2008 Ch. 06


[Reading this chapter without reading chapters 1 thru 5 will make following the actions and motivations almost impossible. This chapter includes nudity, oral, anal, coitus and more.]

* * * *

They both started laughing and that got Beth to squirt Liz in the face with more of our juices. She lapped up a lot of it and used a napkin for the rest. When I backed out of Beth she said, "No, No, Liz that's mine for the moment." She got off the table and swallowed my shrinking cock. A minute later she stood up and said, "Liz belonged to my previous Master. That makes us sisters, sort of."

I faced the naked Liz with her face coated in Beth's and my cum. "Why did you undress?"

"My Master said, "On the table, please. Naked." Once Beth was on the table there wasn't room, so I improvised. If I did wrong, I'm sorry."

"Beth gave herself to me, you didn't. We've just met."

Beth spoke up, "If you don't want her, be angry at me, not Liz. It's my fault, Master. I've been almost crazy since we came back. You were hurting and I was doing everything I could to be here for you. I remembered how it was for us when... Jerry died. Liz has been here almost every day helping me comfort you and she's been taking care of me, too. Last night she crawled into your lap naked and slept with you for six hours. She and I lived together while we were Jerry's and every day since."

"I've been that far out of it?"

"Know what day it is?" Liz asked.


"Friday." She smiled when she said it. I'd really been gone. "When Jerry died we didn't eat for three days. When we finally came back to life we ate and had sex for hours."

"Hungry?" I asked. We all sat and ate more of the lasagna. When I was full I said, "So, what's next?"

"As you wish, Master." Beth and Liz said.

"God! Are you two serious?"

Beth led me into the bedroom, opened the bed and got me in the middle. She got on my right and Liz on my left. They both held my dick and slowly stroked.

Beth said, "Remember, this is only new to you. I started focusing on you years ago, so did Liz. We're serious. When we got back from our date I told her everything. On Monday she transferred everything she has to you. She has been dreaming about tasting your cum for as long as I did."

Liz added, "Now I have and I love it." She moved up to her knees and swallowed my cock completely. We three danced naked with each other most of the night. I ate them both to numerous orgasms and they somehow coaxed two from me.

We talked and played all weekend. On Monday morning two vehicles left from our house, headed for work. Liz drove her Malibu and Beth rode with me in my truck. Liz finished moving in the next weekend. My home had four bedrooms, but only one bed. Kaye and I had planned to have kids, once upon a time. We replaced the queen-sized bed with a king. Each of us got a bedroom as our office and storage space.. In Liz's we put a hide-a-bed couch, just in case someone was a naughty girl and needed to sleep alone.

Back at work the word was out, courtesy of Alison, that Kaye had died and Beth was taking care of me. A month later the word leaked that Beth had moved in. Nothing at work was said about Liz.

I asked Beth and Liz about their families as we had dinner one night. Beth had been raised in Omaha and she told me her parents had both died while she was in college. Liz said she had been raised in foster homes and had no memory of any family except foster parents. Living with Jerry was their adult experience of family, until me.

People at work began discussing their plans for Thanksgiving. I certainly had a lot to be thankful for. So, at dinner one night early in November I said, "I want to have Thanksgiving Dinner here. I am so grateful to you both for making my life Heaven. We can invite people who know us and accept us. We can share our joy."

Just before Thanksgiving Liz got promoted. The same week I got promoted and Beth got transferred to another department. She got transferred because otherwise I would have been her boss.

We invited Alison and her husband Mike, Phil and his wife Veronica and Bob and his wife Norma for Thanksgiving. Bob and Norma declined, they were going to Norma's parent's home for the day. Beth and Liz were nervous about the meal and about socializing as a threesome. I asked about the nerves.

"Jerry kept us separate. He had friends who knew he was married to Liz and friends who knew he was married to me. The only people who knew we were both married to him were other Masters and their subs. Alison and Phil know I love you and live with you. They know Liz and I are related and that she lives with us, but when they look around our house they'll know we both sleep with you." Beth said.

Liz added, "There's only one bed."

"We don't need to buy another bed. They already accept us. They know you're sub and they're Ok with it. I don't think anyone could spend time with us and not see and feel how happy all three of us are."

We ate a little more dinner and I asked, "You said the only people who knew we were both married to him. How could you both be married to him?"

Beth said, "The year I gave myself to Jerry I was his only sub. We didn't marry. Two years later Liz joined us and things in Jerry's life had him consider being married. People knew I lived with him and other people knew Liz lived with him. He didn't want the conflict of being married to one of us..."

"And shacking up with the other one, so he came up with a plan. Each of us went to court and changed our names. I changed my name in Tacoma and Beth changed hers in Seattle. Then the three of us flew to Los Angeles and got married in a single ceremony."


"I changed my name to Elizabeth Evans." Liz said.

"I changed my name to Elizabeth Evans. Jerry was Jerry Evans. We stood in front of the minister in L.A. and I was to Jerry's right, Liz was to his left and Jerry's friend Walter stood next to Liz."

"The judge asked, "Do you Elizabeth take Jerry as your husband and we both said "Yes".

"Incredible! You both were legally married to Jerry!"

"He decided she was Liz and I was Beth."

"Amazing. Jerry was a remarkable man." I said, shaking my head in wonder.

"Yes. We agree."

"Where is he buried?"

"Not far from here. We could take you there." Liz offered.

"It'll be cold, but we'll show you what we do when we visit him."

"Let's finish dinner and go." I said.

"Master, it needs to be dark when we go. I can explain, but it would be better to show you, if that's Ok."

"Ok. We'll go at seven."

At seven we got in the truck and both ladies were wearing t-shirt dresses and nothing else except shoes. Both carried towels. They had me park in Marina del Rey near the breakwater that edges the channel into the marina. I knew there wasn't a cemetery for miles. Jerry had been cremated and his ashes were in the ocean! We got out of the truck and walked on the sand to an area away from the lights and walking path right to the edge of the surf. I carried the towels.

Liz said, "Honey, after Jerry died we did as he asked and had him cremated. We brought his ashes here and did just what we'll do now." They both took off their dresses and shoes. They held hands facing the ocean and said, together, "As your final resting place we give you to the world to touch and caress. We know you will always touch us and feel our love as we bathe in you."

Then they ran and splashed into the ocean until they were completely wet. They embraced and kissed, turned towards me and walked back out of the water. I wrapped them in towels and helped them dry. We walked back to the truck and dried them some more. The dresses were reapplied and we drove home.

"May we have some heat, please?" Liz asked. I turned it on and they thanked me. We were quiet most of the way home. It was very present for me how they loved him and cherished his memory.

When we were in bed, after a hot shower, I asked, "Would you like to change your names again?"

"To?" Liz asked.

"From Evans to Peterson. I think Elizabeth Peterson has a nice ring to it."

Beth snuggled in extra close and asked, "I like the way it sounds."

Liz grabbed my growing attention and stroked me slowly as she said, "Me too."

"Then we'll do it within a year." I said.

"As you wish, Master."

"As you wish, Master."

"Good! After Thanksgiving we'll go buy rings. I know the perfect place to get them."

Liz had been stroking me for much longer than necessary to get me hard. I said, "I want a pussy on my face for me to eat and a pussy on my cock for me to fill."

As one I heard, "As you wish, Master." I also heard lots of giggles. I got Liz's pussy to eat and Beth to ride me. Just as I was about to taste Liz I said, "You hold each other's tits and when you cum pinch hard."

It was hard to hear them as they repeated, "As you wish, Master" because I had a warm thigh over each ear and my attention was on the wet, dripping pussy that had lowered itself to my mouth.

Beth had perfected a technique of rising and falling on my cock while rotating her hips either clockwise or counterclockwise. It produced the most intense sensations and could not be tolerated for long without me spewing seed. When I wanted her to hesitate so I wouldn't pop too quickly I grabbed her thighs and squeezed. I didn't need to say anything.

Liz gave me enough of her warm fluids that I could have filled a glass with them, but that would have been such a waste. I loved the feel of her lips and inner sanctuary as I explored her each time I wanted to. Her lips were much larger than Beth's and she responded to having them sucked and extended differently than Beth. Beth's clit was the size of a blueberry and well enshrined with a fleshy hood while Liz's was barely the size of a pea and almost always exposed, erect and begging for attention.

Having two such different and beautiful women to please and be pleased by made my life better than my best dreams, most of the time.

Liz began to shudder, clamp her thighs against my head and flood my mouth with more of her juices. I released my grip on Beth's thighs and she resumed her bounce and rotate motion. I thrust up into her and thought I heard one of them yelp. I thrust up and held it as I erupted up into Beth. As I did I sucked on Liz's clit and she shuddered hard.

Beth fell to the side, freeing my cock and then she engulfed it with her mouth. Liz fell off me and buried her face into Beth's cunt to get all the combined nectar she could gather. I watched and enjoyed.

We slept well and woke into a bedroom I'm sure still smelled like an orgy. We showered and I decided for the seventy-third time we needed a bathroom remodel. We dressed and as we ate a quick breakfast I asked, "What needs to happen tonight?"

"We need to buy food for Thanksgiving. I already have the bird but we need lots of other stuff." Liz said. She tended to be the chief cook in the family.

"Get whatever you need and put it on a card. Can you be home by 6:30?"


"Beth and I will have dinner ready at 6:45 giving us a few minutes to put things away, then eat. Then we are spending the evening in the playroom." Neither said, "Oh goodie" but their body reactions said it for them. It had been two weeks since we last played and they craved it. I was learning to crave it, too.

While we finished preparations to leave for work I went to the play room and found two nipple clamps the size I wanted.

In the kitchen I said, "Bare a breast for me, please." They unbuttoned their blouses and unhooked their front closure bras. Liz bared her left breast before Beth so I pulled on her nipple first, pulling it out and then applying the small clamp and tightening it. She knew I wanted to know how much it hurt. When she said six I stopped and released her breast. She took a few deep breaths to accustom herself to the pain and she thanked me. I said, "Button up, thank you."

I did the same to Beth and she thanked me, asking if she could also be slapped. I slapped her other breast and said, "I only asked for one to be bared."

She redressed and we went to work. After an hour I called Liz. She answered and I said, "As soon as is convenient, go to the ladies room and move the clamp to your other breast. Tighten it to level six and masturbate to orgasm. Then go back to work. Call me between 11:45 and noon." I hung up and called Beth, repeating the same message.

At 11:46 my phone rang. I said, "Pete."

Liz said, "Thank you, Master for loving me so much."

"How do you know I love you?"

"I can feel you sucking on my tit! I can feel it clear into my dripping cunt!"

"You are correct, I do love you. I want you to be my wife. Listen carefully. When I hang up you will go back to the ladies room and remove the clamp, massage your breast and then masturbate again, to orgasm. At the top of each hour you will pinch both nipples hard for one minute."

"As you wish, Master." She said. I hung up.

A minute went and the phone rang again. I answered, "Pete."

It was the contractor I had called when we first got to work. We made an appointment for Saturday morning for him to come and give me an estimate for two projects, the remodeled bathroom and a covered patio in back.

Within seconds after we hung up the phone rang again.

"This may be the longest day of the year, Master."


"Because my mind is already in the playroom and you are already pushing my limits."

"I only do those nasty things to you because you love them. Right now I'm reaching across the building and putting a finger inside your pussy. Feel it?"

"Yes, Master."

"When I hang up, go back to the ladies room and remove the clamp from your breast. Pull one of your pussy lips out far enough that you can get the clamp on. Tighten it to level six and wear it for an hour. I will be sitting at the lunch table thinking about the clamp on your pussy. Do not cum while we are at lunch! When the hour is up, remove the clamp and masturbate to orgasm. Within three minutes of your orgasm be back at work. Whatever seeps, flows or drips from you after you go back to work you allow to run down the inside of your legs. I want you to marry me and wear my ring as a symbol that you belong to me."

Her voice trembled a little as she said, "Yes, Master."

At five minutes to five my cell rang. I answered and Liz said, "It's five minutes to five. Time to go home. This friendly reminder of the time is brought to you by my pussy. Thank you." She giggled and hung up.

I laughed and stopped work, cleaned up my desk and walked to my truck. Beth was standing beside it when I exited the building.

She smiled at me as I approached and unlocked the truck. After our hello kiss I opened her door and assisted her up into the cab. She got a towel from behind the seat and hiked up her skirt so she could sit directly on the towel. I went to my door and got in.

When I started the truck I rolled down the window and said, "It smells like pussy in here."

"I worried all afternoon that people around me could smell me!" Beth said.

"Why, were you turned on?" I smiled at her.

"You've been teasing me all day! First the nipple clamp, having me masturbate, the clamp on my lip! I've been hot all day!"

"Yes, it is nice weather we're having." I headed home.

Beth sat with her legs spread and the breeze cooling and drying her. I asked, "Does the breeze feel good on your pussy?"

"Yes, Master."

"It would feel even better if you put your left foot up over my knee. Your legs would be wider spread and more air would get to you."

"As you wish, Master." She lifted her left foot and spread her legs wider to get her left foot up on my knee.

A block later I said, "You would enjoy riding all the rest of the way home with your eyes closed. Then you could focus on the sensations you're having."

"As you wish, Master." Her eyes closed. A block later I reached over and touched her wetness, withdrew my fingers and sucked on them loudly.

"You are right Master. It is as if you are touching me, turning me on."

Every time I crossed into a new block I stroked her exposed lips and opening once. By the time I pulled into the driveway she was squirming and I knew she wanted to cum. 'Not yet, my Sweet,' I thought.

The house we live in is at the end of a street. No neighbors live very close to us and our land is surrounded by a large hedge, giving us considerable privacy. There was very little danger of us being seen from anywhere in our neighborhood from where I parked.

"When we get out of the truck, let's take everything off before we walk to the house."

We got out and we both stripped, Beth carried her clothes, her purse and the towel to the back door. I opened it and we went inside. I handed her my clothes and said, "Honey, please take care of all this and meet me at the door to the playroom."

"As you wish, Master." She hurried away in the direction of the laundry room. I went to the playroom and got what I wanted. I chose a butt plug from the six available. There were three sizes in two different colors, as was true of many of the toys we owned. I picked the smallest of the plugs in pink with a knob at the end that resembled one of those mirrored balls they have on the ceiling of dances.

Beth arrived at the door and looked at the floor as she said, "What would you have me do, Master?"

"Face away from me and bend over." She turned quickly and bent far enough over that her head was within inches of her ankles. She looked up and watched as I approached her ass with the plug.

"Thank you Master." She said, even before it touched her. I slowly pushed it in until the only thing showing was the ball.

I asked, "If you sit with that inside you, will it damage you?"

"No, Master. No damage."

"Good. Stand please." She stood, but did not turn. "Face me with legs spread, please."

She turned and spread her feet shoulder width apart. "Wider, please" The instant they were as wide as I wanted them I slapped her pussy hard, almost like cupping it. When the slap hit I held my hand in place. The sound the slap made was very wet.

With my hand in place I asked, "After lunch did you masturbate as I asked?"

"Yes, Master. Thank you."

"When you got back to work did your juices run down your thighs?"

"Yes, all afternoon."

I moved my hand and a flow of juices started down her thighs. "Like that?" I asked.

"Yes, Master. My legs and nylons were soaked most of the afternoon."

"I want you to bend over, just like before and put your back against the hallway wall. Can you do that for me?"

"Yes, of course, Master."

She stood up, bent over so her head was again close to her ankles and walked in little steps until her back bumped the wall. I knelt and pointed my hard cock into her mouth. She opened and took the two inches I gave her. I licked her dripping pussy three licks, pulled out of her mouth and stood back up.

"Watch, but do not cum!" I pressed my saliva coated cock into her pussy lips and pressed deeper and deeper into her. Her back being against the wall made it sure that she wasn't going anywhere as I pushed in.

"Are you watching my cock disappear into you?"

"Yes, Master. Thank you for having me watch and feel it."

I pressed against her, penetrating as deeply as was possible... and I stood there without moving for as long as I could stand it. Then I slowly pulled back, using my hands on her ass to assure she didn't lean to follow me. When I was all the way out I said, "You may have more, exactly like that when dinner is ready. I'll be waiting." I walked into the bathroom and closed the door. I had to hold onto the sink for support. I so wanted to continue fucking her just like that until my cum dripped from her cunt into her waiting mouth. 'Later. Make it last.' I told myself. I splashed cold water on my face and went to the kitchen to help.

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