2008 Ch. 04


[Reading this chapter without reading chapters 1, 2 & 3 will make following the actions and motivations almost impossible. This chapter includes nudity, oral, anal, coitus and more.]

* * * *

She didn't answer. Inside the kitchen I found a Sharpie, medium point and in my room a copy of the list of victims she had emailed me. On my way back to her I picked up a chair. I sat in front of her, making my eye level right by her tattoo. Just above Mark's name I printed, "Roger", then "Ken". When I started the third name Kaye asked, "Will you put them all on me?"

"Didn't you cuckold me with all of them? Didn't you give away what you swore in a wedding ceremony would only be shared with me?"

"I'm sorry!"

I printed, "Brad." As I finished Brad I asked, "My brother Brad?"

"Yes. But... I only did him twice."

"When? Exactly."

"The day before he married Emily and during the reception."

"How did you arrange that?"

"I saw him at lunchtime the day before the wedding and followed him into the men's room. I sucked him hard after he finished peeing and when he was hard we fucked standing in a stall."

"At the reception?" I asked.

"He snuck out onto the roof for a smoke. I followed and got him in a dark corner. We did it standing up, both times."


"Yes. I didn't carry condoms to a wedding!"

"You did go to that wedding without panties, as I recall."

"No. I wore panties to the wedding but threw them away after Brad fucked me."

"Did you see anything wrong with taking me to bed when we got home?"

"I had to! If I said no, you would have wondered why."

From her belly-button to mid-thigh she had names written front, back and sides. As I finished up the names I asked, "Would you like a vine and flowers too?"

"No, thank you." Beth came around the back of the cabin carrying two bags of groceries. She hesitated, took in the scene and then went into the cabin. When she came back out I asked, "Would you like help?"

"If either of you would like to help, I would appreciate it."

"Kaye, would you like to help?"

"Yes, Pete, I would." I untied her and we followed Beth to the car. Beth never said anything. Kaye cried every time Beth looked at her. I carried two bags inside. The car was empty. Beth said, "I'll close and lock the car."

I said, "Kaye, go back to the clothesline post and stand just as you did before."

"Yes, Master." She sounded beat, defeated.

I brought my digital camera, in my pocket. Beth was standing ten feet from Kaye, looking at her.

She asked, "Should I be nude, too?"

I said, "Yes, then I have someone beautiful to look at."

From fifteen feet back from Kaye I took the camera out of my pocket and aimed it at her.

She begged me not to take pictures. I took them anyway. I asked her to slowly turn around. All total I took twenty pictures.

I told her she could put the chair in the shade and sit. She did. Then I walked to Beth, standing nude between the clothesline post and the hot tub. We kissed and as we kissed I slid a finger into her slit. We kissed a few times and she helped me get naked. Kaye watched, looked away and then watched. A video of her would have looked like a naked woman watching a tennis match.

I held Beth in an embrace and said, "I apologize for bringing her. I felt the need to see if what I thought we had could be saved. What I thought we had, we didn't have. I could spend the whole weekend humiliating her, attempting to train her and it would serve no purpose. At the end she would still be a feminist slut labeled with another man's tattoo and the names of many others. After breakfast we'll take her to the bus station."

We kissed again and she wrapped her hand around my shaft. She looked into my eyes, but didn't speak.

"Speak, Sweetheart."

"Love me. I am already yours. Allow me to be your wife, your mate, your personal slut. Have me in every hole I have. Let me be your woman."

She dropped to her knees and engulfed my swelling cock with her mouth. Kaye stood up and took a step. Beth looked up at me and I nodded. She said, "Take another step and I'll tie you myself. You will watch Pete love me the way he's wanted to love you, the way he tried to love you, but you wouldn't let him. Sit down and keep watching!"

Kaye sat. Beth swallowed me again and worked at bringing me pleasure. When I was hard she held my shaft and asked, "Ass or cunt, my Master?"

"On your back on the table. I so want into your beautiful pussy."

As she centered her ass at the edge of the table she said, "When I went home to get ready, I showered and shaved my pussy again. I was swollen and wet, thinking about you wanting to be inside me. I've dreamed about how good you will feel!"

I held her legs, positioned my cock near her opening and her hands guided me in.

"Oh! Yes! I knew you would slowly fill me so I could savor the feelings. You feel so good!"

When I bottomed out I held still. She was very wet, very tight and her muscles gripped me, released me, gripped me. I believed she could get me off without either of us moving our hips. However, we did. She moved on the table to present her self to me in many different ways. In each new position she described how it felt to her and asked if I liked what she was doing. As she approached her orgasm she asked, "My I cum?"

"Yes! Honey, cum for me." Her inner muscles spasmed and griped me tightly as her body tensed and her back arched. A deep-from-within groan escaped.

When I looked over at Kaye she was crying.

I looked back at Beth who asked, "Master, may I give you my ass?" As she asked she tilted her hips and drew her legs up near her chest, exposing her ass to me. I spread her own lube from her pussy to her anus and then slowly penetrated her anus.

"Pete, you may have my ass any time, any where. That feels better than I imagined. I dreamed about you in my ass last night." We stroked together for a long time, slowly increasing the pace and power until we were slamming together as hard as we could.

As my seed splattered her insides she said, "I never want to let it out of me. I love feeling your cum inside my ass!"

We stayed coupled until I was soft and popped out. We kissed a few more times and I thanked her for being my love. She beamed. We kissed a few more times and I tasted her breasts for the first time.

When I came up for air Beth asked, "Hungry? I can make dinner."

I nodded and she went inside. I sat three feet from Kaye. I noticed that the way I had written Brad the crease of her belly hid the "r" and it read "Bad."

"Mark is laughing at you and at me, tonight. He lied to you and you bought it. You lied to all these people and they laughed at me and at you. One of the men is dead. Families are damaged and you are partially to blame. All these people are also to blame. What you did cannot be fixed. I no longer want to fix it or you. Go inside and get dressed. Shower if you want but the marker is permanent."

"Yes, Master."

"You are never to address me that way again. I was never your Master and never will be. I will not take care of you ever again. When we take you to the bus station I never want to hear from you again. In a few months we will be divorced. The court will notify me."

I went to the hot tub, turned on the hose and continued filling the tub. A couple minutes later Kaye got up and went inside. The tub was full and turned on when Beth came out and hugged me. She had a folded paper towel in her hand. She smiled at me and said, "I'm sorry. Some of what you gave me is seeping out."

We kissed and I said, "Better into the towel than dripping on the floor."

"Dinner is ready." We went inside. Folded towels were on all three chairs with plates in front of them. I called up stairs, "Kaye come have dinner, please. It's ready."

She came down fully dressed and carrying her suitcase. She put it by the door and sat down. Her bowl had a good portion of Chinese Chicken Salad, a fork and a set of wooden chopsticks.

We ate in silence. When we were done I told Beth how great it was and compared it to the CCS from my favorite restaurant. She smiled and said she had watched how they made it and copied their recipe.

Kaye said, "It was excellent. Thank you."

"I'm going to take Kaye to the bus station. I think we should clean up from dinner and then go. I want you to go with us, Beth."

"Yes, of course." Beth said. Beth washed, I dried and Kaye sat quietly at the table. When the kitchen was clean I opened the back door and Kaye picked up her suitcase. At the car I opened the trunk and she hefted the bag inside. I said, "Sit in the back, Kaye." She nodded and got in.

I said, "Sit up front, please." Beth sat beside me.

At the gate Beth got out and opened and closed it. She held onto the keys, knowing we were coming back. Fifteen silent minutes later I parked behind the bus station. I took five hundred dollars cash from my wallet and said, "We're done." I handed her the money. I popped the trunk and she got her bag. I backed out of the parking space and drove away.

Two blocks away I saw a DQ and went through the drive through. "Cone or bowl, Honey?" I asked.

"Bowl, please."

I got a cone. We ate as I drove back to the cabin.

Back inside Beth peeled her clothes off and wrapped herself around me. It wasn't seductive, it was comforting. We sat on the couch.

When the silence was ripe enough Beth asked, "May I talk?"


"You are a better man than I knew. I was amazed that you wanted to try to save her. I thought she had dissed you so much you would say her name and spit! No, you gave her a big opportunity to change and be the wife she promised to be."

"She never promised to be my sub."

"She promised to love, honor and be your partner in all things. She promised to be faithful. She didn't do any of it."

"Enough sadness. This started out as our first date. Up till now, it hasn't been a good one. We'll need to do things to change that. Let's get in the hot tub and start there."

She helped me get out of my clothes. It might have gone faster without the help, but I didn't complain, or want to. We got in the water, adjusted the temperature up just a degree or two and relaxed.

My touch brought her closer. My hand seemed to find a home on the inside of her thigh. Her hand found the same spot on my thigh.

The bubbles made too much noise, so I shut them off.

A few minutes later Beth said, "I'm not sure of this, but I've read that prolonged exposure to hot water makes getting an erection more difficult. If you plan to have an erection and put it in me, maybe we should get out now or turn down the heat?"

I turned down the heat and leaned out of the tub, starting the hose and adding cold water for a minute.

"That's better."

"We know a lot about getting along with each other, but we're still strangers." I said.

She smiled. I said, "Ok, you know a lot more about me than I know about you. I want to catch up and catch up quick."

"Ok. Ask anything, otherwise I'll begin a long story with, "It was a dark and stormy night."

"Where did you grow up?"

"Omaha. I left after high school and went to Seattle to college. After college I moved to Spokane Washington and worked for a wood pulp company. I met my first Master there on a hiking club outing. A year after we met I gave myself to him. We were together until he died of cancer. We moved to L.A. so he could get treatment. That's the short version."

"Did you love him?"

"Of course. I haven't know too many subs, but all the ones I've known loved their men passionately."

"In the story you gave me, your Master gave you pain, hurt you. I might go so far as to say he beat you. Why?"

"Two main reasons. If I screw up, disobey or embarrass you I believe I should be reminded strongly enough that I don't do it again. There are lots of people who don't need the pain to internalize the lesson. I need it. The second reason is that pain can enhance the sexual experience. The orgasm you gave me earlier was great and if you had slapped my tits as I came I would have flooded the yard and scared all the animals for a mile."

"So, you want that?"

"I cannot ask for it. That would be me telling my Master what to do. That's way outside my comfort zone. Right now I'm describing a Dom sub relationship as I've experienced it. I know other subs who have masters who are sadists and get pleasure from whipping and torturing them. Nothing I knew about you said you would be like that."

"I cannot even conceive of it!"

"What else?"

"Will you ask for orgasms? Do you like being eaten?"

"I will not ask for an orgasm. I orgasm easily. I will love having you cum inside me wherever you cum. I meant what I said about wanting to keep your cum inside me. It's almost like holding a treasured gift inside. You gave it to me. That's a peak experience."

"What about when you move in?"

"Is this about the division of labor?"

"Yes, I guess it is."

"I'm willing to do whatever I can to have life work. My goal is for you to feel my love supporting you every moment. I knew my Master so well that I could go shopping and buy clothes and foods I knew he would like. Even now, that's what I buy. I would like you to come home with me and go through everything I have and toss what doesn't please you. Tell me why so I can learn what to buy that you'll like."

"When we get home I want you to do the same for my clothes."

"I will try, because you ask me to, but it will be hard."

"Let me guess, if I like it, it's your job to like it too."


"Phil has an ugly yellow shirt that he loves. He knows his wife hates it. He loves her enough that he never wears it around her. What if he wears it, thinking she's out with her co-workers and they bump into each other at the Mall? I don't want to do that. If I have something that doesn't look good on me, with your eyes, I don't want to wear it!""

"You have a blue tie that has a single yellow stripe on it. You wear it about once a month. No matter what color shirt you wear it with it looks terrible. No, it just doesn't go with the rest of you."

"Was that hard to say?"

"Yes. It could be a favorite tie. It could be a gift from your Mom."

"Don't be afraid of hurting my feelings. If it was my favorite tie and a gift from my Mom, we'd take it and go shopping for a shirt that complimented the tie. Then I'd have a gift from Mom and you."

Beth crawled into my lap, straddling my legs and nestling her pussy against my pubes. Her arms went around my neck and her lips grabbed mine. Her kiss involved her whole body. Her hips moved her against me, rubbing her sex against mine, her hands played with my chest, shoulders and back while her lips and mine did a soft samba of delight.

In a short break from kissing Beth said, "I think you need to pinch me. I'm having trouble believing we're here, just the two of us, on our first date."

Using my thumb and the second knuckle of my index finger, I pinched her left areola, ever so gently and said, "In the story you used numbers to tell your Master how much pain you felt. Ten is screaming. At seven what you feel may leave a bruise."

She nodded. I slowly squeezed. Her head went back slowly as the pressure increased. When she said four I thought she would have said seven. I hesitated.

She brought her head back so we could lock eyes and she asked, "Please, may I have more?"

I squeezed harder. I saw her eyes fill with tears and she said, "Six! Please, Master, may I have more?"

Without giving it conscious thought as I squeezed tighter, I pulled her nipple away from her chest about an inch. She looked down at her breast and gasped in a breath. "Seven! Please, Master, I can take more! Please, bruise me."

I slowly released the pinch. I bent to her breast and kissed her many times. Her hands and arms gently held my head to her chest. When I finally looked up at her face I asked, "Believe it now?"

She nodded, "You said you want to learn everything about me?"

"I do."

"When you fuck me and you want me to cum with you, pinch me hard like that. I almost came just from the pinch alone. I love the after feeling, too."

"I almost feel like I should apologize for hurting you."

"I crave the pain. I have all my life. When I was twelve my father spanked me for piercing my ears without permission. I came while he was spanking me. It scared him so badly he never hit me again. As I move through the day the tingle I'll feel in my breast from that pinch will remind me you care for me."

"Ok. This is so new to me. It may take a while for me to adapt, but I will. Being with you is worth it."

We held each other and slowly touched and kissed for a while longer. When I felt the water had cooled enough it was actually uncomfortable I said, "I know this is our first date and all, but would you sleep with me?"

Beth quickly left my lap, splashed her way out of the tub and found two big towels. We dried off and went inside. As we walked to the bedroom I wondered about Kaye, just for a moment.

Watching Beth's naked body going up the stairs was a joy and before we reached the upper landing I was hard. She looked back and smiled. "Which bedroom?" She asked.

"Mine. The others won't be used."

We went inside and she stood near the bed. "You said you can't have babies. Is that because you're on the pill?"

"No. My tubes were tied. My... " She hesitated. "My Master had me tested and they found that any babies I would have would have a high risk of birth defects. He decided the safest idea was to have both of us fixed."

"I want to play with you, learn about your body and enjoy this night. We can sleep late tomorrow."

I helped her lie on the bed with her legs off the edge. I knelt between her legs and started kissing her inner thigh, just above her knee. I kissed three times and said, "I want feedback. Talk to yourself about what you're feeling." I had an idea, jumped up and ran to the toybox. When I came back I had a leather blindfold in my hand. I put it on her and said, "Who do you see?"

"No one, Master."

"No one is here. You are dreaming about a lover, pleasing you, bringing you pleasure. In your dream you can tell your fantasy lover what feels good, what would feel good and whatever you're feeling."

I knelt again and kissed inside her thigh. "Oh, your lips are so warm. I like how it feels."

My kisses started moving slowly up her leg and she said, "Yes! I know where you're going and love that you aren't in a hurry." When I reached mid-thigh I switched to the other leg.

"Oh lover, go back. The tingle in my leg started to fade when you left! Stay on that leg. My pussy is waiting to kiss you when you get there. My lips are already wet in anticipation of that kiss!" I kissed a little closer to her pussy. I could smell her aroma of arousal. It made me want to skip the next four inches of skin and dive in.

My hands helped her legs spread wider. Beth said, in a whispery voice, "Momma said keep your legs together. Don't show boys your treasure. Spreading like this is so naughty!"

My kisses move a little closer and my hands spread her even wider open. "Please, taste my treasure! Let my pussy kiss your face!"

I aimed my mouth to center between her lips and over her vagina. In the last inch I exhaled and knew she could feel my approach. Her hips lifted, her cunt searching for the contact she craved.

'Contact!' I screamed in my head as I pressed my face into her. She arched her back and moaned loudly. I sucked her nectar from her and started to slowly explore her sanctuary with my tongue.

"Oh Pete! I am so close! May I cum?"

I moved my face back and forth and made no sound. My tongue avoided her clit, for the moment. My hands released her legs and slid slowly up her sides toward her breasts.

"Oh sweet Heaven! Your hands are going for my breasts! Squeeze them and I will cum! I am so close! So close!"

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