2 Moving Day


"GUHhhh. Oh it hurts so damn good."

"What. Does. Tiffany?" I gasped out as separate words. "Tell me."

"Fucking. You fucking me." She rose up on her hands and back down.

Her big barbie boobs flounced back and forth from under her too skinny torso with each stroke. I slowed enough to bend and give the right one a good grope. My first fake breast. Not as bad as I expected. Like squeezing a soft foam ball. Not as good as a real breast, but not bad. Tiffany moaned. "Pinch my nipple."

I rolled the fat nipple tip between thumb and forefinger. Tiffany sobbed and pushed her tit into my hand. "The other one! The other one!"

"The other one what, Tiffany?"

"Pinch my other nipple, idiot!"

"Holy crap!"

I stuttered in my thrusting as Harry's voice startled me. I looked over my shoulder at his shocked face. Everything balanced on the twirl of one second. One hint of betrayal, one suggestion of rage and guilt or fear would stop me cold.

Harry's face twisted in an stunned half-smile. He set the bag of food down.

I smiled back at him and revved up my thrusts again. "Mind if I finish?"

"Go right ahead, brother." He began to peel out of his clothes. "Mind if I watch? I really have a thing about watching."

"Be our guest."

Tiffany groped her way through her erotic fog. She peered backwards. Her eyes widened. "Harry? Omigawd. Harry? Stop him. He's raping me!"

My brother went on his knees beside us, naked and working his cock up to a full erection with a practiced right hand. "That right, Zach? You raping my girl?"

"Nope." I reached around and finally did the rolling nipple pinch Tiff had requested. Her guttural growl didn't sound at all unhappy or coerced.

"Okay, then." Harry began a smooth, slow pump of his cock. Seems the McAllister genes bred true. Average length but solid and thick. His eyes drank in our fucking with a wide leer. My streak of exhibitionism didn't mind the audience and I felt fresh energy building in my groin.

"I should be mad, I guess, but this cocktease has kept me on a starvation diet for too long." Harry snarled a smile, continuing in a cartoon falsetto, "By me this ring Harry, and you might get some nummies tonight. No laundry, no nookie Harry. I'm watching Celebrity Showdown, don't bother me."

"You two are...argh. Put it back in, put it back in!" Tiffany wailed as I pulled out. My juice coated cock felt cool in the room air. I lumbered off my red knees and slapped my brother's shoulder. "Give it to her, Harry."

With a grin, Harry leapt in to place behind Tiffany. He ran his palms down her sweaty back, then took his throbber in hand and rammed it until his pubes squelched hard into her sopping bald pussy.

I flexed my legs a time or two to get circulation back. Then I went back on my knees and waved my fat, slimy erection in Tiffany's face. Harry raised an eyebrow in concern and cocked his head. I shook my head at his fear. Why I figured she wouldn't bite it off, I don't know. I think for all her big talk, Tiffany was discovering a whole world of submission.

I tickled her nose with the head and pressed it to her lips. "Like sucking cock, Tiffany? Speak up."

Grunting under Harry's pounding, she managed to blurt in a fevered voice, "Yes, I want to suck your cock."

Her mouth engulfed me and her tongue went wild around my shaft. I ran my fingers through her mane and began to softly jerk my hips. "She's damn good at this."

"I'll have to take your word for it. She wouldn't so much as kiss mine." The bitterness in Harry's voice lost its punch with the bliss of a hot fuck filling his face. His eyes snapped open and twinkled brightly. He looked at me, then at Tiffany and then at her ass. "You know what else I always wanted that never happened?"

He spat a big gob of saliva into the fingers of his left hand. He then rubbed the slippery moisture all around Tiffany's rosebud. Her wonderful suction action abruptly stopped. I stroked her hair and face, continuing to pump. "It'll be fun."

Harry pulled out. He carefully positioned his juiced cock at the entrance to Tiffany's asshole and pushed.

I felt the blood surge hotly in my face. I panted heavily. "Push it harder. Don't stop."

My brother Harry did a deep chest grunt and pushed, sweat beading over his face. "Something is going to rip if I go harder. We need some lubricant or..."

Without a rip, or even a popping sound, Harry's cock edged the half a centimeter it needed to slide smoothly down Tiffany's ass. I did a quick two step on my knees not to stumble as Tiffany shrilled a hot moan and bucked. We re-balanced ourselves around the woman and went back to it.

"OH, HOLY CRAP, but that's tight. Not going to last long at all."

"Me either. Me either."

The long-deprived Harry fired his load first, clutching Tiffany's hips like he was going to fall off a building. He shuddered in a full body muscle spasm. A sight like that took me over the edge and my hips jerked as I unloaded into Tiffany's mouth.

I collapsed back on to my elbows, knees finally saying enough was enough. My breath came in ragged gulps. Harry fell back on to his ass, the stupidest grin on his flushed face. Tiffany slumped to the carpet like a sack of wet oatmeal and didn't move.

My brain broke out of the trunk and reclaimed the driver seat. Concerned, I rolled so my forehead bumped with Tiffany's. At least I heard breathing. I stretched out and managed to snag her discarded phone with my fingertips. I brought it close to its owner.

I cooed softly into her ear. "Tifffannny? Do you feel good? Are you alright?"

"MMmmm, yes." She slurred and nearly purred.

"We're so glad." I rolled and sat back against a wall, softening cock drooling on my thigh. I worked the phone. Harry swept his hands over his face, slicking sweat away and smiled at me. He took hold of Tiff's left foot and gave it a loose shake. "C'mon sleeping slut. Up and away."

"Hmm?" Tiffany rotated on to her back. Her careful coiffure had become a crazed bird's nest. Her makeup looked like she'd stood in front of a garden hose. The cum dribbling down her chin had begun to dry. Her boobs flared red with rough handling and rug burn, like her knees. She sat up like a drunk on a rocking boat, wincing sharply when her ass took the weight.

The golden setting sun filled my apartment. Tiffany looked blearily at me and then at Harry.

I looked at Harry. "I'm hungry. Let's eat."

"Helluvan idea!"

Harry and I stood up. Tiffany stared at our naked bodies (well, except for my socks) and frowned. The lights began to come on again in her eyes. The muscles in her face tightened under the smudged makeup.

"You cocksucking shit heads." She growled in a low voice. "You're going to be brother convicts doing time for rape and assault. Then I'll sue you for..."

I held up her phone and clicked "play".

"AH! Fuck me. Damn it, fuck me!"
"Anything you say, Tiff."

I looked at the screen. "The camera doesn't really capture anything too clearly, but the sound is excellent." I hit play again.

"Tifffannny? Do you feel good? Are you alright?"

"MMmmm, yes."

I slid her pink phone across the carpet to her. "And I already emailed all this afternoon's files to Harry and myself, so don't worry about losing them."

Tiffany didn't say anything. Her left eye twitched, but she didn't say anything. She collected her scattered clothing and disappeared into the bathroom. Harry and I had barely dished up the still warm food when she emerged, cleaned up if not her usual primped. She shot us the Finger and stalked out. I imagine she had a lot to think about. Knowing Tiffany, she wouldn't bother.

Harry and I went back to sit on the floor, still naked, backs against the wall. We ate.

"So, I'm a bachelor again."

"Sorry about all this, Harry. I really am."

"No, no. It's all good, brother." He opened his mouth to continue, then shrugged. "It's good."

A companionable time passed with nothing but chewing and the working of plastic forks.

"So, you like to watch, eh?"

Harry blushed a bit and grinned like a kid. "Well, what can I say? Yeah, I do."

I considered options while savouring another mouthful of souvlaki. I swallowed. "I think you need to come to my housewarming party."

"Well, I assumed I was already invited."

"No, no. My REAL housewarming party."

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