tagBDSM2 Weeks Off

2 Weeks Off


I finally had 2 weeks off from work and was able to head to my cottage in the mountains. I loved this place, it was quiet, the people friendly and there were no work related distractions, not even a phone or TV. Once I arrived I could feel the tension of work start to melt away and I fell into a relaxed routine of getting up and going for a work out on my bike, showering and then going to a little bakery for a cup of coffee and something to eat.

Many of the people still know me and we will talk and catch up with each other. On the second day however a new face appeared in the bakery. A woman around 35 years old who was not strikingly gorgeous but had simplistic beauty that was mesmerizing. I caught myself staring at her several times and hoped that she had not noticed. I finished my coffee and went on my way. The next day she was there again and once more I found it hard not to stare. I was not looking for a relationship of any kind right then or so I thought. My wife of 23 years had passed away due to cancer only 10 months before and my kids were 22 and 20 and on their own. I had immersed myself in work, fitness and home projects as my own kind of therapy and thought that the time in the mountains would just help to heal up a few more of the scars left behind. I had not become some recluse by any means and I had a good social life with friends and co-workers. But here I was in a small town bakery finding it almost impossible not to keep staring at this woman.

I concentrated on reading the local paper for a while and when I looked up and made eye contact with her. We both smiled at each other and continued with what we were doing. I was getting ready to leave when she approached my table and asked if she might be able to join me. I accepted her offer and introduced myself as Marc. Her name was Terri and I found out as we talked that she was recently divorced and taking a holiday on her own to find herself as she put it. I told her my story as well and we ended up talking for over an hour. Terri wanted to take part in a yoga class on the beach that started in 30 minutes and asked if I had ever done any yoga and if I might like to join her as she did not know anyone else in the town. I had done yoga many times and told her I would meet her at the beach in a half hour.

As I walked back home I began to feel some of the old feelings I had not had in well over 2 years since my late wife, Cathy, became ill. Both she andI were adventurous in our love and were willing to try just about anything. Cathy was more submissive than her those who knew her would have believed and she loved my more dominant and forceful ways in the bedroom. Eventually, Cathy and I found the roles which we were very comfortable with and explored them as far as we had the nerve to. We went out to some swingers clubs and hooked up with other couples, men and women and enjoyed our sexuality. There was something about Terri that made me believe she was as submissive if not more than my late wife.

I made it home changed and got on my bike to ride to the beach. During the ride I began to wonder how far this meeting may go and how I would proceed if it did turn sexual. By the time I rode to the beach I felt like some kid on his first date.

The yoga class was great and I felt really good at the end. Terri said that she was beat and wanted to have a rest so we said our good byes and hoped that we would see each other at the bakery the next day. I went home and did a bit of yard work, showered and then sat down and finished a book I was reading. By this time it was 2 in the afternoon and I was a bit bored and honestly more than a bit worked up. The feeling was quite exciting for me, almost new and I did enjoy it. I wanted to keep this feeling for as long as I could so I decided not to do anything to end it and I got on my bike and rode into town to pick up few groceries. While in town I stopped at the local book store to get some new reading material. When I stepped inside there was Terri looking at some books. I decided to try and find out what she liked to read and simply walked up to her in the aisle and peaked over her shoulder at the book she had. The book was one about female sexuality and how to reach sexual freedom.

This spurred my interest in Terri and I said hello to her. She turned to see me and began to blush and tried to hide the book. She was truly embarrassed and I felt bad for invading her privacy that way but was quite excited about the prospects.

Terri stammered a hello and tried to start up a conversation that would lead us away from the book in her hand. At first I obliged and talked about how good I felt after the yoga class and what I had done after but that conversation quickly ended and I decided to push her a bit to see what would happen. My question was simple, "What are you reading there?" With that, she once again began to blush and stammer while trying to explain her choice of reading material.

Something inside told me to push a bit harder so I reached out and gently took the book from her hands and read the cover and then turned to the preface. Terri froze when I did this and just watched as I read the introduction. When I was done I passed the book back to her and asked if she was trying to find something she thought she was missing or trying to unlock some part of herself. Terri was flustered and was trying to figure out where to start in trying to respond to my question. She said she was just browsing through books and came upon this one but I pushed even further and told her that there were much better ways to find sexual fulfillment then trying to read about it in a book.

Once again she was blushing and could only manage to reply to me by saying "oh really". I was feeling very bold and told her yes and that if she wanted to I could help her out with her search. At this point I was feeling overly excited and was hoping that Terri was as submissive as I thought. Terri was starting to regain her composure and asked me if I was always this forward and I told her just with those women I like. She blushed some more and I suggested that we have dinner tonight and we could talk more. She agreed but insisted on making the meal at the condo she rented as she loved to cook. I took this as another sign of her submissiveness and agreed to be at her address around 6:30 pm.

We parted company and both went about our own business. I was more excited that I have been in a very long time and decided to work off some of my energy and went for a long work out ride on my bike. By the time I had finished it was nearly 5:30 pm and I began to shower and ready myself for dinner tonight.

When 6:30 came around I was at Terri's condo with a bottle of wine in hand. When she answered the door she was dressed in a short summer dress that showed off her legs very nicely. The way the dress fell on her also complimented her toned and shapely body. She took the wine from me and walked me to the kitchen, opened the wine and told me that dinner would be about 15 minutes. She poured us both a glass of wine and walked me out onto the back deck that overlooked the lake. The view was wonderful and we talked about the town, the condo and more of my history there but she was very careful to avoid conversation about herself.

A few minutes later we were eating a wonderful Moroccan meal while sharing the typical funny stories about ourselves. When the meal was done Terri got up and brought out a fresh fruit dessert and we both got ourselves a healthy serving. I began to wonder if I should push further or wait but decided to push a bit more. Just as Terri was going to take a mouthful, I asked her if she had thought about what I told her earlier at the book store. She again froze but seemed calmer and told me that she had been thinking about it but was not sure if I was serious or just joking. I said that if she wanted some help in her search I was serious about what I said. She started to show signs a becoming more nervous and I knew I had her then. I asked her if she wanted to explore something and she replied with a quick and quiet yes. I made as though I did not hear her and made her and had her tell me again in a clearer and louder voice. She said yes in a more assertive voice but when I asked her what it was she wanted to explore she began to withdraw again. I prodded her and asked again what is was she wanted to explore and she finally replied she was not sure but she wanted me to show her as much as I could.

I wanted to be sure that she was truly willing so I warned her that I was a very demanding lover and she would need to meet all of my demands. I could see her nervousness increase but also her curiosity. I said that my demands would be easy at first but would gradually get harder and harder for her to meet. Terri looked up at me and then asked when we would start and I said we could begin whenever she wanted too, what about now? Her eyes open wider, and she nodded. I asked if she was sure and she nodded again. I then told her to come and sit on my lap to feed me my dessert. As she moved towards me I warned her to be very careful as any spills would result in a punishment. What sort of punishment she asked and I told her to never question me again and that punishments were up to me. Slowly she sat on my lap and began to spoon up some of the fruit dessert for me. Just as she was bringing it to my mouth I shook my knees and she dropped a strawberry down the front of her dress.

I told you not to spill or there would be a punishment which you were so curious about, now you will get to find out what it is, I said. She tried to plead saying that I caused her to spill but I would have none of it. Her face lost some color and I told her to get up and take off the dress, she hesitated and I told her not to make me tell her twice. She reluctantly got up and began to pull her dress up over her head. She stood there with the dress pulled to her chest and I told her to drop it to the floor. While standing in her bra and panties, I walked around her and told her to remove the rest of her clothes. She was very reluctant so I told her that we could stop if she wanted and I could go but no sooner then I finished what I said she took off her remaining clothes. I sat back down and told her to sit on my lap again and finish feeding me my dessert. I remained still for her this time and when I had my fill I instructed her to lay over my lap face down for her punishment.

Terri began sob saying she thought that taking off her clothes was the punishment to which I laughed a bit. Your punishment will take place when I say so and for as long as I say so, do you understand? Yes sir, she replied. With that, she laid down over my knees. I told her to grasp hold of the legs of the chair and not to let go until I told her to. Yes sir, she replied again.

Once Terri had a firm grip on the chair legs I began to spank her. With the first few slaps, she whimpered but after the fifth she began to moan a pleasurable moan. When I reached 10 her bottom was very red and I asked her if I should give her some more, "Only if you wish to sir" was her reply.

I waited a bit and gently stroked her tender bum and then ran my hands down between her cheeks towards her pussy only to find that the moans she produced were indeed pleasurable ones. She was soaked and so were the legs of my pants.

You're enjoying being spanked like this arn't you I said. Terri nodded and I continued to tell her how wet she was and what a mess she had made on my pants. I will have to give you some more because of this mess you made! Terri wiggled a bit and braced herself for some more. Five more slaps all producing that beautiful moan and I was done.

I told Terri to get up and then I asked her if she had any toys she had brought with her on her trip. She again began to blush and I told her to bring them all to me right away. She scurried off and soon returned with a couple of vibrators and big blue double ended dildo, some stimulator balls and an anal plug. I then asked her what her favourite one was and she picked up the large dildo. I told her to show me how she would play with it and to keep playing until I told her to stop.

She laid down of the floor and began to rub the dildo up and down her slit until it was good and wet with her juices. She then pushed the end into her pussy and began to fuck herself with it. After about 2 or 3 minutes of this she stopped and repositioned herself and took the wet end of the dildo and began to push it up her ass. She had the toy inside her ass and then took the other end and guided it into her pussy. She the grasped the bend of the dildo and started to push it in and pull it out of her ass and pussy.

Terri was focused on her masturbation and had her eyes closed as I watched her for about 5 minutes. I was getting hornier and decided that I had seen enough. I walked up to where she lay took hold of the dildo and pulled it out of both of her holes. She stared at me with a look of disappointment and wonderment of what was next. I told her to get on her knees and help me out of my pants. She got up on her knees in front of me and began to rub my now rock hard cock through my pants. Her hands moved all over my crotch and all over my ass which I loved but I wanted to find out how far I could take her. I told her to unbuckle my belt and unbutton my pants which she did very quickly. She then reached for my zipper and began to pull it down when I grabbed her hand pulled it away.

The women who service me use their teeth for that I told her. She looked at me and then moved her face towards my crotch. I could feel her use her tongue to get the zipper into her teeth and then began to pull it down. As she did this I stroked her hair and told her how pleased I was with her. When she had my zipper open all the way she moved her head to the side of my right thigh, bit down on my pants and began to pull my pants down. Terri repeated this from side to side until my pants fell from my knees to the floor. She then repeated the same process for my underwear.

When she had my briefs off I told her to kneel in front of me and wait until I tell her what to do next. Terri was on her knees looking up at me when I told her to start to lick my cock. Terri quickly began to run her tongue up and down of my shaft and then swirled her tongue all around the head. It felt great and I was getting very stimulated when I told her to suck my entire cock. Terri opened her mouth and took most of my cock in and began to slide it in and out of her mouth. With each stroke she took a little bit more in until I could feel her nose touching my abdomen and her chin making contact with my balls. I could feel my cock rubbing the back of her throat and she was sucking with all of her might. The feeling was wonderful and after about 10 minutes of this I was starting to feel like I was going to cum. The feeling was great but I wanted to find out how far I could push Terri so I told her to stop and to gently lick and suck my balls.

Again, Terri proceeded with no hesitation and the feeling was great. One thing that I found I liked a lot was having my late wife lick my ass hole so I told Terri to stop and get behind me. She move a bit slowly trying to figure out what was next but when I told her to kiss and lick my ass she stopped dead in her tracks and said that she didn't know if she could do that as it seemed too dirty.

"I like dirty" was my reply and that she needs to do as she is told. Terri was still very hesitant and I told her to get to work or be punished. She kissed and licked my cheeks but would go no further and I was getting impatient. I told her to get her tongue into my ass or I will put it there myself. She did not respond so I told her lay on the floor. Once she was on her back, I straddled her heads and kneeled down. Terri saw my ass coming down to her face and began to squirm but I held her in place. When she stopped squirming I reminded her that she was the one who asked me to help her explore her sexuality but if she wanted to stop we could. She thought for a few seconds and then I felt her hands pulling my hips down and in another second I felt her lips and tongue moving over my ass and towards my hole.

Terri moved her tongue very lightly over my asshole for the first few moments but then began to lick and probe with her tongue with more force. The feeling was great! I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the feeling for several minutes. Terri began pushing her tongue into my hole which made me open my eyes and when I did I saw the dido in the table just in my reach. I grabbed the dildo and began to push it back into Terri's pussy which made her moan and tongue my ass more furiously. I then began to slide the dildo in and out of her pussy as fast and hard as I could and she responded with louder moaning harder licking and sucking and her hips began to move into every thrust I made with the toy.

I asked her if she liked what I was doing and she panted out,"God yes". I asked if she wanted more and she pleaded me not to stop and I told her she had to ask me to keep going. Terri began to beg me not to stop and I asked her not to stop what? "Please don't stop playing with me" she said.

"What do you mean playing with you" I asked?

"Please keep using the dido in me" Terri gasped.

" How am I using the dildo in you? Tell me what you want me to do with you!" I said.

Finally, Terri shouted "Fuck me with that blue beast and make me cum!"

I obliged her request and began to assault her pussy with the dildo while she continued to give me the rimming of my life. Soon Terri began to buck and thrash a bit more and she was gushing her girl juice all over my hands. I pulled the dido out of her and dove my face into her pussy and began to eat and lick as much as I could. I found her clit and sucked it into my lips, then began to swirl my tongue around it. This caused Terri to go wild and I felt her tongue push deep into my ass. I continued to suck and lick her clit for several minutes and she began to shake. Her tongue came out of my ass and her body went stiff. I was till sucking and licking her clit when Terri began to beg me not to stop eating clit. "I'm so close please keep eating me" she said over and over. Then she went silent and her pussy began to spasm. The next thing I knew, I was getting soaked with pussy juice that was flowing like it was coming out of a tap! All I heard was Terri screaming "I'm cumming , I'm cumming" and she went limp as a rag doll.

I rolled off of her and sat in a chair for a few moments. Terri began to come back into the reality of the situation and sat up to face me. "You have some cleaning to do Miss, look at the mess you made on me". Terri got up and began to walk away, "Where are you going" I asked?

"To get some towels to clean you up with" she giggled.

"No you're not, you will clean me with your tongue! Now get busy" I snapped.

Terri looked at me with a quizzical look and then moved towards me, sat on my knee and began to lick he pussy juice off of my face, neck and chest. When she had finished I told her that I was not happy with her. Terri asked "But why, I did everything you said".

"Not quite" I replied. "You did not ask my permission to cum and you have not made me cum, I will have to think about an appropriate punishment for you while you suck my cock some more, now get to it!"

Terri slid off me lap and quickly began to suck and lick my cock as before. Her efforts were paying off quickly and soon I felt the pressure building in me. "I going to cum in your mouth and on your face" I told her. With that Terri began sucking even harder, when I pulled out of her mouth my cock came out with a pop. "Stroke me until I come and keep your mouth open" I instructed her. Soon I was shooting ropes of cum into her mouth and onto her face and tits. "Eat all of it" I told her and Terri began to scoop the cum off of her face and tits and suck it into her mouth. She ate every drop and then took my cock back into her mouth to get the last few drops.

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