tagLoving Wives2001: The Party of My Wife’s Toy

2001: The Party of My Wife’s Toy


Lella's birthday was soon after New Year's Eve.

We had a nice party at an old friend of mine's place: a former platoon commander in my company, back in the eighties, who was smarter than me, left the service and built up an enterprise which sells services to the Army. He had been making far more money than he could actually spend, since he has basically no hobbies, so he reinvests everything with the result of growing richer and richer in a chain reaction that drives me mad.

Well, good for him... He has a nice house, and the party was great.

Astrid and I came home in full daylight, crossing an unusually empty Rome, and fell into the bed, too tired even to make love.

Actually, we didn't even got completely undressed, since when I opened my eyes next to midday I found next to me a very sexy wife, still garmented in stockings and guepière, lacy bra and red panties...

Unfortunately, it wasn't her tongue on my dick, which woke me up, but our bull terrier's on my face: the poor dog was desperate, and she was perfectly right.

I jumped in my trainers and rode her down for a very late morning walk.

When I came home almost a full hour later, Astrid was on the phone, still clad in her sexy outfit barely hidden under a dressing gown.

She waved at me with a smile, finished her goodbyes and ran to give me a kiss.

"You can't believe it!" she told me after we kissed.

"We just won a cruise to the Seychelles?"

"We are back from a party and we just got an invitation for the next one."

"Whose one?"

"That's the surprise... Lella's birthday!"

I groaned. My cousin's parties are the most noisy and messy things you can imagine, full with old aunts, church-going families and bad-behaving children.

"No, this one is going to be different. We just finished talking about it... You will love it!"

Nothing strange about my cousin discussing her birthday with my wife rather than with me: the two of them were having an affair since Astrid took her over from me a few months earlier, and since Astrid was the domina in their hot relationship, Lella was doing nothing without her master's endorsement.

Astrid's power had done wonders to my immature and deviate cousin's character, but that didn't mean her normal retinues had gotten less boring.

"Hmmm... I doubt it."

"You will. Listen: she wishes a special gift for herself this time. No family or friends gathering, just fun. So she told her husband she wants just the two of us as guests.

"No! No priests, nuns or old aunts this time? Michele will get very confused..."

"Oh, he will... You see, Lella's whish is to cuckold him with both of us during the party, and on his own bed!"

"She's never been very sane, and mingling with you made it worse... Should Michele realize what's happening behind him, she would be out of their house in no time."

"Let me work it out... He will never suspect a thing. Trust me. Why, isn't the idea turning you on? I assumed you would love it!"

"It's quite intriguing, I can't say it isn't... I just think it's too dangerous to even try. I mean, it's the family we are talking about: this is not just playing the game, it could ruin her life for good."

"Just trust me. We will make it work: Lella will get her sexy gift, we will have our share of fun, and the cuckold will not know a thing... Honestly, darling," added Astrid with a smirk, getting a handful of my crotch and feeling my cock through the soft clothes I was in, "I thought to make you horny to the very idea of doing your cousin in her own bed..."

OK, she got me.

I grabbed her shoulders and let her robe fall to the floor, admiring once more my sexy wife's body. Our mouths met in a passionate kiss, and in a matter of seconds we were back in bed to celebrate the New Year...


I hadn't been explained the details of the plan. I was just supposed to enjoy the party and be part of my deviate cousin's birthday present. I felt like an object, which happens often to me since I married Astrid: she tends to get a number of initiatives being fully aware of my impending disapproval... And I must say that sometimes it turns out to be for the best.

We came to the dinner party with flowers, wine and sweets in addition to a present: a new software for their home computer, which allowed a better storage and show of the digital pictures Lella and Michele were collecting.

Not the sort of present I would think of, but Astrid insisted it was part of the plan.

I had been forced into jacket and tie for the event, and hated it. On the other hand, Astrid was wearing one of my favourite outfits: an extra-tight purple colour dress with a very low-cut blouse and long trousers which opened up along the calves, enhancing her tight and slender figure. I loved it.

Michele looked very happy in his suit: he was as usual unshaven and with his tie loose as it seems to be fashionable amongst his left-wing, church-going and peace-loving friends... The ones who believes cutting military expenditures would solve the world's problems (this might be a subject for discussion in the US, but we spend on our Defence about 1% of our GDP, which makes the point quite risible).

Sorry, I don't fancy the ones who plot to make me redundant or even unemployed.


Lella was looking really good. She wore a light, cream-colored tailleurs, with reinforced shoulders under the blouse and a skirt slightly too short to look as business-like as it was supposed to be. Smoke-colour stockings with a thin vertical line along the rear and high-heel shoes made the ensemble quite sexy...

The odd thing was the ladies' hair: Astrid darkened her natural brown into a black with a purple nuance which matched her dress; Lella died her dark mane into a very light brown...

My cousin's welcome kiss was as usual very hot and intimate. I felt her tongue on mine for much longer than I expected, considering her husband was right next to her. On the other hand, her kiss to Astrid lasted even longer: as I exchanged greetings with Michele, the girls made quite a show of their kissing talents. Being aware of their ongoing affair, it was pretty clear theirs was a lovers' kiss; but since Michele had no clue of his wife's naughty habits, what actually was a hot lesbian kiss just became a sign of her high spirits and also justified the intimate welcome she gave to me.

The subtlety of the girl's game startled and thrilled me... The evening was not going to be a boring one.

Lella put on some soft music while Michele poured us a drink we sipped standing in the living room. I started relaxing, seeing Michele looked happy and relaxed as much as Lella was lively and excited. Astrid too was beaming confidence and good mood, so I set myself to enjoy the evening and taking all the good it was going to offer.

In the beginning, it offered a nice dinner. Tasty and light... I could see my own wife touch in the choice of the menu, since my cousin had always being offering really heavy meals, enough to kill the arousal of an ape.

We chatted along quite easily, telling each other what we did by the New Year's Eve, our plans for the coming summer, Lella's university and my plans for an assignment abroad.

We were sitting at a rounded table in the living room, the boys facing each other with the girls on our sides. So I wasn't surprised when I realized by the main course that the two naughty ladies were playing with each other's feet under the table.

I was taken a bit aback when they simultaneously started including my own feet into the game, and I started feeling a bit horny once, at the end of the main course, two female hands slipped under the table to reach my knees.

Again, since both girls were playing the same game, none of them looked too conspicuous and with the help of a few glasses of wine which Lella was liberally pouring into her husband's glass Michele didn't spot anything strange in their behaviour.

Lella was sitting to my left. Keeping my right hand politely on the table, I slipped the left under it, reaching for my cousin's nylon-coated thigh.

For a second I met her grin, just as Astrid guided the talk towards surfing on Internet, a subject which never really warmed her up.

Contrary to me, Michele is quite into it, and followed her quite willingly... So I had no problem in caressing his wife's legs up under her skirt until I reached the garter band.

Lella let go a low moan, making it clear she started feeling hot, but Astrid chose the moment to laugh and Michele didn't get it.

The girls left to serve the dessert and we guys stayed at the table, chatting quietly and trying to be amicable without touching sensitive issues.

The two ladies reappeared with Lella's birthday's cake, and I couldn't help smiling at her unconventional choice: a profiterole is not the kind of dessert you expect for such an occasion, but I knew all too well it was her favourite sweet. Definitely, my cousin wasn't playing according to the rules, but only following her own wishes.

We congratulated Lella once more and opened a bottle of Spumante to help the heavy sweet to go down... Again, both girls took turns in refilling Michele's glass.

Soon, while discussing about the software we took as a gift, the subject of our chatting went back to Internet and the use of it. Astrid was suddenly quite interested in it, and Michele quickly warmed up.

When he started talking about settings, cookies and providers I perfectly knew Astrid had no clue of what he was talking about, knowing she feels troubled when asked to open a Word document, nevertheless she looked extremely interested.

Lella followed for a while providing comments, but she made it clear she wanted to try her new software to see her pictures.

When Astrid asked weather Michele could show her how it worked with Internet settings, he was very willing to oblige, but Lella stopped him: "Hold on a minute, dear. You can plug in your laptop here in the living room and surf from here... I want to install the program they gave me and see how it work, and all our photo albums are in the desktop."

Lella and Michele had a very peculiar location for their stationary PC: they installed it inside their walk-in closet, in the bedroom. In this way even when one is surfing or working late while the other feels tired, they stay within the same room; if the one in bed falls asleep, the other one can close the door and let the spouse sleep.

"Cousin, are you helping me installing your disk, while they navigate the web?"

OK, even a dumb guy like me could get the hint.

We looked Michele plugging in his laptop in the living room and connecting with the ADSL, and then we left to the home PC... Astrid gave me a grinning wink and sank into the wonders of Internet toghether with her host.

Incredibly, Michele weaved us as I walked out with his wife to their bedroom...

I followed Lella into the narrow space of the walk-in closet where she started the PC, inserted the CD into the port and actually loaded the program without a comment.

Back in the living room, Astrid laughed with enthusiasm, and Lella shouted: "Not so noisily over there, please! We can't hear anything here..."

With that, my cousin closed the bedroom's door and turned to me with a wide grin.

"Now, my love, it's time to take your slutty cousin and fuck the shit out of her little brain..."

I grabbed her by the shoulders and kissed her mouth deep and hard.

I felt her arms around my neck as her tongue danced with mine like we used to do so many years before, and like we learned back so recently.

"Hmmm..." she sighed letting go of my mouth for a second, "We ought to be fast, lover... Astrid will keep him busy for quite a while, but we can't run too many risk. You have to fuck me fast this time."

Well, I don't mind quickies...

I kissed her back, this time fondling her ass and lifting her skirt in the mean time. As my left hand kept on lifting the cloth, the right went under the hem and caressed up along her thigh, feeling the nylon first, then the garter band and finally the naked skin of her upper thigh.

One hand of hers pushed my head into her, while the other went skilfully to my trousers' fly and started working out the liberation of my cock.

My hand reached her sex before she could get hold of mine. I herd her muffled moan into my mouth as my fingers reached first the curls of her pussy hair, and then the moist lips of her cunt. Lella's knickers had probably never left her walk-in closet that evening...

My cousin's slit opened up and my fingers slipped into her wet opening quite roughly, caused her to moan again. I felt her legs shake.

"Hmmm... Yes, touch me. I like it..."

She was touching me too: her right hand had gotten hold of my cock, and was stroking it with the usual competence. Already aroused as I was for the situation and for the feeling of fingering her steaming cunt, I was hard in a matter of a sheer minute.

I finished lifting her skirt with the left hand, and as I kept finger-fucking Lella, I wantonly fondled her asscheeks and teased her ass crack down to her hole.

"Uh!" she moaned, letting go of my mouth, "You're such a pervert... You want to cornhole me, don't you? Hmmm... Astrid told me you would, you bastard..."

Well, I had not much choice about that, had I? Astrid placed a strict restraint on our threesome, since Lella was trying to get pregnant, that was under no circumstance was I to cum inside her pussy. Being a confirmed ass-man, I was not to complain about that.

I roughly pushed Lella on her bed, and she went on all four without hesitation, offering me her rear end.

It was also the best way to take her without spoiling her outfit. Once again I lifted the skirt over her hips and admired her rounded and well toned butt: it was a bit wide, but still hard and silky.

Unsurprisingly, there was massage oil on her bedside drawer. I got hold of it, and dripped a liberal amount of lube between my cousin's asscheeks.

Lella shivered at the contact with the cold oil: "Hmmm... Yes, do it. Fuck me up my ass. And do it on my husband's bed: that's the birthday gift I want!"

I never lived more a perverted situation. It was like on a sexy novel, only it was happening for real.

I spat over Lella's wrinkled rosebud, and then I placed my cockhead at her rear entrance, feeling her natural resistance to sodomization.

"Fuck me now! Fuck my ass... Aargghhh!" she yelled, as I pushed my full erection into her ass with a cruel, single drive.

Well, she asked for it to be fast. I never heard of an anal quickie which wasn't painful, at least a little bit.

There were two closed doors between us and the living room, and the other two were talking; actually I could hear Astrid laughing quite often, surely not out of the fun she was having... I wondered weather Lella scream of agony had been heard.

"Bastard, you stabbed me..." she sobbed, pierced by the pain.

"You asked," I groaned, enjoying the feeling of my cock buried within her ass: "Now shut the fuck up and take it all!"

I looked down in the dim light: my cock was fully embedded into my cousin's naked butt. Her pale, soft skin was shining of oil.

I grabbed her buttocks, opening her as wide as I could, and then started moving inside her.

"Hmmm..." she moaned, "Oh yes, I like it... Oh my God, I like it so much! Sooo much... Oohhh... Oohhh... Hmmm..."

I slowly took up my fucking tempo inside her rectum, screwing in and out of her burning asshole, and I realized her hand had gone between her legs, to help with her own pleasure as I was just caring for mine.

Lella liked it hard and bad, and she was getting it as bad and hard as I could give it to our sex toy.

I extended a hand to grab a handful of her fleshy breasts, unfortunately still prisoner of her clothes, and squeezed hard.

This time the little slut managed to contain her scream.

I held her tight by her hips and started to fuck her steadily in the ass, slapping my swollen balls against her moist and hairy pussy and making the bed squeak rhythmically. I couldn't accelerate too much because of the noise the bed was doing, so I just did it as hard and deep as I could.

Suddenly, I felt observed.

I rose my eyes, and there my wife was, grinning at the scene of me screwing our pet in the ass.

"Quiet, the two of you," she whispered: "He heard your scream, idiot. I had to come and see what was going on while he was searching for another thing... Be fast with her, lover, but don't spoil her too much. I want my share of her too..."

With that, Astrid left to the living room, to entertain the cuckold.

"Oh my God..." Lella whined, "Slower, please... He must not suspect… Oh! Oh, I'm coming... I'm coming... Ah... Ah... Aahhh..."

I felt the girl's burning ass clenching tighter on my shaft and milking cum out of my twitching testicles. Lella was orgasming already, under the double stimulation of my cock in her ass and her fingers in her cunt!

I drove into her as deep and hard as I could, and let it go.

"Oohhh..." I groaned, emptying myself into the depths of her bowels, enjoying the feeling of the release mixed with the perverted pleasure for the debauchery of sodomizing my cousin just metres from her unknowing husband and on his own bed...

Weakness pervaded my limbs as I finished unloading my cum inside Lella and slowly came down from my high, feeling all the chill of the post-orgasmic bliss.

Lella fell on her face, her arms unable to take any more.

I kept holding her hips as I tried to regain control, breathing hard.

Then, I slowly plugged myself out of my cousin body, leaving a thin thread of cum connecting my deflating dick to her abused asshole.

"I'm fucked..." Lella panted, a hand on her pussy as a trickle of sperm oozed out of her stretched hole.

Mission accomplished: fast and hard, as by instructions... I stood on my feet and quickly tried to regain my composure.

I patted Lella's bare ass and walked out to the bathroom to wash myself and check out in the mirror weather I could afford reaching the others in the living room.

I looked like somebody who just screw a chick in the butt, that typical spark in the eye men have after scoring great with a gal, but I assumed only Astrid would notice.

I wiped in a fresh towel and marched back into the living room.

Astrid's Story

Roberto came into the room with that obvious, dumb proud expression men so often have after a good fuck.

It was pretty obvious he just did his wife, but Michele is even dumber than my husband, so he didn't get it at all. He was all engaged into his explanation about options and favourites, and hardly raised his eyes from the screen.

"Did you managed?" he asked, "I heard Lella was upset."

"Yeah, we did it," Roberto said with a grin I was the only one to see, "There was a painful moment and Lella shouted, but in the end I unloaded."

"You downloaded it," the cuckold pointed out, and I couldn't help smiling.

"Yeah, sure..." my husband winked at me: "Anyway, we did it."

"Hmmm..." I said, standing up, "I'd like to have a look at what you did. Roberto, would you mind to stay and see what Michele is doing? I'll be back in a minute."

"Sure my love. Have fun!"

I left the males at their stupid Internet surfing and reached my lover into her bedroom. I knew all too well that, after the rough treatment she had just received by my perverted husband, she was badly in need of some female care.

Lella was in the same position Roberto had left her: on her knees, with her face in her hubbie's pillow, and her gorgeous ass pointed to the sky, all framed by her stockings, garter and suspenders...

Her poor, abused hole was gaping open, leaking my husband's jism.

"Oh, poor thing!" I purred, "He did hurt you, didn't he?"

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