tagBDSM21st Century Subterranean Slavery Pt. 02

21st Century Subterranean Slavery Pt. 02



They were led into a large office with the warden sitting at a small table eating. Behind him a long table with telephones, stacks of folders and clipboards. The walls on three sides were covered with blackboards, the fourth mostly filing cabinets. There were two female slaves standing in front of each board and one by the filing cabinets. All of them in red shorts, arms folded behind their backs and ankle chained to rings in the floor, The midget and the black male slave she'd seen in the madam's office, stood on X's waiting, hands behind their heads. The guard disconnected her chain from the other female and ordered them on X's in line with the other slaves.

The Warden was being fed mouth to mouth by a small Asian female sitting on his one leg. He seemed to be holding her from behind with one hand under her crotch. His other hand occasionally groped and pinched her tits, stomach or thighs. Like the Madam he was sitting on a live chair, though he sat sidesaddle on one ass while another female formed the chair back, her breasts draped around his head while massaging his shoulders gently. An Asian Indian slave kneeling on the floor held his cock in her mouth, cradling his balls with both hands. She didn't seem to be blowing him just holding it in her mouth.

The slave feeding him transferred the food mouth to mouth kissing him, moaning audibly while her entire body seemed to squirm with pleasure as she caressed his body gently. The food was fed in her mouth by another slave with cutlery from a tray on the table.

The Asian would gasp occasionally from his fingers clawing or pinching her and then continue to moan with pleasure. Every painful gasp was echoed by a droning chorus from every slave in the room followed by a moaning refrain; as if they were worshipping their warden's sadism with a spiritual fervor. Each slave in the room was intensely focused, eyes and ears on the warden's every mood and act; moaning at different volumes matching the intensity of every gasp voiced by the Asian female.

This was positively the ugliest man she'd ever seen. He was wearing wide open short robe, exposing a hairy chest and belly. His unkempt beard included a drooping mustache and his small beady eyes set wide under a heavy sloping brow with bushy slanted eyebrow made him appear like a mixture of Gorilla, Latino and Asian. His nose had been broken probably several times and flattened near the brow, one nostril large and the other a narrow slit.

She shuddered with the nauseating realization that she would be coerced into having sex with this monster and to love him like she had the madam, who despite her sadistic disposition was curvaceous and actually kind of pretty. She felt faint for a moment trying to think of a fate worse than submitting to this disgusting beast.

When he finished eating, the Asian held her head high, eyes wide open. He backhanded her hard knocking her off his leg; setting off that echoing chorus again. She watched as he yanked his hand out of her crotch and held up a finger that she quickly grasped, sucking on it eagerly while making satisfied swallowing sounds; her tiny but shapely body with, for her size unusually large breasts, squirming with pleasure. She had that sweet Oriental baby face, a vision of purity and innocence. He dug his fingers deep into her shapely breasts and them slapped her face a couple of times knocking her to her knees, where she took up the praying position, thanking him sincerely while smiling up at him devotedly with those large exotic eyes.

Her guard, speaking quietly handed over the clipboards; "One-eight-six, for further initiation and One-seven-one to punishment records warden," He scanned One-eight-six's papers and then ogled her body. He rose slapping the female with his cock in his mouth and then his live chair several times, again with the echoing drone from the chorus, then approached her smirking deviously. She shuddered looking at a man, no more than five foot-two in height but appearing that wide, extremely hairy with a powerful barrel chest and short bowed legs giving him the appearance of a chimp. He walked around her a couple of times studying her body groping and slapping her here and there. It suddenly struck her that slaves had been dehumanized like this for thousands of years and now despite slavery having been illegal for more than a hundred, she had been shanghaied out of the twenty-first century in a cruel time-warp.

"Well, well, well, what a nice chunk of Amazon flesh, wide hips, fairly small waist, full thighs and tits." He groped each part of her body as he spoke then slapping her ass cheeks a couple of times before clutching and shaking them. "Hem, those mounds would put some of our tar babies to shame. Whatever agent snatched you must have hit a commission jackpot. You were abducted where, baby doll?"

"Los Vegas, Warden."

"Ah yes, good location for a slaver, that buckaroo has rounded up some first rate beef for the syndicate. You'll bring in a lot of coin from loaded elderly Japs; they just love blonde Amazons. Ever fuck a Jap, baby doll?"

"No warden, never."

"Why is that...pretty one?"

"I...I don't really care for them."

"Well, you'll soon be introduced to fucki-fucki Asian style; you'll be spreading those luscious thighs almost exclusively for those gentlemen. They'll snap your pink flesh out of the lineup every nights of the week." He smiled up at her, caressing her face. "You are familiar with the traditional behavior of the oriental female?"

"Yes I've seen it in movies and read..." He slapped her face, twice shutting her up; as a hum to echoed though the room.

"That's good because that is your life now ...or else!" She knew exactly what he meant by that. "That's right my pretty, you'll learn to be slavishly obedient, shyly lower your fluttering eye lids, crawl on your hands and knees and worship your oriental masters in the manner they are accustomed to." She shuddered at the thought. "What wrong my sweet, that doesn't sit well in your gut?" He caressed her belly with a phony concerned look and then slid his hand down palming her cunt, sneering sadistically.

"I...I will do as I'm told warden. I mean I'll learn to do all that, like you said."

"Of course you will, ah...you...are so beautiful," he sang the words of that familiar tune while penetrating her cunt with one finger, "and me...the ugliest man alive will drive my cock in all of your cock holes today; which of your holes are suited for my cock sweetie?"

"My, my pussy, my anus and my, my mouth, Warden;" She shuddered at the thought.

"That is very good pretty baby and then of course I'll fuck your cock holes whenever I feel the need for years to come." She continued to shake as his finger rotated roughly inside her. He smile again, "tell me how ugly I am...dream boat." She stopped trembling frozen with fear and disgust, unable to open her mouth. "I gave you a direct order pretty baby, now speak or in five minutes a slithering snake could replace my finger; we can fit you with a strap-on speculum and they love dark moist holes!" His eyes narrowed into fierce slits while exposing his upper teeth. She shuddered nearly fainting with fright, as he continued to finger fuck her while clutching a tit hard then biting the nipple making her gasp. He smirked smugly.

"You...you...you're very ugly ...Warden." She expected a severe trashing but there were no crop in sight. Maybe he would he just beat her to a pulp?

"Yes...I'm uglier than a gorilla's shit... and you are a dreamy goddess, a vision, a ten, with a full figure any man on the outside would die for." he suddenly pulled his finger and dropped her tit, grasping her face gently "but you know what pretty baby?"

"No warden...no...I...I don't," her voice trailing off to hoarse whisper.

"You...will love me madly, beg me to fuck you, nipple on my balls, lick my asshole, beg me to suck my cock; you'll caress and kiss every inch of my body, give me tongue baths and then...I'll reward you by slapping the fuck out of you. Me... your worst nightmare, a hideous monstrosity... do you know why?" He slapped her face on one side and then backhanded the other, as the chorus hummed.

"Because...'cause you are the warden, you own me and...and, I...I must obey or go... go to, to the pit." She choked on several words as if an invisible hand was strangled her. "Well that's only partly right; it's true that you must submit or...die...in the pit...but I don't own you, the syndicate does. I'm their hands-on administrator, responsible for maximizing their profits" his hands groped her flesh, chuckling at his own wit.

"You see, while doing my job I kill two flies at once." He slapped her face twice, "One I kill by coercing every pretty slave to be totally subservient and eventually with enough time and training, helplessly submissive for the syndicate. At the same time I kill a second fly, satisfying my own sexual needs by fucking and lovingly abusing every sex slave in the organization at will! There isn't another man on the planet with more beautiful young flesh at his beck and call and you know what the most gratifying part is?"

"No I...I don't warden."

"Every slave hates and fears my guts but you must all express your sincere love me! Satisfying my every sexual need...is the only way you can stay alive and...there's absolutely nothing...that's right nothing...you can do about it!" He grinned like a lunatic as his face nearly touched her chin.

"When my staff and I finish your indoctrination you'll be incapable of making decisions of your own, you will follow orders blindly and you'll be unable to think of anything that's not related to being fucked or lashed; your only thoughts during every waking hour...will be how best to pleasure our clients with sex or by presenting your flesh to the lash, nothing else will ever enter your mind!

"Your time during the day will be occupied with classroom training, exercises, meditation and eating. Washing, hair and makeup will be done for you; we even have bathroom attendants to wipe your ass. Every one of your daily activities will have one purpose only: to prepare you mentally and physically for...best-of-show in the evening lineup; followed by the comprehensive sexual satisfaction of a client. I did not use the word comprehensive lightly. The dictionary defines it as 'covering a wide scope' In other words, for every single moment you're with the client and with every single act he of she demands; the client will be one hundred and ten percent satisfied...or else! He sneered savagely.

"If you fail to satisfy a client completely, you will answer to your beloved madam and her affectionate riding crop the following morning and either be lashed severely, have a snake slither into your cunt or both." He smiled with satisfaction watching her cringe.

"You have already watched the madam dispensing her particular brand of justice. After serving your punishment you will come to my hairy gorilla arms, to rekindle your love for me and the syndicate. So what are your options, pretty baby?" He sneered, digging his fingers into her hips.

"I have none warden, I will follow orders and submit or be severely punished."

"Oh...so you don't care for a slithering snake making a nest in your cunt?"

"No warden," she shuddered. "No I never ever want to see one."

"Very well said beautiful, you have no options other than the snake pit and you will submit and love this hideous monster and any client you are chosen by for the night, rather than going there. Right my pretty?"

"Yes warden I will submit to anything you say."

"Ah...that is sweet music to my ears. I believe you...and now; on your knees in the praying position and tell me again how ugly your God is." She got down and put her hands together looking up at his face and tried her best to adopt an adoring expression.

"Please warden you are hideous and ugly but I will love you, submit completely, suck your cock. I'll do everything you ask, please don't send me to the pit, please." He grasped her tits again squashing them together hard while she trembled and nearly passed out.

"Yes I know you will my pretty but alas, that's just not enough; I need to be loved as if I was Apollo or Michael Angelo's David." He pulled up hard on her tits, making her gasp as the chorus echoed loudly.

"Oh Warden I will love you; you are my God." He dropped her tits again and slapped her face hard twice on each side

"Get up pretty one," she staggered up nearly loosing her balance. "Hold my face and look at me with lovely blue eyes and then kiss me passionately." She obeyed with the image of snakes in her minds eye, bending over and holding his hideous face kissing him on the lips, moaning as he tongued her while pawing her flesh. He then pulled back staring fiercely into her eyes; "nauseated are we now beautiful, is your flesh crawling?"

"No Warden I love you," the image of the pit and the rats flashed through her minds.

"Tell me how much you love this monster again; my beautiful curvaceous baby and the moaning must be louder when you kiss me again"

"Oh warden I love you with all my heart." He kissed her passionately, forcing his tongue through her lips as she responded in kind, moaning loudly.

"You are thinking about the pit and the rats when you kiss me, right?" He slapped her face twice.

"Yes wardens...yes I, I, I do, please don't send me there, please." She shuddered while he grinned victoriously.

"Ah let's see now," he ogled her body gloating and sneering while grasping his genitals. Look at my cock sweet baby; ah...decisions, decisions which hole should I jam it in first. How about your pretty mouth would you like that?"

"Yes Warden, my God I want to suck your cock very much."

"On your knees!" She nearly fainted as her knees buckled under her and he showed it in her face. She kissed his knob the way she knew men liked it and then palmed and fingered his balls kissing them in several places. His cock was short, no more than five inches but unbelievable thick and hard as a rock but it was surprisingly straight and symmetrical with a full rounded mushroom somewhat larger than the shaft.

She had sucked off some very handsome guys and been turned off in some cases by their crooked ugly cocks which would have suited this monster to the tee. The amazing thickness filled her mouth, as she began to suck while fondling his large balls. Giving blowjobs was something she for some reason had always turned her on and strangely now after what seemed like hours of his his intimidation and gloating, she felt better since at least his cock was not ugly like the rest of him. She sucked eagerly somehow relieved not seeing his face.

She felt one of the other slaves kneeling next to her holding a plate near her chin. He began to groan and with him an echoing chorus rose from every slave in the room, backing up their lead singer; rising and falling in volume with his groans. Then as he ejaculated the moans turned into panting matching his, as he filled her mouth with a huge amount of semen, forcing her to cough and gulp most of it out on the plate. "Fail to down one drop pretty one and you will be very sorry and look at me adoringly while you feed on my juice."

She sucked him clean and then the other slave began to scoop his cum of the plate with a finger feeding it into her mouth. She made eyed contact trying to look adoring, as he stood back watching while she slurped his semen of her finger, remembering to moan with pleasure and then licked the plate clean. The other slave then licked her chin spitting it in her mouth and then stuck her tongue in deep letting her suck on it. She slurped on her tongue guessing correctly that it was part of his ritual. It was the first time she had actually tasted more than a few drops. She wasn't surprised by now that he also turned his sex acts into musical productions. Every slave in the room was tuned in and responded to his every sound.

"Well what do you have to say now pretty one?"

"Thank you warden, for allowing me to suck your cock and swallow your semen."

"You are so welcome pretty baby, one hole down and two to go. Oh, I do love beautiful women and how easily they're coerced; just a few days stewing in a dark concrete pit seasoned with a pinch of riding crop, converts a pretentious beauty queen's inflated ego, to a born again come one, come all cock sucker eager to submit."

He slapped her face a couple of times and ordered her to stand. "Of course I love pretty boys too." He moved in front of the male black slave stroking his face. "Look at him, isn't he pretty?"

"Yes warden he's very handsome."

"Would you like him to fuck you?"

"Yes warden with your permission of course."

"Face each other," they turned. "Go ahead pretty ones; feast your eyes on each others beautiful young flesh. You're still a teenager and he's just a little older, a perfect match-up.

"Let me see that bone rise boy!" As she had seen in the madams office his cock rose in a short time. Isn't that a beautiful eight inch dong dear?"

"Yes warden very beautiful."

"And look at those shoulders, that muscular chest, that six pack and those powerful thighs. Wouldn't you just love to have him jump you?"

"Yes warden he's perfect."

"What female age range gets fucked by your cock and licked by your tongue, pretty boy?"

"My female clients are mostly sixty and over warden."

"And your male clients, how do you satisfy them?"

"Clients under sixty usually sodomize me after I suck them off; over sixty is mostly kissing and fellatio, sometimes mutual Warden."

"Isn't that a shame, two beautiful youngsters in your sexual prime, a Greek God and Goddess doomed to fuck wrinkled seniors. Look at that cock pretty one," he grasped it; "It will never enter your cunt or mouth; like his tongue, it's reserved for wrinkly old women and their saggy old cunts. In the outside world you two would hook up in a bar and leave for a one night stand. If I was there making a pass, you would both grimace in disgust. Even if you were prostitutes I couldn't pay you enough to get fucked.

"Look at me," they turned their heads as he gloated at them in turn. "But we are here now, deep underground in a secret location and there's no escape; you're sex slaves and I'm your master. You're standing close enough to touch but you might as well be miles apart." He touched and caressed their faces kissing him and then her. "Lets try that again but I need more passion, more moaning and more tongue this time!" The black slave kissed him passionately moaning with pleasure. He then kissed her as she moaned even louder while the chorus echoed throughout the room, Show her you muscles lover boy and you my love...do a little bump and grind, let him see every angle of that full figure of luscious flesh. Have a good long look, because that's all...you'll ever get!" The male slaves flexed for her as she turned doing a slow bump and grind. The warden then held his cock in one hand and slammed his fist down deflating it instantly.

They were then ordered to stand in the regular position maintaining eye contact while he sat down on his live chair which had relocated from the lunch to his work table. He became extremely busy answering the phone, making calls, talking and shouting orders to the slaves working the blackboards and filing cabinets.

It was probably two hours before he got up, slapping both parts of his live chair plus the cock sheath. They thanked him as usual, before he approached One-eight-six again. He played with her tits for a minute and then demanded a passionate kiss.She bent over and kissed him with all the passion she could muster while he clawed her body. He pointed at a leather divan to one side of his work table.

"Get your ass on there now and spread those luscious thighs! Beg me to fuck you!" She picked up her ball and scurried to the divan, throwingherself on it, spreading her thighs wide and reaching her arms for him as he motioned the black male on his knees to encourage an erection.

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