21st Century Subterranean Slavery Pt. 05


"Does the super fuck you as well?"

"Yes, usually one or two of us daily. He treats us like women when making love to us though; no weird stuff. He uses many different positions and includes oral sex almost every time. It's part of our training and if he's loving me for instance the other midgets are always there to watch and learn. When I say making love to us, that's exactly what he does. After such a session we're encouraged to ask question and discuss the motives or advantages of the many different ways of doing it.

"He takes the clients role when teaching us how to please them but then he doesn't ejaculate.

"There is an assistant female who looks after our bathroom needs...hair and so on; there is a complete bathroom there. He picks one of us to have lesbian sex with her daily, which everyone also watches.

"He also lends us out to other supers at regular intervals; I think it is a compulsory exchange program ordered by the beast. It includes him of course, the madam, the doctor and the dentist. You know everybody gets a piece of us."

"It's the same for the rest of us."

"The five of us, actually six right now are kept separately in a special cell block. The sixth is a doll faced Asian Indian midget, right out of the pits and her three days with the beast and madam. She's still in shock; while being trained to replace a three year veteran."

"What do you mean veteran?"

"She's an African midget who's been here three years and is loosing that sweet baby faced look. So, she'll soon be moved to the regular midget cell block. She's happy however; she'll be treated like an adult from then on."

"Yes but then she'll be subjected to client beatings like we were tonight."

"That's true but a few lashes and shedding a few tears is infinitely preferable to be treated like something you're not. We're adults and I would gladly accept some lashes to get out of my present situation.

"Anyway that's how we're trained; we don't leave our cell block except for swimming and sunbaths; even the female wrestling super comes to our cell block. Our super teaches us all we need to know about sex and acting a certain age, how to dress, undress and look shy or scared; how to act when told to or being undressed shyly covering oneself or crying with shame or being eager and willing. There no end to the training scenarios, we practice constantly every day. Another difference is that we're never chained, wear any restraints and were not marked."

"But you have one-four-eight on your thigh?"

It is some kind of ink and will be washed off in the morning.

"So you're chained and numbered only when in an auction?"

"I'm being prepared for the day when I lose my cute glow. I've even been in the lineup a few times lately, so I know about restraints, carrying that iron ball and being referred to by number."

"Do you have a meditation hour before serving your clients like we do?"

"Yes it's almost like hypnosis isn't it? It seems to transport me from reality to a make believe world. I usually feel like a fairytale princess before entering the room. The super tells us that it lends an air of mystique and graceful obedience to our presence when we enter the room and face the client.

He has taught us to enter and stand there, breathing deeply, head cocked a bit making eye contact, with one finger in the corner of your mouth while absently minded lifting the hem of the nightie revealing a bit of pantie."

So you feel bad about being treated like a youngster?"

"All midgets do in the outside world too, people think you're cute and pat you on the head and stuff. That infuriates most midgets or little people as you're supposed to say.

"I'm sorry I actually think midget is a sexy term and that...you are cute...does that make you angry?"

"You're my lover, so midget is a term of endearment." She kissed her warmly.

"So until you lose that glow you're stuck where you are."

"Like any of us, what choice do I have, other than the devils hole with its rats and snakes? My initial nine days was enough; I was terrified out of my wits, totally horrified and obeyed all orders slavishly when released. I was raised in a strict religious and protective family in the Caribbean. We read from the bible, praying at every meal and other times too. Sex was never discussed; not that it was taboo, I just had no knowledge or curiosity about it what so ever. Masturbation or playing with your self was a concepts totally outside of my personal experience. I arrived here with the mindset of a fourteen year old."

"How is your mindset now?"

"My experience here has probably added nine years to my life mentally. I didn't tell you but I also arrived here as a virgin."

"Well based on your story, I thought as much. So the beast performed the honors?"

"No, once the doctor discovered my hymen was intact I was auctioned off as a virgin the very next day, in the same room we were sold in tonight. The auctioneer described my status as a virgin in graphic detail. I was even displayed on a table with my legs spread by guards while another spread my labia and orifice so each auction bidder could inspect my hymen. I was shaking and crying hysterically through the whole thing; I'd never been so humiliated or terrified. I don't know what the winner actually paid on his bill but the last bid was over a million. He was kind though and took several hours of gentle foreplay and even let me watch a movie first but oh did it hurt when he penetrated me, I thought I was going to die."

"So when did you serve the beast?"

"I was actually introduced to the madam first. She told me right off that any hesitation or complaint about what she was going to do to me would mean two weeks in the pit. She proceeded to introduce me to mutual oral sex, which I found disgusting and unnatural but it didn't hurt and after the shock wore off I accepted two women licking each other was just part of a sex slave's fate. She made me do it several times during the night and I actually experienced a strange feeling the second time which she explained to me was known as a climax.

"So you had the first climax in your life with a woman?"

"Yes but the next night the warden appeared in the room naked. I screamed hysterically shaking and crying, thinking he was a nightmare from hell. He just sat down in a chair and watched me with as sadistic smirk on his ugly face. Then he ordered me to stand and turn to display my body. He told me that I was to love him passionately during the night and if I didn't conform, I would go to the pit and that there would be rats and snakes in this one. He also told me that I had to learn how to suck his cock and swallow the cream and that I would be buggered some time during the night. I had no idea what buggering was.

"Next he grasped me fondling my body everywhere and then lifted me on his lap. I felt his cock rise between my thighs as he began to kiss me. The madam had taught me to French kiss so when I felt his tongue probing my lips I opened my mouth responding in kind. By this time I was in a trance-like state, trapped in a horrifying nightmare. I'd been seized by a devious beast preparing to devour me whole. I was helpless to resist this monstrous creepy creature and just blindly obeyed his every wish. He sneered that I had to hug and caress him while he continued to slobber kisses on me. I did as ordered, shivering with disgust feeling his hairy body. I had seen many men on the beach with some body hair but not like this ape.

"Then he lifted me to the floor and forced my head down in his crotch and ordered me to open my mouth and suck on it. Despite having been deflowered I had never seen a penis and I nearly threw up looking at his hairy crotch with this baggy thing hanging down. I now know his cock was semi hard and that ugly wrinkled sack covered in curly hair was his balls. I then thought about the pit and put his red knob in my mouth while I felt like my entire stomach would come up. Then I thought about the pit again and began to suck on the nauseating thing.

"He then said to spit on it and get it very vet and suck on it again which I did. I knew what sexual intercourse was with a man by now, because I'd had it done to me when deflowered but I thought that was it and I couldn't for the life of me comprehend why anyone would suck on it or want to have it sucked.

"Then suddenly he lifted me up and straddled my legs around his hips and I could feel his penis press into my crotch. He used one hand to fit it in the right place and then forced my body down ramming it in all the way. I screeched in pain which made him laugh sneeringly; he grasped my ass cheeks and then jerked me up and down for a while before ordering me to do it. I'm strong so I worked hard using my feet on his chair for leverage. He kept grumbling faster, faster which I did despite the pain and then suddenly he groaned with pleasure and pressed me down holding his cock inside me for a long time. He then lifted me of his penis, stood up and threw me on the bed. He jumped on top of me and just went to sleep.

"I never slept a wink that night. He woke up later, rolled off me and sat on the edge of the bed making a phone call. He snapped a number and said 'right now' and hung up. A minute later a gorgeous white female blonde entered and fell to her knees in front of him kissing his feet. He then ordered her to rise on her knees and slapped her face hard four times nearly, knocking her over with each blow. What amazed me what that she returned her head after recovering, raising her chin looking at him demurely while waiting for the next blow. He then ordered me to kneel next to her and slapped me four times. I fearfully copied what she had done returning my head reluctantly each time for the next slap.

"He then sneered at the white female and pointed at his cock and then at me saying, 'teach her'. She pulled me in close and we moved in between his knees. She then kissed his knob and circled her tongue around it. She moved her head back and indicated that it was my turn. I kissed it feeling disgusted again and circled my tongue around the big red knob. Next she showed me how to frig his shaft and taught me how to fondle his balls gently while sucking noisily on the knob. I tried hard to follow her instructions but found it difficult to coordinate all three functions at once. I must have taken ten minutes before getting it all together. By then he started to groan and soon exploded in my mouth choking me as I coughed most of it out, the sticky stuff draining down my chest and tits.

"She whispered in my ear, keep sucking, swallowing and slurping if you know what's good for you. The snakes and rats flashed through my mind and I sucked and swallowed the salty stuff as if I was starving. He then sat back and watched as she fingered the spilled gobs of cum from my chest and tits, sticking them in my mouth to be sucked and swallowed. Next she licked the remainder off my skin and then sort of kissed and spat it in my mouth. I learned that night that mans sperm must never be spilled; it has to remain inside your body in one place or another. Also, that for some reason you must slurp noisily while sucking and swallowing.

"He then ordered the other slave to get a number two plug. I had no idea what he meant but soon found out. I saw her pick up a plug like object and lubricate it with something. I was then ordered to get on the bed on my forearms and knees and was shocked once again that night when she twisted it inside my anus. It hurt going in but felt fairly comfortable after a while. He then ordered the other slave out after slapping her several times. She thanked him sincerely kissed his feet and left. He then went to sleep next to me. I never slept and kept wondering why that plug was doing in my anus.

"I certainly found out when he woke maybe a couple of hour later. First he wanted his cock sucked and I tried my best to do it like I had been shown earlier and it soon became rock hard. Then he ordered me on my hands and knees and got behind me yanking out the plug and then shocked me once again by forcing his cock inside my anus. It was extremely painful and I cried with pain while he groaned and sneered with delight, mercilessly ramming my aching bum hole. After coming he pulled it out and slapped my ass hard about five times saying 'your ass cherry has been sodomized.' I figured then that was the buggering he spoke of earlier."

She stopped talking and hugged her listener who stayed quiet for a minute. "The next day I was ordered into his office to watch him work beating and fucking other slaves. At meal time he sat me on his knees and made me feed him mouth to mouth. I nearly threw up several times while he groped and pinched my body sneering as he hurt me, especially my tits and ass."

"Three holes in one night two of them new, you poor thing, I thought I was shanghaied out of society but I lived in the bar circuit for a long time with a fake ID; sex with men or women was my hobby". I was abducted there with a date drug." She squeezed her tiny lover tight kissing her forehead. "How did they abduct you?"

"I'm a very strong swimmer and I used to swim off the beach two or three times a week and despite my sheltered life and naive personality I was a daredevil, always out too far in the breakers. That day, three days after my eighteenth birthday I heard the shark siren go off and headed back to the beach but a sailboat crossed my path and you know how they sometimes lean over with the rail in the water, two white men hauled me in, unseen on the side away from the beach. The last thing I remember was being wrapped in a towel, crammed into a small storage locker in the cabin and then a sharp pain in my arm."

"They drugged you, after probably watching and planning the abduction for weeks even the shark signal was probably from their boat."

"Yes, a well executed crime; I was more than likely believed to have drowned or eaten by sharks. Then like everyone else I woke in that infernal hell hole." She shivered and hugged One-eight-six.

"You told me you never had sex or even thought about it before you were abducted but you like it now. I can tell you're not acting; not only that, you're multi-orgasmic like me."

"I don't act as long as I'm treated like an adult. I love sex now thanks to my super's gentle love making. After a month of his almost daily penetrations I guess my vagina stretched and the penis became pleasurable, giving me climaxes rather than pain. I'm not married so that is still a sin; worse than that I really enjoy lesbian sex which is a grave sin. But I hope that higher power will absolve me from my sins even if I enjoy sex.

"I don't see how you could be punished for being a slave. Enjoying sex just means that the higher power provided you with nerve ending in the right places for signaling your brain's pleasure center.

They kissed warmly and then sneaked back in the room, curling up separately on the carpet waiting for the guard."

To be continued.

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