byExtreme Bohunk©

A very special 'Thank you' to the very special woman who inspired this. Without you, I couldn't have done this. You are truly my Muse.


Nita stretched. The hazy sunbeam spilling through the huge bay window split around her. It warmth caressed her bare legs, up to where the men's soft white dress shirt she was wearing started. The shirttail rode high, just revealing a hint of curvy bottom. She arched deeply, her body a sensual silhouette.

The shirt, and her favorite pair of comfy white socks were all she was wearing. She let out a soft sigh, the fabric of the shirt wisping over her curves. The sunlight felt so nice. She undid three buttons, allowing more of it to kiss her gently freckled cleavage.

She stood on tiptoe, flexing her calves, languishing in the sensuality of the moment. Her arms went higher, as did the shirt. Soft rays warmed her nest of silky curls. She swayed gently from side to side, moving in and out between sun and shadow. The warmth of the light played across her mound, heating and cooling. A different kind of heat began to tease between her thighs.

Nita's mind drifted, she let herself daydream. She thought of John, her husband. He had been gone for almost two weeks this time. His job was so demanding, flying to all points of the globe. The pay was great, but what good was it when there was no time to enjoy it?

She dropped her arms, and wrapped them around herself in a hug, still swaying. Her thighs touched, adding volume to the erotic whispers already stirring.

'mmmmmmm' She giggled mentally. Her inner voice teased. 'somebody's hoooooorrrrnyyyyy.....' She continued to sway, as she planned his homecoming.

Nita wanted to do something to really heat things up. Their love life had become routine, straight laced. John was a sweet and tender lover, but sometimes part of her wanted him to just take her, to really let het have it, and hard. She fantasized about it for a bit, still swaying as her thighs pressed a bit tighter together.

She kept a mental journal of her fantasies. Her fertile imagination added page after page to it. Workman and the Housewife was high on the list, along with Naughty Schoolgirl, Sex Slave, and Porn Star.

The sun dipped behind a cloud, easing her out of the steamy daydream. The inner tingle remained. For a moment, she thought of letting her fingers do the walking, but they had been working overtime for the past week. The seed of an idea took root, sprouted, and then blossomed.

She padded softly to the computer, waited for it to come on, and typed 'hot romance' into a search engine. Lists of websites came up, and links to other sites. Nita read the more interesting ones, looking for tips and tricks to spice up John's evening, and hers.

There was no shortage of information, she read on and on. With a bit of embarrassment, she realized her thighs had gotten happily back together. She also felt a small wet spot forming where she sat.

As she was reading a particularily interesting passage, an annoying pop-up ad appeared. She clicked it off, and read some more. The seat cushion grew a bit damper. The ad popped up again. She made a sound of irritation, the article was getting to the best part. She clicked it off, and read on. Her legs crossed, her stocking clad foot rocked in a quick tempo.

'Dammit!' she said.

The stupid pop-up was back! This time she looked at it. It read: 'Lackluster lovelife? Need some "Pizazz" in the bedroom? 1wish dot cum Free Satisfaction Guaranteed'

And then: 'Click Here'

Curiousity got the better of her, she did. For a moment, nothing happened.

And then a simple box came up. It asked: 'What do you want?'

There was a space to type in an answer. Nita thought, and then typed in: 'I wish for one night, that my husband would take me like the bad girl I am'

She chuckled to herself at her clever, smart-ass answer. She hit 'Enter' The box disappeared. The cursor sat, blinking. A moment later, a simple message came up.

'Done' was all it said.

The screen went back to normal, she finished the article without any further distractions. She stood, and shut off the system.

It was far too nice a day to be inside. The afternoon sun, heat and the backyard pool beckoned. Summer in these parts was too short. Days like today were few and far between. Hot and sunny with just the right touch of humidity. Perfect for tanning. Lie in the sun until her skin got too warm, a quick dip to cool off, then back to lay out and let the heat dry her.

In cooler weather she went to a tanning spa. She liked the privacy the spa gave her, she could tan all over. It was fun to lie naked, except for the little goggles. She would fantasize and masturbate to her heart's content.

She hurried upstairs, shucking John's shirt as she went. A few minutes later, she was in her tiny swimsuit, and out the back door. Her now bare feet made small slaps as they met the warm stone patio.

She made her way to her favorite chair, adjusted it to face the sun, and settled in. Her skin began to heat up, she reached for the oil. It squished into her palm, she set down the bottle, and spread the slickness over her skin.

As her hands traveled and massaged it into herself, the too familiar murmurs of desire made themselves heard. She spent a long time rubbing her thighs. Her body stretched out, hands and fingertips playing idly over the soft, sensitive, and slick flesh of her stomach. They began to inch lower.

And lower, sliding under the waistband of her bottoms. Her lips pressed together, the sun's heat soaked into her. Her fingers slowed their descent when they found the pronounced rise of her femininity. She moved them slowly back and forth, creating a delicious tug and release in her moist folds.

Her mind drifted again, she floated off to a half dream kind of trance where fantasy rules.

A small voice, almost subliminal came to her. 'Lower' it said.

Her fingers obeyed. An exquisite friction teased beneath the hood of her waking nub. The sun beat down, as the heat rose.

In less than a whisper, she heard 'You know you want to'

The sweet and escalating sensations rose a few degrees as the tempo and motion of her fingers increased. She released a long breath she had been holding. The tip of her tongue moved slowly over her soft, Cupid's bow lips. The sun gleamed off her heated skin. A small sound of pleasure joined the summer air.

The waking part of Nita's mind filtered through the envelope of rising pleasure. Her mind asked 'What if the neighbors see?'

A secret thrill ran through her at the thought. A part of her always wanted to be watched, but not by people she would see later. With a combination of reluctance and difficulty, she pulled her hands from herself.

She noticed her skin was hot, time to have a dip and cool it. After that, she could do her back. She rose, sticking to the chair slightly.

The pool was above ground, built into a deck, and surrounded by a privacy fence. She climbed the steps with a grace few women posess. Some women have cute feet, some have elegant feet. Nita's were sexy, leading up to ankles that cried for attention. They moved with a natural feminine eroticism. A perfect toe dipped into the water. The rest of Nita followed a moment later.

The water closed around her in a cooling caress. She held her nose, and submerged. A moment later her head broke the surface. She kept it tilted back, allowing the water to run off her medium length auburn hair, with sun kissed highlights.

The pool was custom built, it had a shallow end. Nita moved to where she could sit, and keep her head above water. She reached behind her, undoing the strings holding her top in place. A moment later, it was off, exposing her large, full breasts to the sky. Her nipples were exquisite, a mix of beige and pink. They stood out nicely, about the thickness of a pinky finger, surrounded by a light tan halo. At the moment they were crinkled from the cool kiss of the water. Her bottoms followed soon after.

She rested her back against the wall, letting the sun and her mind pick up where they had left off. Her hands went to her breasts, just above the surface of the water. It lapped along the sides of them, her fingertips tweaked and pinched her now hard buds. With a sigh, she moved her thighs apart and together, creating a small ebb and flow of water over her sex.

Indiscriminate, unfocused fantasies crossed her mind like clouds in the sky. She let them wander, to see where they would go. She thought of John, with a much bigger cock, pounding her tender pussy until she begged him to stop, and then for more. Her thighs moved quicker, the water did too. The sunlight filtered red through her closed eyelids.

Her lips pressed together and then formed a small 'O' as the image of being tied up, helpless, and forced to climax again and again joined the private peep show in her imagination. She squeezed her thighs together tightly, sending an arc of pleasure to the pink bud now peeking from it's hood.

A shadow crossed her red tinged vision. 'Only a cloud' she thought.

And then, a whisper. 'Maybe someone's watching'

It shocked her back to reality. She sat up, covering herself and looking around all in one motion. There was no one, she was alone. Still, she had that feeling of being watched. The thought stayed with her as she settled back again.

A minute later, her hand drifted between her legs. She let her mind play, guiding her fingers. The water cooled, her hand created more heat. She imagined someone watching her.

Nita felt the stirrings of a delicious climb. A fingertip stroked the tip of her clit. Her free hand moved over the womanly curves of her stomach, in teasing little patterns and then back up to caress a breast or hard nipple.

Another whisper, louder. 'You like being watched, don't you?'

Nita breathed, 'Yesssssss'

Another whisper, this time in her ear 'You ARE a bad girl Nita.'

Her blue eyes flew open. She sat bolt upright, and looked around frantically. No one.

Feeling sheepish,she mumbled to herself 'Just my imagination playing tricks on me.'

One of the pool toys brushed her arm. It had a duck on top, and about six inches of plastic tube molded to the bottom of the duck. She felt an emptiness that needed to be filled.

The voice urged her on. 'Do it!'

Nita played along with her new imaginary friend. After all, it was only telling her what she wanted to hear....

Her hand closed around the toy. She closed her eyes, settled back and moved her legs apart. A moment later the rounded tip of the tube eased her willing folds apart, and then slowly deeper. She worked it in and out of herself, her other hand busied itself on her swollen clit.

A minute later, her hips moved in time with her hands, small grunts of approaching climax escaping her.

The voice coaxed her. 'That's right! Fuck it Nita! Fuck it hard!

She tensed, and poised on the edge of release. There was a bright flash behind her eyes, a moment later a loud clap of thunder split the skies.

A late afternoon storm had blown up out of nowhere. She had to get out of the pool, and fast. Large drops of rain pelted her skin as she stood, and then ran naked to the safety of the house.

Momentarily out of breath from the dash to the door and her denied orgasm, she panted. A fit of giggles overtook her as what had happened set in. After a few seconds, she regained her composure. She checked the clock, John still wouldn't be home for several hours. She made a little sound of frustration. The fire down below was still burning. She needed to cool off. Another flash and more thunder came from outside.

Nita turned, and headed toward the kitchen, leaving a trail of wet footprints behind her. The house was cooler than outside, the change in temperature felt good on her skin. Her nipples agreed.

She paused at the refrigerator, wanting a quick snack. There were popsicles in the freezer. 'Perfect' she thought.

She pulled one out, unwrapped it, and savored the sweet ice on her tongue.

She mused ' Too bad cocks don't come in flavors.'

Her imagination kicked in again, her mouth moved around the ice, gently sucking. A large drop melted, running off the side of her mouth, and down her chin. For fun, she let another go, and still another drip slid down her chin.

She held it out, letting drops fall onto her chest. They tickled, she chased them with a fingertip. Her nipples became fully erect, pulling into small hard crinkles. She drew circles around them with the tip of the frozen treat.

She moved her bottom to the table, and backed herself onto it. The popsicle slid messily lower, over her stomach. It found the center of her heat, she moved it around and around her swollen lower lips. She gasped as a shock of cold rolled over her clit. She pressed it harder into her nub.

Melting drops rolled off the ice, into her slit, mixing with her own wetness. She moved the tip to her opening and pushed. Her pussy contracted around the ice, sending thrills and shocks through her overloaded body. The clash of the cold intrusion with her inner heat soon had her at the edge. One more thrust....

The ice gave up. It slid off the stick, and out of her. Nita was left frustrated in a sticky pool of wetness. She groaned. 'I was soooo close'.

The syrupy mess quickly became uncomfortable. She pried her gooey bottom off the table, and headed for the bathroom.

Nita's bathroom was a delight, especially for her. She loved the water, it reflected in every detail of this room. A large sunken tub dominated it. There were few things she adored more than to fill the tub with rich, scented bubbles, and soak in candlelight. The built in water jets and pulsating shower head only added to the appeal of her favorite room. She had passed many long nights here when John was away.

The tub filled quickly. She added her favorite oils to the rising foam. Nita's skin was very soft and smooth, other women were jealous of it. It was irresistable, John always found excuses just to touch her.

With a happy sigh, she sank into the water. She turned on the showerhead, aiming the spray at her sticky femininity. In seconds, she was clean. She laid back, moving the pulsating head to where she needed it most. The strong jets soon had her moaning. She built rapidly, after having been so close and denied earlier. She tensed, bit her lip, and came hard. Her sounds of release echoed loudly off the tile.

As it passed, she felt the full body relaxation she craved. She lingered for a long while, letting the bath oils soak into her. The water slowly cooled, she reached up with a lazy toe to open the drain. The water receded around her. A moment later, she stood and grabbed her shaving kit. Her legs were going to be perfect tonight.

She used good creme, it was made for women. She squeezed out a generous amount, applying to her legs. It foamed up, she expertly cleaned any trace of stubble. Under the arms was next, she had it down to a science. No nicks, no cuts, just smooth Nita.

An idea came to her, from one of the articles. She hoped John would like it. She squeezed another handful of creme, and began working it into her soft curls. A few minutes later, her pussy was hairless and smooth as the rest of her. She ran a hand over her newly bare skin, surprised at how sensitive it was.

Her eyes slid closed as goosebumps raised on her flesh. She took a sharp breath in through her nose as a fingertip gave her still tingling clit a few playful flicks. She exhaled a long soft 'mmmmmmmmm' Another flick, and a small, quick orgasm took her by surprise.

As it passed, she longed for another. She couldn't remember when she had ever been this horny. It was like every cell in her soft, curvy body craved sex.

Nita thought of her favorite vibrator. It was average sized, but had a powerful variable speed motor in it. One time it made her come so hard, she had ejaculated.

The tiny voice was back. 'Don't, he'll be home soon. What if he saw you?'

The thought of John walking in while she was in the middle of an intense orgasm, hips jerking and thrusting as she worked her gushing pussy with the vibe was too embarrassing to think about. But still, the secret thrill of being watched......

Nita's eyes opened, her face puzzled and concerned. That voice was becoming a bit too real for comfort. She stood, and slid a silky white robe around her damp skin as she moved to their bedroom. The robe's movements across her skin beneath it served only to fuel her lust.

The air was cooler in the bedroom, giving a momentary respite from the low flames burning within, and a chance to clear her head. She turned on the radio, it was a station she didn't remember putting on. The music was unfamiliar, almost hypnotic. It was like she was hearing it with her body instead of her ears, her flesh soaking it in.

As she turned toward the closet, she noticed a shopping bag sitting on the bed. It hadn't been there earlier. It had no store markings on it, just a simple white bag with a big red heart on it. Elegant white letters across the heart spelled 'Nita'

Her first thought was that John had come home early and left it for her. She walked quickly from the bedroom, calling out 'John?'

There was no answer. She called again. Nothing.

She heard a greasy chuckle from behind her. Nita spun, and found herself face to face with.... With.... Her brain tried to decipher what her eyes were telling it.

He was a little fellow, about 3 feet tall. His body was rounded, and nearly nude. It looked like some kind of cartoon, but was real as she was. Little blonde curls surrounded a cute, but not innocent face. The eyes held the knowledge of ages in them, with a dark humor. And then she noticed his dirty little wings.

Several questions rushed to her mouth, all trying to escape at once. 'Who the-What the-Where did-I-uhh-ehrrr-'

He crossed hims arms and laughed at, not with her.

Nita finally found her voice. 'Who the fuck are you?'

He shrugged, and produced a business card. It read: Teamsters Local 269 Cherubs, Imps, Leprechauns and Dock Workers

He stuck out a small hand. 'Name's Bob. How ya doin'?'

She reflexively shook his hand, noting it felt moist, in an unpleasant way.

Through her shock, she blurted, 'How long have you been here?'

He rolled his eyes impatiently and mumbled to himself 'Every fucking time....'

And then to her, 'I've been here all day, horny girl! The pool, the kitchen, the bathroom. I've been trying to get your attention since I got here, but all you wanted to do was play with yourself! Where did you think the voice was coming from, your inner slut? Get with the program lady!'

Bob snapped his fingers, a lit cigar appeared between them. He took a deep drag, and blew heart shaped smoke rings into the air. Another drag, and he blew arrows into each floating heart.

Nita shook her head, trying to wrap some reality around the unbelievable scene she was an unwilling participant in.

Her face went from disbelief, to concern, to curiousity, and back to disbelief. Curiosity finally won out. She asked, 'Where on Earth did you come from?'

He laughed again. 'Earth! That's a good one! Hey! You clicked, remember? 1wish dot cum?'

Nita looked confused.

He pulled a small notepad from somewhere under his toga, cleared his throat dramatically, and read aloud to her. 'I wish for one night, that my husband would take me like the bad girl that I am'

Her mouth fell open. She stammered, 'But-but- that was just a joke! I typed it into that stupid pop-up!'

Bob threw his hands up, 'Do I look like some kind of fucking joke to you? I'm not laughing lady! You clicked, I'm here, and I'm fucking stuck here until the job is finished! You DID read the part about Satisfaction Guaranteed?'

His beady little eyes roamed her body.

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