byExtreme Bohunk©

The mouth stopped. She hung between the pain of need and the ecstacy of release. A moment later she felt a wet finger slide into her, and then another. Her pussy clamped around them, she tried to thrust herself deeper.

Without warning, the mouth closed on her begging clit, and began to demand her release. It did not coax, it ordered her to the edge. Nita felt herself build and build, the mouth was relentless. A stream of passion sounds poured from her. And still it built.

She pulled hard at her bonds, her body tensed, locked, and prepared to let go. And still it built. A long drawn out groan came from deep in her throat, between bared teeth, finally surfacing as a scream of release. Nita shattered, his mouth drawing out her orgasm long past the norm. As it began to ebb, tiny flicks of his tongue caused smaller quakes of release. She fought for breath, gradually coming down.

Bob's voice cut in. 'Weeeeell! Looks like page 47 of Nita's Fantasy Journal! The one where she's tied up and forced to come again and again! Golly Gee! I wonder what happens next?'

There was a click, and a familiar hum filled the air. Nita opened her mouth to protest, but shrieked a moment later as her vibrator was worked forcefully in and out of her. In seconds, she was meeting it thrust for thrust. It was moved a bit higher, and pressed into her now hypersensitive clit. She came instantly, hips jerking, guttural moans coming from deep within her.

It moved lower, giving her screaming nub a break, continuing it's rough massage of her inner walls. Her head thrashed from side to side, a sheen of perspiration accented her post climax flush.

And then back up to her pearl, blasting another loud climax from her out of control body. And then back down. She lost count of how many times she came, the cycle repeating itself over and over. Barely recovering from one, she was launched to the next. One time, it was held on her clit at full power until she screamed for mercy, as climax on top of climax rocked her. When it was finally over, she was in a very big puddle of her own woman juices.

She barely felt the hands untying her, she had lost herself shortly after the vibrator had found her clit. She was dimly aware of being pulled up to a sitting position, eyes trying to readjust to the low light in the room. Her drained body twitched with aftershocks.

Bob's raspy voice barged into her ears. Again. 'So Nita, Still wondering if cocks come in different flavors? Why don't you have a taste of this?'

Nita opened her mouth to ask 'What?' but never got the chance. The strong hands grabbed her head, and turned it so she came face to face with an very large erection. She recognized it as John's, but bigger. Much bigger.

He had a double fistful of her hair, she could not pull away. He yanked, she yelped in pain. The cock stuffed into her open mouth. She had to stretch her jaw to get her lips around it. As it pushed in, the head ran across her tongue. The taste sent a new thrill through her. It was strong, raw, and all male.

She started sucking and licking in a frenzy, he was pummeling her mouth with it. Her face was his fuck toy.

Her mouth stuffed with cock, Nita barely noticed Bob. He was floating, flipping through pages from a book. Her eyes went wide went she saw the title. 'Nita's Fantasy Journal'

In spite of herself, she was beginning to enjoy the rough treatment he was giving her mouth. The taste was making her crazy, she just wanted to suck, and suck, and suck. She threw herself into it.

Bob interrupted her thoughts. 'You see Nita. I'm not making you do anything you don't already want to do. I'm just here to help you make that leap, and so far, you're doing great! Admit it, you're having the time of your life!'

Nita's head bobbed in agreement.

Bob went on, 'Now John here, he won't remember much later on. These are your fantasies, your desires. You like the big cock he's got now?'

She nodded again.

Bob continued. 'That's all due to a little something I slipped in his drink. Sort of a combination Lust Potion and Male Enhancement all rolled up into one. Turned him into the fuck monster you wanted.'

Bob glanced back to the book. 'And speaking of fuck monsters, look at page 51 here in your journal. Nita wants to be a Porn Star!'

He snapped his fingers. The room transformed into a cheezy movie set, complete with camera crew.

Bob had donned a director's hat and megaphone. He began barking orders into it. 'OK, Places everybody! Cameras rolling? Nita do you know your lines? Of course you do! This is your big chance to have everybody watching you! Don't that get you right in the girly parts? I know it does. Here we go everybody! Fuck Me Like A Bad Girl, take 1! Lights! Camera! Friction!'

The bright lights came up, John's cock felt even bigger in her mouth. She started working it over, giving her best blowjob ever. The thought of the crew watching her pushed Nita past any reservations she had held. She was finally going to be a Porn Star!

She could hear the hum of the lights and cameras along with the wet slurping sounds her mouth made on the huge cock in it. The close-up camera guy moved in, she played to him.

She looked into the camera, and slowed her actions, giving the most erotic performance she could think of. Her mouth opened even wider as she slid the thick shaft deeper, until it touched the back of her throat.

Out of the corners of her eyes, she could see the entire crew staring, hypnotized by the heat she was producing. It was time to move the scene along, she thought a little girl on top action should do it.

With a long wet slurp, she slid the drooling hardon from her lips. A final long lick from balls to tip, and she was ready.

She moved back on the bed, leading John by his hardness. She noticed she could barely get her fingers around it. He was getting bigger by the minute. She rolled him to his back, and straddled him. She placed the big tip at her more than ready entrance. She slid down by degrees, until she took him all. She felt a gentle stretch, he was really big, but not too big.

Nita braced herself on his chest and began to rock her hips. She moved up and down his length, making sure to grind her hips when she hit bottom. The first tingles of another climax stirred in her. He began matching her movements, adding another degree of pleasure. Nita could swear she felt him swell again.

She looked up to see every crew member was hard. One of them was masturbating furiously.

A long moan escaped her, and then another. She knew her lines, alright. They came to her naturally.

'Ooooh, yeah! Fuck me baby! That feels so goooood!'

The big dick slipping in and out of her convinced her to really let loose. Her on screen orgasms weren't going to be fake. She ground down hard, and howled as her climax took her.

She collapsed on his chest. He started thrusting upward, fucking her hard. Nita held on squealing and gasping with delight. The heat from the lights had her bathed in clean sweat. They reflected off every beautiful curve of her body.

She gave a loud 'Ohhhhhhhh' as a second climax arrived.

John let her slide off him, her bottom still in the air. There was a soft wet sound as he pulled out of her. He moved around behind her, teased her slit a few times with the head of his shaft, and slid fully into her.

He worked himself back and forth with full, measured strokes that had her shaking in no time. She backed into him, meeting him thrust for thrust. In less than a minute they were slamming into each other at full speed.

Nita grunted with each collision of their bodies. She was on the brink. Her hands clutched the sheets, her head dropped, a cascade of female pleasure pouring from her lips. She raised her head, took a deep breath, held it, and exhaled another loud 'OOOOOOOOHHHhhhhhh!' as he fucked her into bliss. His thrusts kept coming, as did she, getting louder with each.

Nita's body dripped with sweat. His pounding hardness kept her flying from one climax to the next. A very large one ripped through her. Her hips jerked as she came hard, really hard. She went limp, and rolled to her back, fighting for breath.

Strong hands found her knees, moving them widely apart. He moved between them. Her eyes went wide as she saw the size he had grown to. She was used up, she pleaded 'Please, I can't....'

Bob stage whispered to her 'Take that leap Nita!'

John moved between her legs and she felt herself completely filled as he entered her once more. He eased himself to the hilt, making sure she was still wet. She was soaked. Without warning, he began fucking her as hard as he could with every inch of himself. Nita was stuffed full of hard, pounding cock. It hurt so good, she begged for more, grunting and squealing with each powerful thrust.

'Ooh!Yes!YES!YESSS! Fuck me HARD! Please, oh please!'

She pulled her legs up and apart, his huge cock slamming even deeper. Nita let herself go completely.

She screamed 'Fuck me! Fuck me like the bad girl that I am!'

She screamed again as she came. This orgasm made all the others look like a warmup. It rocked her from head to toe, consuming her completely. It went on as long as he did, and he wasn't stopping. It was the last thing she remembered.

Bob snapped his fingers. The room returned to normal. John was still humping away on Nita, as she tried to recover from the most intense orgasm she'd ever had.

Bob snapped again, releasing John from the effects of the potion. A few quick thrusts, and he came like crazy. He rolled off, and was asleep in under a minute.

Nita was making tiny sounds, not quite awake, not quite asleep. At the moment, she had no idea who, or where she was. Nor did she care. Bob placed a tender kiss on her damp forehead, and was gone.

Bright sunlight streamed through the windows. John had been awake for hours, he wondered when Nita was going to get up. She never slept this late.

He barely remembered anything after getting home last night. The drinks must have really hit him hard.

He thought 'I should check my email' and got the computer started. As he was reading his mail, a pop-up ad appeared.

'Lackluster Lovelife? Need some "Pizazz' in the bedroom? 1Wish dot cum Free Satisfaction Guaranteed

He clicked, the question box came up.

'What do you want?'


He wished he could get Nita out of her shell. Sometimes she was such a goody goody. He wouldn't mind if she were a bit more of a 'bad girl'.

He typed in, 'I wish my wife would loosen up a bit. Maybe some sexy outfits. And some boots. I like boots.'

He clicked 'Enter'.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/29/17

Rumplestiltskin's brother

Fast paced fun! Not too deep, just entertaining.
Plus some humor which was a welcome break, and you have a very good short erotic story.

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by Anonymous07/13/17

Very erotic!

Well written story. Loved how you incorporated her fantasies coming true. Where do I find that pop-up ad?

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