tagGroup Sex1st Time in a Sex Shop

1st Time in a Sex Shop


I walked into the sex store, trying to blend in, if that's possible. I stuck to the outer walls, tentatively touching things and putting them down. My friend Angela had recommended the place – she said she didn't miss her ex one bit with the toy she got here! It made me curious, curious enough to get over my shyness long enough to walk in the door.

What I didn't realize was that there were a pair of eyes on my petite body ever since I walked in. They took in my small breasts hidden under a thin shirt, the skirt that only slightly emphasized the naturally round butt underneath. I jumped when he called, "Can I help you find something?" from the register.

I turned to see a thirty or forty-some man watching me, his eyes smiling as I froze, looking at his sturdy build and blushing deeper under his gaze as I realized I still had a dildo I was looking at in my hands.

"No, no! I'm fine! I mean- I'm good..er-" I stammered, which only seemed to make him smile more broadly.

"I'm sure you are," he teased lightly, but then looked at the dildo in my hand seriously. I quickly set it down, trying to stand it on the base as it was displayed, fumbling nervously with my back to him.

"You can insert a bullet vibe into that one," he nodded, just a few steps away from me now.

"You wha-?" I mumbled, not sure I heard correctly or that I understood if so.

He got close to me and lifted a small vibe in his hand. "This," he said, turning it on to a low buzz, "can be inserted into the hollow end of the dildo to make it vibrate. Of course," he said casually, "some girls just like applying the vibe directly to the clitoris while the dildo is inside their pussies." He smiled. "I mean vaginas, sorry." It was clear the slip was no accident.

"Oh, okay," I nodded, my cheeks bright, eyes locked for a moment on that small vibrator as he slowly increased the speed to demonstrate. I turned away again, realizing I was imagining the sensations it must give too vividly and realized it was having an effect. I hope my nipples weren't pointing through my shirt the way I suspected they must be.

"Some of these other dildos are nice because they provide both clitoral and vaginal stimulation at once," he said, coming around to my side in a very professional voice. "Surely you've heard of the Rabbit from Sex in the City?"

I swallowed and nodded, unsure of whether it was more wise to keep looking at all these sex devices or looking at him directly.

"Ultimately, it comes down to preference though," he said. "Some girls like the realistic look," he said, handing me a veiny dildo with balls attached. "Other girls like as much stimulation as possible, which can be these ridges nice," he smiled as he handed me a thick blue dildo with spiraling curves around it. "Other girls are size queens and just want the biggest," he winked, handing me one that made my eyes widen.

"Oh, by the way, my name's Alex," he said sticking out his hand while I looked up at him stupidly, a pile of dildos in my hands and balanced against my chest. "Oh, no, of course-!" he laughed, his eyes lingering on my chest.

"Would you like to feel that vibrator that I showed you earlier? That seemed to interest you," he smiled.

I blushed and nodded, starting to put the things down.

"Oh, no, keep hold of those! I can show you without you having to unload." He turned the small vibe on to a dull buzz once more and held it to my cheek. I flinched a little in surprise but soon bit my lip at the sensation. It felt so exciting and gentle at the same time, and I could only imagine if that's how it felt on my cheek... I flushed.

"That's not too realistic though. Here let's do something else that will give you a better idea," he nodded curtly, as if I'd suggested it. He took the vibe to my left nipple, holding the tip against it as he increased the intensity so I could feel it better through my shirt.

I gasped, feeling my body convulse in the air, a small noise escaping my lips. I looked up at him, clutching those dildos to my chest, realizing my moment to protest had come and gone. The look I gave him of naivete and want was exactly what he'd hoped for. The embarrassment came a second later.

"That's it," he cooed at me gently. "That's the kind of thing you were hoping for when you walked through that door, isn't it?" he murmured, increasing the vibration more so that I couldn't hold still.

"Now, about those dildos," he said, smiling at another customer who stopped in his shopping to watch. "I think we need to narrow down those options."

I looked at him in horror. "No, not that, don't worry..." He looked me up and down slowly. There are ways of trying things out without using your pussy... Of course, they're not nearly as fun..." he added softly.

"Take this dildo, for instance," he said, lifting the realistic one out of my hands, causing me to have to reshuffle the others, his hand brushing my sensitive nipple through my shirt. "Ah yes," he nodded, seeing my body jerk at his touch. "Now, if you want to get a sense about whether it's a similar size to other cocks you've had, you could always suck it. ... You have given fellatio before, haven't you?" he leveled his gaze at me.

I groaned and nodded stiffly. "Good girl," he said briefly. "Now, I'll hold it so that you can focus on the sensation as you take it into your mouth. "Here," he said, pressing the tip of it against my lips.

I moaned in surprise, and he smiled, taking the opportunity to press it into my lips, watching as they stretched around the dildo in his store.

"Oh, yes, that's it," he said, working it in and out of my mouth now, giving me a bit more to suck each time. "Do you like this one?" he asked as he slowly fucked my mouth.

"Mmm!" I moaned on it, struggling to take more.

"You know, I think the angle might be a bit off like this," he observed. "Typically, it would be more like..." He placed his hand on my shoulder and gently but firmly pressed down until I was on my knees in front of him.

"Oh, yes, much better," he said and I groaned, feeling him press in deep, making me moan and gasp.

"Yes, it is a bit hard.. I mean, literally.. dildos are a bit stiffer and less flexible than real cocks. I mean, a real one, I'm sure you could suck it at least that deep if not deeper. And in real life, I'd be helping you take it with a hand like this," he said, running his free hand over my head and hair until his fingers tangled into it and gripped.

"Right, slut?" he smiled down at me as he started undoing his pants where there was a visible bulge with his other hand.

I whimpered on the dildo as he let go and started to lift my hands to catch the dildo, suddenly heavier in my mouth, making me grip with my lips to not lose it. I dropped the dildos I was still holding, and someone caught my free right hand.

"Uh-uh," said a voice, shaking his finger very close to my face. "I think we'd better make sure you don't overwork yourself," he said. "This is a great store.. so many resources," he laughed as he slapped a pair of cuffs on one wrist then the other, pinning my hands behind me.

I looked back up to see the owner, who was laughing, but instead was faced with his rock hard cock right in my face.

"Mmm, looks like my slut can't touch my cock now.. but that's okay, I really just wanted to see if you were really that limited with your mouth," he said, brushing his cock against my lips, teasing me.

His other hand kept me firmly in place while he teased me until my tongue darted out of my mouth to lick him.

"Mm, that's it. Hungry little slut," he murmured, not letting me do anything more than lick at his cockhead. I could tell that right when you walked in the door."

I murmured something and felt a customer pinch my nipple, making me cry out and jerk forward, feeling a tug on my head from Alex. I opened my mouth in a gasp, only to take a mouthful of real cock this time.

"Ohhh, sluttt," the owner crooned, lightly rocking into my mouth as another hand joined the first, taking off my top and bra, playing with my perky tits and long nipples.

"Mmmmmgod," I groaned on him as he pulled my head down deeper. I got to the same point where I took the dildo before and looked up at him, his cock filling my mouth.

"Mmm, just like that slut," he groaned, slowly pumping in deeper. "Show me what that mouth can do." His hand pressed down on my head just as he pushed in, making me take more until I gagged, wetness spilling down his shaft and balls.

My body trembled as I heard laughs of turned on, horny men around me.

"That's pretty good," one guy said. "I think she should be able to take this one," he said.

"Oh, yes, let's see what kind of thing her tight lil' pussy can take," grunted the owner over my head, approving whatever dildo was lifted.

My panties were quickly removed, while my skirt was shoved up.

"Hmm, panties are wet, but I wanna make sure she's ready for it," said the voice behind me before I suddenly felt fingers rubbing my pussy.

"Mmm!" I moaned, eyes wide as he played with me, rubbing my clit with his now slippery fingers.

"Damn, she sure gets off on sucking cock," he noted, continuing to rub my clit as he started twisting the dildo into my pussy.

My legs started shaking as the owner carressed my face, murmuring what a good little slut I was. My whole world came undone as he announced he was gonna have to feed me good. He pumped my small mouth, hands encouraging me to take it all.

I couldn't balance with the handcuffs on me, so a couple guys pinched my nipples and held me up while my pussy got fucked good.

I moaned and gasped on the cock in my mouth as the feeling in my pussy got to be too intense. Wave upon crashing wave of orgasm hit me as I squirted on that brand new dildo and the guy rubbing my clit.

I felt the cock in my mouth swell just before he came, filling my mouth. I swallowed as quickly as I could, taking his hot cum as everyone in the store watched.

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