her, trying to squeeze every inch into her that he could. He slid his hands up her sexy body, over her stomach to her tits. His hands continued moving upward, lifting her bra above her breasts. He then grabbed one in each hand, massaging them lovingly. Using short strokes, he began to slide in and out of her comforting warmth, keeping his cock far inside her. He leaned over her small body and licked her earlobe.

“Spend the night with me, Erin.” He whispered. To accent the statement, he brought his hips back a little further and drove his dick back into her.

“Unh!” She moaned. “I told my parents I would go see them.” She breathed, eyes closed. He released her breasts and grabbed her hips. He began to fuck her hard from behind, using long strokes. Her ass cheeks shook with each impact as he slammed against her. ‘Slap slap slap slap slap’ the slapping noises were loud as he fucked her hard from behind while she leaned over the armoire.

Jason started fucking Erin harder, pulling the small girl back towards him over and over again as he drilled his rock hard manhood deep inside her. “Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” She moaned, feeling his thickness squeeze into her body at a rapid pace. Her tits were bouncing beneath her bra as she took his penis into her needy pussy. She could feel an orgasm stirring within her, and she embraced the feeling.

Suddenly, she felt him pull his cock out of her. She felt him slowly run it up the crack of her ass and her heart pounded with both fear and desire. She felt him probing at her asshole.

“No Jason.” She protested. “It’s still sore from last night.” Jason stared at the sight of his huge penis pressing against her tight little asshole and was tempted to do it anyway. He had mercy on her.

He grabbed her and spun her around, pushing her back against the armoire. Erin obediently sat back on it, opening her legs wide for him, placing her small feet on the edge. Her pussy lips were a darker pink from all the action she had been getting, and they were parted slightly, ready for more. He stood between her legs and she looked down, watching him place that fat helmet of his against her quivering lips. He began to run his cock up and down her slit, rubbing it hard against her clit and sending tingles up her body.

“Do you want this?” He asked.

“You’re an asshole!” She said, smiling. She was gasping for breath.

“Do you want it?” He repeated.

“YES!” She yelled, trying to look angry but failing. Jason continued rubbing his cock up and down against her horny slit.

“If you spend the night, I’ll give it to you over and over again. I’ll fuck you all night long and into the morning.” His words sent even more tingles of arousal up her body. Erin closed her eyes, her breath shaky as she felt him continue to manipulate the entrance to her pussy. Why did she have to see her parents, anyway? She can see them another time!

“Okay.” She said, biting her lip. He broke into a smile.

“Yeah?” He asked, placing his helmet against the entrance and holding it there. She looked at him with gorgeous blue eyes.

“Ohhh…I guess so!” She was dying to be penetrated. Her chest was heaving, her bra was still shoved above her breasts. She looked down between her thighs and watched, as well as felt, his penis slowly slip inside her body. She moaned, watching as inch after inch eased back inside her. It felt so incredible and he was only in her half way!

Jason stopped, looking down at where half of his penis disappeared inside Erin’s vagina. She curled her toes over the edge of the armoire as her lover began fucking her with just the top half of his cock. He watched the pink lips of her pussy pull outward every time he withdrew his dick, and then fold back inward when he entered her again. He still didn’t slide into her all the way. He was teasing her, using only half his length when he fucked her.

She looked up at him impatiently with her pretty blue eyes. Without missing a stroke, he grabbed her bra and lifted it up over her head, still easing only part of his manhood in and out of her needy cunt.

Now that he had her completely naked, Jason grabbed her by her tiny feet and held them up in the air, forcing her to lean back on her arms. She was completely helpless. She was at his mercy. Now he had a great view of the top half of his fat dick stretching her pussy wide. He looked at her and was happy to see the intense desire in her eyes.

He slid his entire penis into Erin’s warm vagina.

“Ohhhhhh yessss…” she moaned, closing her eyes

as she felt tremendous satisfaction from his entry. He began to slide in and out of her, watching as his penis pulled the pink lips of her pussy outward each time he withdrew. He raised her small foot up to his mouth and kissed over the top of it, not missing a beat with his thrusts. She groaned, eyebrows raised as she took that wonderful cock over and over again.

She opened her eyes in time to see Jason suck her big toe into his mouth. He was truly having his way with Randy’s fiancé! It was hard to believe that this girl has promised to marry one guy, but was eagerly accepting another guy’s huge cock inside her pussy over and over!

Still fucking her, he slipped her toes out of his mouth and began kissing the bottom of her small foot, looking into her blue eyes as he did so. He loved how warm and tight her pussy was!

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” She moaned, closing her eyes as her cries rose in pitch. He was so big, so hard inside her! She didn’t even notice when he brought her other foot up to his mouth and sucked that toe inside. All she noticed was that rigid penis driving into her needy cunt over and over again. The armoire was shaking loudly as he drilled his cock inside her horny pussy. She knew she was about to cum. Her cries grew higher in pitch and volume. Jason continued sucking on her toes as he slammed his dick into her warmth faster and faster.

“OHH! OHHH! UNH! UNH! … … OHHHHHHHH!” Erin cried, cumming violently. The inner walls of her vagina were squeezing and releasing his pistoning cock, her entire body grew hot. She was gasping for breath, and Jason had no mercy as he jackhammered his humongous rod into her even harder, taking her foot away from his mouth. He released her ankles, putting his hands on the edge of the armoire and gripping it, using it for momentum.

Erin’s tits were bouncing up and down violently as she struggled to recover. Her head was arched back, and her face was winced as she took his hard pole over and over. Suddenly, the big man grabbed her, sliding his hands underneath her ass and lifting her up. Keeping his long member inside her, he spun them around and lay her down on the bed, lying on top of her. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer, and he had a huge desire to blow his load inside her.

Holding himself straight up on his arms, he pounded his long cock deep inside Randy’s fiancé. Her tiny feet were flailing helplessly behind him as he rigid tool slammed into her horny pussy over and over. Her moans were still high pitched, and loud, though her orgasm had subsided. He was thrusting that fat penis of his in and out of her so quickly! Her ass was bouncing off the bed, meeting each of his hard thrusts and further increasing the tremendous feeling in her vagina. Her tits were bouncing up and down violently, and Jason was about to lose it.

He slid his entire penis inside Erin’s needy cunt and held it there. His cock exploded, firing a thick load of his hot seed off the back of her hungry pussy. Her legs tightened around him, holding him in place as he pulsated inside her. Another load of cum shot out the end of his dick and into her depths. She squeezed him tight, moaning.

Jason groaned, wincing as another wad of his semen blasted into Erin’s eager vagina. She was gasping for breath, rubbing her crotch against him as she tried to milk every ounce of what he had to offer. Her legs were still around him as the last of his cum dripped into her body. His penis began to soften inside her as the two of them tried to recover.

He looked at her, panting. They shared a smile.

“So you’ll be staying, eh?” He asked rhetorically. She looked over at the clock. It was just after eight o’clock.

“I guess so!” She replied, smiling. He kissed her on the mouth, soundly.

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