2008 Ch. 03


[In this chapter Dominant/submissive lifestyle is introduced to Beth, a tattoo is discovered and Pete gets stronger.]

* * * *

Once we were on the freeway I said, "Beth I want the two of you to talk about the new way of life Kaye is testing."

Beth asked, "She has not given herself to you, Master?"

"She has signed the paper. I have not decided if I accept. Past behavior is no guarantee of future results, as they say on TV. In this case past behavior would have me pull over and put her out at the side of the road."

Beth began. "Kaye, how long were you married to Pete before you dishonored him by having sex without his permission?"

"A few months."

"How did you rationalize your behavior?"

"Sex with someone else is more exciting."

"So you got new partners every time sex became less exciting. How often did you trade them in?"

"Three or four times a year."

"But you stayed with Pete. Why?"

"He's a good man. He's a safe place to come back to, safe, reliable, honest and took good care of me. I've always felt loved when I'm with him, until the last few months."

"Do you have the sheet he gave you with the rules on it?"

Kaye got it out of her purse.

Beth looked at it without taking it from Kaye. She smiled. Most of it was taken from her story.

"Read the first item, please."

"Tomorrow you will arrange for your checks to be automatically deposited in my account." Kaye read.

"Did you do it?"

"Yes, the next day."

"What is the symbolism in doing that?"

"The symbolism?"

"What does it mean beyond you being broke?"

"It means I willingly depend on Pete for everything."

"The key word is willingly. Did you transfer everything from your accounts to his?"


"What does that mean?"

It was quiet for a few miles. "It means I was holding back."

"When Pete asked me on this, our first date, I intended for this to become a 24/7 relationship with him as my husband/Master. I transferred all my money and my future earnings into his account. I trust him completely, with everything, including my life. Read number two, please."

I was driving and the shock almost had me change lanes. Beth was in. My Dad used to say, "In for a nickel, in for a dime." Beth was saying "In for a nickel, all the way in."

"You will cook dinner every night and have it on the table by 6:30. It means I agree to put his wants and needs before my own, always."

"Did you see that when you signed?"

"No. I thought he was punishing me."

"Number three?"

"You will obey me, without question or hesitation no matter..."

"Stop. The rest is unnecessary. You will obey, without question or hesitation. What does that mean to you?"

"When he says jump I don't ask how high."

"Does it mean when he gives you an order or every time he asks you to do something?"

"Oh. If he asks for something, he wants or needs me to do it."

"What about the things you notice he needs that he hasn't asked for?"

"Those things too."

"I put an ice chest with sun Chips and diet Coke in it on the front seat. Pete didn't ask for it, but I know he likes both so I make sure he has what he likes within arms reach. That includes me."

She lifted her skirt and showed Kaye her freshly shaved pussy.

Kaye said, "You shave and go bare because he might want a touch?"

"A touch, a taste, or a quickie at the side of the road. Obedience is more than doing what he asks for, it's taking care of him, focusing on making his life better and trusting that he'll take care of me."


I interrupted. "I would like a taste, Beth, without tomatoes, please."

Beth dipped her first two fingers into her honey and leaned forward and put them in my mouth. I sucked and then said, "Kaye?"

Her service was a little slower than Beth's, but tasted just as good. I thanked them both. Then I said, "Number four, please."

Kaye read, "We will go through all your clothes and everything I don't like goes in the trash. You will never buy clothes I don't like."

"Enough. What does that mean?"

"I thought he did that because of the red blouse. We had a fight about it. He doesn't like it and I wore it to piss him off."

"What does it mean?"

"My life should be centered on Pete. If I have clothes he doesn't like I'm saying the clothes are more important than he is."

"Is that what you want to say to Pete? My red blouse is more important than you are."

"No. I wasn't even thinking about Pete's feelings when I put that blouse on..."

"Bull! You knew you had a date with him scheduled and you knew wearing the blouse would make him angry. That gave you the excuse you wanted to ruin the date. Nice ploy, if you want a divorce. What will you do with that blouse when we get back to town?"

"Throw it away."

"Willingly or reluctantly?" Beth asked.

"Reluctantly. My sister gave me that blouse. It's expensive."

"You should keep it. Take it with you and move in with your sister. That blouse is a symptom of what's wrong with you. Things are more important to you than your husband."

"I don't want to live with my sister."

Beth shook her head and said, "Number five, please."

"You will voice your opinion when I ask for it and not volunteer it, ever. That means I trust Pete always. He will ask for my opinion when he thinks he needs or wants it. My job is to trust him."

"Either of you need a pit stop?" I asked.

Beth said, "Yes, Thank you."

I pulled off into a rest stop. We all got out and went to the restrooms. When they came back they each had large handfuls of paper towels. They used some to dry the back seat and the rest to soak up whatever leaked out of them for the rest of the trip.

Back on the road Beth asked, "Number six?"

"There was a number six but not on the paper. I can only wear panties when I'm on my period. Now I get that gives him access to me whenever he wants and it reminds me that my pussy is for his pleasure and mine, at his control."

"Was there more?"

"I can't wear pants without permission, a bra only when I'm at work or Pete asks me to. Again, it's to remind me I belong to him."


"He said, You will always sleep nude except when you're on your period and never turn me down if I want sex. Never."

"Are you ready for that?"

"I don't know. What if he wants something weird?"

"Weirder than fucking someone else's husband? Like what?"

"He mentioned wanting my ass." Kaye said, the disgust evident in her voice.

"You're telling me no one has been in there?"

"I'm telling you it's disgusting!"

"Pete, would you like to watch your cock invade my ass?" Beth asked.

"Not right now, but maybe later tonight."

"It would be my pleasure to give it to you." She turned to Kaye and said, "I don't know why men like being in a woman's ass, but they do. He's my man and I want him to come to me when he wants an ass to fuck."

It stayed quiet for a few miles and then Beth asked, "Since we're sharing Pete this weekend and we already know he'd like a little ass, would you rather I watch him fuck you or you watch as he has me?"

"I'd like him to myself."

"There is a protocol in a Dominant/submissive relationship. When the Dom offers a choice, "A" or "B" you will be punished for picking "C". I offered watch or be fucked with me watching. You picked be alone with him. When the car stops wherever we're going you will be expected to be a good sub."

"You don't know where we're going either?" Kaye asked.

"I lived with my previous Master for years and never asked where we were going. If I trust Pete I don't need to know. He'll tell me everything I need to know."

Five more miles and I left the freeway, turning inland. Three twisting, climbing roads later I pulled into a secluded road and stopped at a gate. I handed the keys over the seat and asked that the gate be opened. Kaye took the keys and got out. She opened the gate and as I drove slowly past her I asked her please to lock it again. She did and got back into the car. I thanked her. From the gate to the cabin was about five hundred yards on a twisting road. The cabin could not be seen until we were very close.

I had room so I turned the car around and backed close to the door. I shut it off, got out and stretched. I motioned Beth and Kaye out of the car.

"Let's check out the area." I said.

We walked around the cabin and I noted some of the features I thought might be useful. Out behind and to one side were two clothesline poles, almost like crosses. I'd read about something like them in the story. There was a circle of stumps around a fire pit, and by the back door a hot tub.

I unlocked the back door and held it open. Kaye walked right in. Beth stopped at the door and asked, "Dressed?"

"For now, yes." I responded. Kaye stopped and said, "Are we to be nude whenever we're home or in a hotel room or here?"

"At home, yes unless I request different. Walk in and strip. In hotels, always ask. Here, I'll let you know when to strip."

We took the tour and found five bedrooms, three baths and a great room with the kitchen against one wall, a fireplace and an entertainment center. Three couches formed a "U" with the entertainment center in the open edge.

I said, "I think you can put your things in this bedroom, Beth." I held the door open and she looked in. I stepped across the hall and pointed inside an identical bedroom. "Kaye, this is yours." I stepped down the hallway and opened a door finding a room that was empty. I said, "Bring the toybox in here, please." Beth nodded. Across the hall from the playroom I said, "I like this room for me. Let's get moved in."

As we went down the stairs Beth asked, "Do we unpack or live out of our suitcases?"

"Unpack. The plan is to stay the weekend. Tonight, Saturday night and Sunday night. We'll plan to leave after a quick breakfast on Monday morning."

Twenty minutes later we were moved in. Beth asked for a meeting in the kitchen area.

When I sat down she opened the cupboards and fridge. The inventory was quick. We had a partial box of oatmeal, a half box of saltines, one can of pork & beans, and a half a bottle of Chianti. Beth had a note pad and a pen. She said, "Kaye, pay attention, please. Pete what would you like for dinner tonight?"

"Something light, but satisfying. Perhaps a Chinese chicken salad?"

"I'm sure we can. Breakfast tomorrow?"

"French toast with sausage, peanut butter and syrup."

She wrote each thing down and side notes of what else we needed to have those things.


"Too much detail. Let me tell you what I don't want to see, Ok? Big chunks of onion or any vegetable, no okra, hot peppers, eggplant, French sauces, no veal, no beef this weekend. Once a week at home will be Ok. I grew up on a farm in Idaho. Potatoes are Ok with me. If you want to make chicken, no skin and either baked or grilled, not fried. I like the head and tail gone on fish and prefer ocean fish to lake or stream."

"I can go shopping and we'll do fine, Master. If I may, in my previous life I was able to cook anything once. If he liked it I could make it any time. If he didn't like it we never had it again."

"That's a good idea." I looked at Kaye and her face said a lot and most of it upsetting.

"Kaye, I'm asking for your thoughts and opinions."

"Ever since the seventies women have been becoming equals to men. They have made it to the boardrooms, they own companies, they fly airplanes. I was raised to be a feminist. This all is so strange. Beth is catering to every whim you have! What about what I want for dinner? What about if I want a different bedroom? Why couldn't I ride in the front seat?"

"Feminism lowered the status of women in many ways. Instead of a caring, loving relationship where she could count on him to take care of her, to aim his life at her having a great life, women decided they wanted to stand on their own two feet and be independent. If that was what you wanted why marry me, or any man?"

"As a little girl I still thought about my wedding, about being Mrs. Somebody. I also thought about a successful career."

"So, when you got me to divorce you why go to the dick who had been fucking you? Why not rent an apartment and get on with the successful life?"

"I was suddenly alone for the first time in my life! When Daddy died, I had you. I thought I had Mark as my support for when you tossed me out."

"Why put me through the last few months? You could have said, "I don't want to be married any more. Instead you pushed me to divorce you."

She thought a moment, "I could blame you. It wouldn't be my fault."

"How's that working for you?" Beth asked.

"Terrible! I'm sitting here with my ex-husband, his submissive girl-friend and I've agreed to become his slave!"

"You want the excitement of strange fucking? You want to feel powerful by blowing, fucking and being fucked by any man you want?" I asked.

"Yes." Tears fell, ignored by Kaye, even though they were her tears.

"At breakfast tomorrow morning you get to choose. Here are your choices. If you choose feminism Beth will drive you into town and leave you at the bus station. I will give you five hundred in cash. When I get home I will give you back the money you deposited in my account. We will never speak again. If you choose to stay you will never voice those opinions again. You will spend the rest of your life being the wife I want, a sister to Beth and it will be your choice. The first time, after breakfast tomorrow morning, that you voice feminism you will be punished and then released. You will have the clothes you last wore to work and five hundred dollars, nothing more. Is this clear?"

She stared at me for a long time. Finally she said, "Yes, Master."

"Good. Beth, here are the keys to the gate and the car." I handed her my wallet. If you want to use cash at the market, take what you need.

"If it's Ok, I'll use my credit card. We can better keep track of what we spend that way." I nodded and took back the wallet.

She got up, taking the list and kissed me before she left. Before she got to the door I said, "Kaye, ride with her to the gate. Open the gate for her then give her the keys. On your walk back to the cabin, undress and carry your clothes, please."

She stood and followed Beth, saying, "Yes, Master" as they left.

When the car started I went to the toybox and opened it. Clearly at least half the things in the box would need to be explained to me. I picked a couple of things I understood and took them to the hot tub. I drained it, cleaned it, changed the filter and put a hose in it to fill it again. When the water was six inches deep Kaye walked around the corner of the cabin, carrying her clothes in front of her body.

"If you'd like you can put your clothes in a chair, on that table or keep holding them. I would like for you to hold the hose as it fills the hot tub, please." She continued to hold her clothes in front of her body. With one hand she held the hose. I went inside and found the small ice chest Beth brought. I opened a diet Coke and a bag of Sun Chips. When I came back out I sat on the edge of the tub and took a drink, then held the can out to Kaye. Both her hands were busy.

"Would you like a drink?" I asked.

"Yes, but both hands are busy."

"I can take the clothes, the hose or I can hold the can while you drink. Which would be your pleasure?"

"Hold the hose, please."

I took the hose and handed her the can. While she took a drink I asked, "When are you going to show me?"

She almost spit the soda out, looked at me and asked, "Show you what?"

I shut off the water and dropped the hose in the tub. I took the can from her and sat it on the rim of the tub then led her to the clothesline pole. I took the blouse from her arms and hung it over the clothesline. Then I took her skirt and hung it next to the blouse. I could see a tattoo just above her pussy. I took her hose and hung them, leaving her nude. She looked at me with fear in her eyes.

"Please, back up to the post and reach up to hold on to the crossmember." She did as I asked. I pulled a short length of cotton rope from my pocket and bound her wrist to the crossmember. When I pulled the second rope from my pocket she said, "Please don't."

The rope was a bit longer than the first one, so I tied that wrist differently, snug with more winds around her wrist. I stood very close to her and said, "I'm going to get close to the tattoo and look at it closely. Your legs are not bound. You could kick me or knee me while I'm down there. I don't believe you can kill me or hurt me bad enough that you can get away before I come to or Beth returns. Your behavior is your choice."

Her eyes showed terror because she knew what I would find.

I bent and saw the letters tattooed just above her slit. "MARK'S" The letters were in dark blue and I recognized the font, Herculan bold and almost an inch and a half high. A faint outline of a vine and flowers intertwined the letters. Obviously someone planned to add the vine and flower details later.

My index finger traced the letters. Kaye recoiled when I touched her. I finished tracing the letters. Before I stood back up I said, "What will we do? What will we do?"

Kaye didn't answer. I stood back up and my face was perhaps eight inches from hers. Very softly I said, "Removing his name would cost over a thousand dollars, it would hurt ten times more than getting it applied and leave an ugly scar. You were so beautiful. Now and forever I will know you chose to have another man label you as his property and label me as a cuckold."

"I'm sorry, Pete, I'm sorry. I was stupid."

"I agree. Earlier you said you like fucking different men. You gave me a list of twenty men and a woman you've fucked since you married me. I've got an idea." As I turned and headed for the cabin I said, "Wait right there for me, would you please?"

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