tagNonConsent/Reluctance21st Century Slave Ch. 02

21st Century Slave Ch. 02


Tariq knew exactly where Mari would serve out her sentence and assured Carl she would be safe. By some strange coincidence Mari would be sent to the residence of a college roommate, Jabreen. Actually the sprawling home belonged to Jabreen's father but it seemed the entire family still resided there.

Tariq worried to himself because Jabreen the elder was a ruthless businessman and the son was equally bold if not more so.

As long as Tariq could contact Jabreen and request special care, Mari would be given preferential treatment.

After much discussion, Carl agreed to return to the states and await the end of Mari's sentence.

Tariq was busier than ever with more lucrative cases and was not able to travel the hour drive to Amran for ten days following Mari's departure. The daily phone calls from Carl forced Tariq to lie about following up. He did not enjoy being dishonest and set a date to visit Jabreen. The phone rang moments before Tariq walked out the door. It was Carl and he was quite upbeat after having received a letter from Mari letting him know she was okay and doing well. Upon hearing this news, Tariq was very relieved but did not let on his surprise. Mari was basically a slave and anything could happen to her. He did not even know letter writing was possible. But Carl thanked him and said he'd call in a week.

The bus ride to Amran was long and Tariq worried for Mari's safety despite this bit of good news.

As soon as the bus pulled into the station, Tariq saw Jabreen waiting next to his Porsche. In true form, Jabreen threw his long arms open for an embrace. At six-three, Jabreen was a large presence.

"How are you, my long-lost friend?" he asked.

Tariq had not mentioned anything about Mari. He wanted to see how she was being treated ordinarily. But mostly he was too reluctant to tell Jabreen of his business. The two men never asked anything of each other and a request for Mari's safety might not be granted. Tariq was afraid of this potential conflict.

The two drove into the gated compound and parked between expensive toys. Tariq had grown up poor and disliked how Jabreen never knew anything but affluence. The two were different in this regard but had a deep respect for each other which transcended money.

Tariq walked into the palace and within thirty seconds saw a woman he immediately knew was an American. She was on her knees and appeared to be cleaning one of countless surfaces with a damp cloth. She wore something similar to a hospital robe with buttons in the back. Tariq tried not to notice as he listened to Jabreen talk of his latest adventure. Jabreen was self-centered but stopped mid-speech when his eyes spied his house slave.

"Hey, Tariq. See that slave? She's an American. Sentenced for narcotic smuggling."

Tariq could now get a closer look at Mari. Her dirty blond hair was pulled back into a ponytail. Even wearing the gown, her beautiful figure was obvious.

"Really?" Tariq responded. "How long is her sentence?"

Jabreen crossed his arms.

"Five months. But she's not going anywhere. She's mine, my friend."

Tariq's stomach churned as he sensed the immediate dread. Now was the time to tell Jabreen why he was really there.

"Yes, about this woman..." Tariq began to say.

Jabreen interrupted him.

"Slave. She is not a woman. A slave"

Once again, Tariq blew his chance to come clean. He turned his head back to the slave as she steadily worked.

Jabreen adjusted his crotch and stared at Mari until she looked up. She could almost sense the gaze and quickly looked back down.

"This slave is fucking amazing, Tariq. She has satisfied all my brothers and me. She gladly fucks anyone my father brings into the home. Twenty or more men so far."

Tariq scratched his head. How could she be a sex slave and still assure her husband everything was fine? Perhaps she only wanted his peace of mind.

"Come with me, Tariq. Now is a good time."

Both men began a slow pace toward Mari and she looked up once again. Jabreen gestured for her to stand and she did without hesitation. Tariq had not previously noticed the dog collar she wore.

Jabreen flipped his hand with a quick gesture to follow and the three of them walked down a sunny corridor to a darkened room. Jabreen unbuttoned Mari's gown and she removed it from her arms. Tariq had no idea how beautiful Carl's wife would be. Her hourglass figure was striped with lash marks and even a few fresh cuts. Both her front and back had been whipped. Her long nipples stood erect from her obviously augmented breasts. Not overly big but gravity defying nonetheless. She knew the drill as she stood with legs apart and her hands clasped behind her neck - holding her gathered ponytail.

Tariq's eyes widened as his friend opened a drawer and removed a single-tail whip. Mari did not flinch as he stood in front of her and placed a blindfold over her eyes. Instead, her breathing became heavy and her muscles tightened.

Jabreen smiled and gestured for Tariq to sit in a chair and watch. Tariq sat and slowly removed a small cam from his pocket and began recording the ordeal.

His whip-wielding friend took great delight in caressing Mari's curves with the leather snake before laying into her.


Mari arched her back and gasped as the first lash crossed her back. Her reaction was the same with each lash.

Tariq looked up from the cam in disbelief. Surely any normal person would have screamed at those painful blows. But Mari lustfully bit her lip in anticipation of the next strike.

She stood remarkably stoic even after the tenth whipping. The tip of the whip marked the sides of her breasts and one even crossed her nipple - leaving immediate marks. Tariq noticed stretched holes in the sides of her nipples where she'd once had piercings.

Jabreen was right: This was no ordinary slave.

Mari was breathing hard and groaning as though enjoying a sex act. Knowing she could see nothing, Tariq moved in a bit closer to examine Mari's genitals. A steady drip of a clear, lustful liquid slowly fell to the floor. He'd never seen such an erotic moment in his life. He reached down to dab his fingertips in the little puddle. Another drip formed and began to fall from Mari's labia but was bumped her inner thigh after another strike of the whip.

Tariq startled and sat back in his chair after Jabreen's hand cupped Mari's crotch from behind.

"Oh," is all Mari whispered as she gently rode his hand.

The soaked hand caressed Mari's left breast as Jabreen's other hand gripped her throat. She could feel his breath and turned to offer her lips to him but Jabreen backed away from her.

He pulled her hands down to where they held behind her lower back. Jabreen turned her and forced her to bend over the table. Tariq was impressed by the lengthy member Jabreen pulled from his slacks. The liquid between Tariq's fingers glistened as he brought them toward his nose and lips.

Both slave and master got great arousal from this and now Tariq was able to witness exactly why Mari felt her experience was going well. Mari was clearly a masochist. The harder she was whipped, the deeper into the zone of ecstasy she fell.

Jabreen probably was not sadistic but he always had a way of giving his women exactly what they needed. Mari was no exception.

He winked as he began to penetrate Mari. This little show made Tariq smile for the first time but

he stood and began to leave the room. His friend beckoned him to return.

"Where are you going?" Jabreen asked. "You're next."

Tariq laughed at the sight of Jabreen's cock halfway out of Mari's asshole.

Then Jabreen laughed at his own comment.

"No, she's all yours, I meant."

Tariq walked out of the room and lit a cigarette. He still had a major conundrum. How was he going to proceed? In some ways this situation was out of his hands. Mari was not being truthful to Carl but this would be a non-issue if she returned home after six months. At first it seemed Jabreen would prevent her return but Mari appeared to be somewhat content in her role. Perhaps sexualizing the experience was self-preservation on her part. Perhaps not.

Tariq opened the door and waltzed out as though nothing had happened. He did not bother holding the door for Mari as she came out carrying her gown. Being stark naked did not bother her - nor was she bothered by her whip marked body being completely visible. Her tan body had no bikini lines making it obvious she was often naked outdoors there.

"Look at that body," said an insatiable Jabreen. "She wears anything I give her to wear until I tear it off!"

The slave sort of swaggered away from us and returned to her cloth and bucket. Before she continued cleaning, another man - presumably one of Jabreen's brothers- intervened and escorted her out of the room.

"It looks like she's not entirely yours," Tariq said half-jokingly.

Jabreen nodded with a smile.

"She's wild about me. I think I'm in love."

Tariq shook his head thinking the same thought. Mari was the sexiest creature he'd ever seen undressed.

"Why don't you stay over tonight? I will drive you back to town in the morning?"

In spite of his workload, Tariq agreed.

Tariq realized the sentence of hard labor was really about keeping a living sex toy handy and Mari was surely a willing participant.

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