2000: My Wife's Surprise Party


"Oh yeah, sweetheart," I grinned: "He will rip you open... And you'll love it!"

Bewitched, I watched Roberto's cock pushing into Lella's asshole, stretching it open and slowly sliding into it...

"Aargghhh!" Lella screamed in agony, "You're killing me! It burns like hell... Ah! Aahhh!"

...And suddenly the cockhead disappeared into the girl's body. So easy.

Roberto staid still. It wasn't the first anal cherry he was popping, and he built up quite some experience... My poor ass knew something about it!

I used really a lot of lube: I knew it wasn't that bad, and most of all, it wasn't going to take long. Lella's ass wasn't all that tight, and the girl was pretty much relaxed after all her orgasms.

The overstretched tissues got the time to get used to the brutal intrusion, and Roberto started screwing slowly into the lube.

Lella was sobbing: "It burns... It burns... My God, Michele will see it! Please stop, you are hurting me so badly..."

Roberto's cock sank between Lella's buttocks for a few centimetres, and then came back and stopped, giving the poor girl some rest.

"It burns... It burns like hell... Mercy..."

Roberto screwed in some more and than came back, but less then before.

"You're opening my bowels... I must be bleeding..."

"Don't be stupid, sweetheart," I laughed: "I'm watching it closely, and you're not bleeding... You're just taking it in the ass, like the slut you are."

Roberto's cock was more than half way in now.

"Aahhh! I can't take any more... It burns! You are wrecking me..."

Roberto pushed in some more, and I could see his balls slapping Lella's wet pussy.

He staid a few seconds, and then he withdrew until the crest of his cockhead rested against the inner rim of her sphincter.

And then he rammed in all the way, impaling her to the hilt.

"AAAAARRGGGHHHHHHHH!!!" the girl shrieked out loudly, feeling badly stabbed by Roberto's rod.

"Here you are, sweetheart," I quietly told her: "You're broken now... It will hurt less and less, and you will soon start liking it."

I didn't know that, of course. Not all women manage to enjoy anal sex... I don't find it all that pleasurable myself, I just enjoy the intimacy and the debauchery to commit such a forbidden thing with the man I love, but I can't come with it. Clitoridean types hardly can. Vaginal types, on the contrary, can reach the orgasm being penetrated anally, because the cock can stimulate their G-spot from behind. Depending on the individual, some women may get off even stronger if taken anally... And I was betting Lella was one of them.

"Oh my God..." Lella was still sobbing: "Oh my God... You have spoiled me for good! My husband will find out... I am finished... Hmmm..."

Roberto started fucking her, slow and steady. His well lubed cock started pistoning into Lella's rectum, screwing it open and stimulating its inner walls, which pushed in turn against the back of her vagina. The sphincter was completely stretched open now, and wasn't really hurting any more.

"How is it, sweetheart?" I asked, "Does it still hurt you so bad?"

"Ouch!" she panted, "Fuck it hurts... It burns... Hmmm... Oh my God, it burns! But... But it burns nice! Oh fuck, it burns and it tickles! Oh! Oohhh... Oh my God! Oh my God! Oohhh... Oh yes! Yes... Yes, fuck me. Fuck me! Fuck meee... Aahhh... Aahhh! Aaaahhhhh!!!"

Roberto started fucking Lella's ass with growing tempo, screwing her mercilessly as she cursed and screamed, horrified and delighted at once at what was being done to her.

I went in front of her and kissed her full on the open lips, tasting again her watering mouth.

"You're beautiful..." I whispered, as I caressed her tits.

I met Roberto's hands there: since she wasn't resisting anymore, he had left go of her hips and went for her swaying breasts, squeezing them as he ass-fucked her.

Time for me to get my share. I laid in front of Lella, spread my legs open and pushed her face back into my cunt.

I didn't need to urge her: my pet started eating me all the way, as she was getting sodomized by my husband.

I got eaten at the same rhythm she was getting fucked in the ass, and it was getting so good that I started rubbing my tits and rubbing my nipples hard, feeling my high approaching fast and powerful.

"I am coming..." I panted in disbelief, "I am coming... Ah! Aaaahhhhh..."

I exploded once again, being the first of our final onslaught.

I felt it spark in the very centre of my brain, and then bursting all along my convulsing body, to finally reach my pussy... Which flooded!

I felt my fluids leaving me and drenching Lella's face, as the orgasm washed through me with overwhelming power.

I was almost fainting, when I heard Lella screaming out loud: "Oh my God I am coming! I am coming hard! I am... AAAWWWWW!!! Yes! Yesss! Aahhh... I feel it! I feel your sperm! It's filling me! It's filling meeeeee! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

I could hear my man's muscles slapping hard against my girlfriend's asscheeks as he emptied himself into her burning rectum, filling her with the last of his semen and ending up the job he had undertaken so many years before...

When I reopened my eyes, for a moment I couldn't understand where I was. The light was off, and I was cold. I was still naked, but for my boots, and I laid on the bed in an unusual position, with no sheet nor cover on top. I was spooning my husband, who in turn was spooning his cousin.

They were both naked and sound asleep.

I watched the bedside clock and gasped: it was almost 03.15, and we promised Michele she was going to be home by midnight!

Fuck, the poor guy was going to be really pissed this time... I jumped on my feet and went for the phone. I called him, waking him up and telling Lella and I had quite a party and got pissed drunk... We were at my place, and now we were feeling better: Lella was washing up and would be at home in half an hour.

He growled his agreement and I hung up, then I called a taxi and went to wake my pet up.

I turned on the light, and couldn't help laughing. There was a reason why they were sleeping in a spooning position: Roberto's cock was still fully embedded into Lella's ass, which had closed back on it after its deflation... For sure my cousin-in-law was going to get no troubles at getting sodomized again!

I woke her up and helped to get quickly back into her clothes. I noticed a droplet of come trickling out of her and dripping down along her inner thigh, staining the nylon stockings, but I thought it naughtier not to tell her... She was too sleepy to notice herself, and her hubbie was probably too, so it didn't really matter.

I just wore the fur coat over my naked body and went downstairs to help my hapless pet into the cab.

When the night taxi came a few minutes later, I placed a note in his hand, telling him the address, and then I hugged my lover and gave her a long, open-mouthed kiss.

The taxi driver gulped, maybe realizing I was naked under my thick coat, and I smiled inside myself, feeling my lover shivering under my arms.

Then I hurried her into the cab and waved goodbye as the car drove away in the night.

I went back upstairs and quickly came back to bed, reaching my sleeping husband. The day after was a Saturday, and we had all the time to rest before making love again...

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Not interesting at all

The story was bland, boring and poorly written. Those were its good points!

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