2008 Ch. 07


Two naked women flew out of the kitchen and down the hall swearing, they weren't ready. I watched as Phil and Veronica got two large somethings out of the trunk of Phil's car. They carried the two things with hot pad gloves. When they got to the porch I opened the door and held it for them. They headed directly for the kitchen. Phil got one foot over the threshold when Beth's voice said, "Stop right there!"

She slid around him and somehow got her hands in the hot gloves and pushed Phil out of the kitchen in one move. Julia Childs would have been proud. As Phil retreated he heard Beth thank him for his gift. She was dressed in a sweatshirt and denim skirt.

At 9:57 we heard two more doors close. I looked out and saw Alison and Mike struggling. Alison was about six months pregnant and as big as a two-bedroom house. Phil and I went to help. Alison held the door and we carried their gifts of food we didn't need. I wondered if Beth and/or Liz had invited some others. We certainly had enough food.

We were met at the kitchen door and never made it inside. Personally, I didn't want to get inside. Mike, Phil and I retreated to the TV area and got into the game. In a break between quarters Mike asked, "Pete, can I get personal?"

"With a question or did you have something else in mind?"

"A question! How do you live with two women?"

"The short answer is, it's easy. What do you really want to know?"

"Ali is like living with a rollercoaster! One minute she's as happy as anyone I've ever seen and two seconds later I'm glad she doesn't have a knife!"

I laughed. "It's your fault! Pregnant women are certifiably crazy. They have a quart of hormones flowing through their bodies and they rule. She will eat things she hated a year ago, want to go to the beach in the middle of the night and eighty other things that won't make any sense to us. Chalk it up to hormones and keep smiling."

Phil added, "She'll also expect you to have ESP and get what she forgot to tell you to get from the store. Call her before you check out, just in case."

Phil was hitting the chips and guacamole pretty hard. I reminded him that our women expected us to eat more than a plate full of the dinner they were making. He moved the chips and guacamole out of reach. I got a towel and covered the snacks, "out of sight..."

Beth came in and sat on my lap. We kissed and she fed me a piece of the turkey. She gave Phil and Mike pieces too, but no kisses. She told us when dinner would be on the table, then she went back in the kitchen. Their timing was uncanny. They would have dinner on the table within a few minutes of the end of the game.

Our phone rang. I was surprised. I wasn't expecting a call from anyone.

I went into my office and answered. It was my brother, Brad. When I heard his voice I almost hung up. Almost. I wondered what effect the call from Kaye had in his house.

I said, "It's been a long time."

Brad sounded beat. "Yeah, and I'll understand if you hang up and never talk to me again, but I want to apologize."

"For what, exactly?"

"The day before I married Emily and during the reception I had sex with Kaye."

"I know. And now, you want to say you're sorry? How long have you and Emily been married?"

"Five years." Brad said.

"Then what you are apologizing for is getting found out, not for fucking my wife. If you felt guilty for fucking Kaye you wouldn't have waited five years to apologize. Have you apologized to Emily?"

"Yes. Every day since Kaye called her. She's left me. We're getting divorced."

"Ok. I can understand that. Kaye called months ago, why are you calling me now?"

"I turned on the TV and sat here alone watching football on Thanksgiving Day and realized I'm alone, you're alone and we used to always be together on Thanksgiving."

"You're wrong. I'm not alone. Our dinner will be on the table in less than half an hour. There are seven people about to sit down for dinner at a table that could hold eight. You were an idiot! You fucked up, but it isn't just your fault. I may not have known Kaye as well as I thought I did, but I know that if she wanted to fuck she could get a dick in her. No matter how angry I ever got with her she could get me into bed. You are my brother. Take a shower and don't break any laws getting here. I'll save some turkey for you." I hung up.

I walked to the open kitchen door and said, "I need a moment." All the movement and talking in the kitchen stopped.

"Brad just called. Emily left him and they're getting divorced. He's been alone for months and I invited him for dinner. Not because what he did is forgivable, because he's my brother and he's hurting. Can we make room for him?"

"As you wish..." Elizabeth said, in unison. I thanked them and went to tell Phil and Mike.

Mike didn't know much of the story so we explained it to him. When we were done he said, "I have a brother. If I did his wife it wouldn't matter how long ago, he'd kick my ass if he ever saw me again and I would never be allowed in his home."

"I could carry the hurt and anger for the rest of my life, and it wouldn't do anything but hurt me, make it harder for me to love anyone and be a friend to you guys. That's giving Kaye and Brad too much power in my life. I've been thinking about him since I found out what he did. It's better for all of us if I forgive him and use the energy for loving Elizabeth."

"Elizabeth?" Mike asked.

"The two women I love have the same name, Elizabeth, and go by pieces of it, Liz and Beth. When I use the whole name I mean both of them."

"Oh." Mike said. I could almost hear the gears turning while he processed me loving both of them. He was comfortable with us living together and I guessed he thought I only slept with one of them.

We were called and went to the kitchen door to help carry things to the table. The turkey was already on the table. I put Alison in the middle of one side of the table and put Mike on one side and Phil on the other, so they could help her pass and hold the big platters of food. I sat in the middle of the other side and had Veronica on one side of me (the side closest to Phil) and Beth on the other. Liz got the end of the table nearest the kitchen, leaving the empty seat at the other end.

I said, "When I was growing up we had Thanksgiving Dinner and I believed everyone used the same ritual we did. Most people didn't. Here it is. We all join hands." We did. "Each of us says "Thank you", three times, then you kiss the person to your right around the table. When the kiss has made it around, it comes back."

We all said Thank you three times. I leaned to my right and kissed Beth. Beth stood, leaned across the table and kissed Mike who kissed Alison. She turned and kissed Phil who kissed Liz, who kissed Veronica, who kissed me. I said, "Thank you" to her and kissed her back. She turned to Veronica and the chain of kisses came back to me.

I looked at each person at the table and said, "Thank you for sharing our lives and allowing us to share yours. I love you." I paused a second and said, "Let's eat!"

The turkey was in front of Liz. She carved and served pieces to everyone, then the platters of everything else were passed. The house smelled so good and we were treated to wonderful foods. The platters all came to rest and the forks started their trips from plates to mouths when I heard a knock at the door. Beth got up and said, "I'll let him in?" I nodded.

She opened the door and we heard Brad say, "I'm Brad. Is Pete here?"

Beth said, "We've been expecting you. Please come in." She led him to the table and pointed him at a chair. She picked up his plate and dished some smashed potatoes onto it. She handed me the plate and I put a little of what was on the platter in front of me. His plate was piled high when it got to him, and he had met everyone at the table. Within minutes he was smiling and laughing with everyone else at the table.

I stopped eating for a few moments and just felt. I closed my eyes and could feel the distinct energy from each person in the room. When I felt Brad I could feel the fear he held on to, fear that he had lost his brother, fear he would be alone.

When we were finished eating Beth took charge. She went into the kitchen and had Veronica and Liz with her. She told Mike to get Ali on the couch and comfortable. Brad and Phil she asked to bring platters to the kitchen. I picked up the big bowl that once held smashed potatoes and took it to the kitchen. Beth was taking all the leftovers and dividing them into four portions. Each portion went into plastic containers. Then the platter went to the sink. Veronica washed and Liz dried and put things away. In fifteen minutes there were three grocery bags with plastic containers in them, labeled for Phil & Veronica, Mike and Alison and a bag for Brad. The forth set of leftovers went into our fridge. All the snacks were bagged and put away or tossed in the trash.

We sat in the living room and talked as the food digested. Pretty soon Alison said she needed to go home, being six months along was tiring. Hugs and kisses were shared and I noticed Brad stayed back. Liz gave them their leftovers and they left. Five minutes later, after a Veronica pit stop, she and Phil were gone, too.

That left Brad, Elizabeth and me. Brad sat at one end of the couch. I sat in my recliner. Liz came out of the kitchen and sat in my lap. When Beth came out of the bathroom she sat at the other end of the couch.

Brad asked Beth, "Where do you live?"

"We live here with Pete."

"Both of you?" He looked from Beth to Liz and back.


I said, "Any questions you have, ask me."

"Ok. How long has this been going on?"

"This? For an accurate answer I'd need to know what this you're talking about."

"Were either of them living here when you were married to Kaye?"

"No. Beth moved in shortly after Kaye died. Liz shortly after that."

He was quiet a long time. I said, "I am so very grateful to both of you for today. You worked so hard and the results were fantastic." I kissed Liz and she gave as good as she got.

When the kiss ended she got up off my lap and went to the couch. She helped Beth up and took her place on the couch. Beth came and stood beside my chair. I opened my arms and she kicked off her shoes and climbed into my lap. We kissed and I thanked her for all her work.

When I looked at Brad his mouth was open. "You treat both of them like your girl-friends."

"No. I treat them both as wives. I love them both. Is that Ok?"

"Ok? Yeah, surprising? Yeah, that too."

Liz asked, "Brad, what was your wife's name?"


"Do you love her?"

"I do! For all the good that does."

"What is she doing with her life since you two are apart?" Beth asked. I was starting to see what they were planning.

"Doing? She goes to work and she takes care of the house. Far as I know that's about it. Oh, she visits her Mom on the weekends. She's probably with her Mom today. Her Dad died last December. Why all the questions?"

"We want to help you." Liz said.

Beth scooted closer to Brad, "You made a huge mistake, five years ago. Emily hardly knew Kaye so she probably totally blames you for what happened. Now she's alone and probably as lonely as you are. We think this can be changed. Willing?"

"Hell, yes, I'm willing."

"We need her address and phone number."

"What are you going to do?" He asked, suddenly suspicious.

"If you don't know you have, what the government calls plausible deniability. If what we do doesn't work, will you be worse off than you are now?"

"No. Pardon my French, but I'm already fucked."

"Ok. We need your cell phone number and you need to have it charged and with you at all times." Beth told him. Liz got paper and a pen. Brad gave them everything they asked for.

Liz moved him to the middle of the couch and they sat on either side of him. I watched. Beth asked, "Tell us about the five years after the wedding. Describe your life together."

Before he started I said, "Brad, where are you parked?"

"On the street two houses down." He pointed.

"Go get your car and park in the driveway, OK?"

"Yeah, Ok." He went. I said, "Get the microrecorder from my desk. Start it recording and put it inside one of your blouses so he's speaking right into it. Having Emily hear it from him might help."

Liz tucked the recorder in her bra so the mic was barely hidden and the recorder was totally hidden. Brad came back inside and asked why I had him move his car.

"Some kids have been messing with cars parked at the curb, keying the sides."

"Glad you told me to move it."

Beth guided him back onto the couch and had him face Liz as he told us about their married life. He really let down any barriers he had and told us about the great life they had together. He talked about how Emily was so supportive of him and helped him over some tough spots. He cried when he talked about the two miscarriages they had, and how scared he was when she found a lump in her breast. It was evident the man was devastated when a voice from the past jumped up and bit them in the ass. The voice was my wife's voice.

When his story ended Liz left the room and stopped the recording. We promised we would be in touch, that he was family and forgiven. Beth handed him a bag full of leftovers and both kissed him on the cheek as they said "Good-bye."

The door closed and I asked, "Ok, what are you thinking?"

"Remember the pictures you took at the cabin?" Beth asked.

"The ones of Kaye, nude and covered in names?"

"I think Emily needs to hear your story and see those pictures. She got one of those phone calls. Then she needs to hear Brad telling us his story. I think her heart will melt and they will be back together." Beth said.

Liz added, "She's at her Mom's right now and I'd bet part of the day they cried over the Husband and Dad who weren't there for Thanksgiving. They are both lonely and a day like today just makes it hurt worse. Until you, we cried together often. "

"When shall we do this?" I asked.

"We can call her on Saturday or Sunday. They haven't gone to court so we can lure her with evidence she needs before she gets to court."

Beth added, "One of us should call her. If you call she'll think Brad had something to do with it."

"Where will you meet her?"

"I'll borrow my old place back for an afternoon. She's at church all day Sunday anyway."

"Ok. We'll do it."

Because they had spent so much time and focus on the big dinner I thought a drive might do us some good. We went down by the beach and turned north towards Malibu. At about eight o'clock Beth said she actually wanted something to eat. "Not a lot, but a little something."

Liz and I were having the same thoughts, so we stopped and shared one dinner. It wasn't turkey. I left a nice tip. Back in the truck I recommended they remove their bras. They did and asked if I wanted the shirts gone, too.

After the considerable consideration of possibly two seconds I agreed that would be wonderful. We rode the rest of the twenty or so miles down Pacific Coast Highway to the tunnel in Santa Monica with four of the best boobs in California right out where I could see and touch them. It was fun. Beth was closest to the window and every time we stopped at a traffic signal she looked over to see if the car or truck that stopped next to us could see anything. Mostly the answer was no, most cars are lower to the ground than my pick-up. Once another pick-up stopped next to us and he had taller tires on his and he got a good look at both sets of tits. The light changed, he honked and stayed with us to the next light, then he turned right into a restaurant parking lot, Duke's. I honked, Elizabeth waved and we drove on.

Back at home I took Elizabeth into the playroom and massaged both of them. I warmed the room, played soft meditative music and burned incense as I worked on both of them. When they were relaxed and ready I carefully moved them one at a time into bed. They fell asleep quickly.

I showered and shaved, then joined them in bed. I realized as I showered that I was shaving twice a day. Once in the morning so I looked clean and smooth at work and once at night so I didn't stubble burn either Liz or Beth.

We slept until after 9:00 in the morning. Suddenly I woke and sat up, remembering the contractor was going to be there at 10:00. I got us up and at 9:45 they were doing yoga in the living room. Often they did yoga in the back yard, but it was overcast and quite cool so they were in the house. I had seen them wear tights and leotards of contrasting colors when they did yoga, but that Friday morning it was leotards only, and I do mean only.

A couple minutes after ten the contractor knocked and Liz answered the door. Beth was on the floor in a pose called Halasana, the Plow Pose. Head on the floor, her torso vertical and legs at ninety degrees, arms behind her also at ninety degrees. A bright green strip of cloth barely covered her pussy and dipped between the cheeks of her upturned ass. His eyes bugged at the sight of Liz in her tiny white bikini and when he saw Beth he couldn't speak. I led him out of the living room.

Our consult lasted half an hour with three trips through the living room. Liz came out of the bathroom as he was preparing to leave, wrapped in a towel and asked if I remembered to ask him about the outdoor shower. The towel covered her front from the top of her breasts to just below her pussy. I said we had discussed the outdoor shower and she said, "Ok, Thanks!" and she headed back for the bathroom. Somehow the towel had ridden up and as she turned her entire ass was uncovered. I made it look like I didn't notice. He noticed.

At noon the other contractor we'd found came by and Elizabeth played the same game with him. He was older and a bit grayer, but just as attentive. Liz played with the towel just as she had done earlier. The bids were close, but the older guy was promising the job would be done in fourteen days and the younger guy said fourteen working days.

When the second guy left Liz stood in the living room, without the towel, and called Emily. She answered and we all listened as Liz implemented phase one, The Invitation.

"Emily Peterson?" Liz asked.

"Yes. Who is this?"

"My name is Elizabeth Evans. If you are the soon-to-be-ex-wife of one Bradley Peterson we need to talk."

"Why do we need to talk?"

"Are you divorcing Bradley?"


"I have evidence you need to see before you go to court. Evidence about your husband's extracurricular activities. Some of the evidence you should see is photographic."

"Was he doing you, too?" The stress in her voice was painful to hear.

"No. It happens that I knew about the woman who called you. I don't want money for what I have, but I do want to give it to you personally. Can we meet?"

"Yes. It has to be at a public place."

"Today?" Liz asked.


"How about two o'clock? There's a nice restaurant called Woody's, do you know it?"

"Yes, I've been there." Emily said.

"Dress warmly and sit on the patio. It's still private and public at the same time. Sit so if you look at a big photograph no one will be looking over your shoulder and be offended."

"How will I recognize you?"

"I'll be wearing western boots, a denim skirt and a teal shirt. My hair is dark brown and quite short and curly."

"Must I come alone?"

"No. Just don't bring the whole family, Ok?"

"Ok." She hung up. Phase one was complete. I printed the pictures on photo paper and slipped them, a copy of Kaye's suicide note and the list of names, acts performed and phone numbers into a 9X12 envelope. I put the microrecorder in the envelope too. All three of us got dressed and went to Woody's at 1:30. We sat out on the patio with Liz facing the door out of Woody's onto the patio.

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