tagBDSM21st Century Subterranean Slavery Pt. 03

21st Century Subterranean Slavery Pt. 03


Part III

Training Classes.

In the morning after she'd served the madam sexually and as furniture the previous evening, as well as having been fucked and sodomized by the warden during the night she was led out of his office for the first time in five days, except for the photo shoot and short session in the madam's office as live furniture. After going through some tunnels, she was led into a large gym and then to an adjoining room for a psychical fitness assessment. She was weighed and every part of her anatomy was measured flexed and soft; her fat index measured and recorded. Another woman wearing a robe without a hood entered from a back door and studied her chart.

"Let's see now, One-eight-six, I am the health and fitness mistress, you will refer to me as mistress. You will train here at least five days a week, an hour to start, mostly cardiovascular to increase your stamina and some weight training.

"The syndicate has classified you as a soft-body sex slave; a calculated marketing strategy focusing primarily on the male, older Asian demographic; as well as other men with an obsessive fixation or fetish with large rubenesque white females, particularly blondes.

"Your body fat index will be monitored and based on your body size our initial objective will be to add five or ten pounds, following a planned diet and exercise regimen to maximize your appeal. Even though you have nothing to say in the matter, there is no need for concern. Ruben's models were actually fat. You will never have rolls; your waists to hips ratio as well as your breasts size is highly marketable and will be maintained or even improved. Now, I see that you have belonged to several health clubs when a free citizen and have worked as an assistant trainer plus a short time in a massage parlor; so you are well aware that motivation is more than half the battle. We can soon tell if you're only going through the motions and if so, you'll be severely punished!

"It is my responsibility to maximize the syndicate's profits and I'll do that in your case by fine tuning your curves to suit the older male's fantasies and then increasing your stamina to endure long sexual sessions. So in your own words, what is the purpose of this gym?"

"To make my body sexier for older Asian men and make me stronger so I can provide sex for extended periods."

"Yes primarily Asians, according to our records but also older men of other ethnic groups. Do you know why it can take longer with older men?"

"A prostitute once told me that older men take longer to cum and don't have the staying power so she would get on top and do the work."

"That about right," she studied the chart, holding it with one hand while feeling various parts of her body, asking her to flex and relax. She then handed it to the assistant and grasped her ass cheeks with both hands asking her to flex several times. "You're right," she said nodding at the assistant. "We can improve the firmness and protrusion somewhat, that is unusual really for a white female who already boast more overhang than many blacks." She slapped her ass lightly a couple of times and then reached around feeling her stomach, ordering her to suck it in and relax several times. "No improvement necessary there, she then felt her breasts like the doctor had. "Best set of DD's I've felt some time One-eight-six; Hem...I think I have time to check you out rights now." She took a deep breath while she continued to caress them.

For the first time since being abducted she felt a rush from someone touching her and, wished she wouldn't stop. The mistress then grasped her chin, drawing her down to her level kissing her softly while slipping a finger into her vagina.

"Um I like your response, One-eight-six," she turned her head to her assistant. A-1 Prepare my chambers."

"Yes mistress, she opened a door at the back and left. The mistress then continued to kiss her while ordering her to respond.

The assistant reentered after a short time, "your chamber is ready mistress."

"Very well bring her in," the assistant ordered her to pick up the ball and led her through the door by the neck chain. They entered a very comfortable bed sitting room with a large bed in the middle. The mistress was by now sitting in an arm chair studying some papers. She was ordered to set her ball in a receptacle on one bedpost. She then disconnected her neck chain and told her to sit on the edge of the bed.

"The trainee is ready mistress." She continued to read her papers for a minute and then got up nodding at the assistant who removed her robe hanging it on a tree. "Do I leave now mistress?"

"No, you will watch," One-eight-six watched her walking towards her, a Latino probably in her mid thirties with a shapely very fit olive skinned body. She sat down and grasped on of her breasts kissing her. "You will make love to me now at your own volition; what position would you like me in?" She barely understood the word but assumed she was to take the lead and embraced her while moaning with genuine passion.

"Please mistress would you stand up first and flex for me?" She appeared surprised but got up and went through a series of poses. One-eight-six gasped with excitement, this woman was like some of her muscle building lesbian girl friends. She got up and ran her hands over her rippling muscles for a while as she continued to flex. One-eight-six then gasped and threw herself on the bed reaching for her. "Please mistresses squash me." She landed hard on top of her as their bodies and lips locked, both gasping with pleasure; one groping and relishing a soft and the other a hard body.

After five days with the Warden and Madam, being coerced to moan with pleasure, she was truly making love to a woman and moaning of her own free will. She had a body like many of the women she's met in the gyms, females with that male muscular feel. She spread her thighs and clamped her legs around her body, rocking her pelvis as their mounds, one shaven and one hairy met. They both reached and fingered each other while still necking. "Oh mistress I want your tongue, my chain is too short would you?" she rocked her pelvis wildly while her lover reversed position. Their tongues plowed the inner labia's while twenty fingers clutched four ass cheeks. She climaxes almost instantly and then several times before her mistress moaned loudly and rolled off, her eyes closed while breathing with total satisfaction.

The assistant took her hand, motioning for her to get up and pick up the ball. She then led her into a bathroom where she used a wet towel to wipe her off. The mistress was still lying with her eyes closed when they reentered. She opened her eyes while the assistant hooked up the neck chain again.

"My assistant will get you started in the gym now," she closed her eyes again obviously enjoying her climax.

The assistant smiled at her knowingly, raising her eye-brows, uttering a quiet. "Um wow, follow me then and we'll get started."

For the first time as a sex slave she was fulfilled. She had climaxed with the madam and even the beast but that was just part of her nature this time she felt warm inside. She had been loved not just used.

The trainer put her through the paces for nearly an hour; mostly on a treadmill with probes attached, monitoring and noting the results. She had time to think about what the mistress and that spark of electricity between them, a bond felt right in the pit of her stomach; something that had happened to her only a couple of times in her life and only with women. The madam of course had told her that she would be serving staff supervisors at their digression.

Her final exercise simulated sexual intercourse with her on top. There were probably fifty slaves in that section doing the same. They were all on their forearms and spread knees bouncing their asses up and down to a beat by an electronic metronome. She found it impossible to keep up for more than twenty or thirty bounces at that speed. The trainer watched her carefully noting her performance level. When the beat finally stopped after probably ten or fifteen minutes she just dropped flat on the floor gasping for air. She noticed a few of the females near her had never missed a beat.

She was then led to an auditorium, given a sort of paddle with her number on it and told to take a seat in the front row. Each seat had a receptacle on the floor for the ball. A male instructor wearing a robe with no hood appeared on a podium and addressed them.

"Good morning sex slaves, welcome to motivation: sexual submission is your life. Please remember to keep your numbers visible. Again let me remind you that not paying attention; that is not knowing the subject if I ask you, will be severely punished as some of you have discovered; Seven-nine what is the punishment?"

"Lashes from the madam or Snakes, master."

"That is correct: three times is a charm, isn't it Seven-nine."

"Yes master, no more snake charming for me!"

"I like a sex slave with a sense of humor; OK then. Today let me start by touching on your responsibility of totally satisfying all clients... I know...once again. You must keep in mind at all times that a satisfied clientele encourages repeat visits and more clients by word of mouth, adding thereby to the financial well being of the syndicate. You should know that your owners, even while they of course pay you nothing as captive slaves, has a large financial investment in this facility plus your training, the staff necessary to support you, feed you etc. You are all then as a group responsible for satisfying each and every clients totally with your body, mind-set and sexual skills. Therefore you are then indeed to blame if any client does not return or lodge a complaint. In such cases you deserve and will be lashed or spend time in the pit due to the syndicate's financial loss; not to mention their reputation. Total dedication is therefore vital; every client must leave one hundred percent satisfied.

"The sex act must be so intensely loving and stirring, that he or she will think about nothing else when leaving and be eager to return; to be loved by you, to dominate you, to beat you or whatever turns that client's crank. You are responsible for offering your body and soul to every client with as many sexual acts he demands or you can encourage him or her to try.

"Nine-two, do you satisfy our clients by acting in a loving and passionate manner?"

"No master I do not act; I satisfy the client by responding to his or her needs with the proper mindset. I truly love every client not only with my body but with all my heart.

"That is correct, this is not a motivational acting class, this is about total dedication to the only reason you breathe, so why do you exist, nine-one?"

"To submit my body and soul for sexual pleasure to whatever client selects me and of course any staff member when ordered; my life has no other purpose, master."

"And what do you do for the rest of your day, One-two-two?"

"I prepare for my body and mindset for my evening client or staff member, in this and many other classes."

"You think of nothing else then."

"No master, that would be sacrilegious and there is no time, every hour of my night and day is filled with thoughts of or actual sexual intercourse; except of course when the client falls to sleep."

"Yes and you hopefully have sweet dreams about submission. Remember the syndicate's profit margin is...always...your number one priority whether awake or asleep. One-twenty-nine, give me an instance of additional profits for the syndicate?"

"The riding crop, master bruises cost the clients more."

"That is correct; the riding crop or other implements are profitable since bruises are subject to an escalating fee schedule, adjusted incrementally to the number and severity of those marks. In other words the more bruises recorded in the morning, the higher the client's final invoice. This can be a two edged sword since many client with that inclination prefer to paint on a clean canvas. We try to recommend slaves being requested for severe physical discipline, who we know are close to their period, giving you four or five days to heal.

"You can be assigned to dungeon service with bruises where clients paying for a one evening session can be given the illusion that the same slaves are being beaten daily for extended periods. Some client will pay handsomely for adding to those bruises and then rape you as a helplessly shackled victim.

You can of course also encourage a client to discipline you near that time of the month by being a naughty girl and then beg for more. Most of you already know that only works with some clients. Other clients will of course beat you harder while you scream and beg him or her to stop. It's up to you to make those judgments and once again encouraging the client to hurt you...is your responsibility to maximize the syndicate's profits.

"Twenty-three, give me one method of encouraging the client to beat you harder or longer?"

"Sometimes by not crying out with the first few lashes the client will become frustrated and beat you more or harder until you cry out or scream with pain."

"That is correct but again every client is different and you must use good judgment.

"So why do we offer your bodies to clients for sexual pleasure? One-eight-six, address the class;" she was shocked to be single out on her first day.

"The syndicate offers our bodies as sex slaves to...to clients to...to make a profit, master?"

"That is correct and what is your responsibility?"

"To...to have sex with the client, any kind and truly love him so he will come back and tell his friends so the syndicate can make even more money."

"That is correct, Nine-seven can you expand on her statement?"

"I think so master. In my mindset the client is the prince or princess of my dreams."

"That's good Nine-seven can anybody add anything to that? Yes One-two-five go ahead."

"Well master no but I have question. You say we should try to encourage more acts or positions. What if he doesn't like being told?"

"Good question One-two-five. That is a delicate matter; many men are set in their ways. As a sex slave it's your duty to submit to any position demanded, that goes without saying. You should however try to sense the client's needs. As you both move around in the bed or the room, try to encourage groping and kissing by responding breathlessly to his moves even though they might seem strange. Remember some of your male clients have been married for many years and some have only experienced the missionary position. It's your responsibility to encourage experimentation, different positions and sex acts, especially fellatio to a man like that can be a fantastic turn on. A fantastic turn on, can lead to repeat business and what does that mean, Eight-nine?'

"Profits for people we've never seen."

"Eight-nine is getting slightly cynical this morning but that's fine. It is actually a good question but not exactly true; no one outside of the front office knows their identities. Not even our warden and madam. I'm sure however that many of you have sexually satisfied some of your owners. Yes Seven-two?"

"Really master that is exciting I'd love to know when I'm serving someone who actually owns me. I don't know why but that turns me on. I know the clients theoretically own us for the night but the syndicate owns us permanently. We truly are the property of these people. "

"Well you never will know but after four years as a sex slave, Seven-two, I'm sure you have probably satisfied one or maybe several of your owners, who knows? It's a large syndicate and I'm sure they dip into the till. Yes One-six-three?"

"How much do we cost a client, master?"

"Again only the front office knows that. But I can guess that, because of the secret, illegal nature of this operation and the fact that you are actual slaves abducted and brought here unlawfully from around the world, only the very rich can afford any of you. Probable five or ten times the most expensive call-girls."

"Why would anybody pay that much if they can get a call-girl for less?"

"Think about it. A call girl is a free citizen who can leave anytime, refuse certain acts and haggle for payment. You are all permanently in chains and cannot refuse any sexual act with any client, who actually owns you for the night. The client is in total charge of you, body and soul; there is absolutely nothing you can do to refuse him, short of a severe beating and in such a case definitely the pit. That is a fantastic turn on to many clients even though they don't know about the pit. They know however that you are true slaves, Yes Seven-eight?"

"I love being owned master and I love to hear you talk about it; it makes me all tingly inside; especially the idea that an actual owner has fucked me."

"Does anybody else feel like Seven-eight? Let's see a show of hands; nearly half that is a nice surprise to me; mostly long timers over three years. Six-two, why do you feel that way?"

"Same as Seven-two I think. After two years it's my life now, I was always a submissive nature. I acted, no rather was, the sub in a sex club; maybe one of the syndicates slavers found me there. I don't care about being free, I love submission even the pain of being lashed by a client, the madam or slapped around by the warden, though I don't think I'm a real masochist. I just love my life here and as long as I'm young enough to be desirable, I wouldn't leave if I could."

One-eight-six found it hard to believe what she heard from Six-two and Seven-eight; she couldn't imagine ever feeling that way no matter how long she was here.

"Six-six, what did Seven-two just say?"

"I...I'm sorry master. I'm so tired from last night. No sleep at all master." The instructor filled out a form on the podium. "Guard, take this slave to the madam's office for corrective action." She was led out with tears flowing down her cheeks.

One-eight-six, noticed that not only the girls ass but also her thighs and back were welted with stripes of all colors. She wasn't much over eighteen; a short buxom blonde with a sculptured body and Scandinavian skin. She wondered if the madam would let her off with a few lashes; since she had earned a large bonus for the syndicate last nights.

She was led to the next class in another large room where about fifty female were on or getting on what appeared to be massage tables. She was brought in to a small office where a guard ordered her to get on similar table and then left her alone after leaving her clipboard in a slot. A mistress and an assistant then entered, the assistant picking up the clipboard handing it to the mistress who studied it and then handed it back.

"One-eight six, I am the mistress in charge of VSM, which stands for vaginal sphincter manipulation training. Spread your thighs." She sounded very officious, like a city hall bureaucrat. She spread her thighs and the mistress placed one hand on her stomach and penetrated her vagina with a finger asking her to squeeze it. She tried with little success. "Reaction barely ten percent," she was speaking to her assistant who made a note. For the next five minutes she was probed and ordered to flex her pelvic and other muscles in her lower body and thighs while listening to a lot of medical jargon she did not understand.

"You pelvic floor is weak for a nine-teen year old. You will train here seven days a week in order to bring your contraction pressure and frequency to an acceptable performance level. This is vital due to the client category you are being aimed at. Motivation is essential and by your chart I see you have already had a second tour in the pit. For the first few weeks we require an incremental weekly improvement of eight percent in both pressure and frequency. Six percent will result in a visit to the madam's office; four percent, snakes and rats for an indeterminate period. My assistant will get you started immediately." She left the room and the assistant put her hand on her stomach and inserted and held a long soft dildo in her vagina.

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