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2 Tacos for $1.00


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Heading home from the stadium, Jason turned left on North Main Street and accelerated, passing several cars before getting caught by the next light. He was in a hurry, his date with Claire was going great, so great that he had an erection since he started the car, anticipating what would happen when he got back to her place. Nothing had been said directly, but a number of comments she made throughout the night had him convinced that the night would something out of the ordinary.

The light turned green and Jason accelerated again, glancing over at Claire and thinking, "Oh yeah, tonight's the night."

"I'm hungry, let's get a bite to eat," she said as the traffic light ahead turned red.

"Hungry? We had dinner before the game."

"Yeah, but all that yelling made me hungry. You wouldn't want me to go home unsatisfied would you?"

There it was, another of her remarks, if not an outright invitation, it certainly was a leading question. "What do you want to eat?"

"I don't know, it doesn't have to be anything fancy."

Nothing fancy? "What was dinner at Le Red Lobster?" he thought to himself. "Okay, so it wasn't Delmonico's, but it wasn't a cheap meal," he wanted to say, instead he said, "Well what about up there?"

Claire looked up the street to the fast food joint at the next intersection. Surprisingly she answered, "Yes, I think some tacos would be great."

"You want their tacos?"

"Yeah, they're great and only a dollar for two of them."

"But they are so greasy."

"I know, that's authentic."

"Authentic? At that place?"

"Back when I was in school, the university paper ran a comparison of all the taco places in town. Sure enough, they were the winner. The reporter said that of all the tacos those were the most like the one's you'd get in Mexico," she replied, as the light finally turned green and Jason eased ahead.

"Taco's it is. Is the drive through okay?"

"The drive through is perfect," she said almost leeringly.

Turning in the drive, Jason hit the brakes hard, nearly rear-ending the car in front of him. "Looks like we have a bit of a wait," he said, hoping Claire would change her mind. He eased ahead a bit as the line moved up, noticing a car pulling in behind him, foiling any chance he had to escape the long line. "I guess we're stuck here."

Unfastening her seatbelt, Claire scooted over to Jason and leaned her head to kiss him. Jason moved to meet her, letting his lips gently touch hers. Their tongues met, playfully tumbling together as the kiss grew more intense. Suddenly, he felt her hand on his lap, she closed it around his hard cock and gently squeezed.

Jason broke from the kiss and eased the car forward, rolling the window down as they moved. Stopping in front of a speaker, he looked over the illuminated menu.

"Welcome to Back in the Crack, can I take your order," came the mumble over the speaker.

"How many did you want Claire?" Jason asked.

"Two," she whispered.

"Yeah, I'll have two...oouuee, ah... ugh, I'll have two tacos please," he stammered as Claire surprisingly unfastened his belt and pants.

"You want hot sauce with that?"

"No, we have our own sauce," Claire's voice rang out from his lap, as she pulled his cock out of his pants.

"That's two tacos, no sauce, anything to drink?"

Jason looked down to his lap, where Claire had slipped her mouth over his erection. An invigorating shake of her head, told him no."

"Ah... yeah, I mean no... nothing to drink,"

"That'll be a dollar nine, pull forward please."

Jason eased the car forward just a few feet, concentrating the best he could in an effort not to hit the car in front of him. Looking all around him, Jason realized that Claire's dive into his lap had gone completely unnoticed.

Feeling her tongue circle around the head, he leaned his head back and raised his hips a bit, wanting her to take him deeper into her mouth. Taking the clue, she puckered her lips and cheeks and slid her mouth down. She moved her hand to his shaft and began stroking in unison with the motion of her tongue.

The car behind him honked its horn and Jason, pulled his foot off the brake and lurched forward. Suddenly realizing that any sudden jerks in the car could have some intense consequences in his lap, he focused on the car in front of him, and slowly pressed the brakes, easing to a stop.

Jason could hear the loud slurping noises that Claire made on his cock and was feeling the pressure build up inside of him when the car in front pulled up to the serving window. Amazed at Claire's timing, he arched his back as he started coming...

Suddenly he felt cold air over his cock as Claire pulled back her head, but continued stroking him, now very hard and fast. Pulsations ran though him as she aimed his cock into the plastic cup she had brought from the game. He looked down as spurt after spurt of his cum shot into the cup.

"But..." he moaned to her.

She shrugged and said, "Taco sauce." Then she nodded at the window ahead.

Jason slipped his underwear back over his cock and as he eased the car forward, adjusting his pants so they didn't look open as he pulled up to the window. He stopped the car and looked up to the attendant in the window. She just stared back at him.

After several moments of silence, the attendant said impatiently, "That'll be a dollar nine."

"Oh, yeah... sorry," he replied, reaching for his wallet, but suddenly feeling his hand grabbed.

Claire put a dollar bill and a dime in his hand, leaning forward to face the girl in the window and saying, "Keep the change darling."

Jason handed the girl the money and then caught the bag of tacos she practically flung at him. Pulling forward, he handed the bag to Claire and sighed.

"Why don't you park there?"


"Well I do want to put the sauce on before I eat it and I don't want to spill a drop."

Quickly turning the wheel, Jason screeched to a stop in a parking place and turned to watch her. Without a word, Claire slid one of the tacos out of the sack, gently opened it up and poured a generous amount of his cum over the meat and lettuce. She then closed the taco, tilted her head and took a big bite.

"Mmmm, like I said... authentic," she said between crunches.

Speechless, Jason watched as she finished the first taco and then poured the rest of his cum onto the second one, letting the thick white fluid dangle in the air a bit as it stretched from the cup, finally splashing onto the taco. Again turning her head, she ate the second cum flavored taco, savoring each bite before swallowing.

When she finished the tacos she looked up at him and said, "Oh how rude of me to eat this in front of you and not offer you something." Turning in her seat, she pulled her skirt up and pulled her panties aside, exposing her beautiful pussy. "Hungry?"

Jason unfastened his seatbelt and leaned over, ready to dive in, when she grabbed and held his shoulders. "Ah, ah... I think this next course needs to be served in my dining room."

The car's tires squealed as Jason backed up and then threw the car into drive. Fortunately, all the rest of the traffic lights stayed green as they raced to her apartment.

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