tagSci-Fi & Fantasy2100: A New Century - Happy New Year

2100: A New Century - Happy New Year


What is better -- REAL or MACHINE STIMULATION?

Real probably will be different each time. OR

Machine Stimulation that will be consistent each time.


Dwight was born in 2065 and raised in a small Northeast town about thirty miles from a major city. Learning and using computers came at an early age -- -- as Dwight's Father and Mother both worked in the computer technology industry.

Global warming was fast becoming a serious problem before Dwight was born. As a child and teenager, some towns and small cities throughout the world were abandon -- other coastal cities were surrounded by levees and dams with massive pumping systems to aid in removing water -- some other cities have canals where roads once existed.

More of the earth is desert, plants requiring ample water for growth have gradually been replaced by drought resistant plants. Dwight's parents and grandparents have told and showed him pictures of clouds, thunderstorms, and snow -- now the sky is more often blue, then white and/or grey with clouds. Winters are short -- summers seem to last forever.

Many desalination plants are located near the oceans. They change the salty sea water into fresh water, then pump the salt-free water through pipes and canals to cities located throughout the country. The people that can afford houses usually have artificial grass and flowers -- only the extremely wealthy individuals can afford to use water for growing actual decorative plants outside.

High water costs have drastically increased the cost of all types of fresh and frozen food -- meat, fish, fowl, vegetables, and fruits. To save money, many people use food pills that take the place of actual food -- either completely or partially, as the user decides. Food pills provide calories, carbohydrates, and minerals -- -- but little or no fat. And they come in a variety of flavors that are very similar to actual food flavors.

A gallon of fresh water costs a little more then a gallon of gasoline. But many vehicles are hybrids -- using a combination of electric and gasoline for fuel. Other vehicles are powered using sunlight, hydrogen, natural gas, propane, or nuclear energy. The Government controls the use of gasoline and other energy products through strict rationing and fuel taxes. Most companies have organized car pools and/or company vans for employees to commute to work and return home. Computers and computer networks are used for work -- -- when possible. Employees may work from their apartment or home, when possible.


Dwight was very successful in college -- earning several degrees in only a few years by using an Educational Enhancement System (EES). This System uses audio and video to transmit information to a person's brain while he/she wears a helmet. During the transmitting the person could be engaged in any type of activity: reading, sports, and even sleeping. Dwight attended some classes -- -- for the social interchange with other students, contact with the instructors, and to take the required achievement tests.


Dwight works for NEW SYSTEMS International - Universal -- created from a merger of two large computer / software companies -- that had been formed earlier from smaller companies. NEW SYSTEMS makes EES machines, more recently they have also been making and selling Mind Visual Simulator machines. M V S machines and appropriate programs permit a person to experience a variety of vacations, activities, and sports at different levels of intensity while sitting in a chair or laying down on a bed -- in the privacy of his / her home or apartment.

M V S machines offer the user virtual reality of many activities. Using a special camera the user takes a number of pictures of his / her body and imports the body images into the M V S machine -- in use, the machine can bring the person's body into almost any type of action or motion. Before use, depending upon the model, the person uses the control panel by saying what stimulation is desired, typing descriptive words, or selecting certain programmed stimulations such as location, activity, intensity, and year.

The NEW SYSTEMS Company wants to develop a Passion / Charisma M V S machine that will provide a wide variety of very realistic sexual experiences for the user -- in addition to currently available experiences such as vacation, activities, and sports. Several employees who are familiar with this secret project are already calling the proposed M V S Passion / Charisma machine a Premium / Copulation or a Penis / Cunt machine.

Company executives are already discussing a M V S machine / program that will enable two people to be stimulated at the same time -- in separate activities or in a shared sexual activity. It is expected that these Passion / Charisma machines will provide a variety of stimulations that far exceeds any other machines currently available.

Dwight has worked for NEW SYSTEMS for approximately ten years. He is now the Associate Director of Research & Development in charge of simulation -- a woman, Sandra, is the Assistant Director of R & D and reports to Dwight. Both are totally involved with the Premium / Deluxe upgrade version of the Passion / Charisma M V S , along with several other employees in the Research & Development Department.

The M V S P / C machine was scheduled to be available in retail stores for purchases in October, 2099. A prototype machine was available but NEW SYSTEMS executives tried the upgrades and thought that the various sexual experiences were too mechanical. They wanted more realistic experiences -- -- essentially an excellent substitute for one person when a willing partner was not available. They wanted a very realistic visual and mind sexual experience -- -- an experience that would create real sexual satisfaction for the user -- -- -- male or female.

Sales, marketing projections, and customer surveys for the M V S P / C suggest that a satisfactory realistic sexual stimulation software program would initially generate many millions of dollars in profits for the Company every year. And possibly close to a billion dollars or more over the expected life of this model. This program, as well as most programs, can only be down loaded once to a M V S machine -- then the software program self destructs and can not be used.

The Research & Development area for the Sexual Stimulation is located on the fourth floor of one of the most secure buildings at the New Systems Company. All of the work rooms and offices are interior rooms to have more security -- -- access is obtained electronically through finger print scans and eye measurements. In addition to the newest electronic devices and computers, the Sexual Stimulation Department has one special testing room.

This special room is equipped with a queen size bed plus mirrors, bathroom, and storage units containing: lingerie, clothing, a variety of adult toys, bondage items, and lubricants. Sometimes one person uses the room as he/she tries the newest version of the sexual stimulation program. At other times, a man and a woman pleasure each other as a part of the research needed to improve the program.

Current plans are to limit the use of the machine to one person, or a man and a woman. Possible group sex programs may be developed in the future.

<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

January 1, 2100 has come and gone. It is now early January, 2100. Dwight has worked for six straight days / 24 hours per day -- 144 hours -- with only some time for personal relief. His food has been concentrated food pills with vitamins, energy drinks, and water. Most of his team has also worked extended hours and days.

Some of his non-confidential work was done at home, but most of his work was done at the New Systems Research & Development building. He had been in mental contact with several other stimulation experts in other countries, and even with two people who currently are vacationing on the planet Mars. Dwight has never been to Mars -- or any other planet -- but after the Sexual Stimulation program is approved by management he would like to vacation on Mars. Possibly with Sandra!

But several years ago, he did vacation on the Moon. Once the rocket was launched, the trip to the moon took only several hours. Dwight spent many hours in the enclosed resort relaxing -- in some sections of the resort, casual clothing was required but other areas had a no-clothing permitted -- nude only policy. Dwight spent most of his time nude -- -- socializing with men and women. But when he took several extended excursions outside of the resort to visit interesting sites on the moon, space clothing was required.

But the hours of hard and intensive work on the M V S project have been successful. Dwight has a test copy of a new realistic visual and mind sexual experience program which should provide the desired realistic sexual experiences. Other members of his team also will be testing the program in the privacy of their homes or apartments. Only five copies of this more realistic sex stimulation program exist -- each copy has a built in safety system that must be properly unlocked before the program can be used. If access is attempted by an unauthorized person, the program will self-destruct within fifteen seconds.

The master copy along with development information is locked in one of the most secure safes at the New Systems Company.

Dwight has just arrived at his apartment with the test copy of the sexual stimulation program. After his Mind Visual Simulator machine is turned on, he gains access to the software and begins loading the program into the machine.

<> <> <> <> <>

Just before the marathon work session started at New Systems, Dwight had sent a short certified / notarized email to the local court in late December asking for a divorce from his spouse. His spouse had also sent a similar request.

Current divorce laws permit a quick divorce if both husband and wife send separate letters or emails to the local court and the couple have no children under the age of 18.

Dwight turns on his computer and reads his divorce email and the court's response:

"Presiding Judge, Marriage Court December 26, 2099

I, Dwight W. Williams-Lawson, would like to divorce my spouse. We have no children under the age of 18. Privately, we have agreed to a mutually satisfactory arrangement / separation of our assets.

My spouse, Colette R. Williams-Lawson, is also sending you a certified / notarized email.

Thank you very much for considering our divorce request."

_____ _____ _____ _____

Dwight W. Williams-Lawson, Colette R. Williams-Lawson January 3, 2100

The Marriage Court of this County has received and reviewed your two emails requesting a divorce.

This court approves your request. You are divorced, effective January 4, 2100.

Colette can legally use her maiden name of Williams. Dwight can legally use Lawson as his last name.

This Marriage Court wishes both of you the Absolute Best in your future single life

and/or future marriage.

Presiding Judge, Marriage Court

<> <> <> <> <>

Initially, Dwight and Colette's marriage was satisfactory for both. Their sex was ideal. But gradually the common single path they walked together separated and became two separate paths. Each walked on a different path -- but they could still communicate and come together. Over the years, the paths gradually separated -- -- while still married, each lived separate lives with limited communications and separate living arrangements. And often separate vacations.

Both Dwight and Colette wanted to be free. Now they were free to walk on different career paths. And in completely different directions.

Dwight is now free to become even more involved with Sandra -- -- the Assistant Director of Development & Research at New Systems. And he is also free to work many more hours perfecting the M V S machines. If the machines are successful, Dwight expects to become Director of R & D when the current Director retires in several years. At times, Dwight thought he could even become a Vice-President or even the Chief Executive Officer of New Systems -- if the Mind Visual Simulator machines are as successful and profitable as Marketing projects.

But even if he stays at his current position of Associate Director, his bonuses for successful M V S Passion / Charisma machines that are very profitable would enable him to retire at an early age and be financially extremely comfortable. He would be set for life!

<> <> <> <> <>

Before turning off his computer, Dwight sends an email to Sandra:

"HI Sandra - - - My Sexy Sweetheart

The Marriage Court approved my divorce -- effective January 4.

I was divorced for several days and did not even know it. Possibly I should check my personal email more often.

I would immediately come over to your apartment to see you, then feel you -- completely feel you body: outside and inside -- -- but I really need to rest and recover from our marathon work sessions on the M V S upgrades.

I may even sleep -- -- after several days the anti-sleep pills are not that effective for me. I need to take more anti-sleep pills then suggested by the manufacturer.

But I will be with you soon.

With All My Love,

Dwight Friday - - - January 7, 2100

He opens the sliding glass door and walks onto the balcony -- -- it is late afternoon. It is cold, wind is blowing from the Northwest. The ground is covered with a thick blanket of snow -- -- and it is still snowing. The chairs, floor, and railing of the balcony are covered with snow. Only the outline of some buildings across the street can be seen. Light from the street lights reflects off the swirling snow. It is cold - a very damp and penetrating cold.

In a few minutes, Dwight closes the door and sits down in a comfortable chair in the living room of his two bedroom apartment. It is termed a two bedroom apartment, but one bed room really is about the size of a walk-in closet. For his evening meal, he takes some food pills: a large salad pill, a fish pill, two vegetable pills, and an ice cream dessert pill.

He has previously taken some beverage pills. But he much prefers sipping the actual beverages from glasses or bottles as his father and grandfather did years ago. By his chair, he has placed in a cooler three brown bottles of his favorite low-calorie beer. He likes sipping and sucking beer from the long neck of a cold brown bottle.

He loved sucking Colette's teats and genitals, he also loved the sucking activity Colette provided for him through his cock -- -- those are now in the past. But Sandra is even better at cock sucking -- she can take his entire erection into her mouth / throat. And for a long time, as his erection grows harder, longer, and thicker. And her teats become firm and long with some licking and sucking. Her genitals provide his mouth and cock -- and then his entire body -- with lots of pleasure. Sexual reality still is very pleasing for both Dwight and Sandra.

The Sexual Stimulation upgrade program is now loaded into his machine. But before using the M V S machine for sexual stimulation with a high or extreme intensity level, Dwight decides that the stimulation of a relaxing warm vacation in Florida would be enjoyable.

Dwight pushes some buttons on the control panel:

Vacation: Key West, Florida

Activities: Water, Swim, Beach, Fishing

Intensity Level: Low

Year: Current

He puts on the helmet and goggles. Soon, Dwight is receiving stimulating verbal, sound, smell, touch, and picture messages to his mind and body about being in Key West, Florida. It is a warm January 7, 2100 -- the sky is blue with some fluffy white clouds -- a gentle breeze is blowing -- the water is almost calm, with only some gentle swells. Dwight quickly forgets that it is cold, windy, and snowing outside his apartment.

Now his image is fishing from a medium size boat in the Gulf of Mexico. He, and several other people on the boat, each catch several fish. A man pulls off his shirt - turns and says to his spouse: "Are you going to get comfortable?" Soon, the woman removes her shirt and bra -- she is now wearing gym shoes and blue jeans. Most of the men on the boat look at her ample mounds of female flesh -- there is a noticeable contrast between her white mounds and her tanned skin. A second woman removes her shirt -- she is not wearing a bra. All of her visible skin is the same uniform tan color -- -- she is wearing sandals and very short shorts. Some pubic hair is visible.

Dwight sips and sucks the actual beer from the long neck brown bottle. He pushes the pause button and looks at the women's teats. He pushes another button -- the machine zooms in for a much larger then life view of the women's breasts and teats. After a minute or so, the machine starts playing again. He pushes the button again for another look at larger then life boobs and teats.

The image of Dwight pulls off a brightly colored orange T-shirt. In a few minutes, all of the passengers are naked from the waist up. Most continue fishing.

The captain announces: "As long as we are in international waters, passengers can get all of the sun they want on any part of their body. Just use some sun tan lotion on those areas of your body that seldom receive any sun." Several passengers laugh softly.

The captain continues: "But when we approach the port, all must be dressed."

Gradually, more clothing is removed by the other passengers. Dwight receives a mental image of watching a naked man and a naked woman leaving the deck, entering a small cabin, and closing the door. But the message is certainly clear -- -- the man will soon be fishing with his hard rod in the moist hole located between the woman's legs.

Dwight has pushed the Low Intensity level button -- -- Dwight's image continues to fish. The image is sitting in a chair attached to the deck of the boat.

<> <> <> <> <>

Now the fishing boat is docked, lines secured, all the passengers have left.

Next, Dwight sees his image resting on a comfortable lounge chair by the fresh water pool of a luxury motel located on the beach. It is a clothing optional facility. He continues to wear his swim suit and sit on the chair. Men and women walk past -- some wear swim suits, some of the women are topless, some are dressed only in sandals, sunglasses, and hats -- -- and are wearing only their Birthday Suits. The image looks at the people in the fresh water pool -- most are completely naked.

In his apartment in the Northeast, Dwight enjoys watching his image view the people and the warm surroundings. He knows that it is cold and windy outside -- and it is still snowing. His penis stirs only slightly -- -- as the machine is operating at the Low Intensity level.

Dwight's image walks down to the beach -- and sits on another comfortable lounge chair and rests. The image is naked, its penis rests. Dwight's mind and body receives stimulations: Some men and women are wearing swim suits, some women are topless, some men and women are completely naked. In the distance, he sees several couples in copulation positions: "69", cowgirl, and missionary -- -- but the only sounds heard are those made by birds and those made by waves hitting the shore. He also sees palm trees, sand, ocean, gentle waves, blue sky, and fluffy white clouds.

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