21st Century Subterranean Slavery Pt. 06


"No madam he was very kind and loving; I'm so sorry."

"Well I'm not going to send you to the pit this time but you must understand that you have failed the syndicate miserably and must be punished. How many lashes do you deserve?"

"Thirty lashes, madam please."

"Very well let's make it twenty; you have an excellent record up to this point. Let's see here: eighteen months no trips to the pits other that the initial nine days. Guard hand a crop to One-eight-six. She will perform this most pleasurable loving task. Beat her ass guard every time she doesn't put enough muscle into her voluntary and satisfying assignment."

One-eight-six was shocked, she'd never heard of a sex slave wielding the riding crop. The girl bent her gorgeous shapely body over the desk and took the madams hands making eye contact. She took the crop from the guard and then taking a deep breath lashes the girls beautiful white ass once and instantly received a hard lash on her own ass.

"Do you know why you got that lash my sweet lover?"

"Yes madam I didn't lash her hard enough."

"That's correct, except the proper expression should be you didn't exert enough love into your effort. Now apply more passionate love to her flesh, lashing a beautiful ass is the ultimate act of love making. Don't worry sweetie," she said to the girl smiling sweetly and kissing her lips, the next lash will be so much more gratifying."

This was totally foreign to one-eight-six, she had never beaten anyone let alone had a fight ever.

She squeezed the handle tightly and landed another much harder holding her breath.

"Good" her madam said, the first one didn't' count so nineteen more my sweet." She kissed her lips again.

She landed another then another, watching the colors emerging on her beautiful white flesh. She was breathing hard, almost gasping with each stroke. After ten it got easier and despite the girls crying and trembling she put more muscle into it.

She couldn't believe what she was doing. By fifteen she was in a trance feeling good even though her own ass was smarting. She made eye contact with the madam who smiled at her after each lash in a strangely sweet encouraging manner. She felt empowered now and relished the last five strokes which she aimed at the girl's shapely thighs. She stopped, gasping for air, as her entire body trembled with a strange rush. She had beaten someone and gone from railing against it in her heart to truly enjoying it; it was an unbelievably satisfying and erotic feeling. "Well sweetie that was twenty would you like more?"

"Yes...yes...please madam...more please," she stammered as the tears flowed and her body quivered with pain.

"Very well sweetie I'll grant you three more but that's all. You loving sister slave looks tired." She nodded at One-eight-six, who added three more bruises across the girl's now colorful ass.

"Embrace each other girls and French kiss, the lover will thank the loved." They kissed and the girl with her tears flowing thanked one-eight-six and the madam sincerely. She kissed her back and it was my pleasure flew out of her mouth. "Hang on to the riding crop my love you're learning all about the ultimate demonstration of passionate love."

She ordered the white female back to the lineup and called up a white lady boy.

"One-nine eight you did fine according to the report being fucked twice. Let's see here your VSM. Vaginal sphincter manipulation rate... is three per second measured over four minutes and you client ejaculated each time. He sucked you off three times and the last time you came but with only a few drops of sperm for him to enjoy. He was a forty year old Caucasian was he not handsome, you didn't love him sincerely?"

"Oh madam, looks doesn't matter I did love him truly. I really did but the last time there just wasn't enough sperm left, I'm sorry, so very sorry I've failed the syndicate."

"If that happens again it will be the snake pit for you. I'll let you get away with thirty loving lashes this time."

"Oh thank you madam, I truly love my madam." One-eight-six knew from the madam's expression that she had a soft spot for this beautiful feminine lady boy. She'd probably had many sessions with both part of 'its' anatomy. 'It' bent over the desk and held on to the madam's hands. She nodded at One-eight-six and she proceeded to give 'it' thirty lashes.

After ten strokes she suddenly ordered her to stop. "Let's add a little spice to this event my pretty lover. I'll let you fuck One-eight-six doggie style and if you pull out and deposit a good load on her ass in ten strokes of less you won't get another ten. If you take more than twenty we'll add two lashes for each extra stroke. Suck him until he's hard and then offer you cunt for penetration so I can watch the action." She got on he knees and soon had him rock hard and then got up and offered her ass to the male part of 'it'. The madam counted the strokes out loud and after eighteen he pulled out and splattered her ass with gobs of cum. He automatically licked her clean with the usual slurping swallowing sound and was then ordered back to the line.

Next she called up a male Asian, pretty rather than handsome, baby faced with those exotic eyes and thick feminine lips. He was shaking with fear. "One-six-six, let's see now a Swedish couple in their later thirties. You sucked off the male three times during the night and he sucked you once which was satisfactory. You fucked the female twice and failed to make her climax the second time. Were you tired or disinterested by then or maybe she was ugly?"

"Oh no madam," his voice trembled. No she was a beautiful full figured blonde. The truth is that she was so beautiful and so much taller than me and with her husband watching I was intimidated and I just couldn't make her climax. I tried extended foreplay like I've been taught but it wasn't enough."

"Let's see, you been here twenty months and have never been punished before, a commendable record. They picked you out of the album because you are pretty rather than handsome. So why should you're their looks intimidate you?"

"I'm used to much older client, some not very good looking and they sort of worship me. Oh I can't explain it madam I'm just so sorry."

Well I'll'' give you the choice of the snake pits or thirty very hard lashes. What will it be my pretty lover?"

"Oh thank you madam, thirty hard lashes please. Thank you, thank you madam I love my madam."

"Well One-eight-six, you'll put in a lot of muscular love into this or receive an equal amount from the guard behind you."

He leaned over the desk taking his madam's hands as she smiled at him sweetly kissing his lips. One-eight-six gripped the handle of the riding crop as hard as she could and lashed his, for an Asian unusually large and shapely ass, making him jerk and cry out. Her madam gave her an approving look and kissed him tenderly while the next blow lashed across his plump cheeks. By ten lashes he was crying uncontrollably and she ordered a temporary stop. She told him to stand and for One-eight-six to caress his ass to soothe the pain. She then ordered her live chair to lift her on to the desk where she arranged herself near the edge spreading her thighs.

The live chair back leaned over the desk holding her breasts together proving a soft pillow for her madam.

She ordered One-eight-six to suck his cock until he was hard. "Well my pretty love, fuck me and make me cum while you get one lash every five seconds. After I get off you can jerk off on my stomach and the lashes will stop.

One-eight-six lashed him hard and counted: one thousand two thousand... At five thousands she lashed him again catching him in a back stroke jerking him back in. She began counting again as he pumped away wondering how anyone could climax while being beaten so hard. After the next lash she noticed the madam's stomach and thigh muscles contracting rhythmically which meat she was helping him with vaginal contractions; favoritism again with pretty young males. The madam moaned her climax after the eight lash and amazingly he immediately jerked his load on her stomach and then slurped it up.

The last slave to be punished was a very beautiful full figure hourglass Asian Indian with breasts to die for.

"One-two-two, you fell to sleep and could barely be awakened, when you client wanted a third sex act. He was very satisfied with the first two but you acted like a rag doll in the third. You're going to the pits for that."

"Oh please madam, lash me a hundred times. I had six classes yesterday including wrestling and swimming. I also had sex with four supervisors including the wrestling supervisor she made me wrestle erotically for more than half an hour wearing me out completely."

That was a tough day and I know, that muscle bound midget super can wear anyone out but the syndicate doesn't accept failure. I'll be nice to you and give you fifty lashes now and half the time in the pit. I won' tell you how many days that will be. Bend over my desk now!"

One-eight-six landed fifty hard lashes on the poor slave and did not feel exhilarated this time. Her arm felt like it would fall off at the last stroke. The Asian cried hysterically as two guards dragged her along to her horrible fate.

She settled on her cell bed still shaking, once again her location had been changed and her neighbor was one of her victims, probably on her madam's orders. The reality of what she had been forced to do, hit her right in the gut. She covered her eyes and cried again, after adjusting her bra.

Bra's had been introduced a few days back. Apparently someone in the organization had decided that the female breasts would resist gravity somewhat longer if supported. They were modified nursing bra's with the flap removed, exposing the nipples and were now compulsory most of the day. Maybe now her DD's would take longer to become heavy hanger and it was actually a relief to wear it.

"Stop it," her victim laughed, "you had to do it One-eight-six, I don't blame you." She stared at her in disbelief.

"You must hate me, admit it."

"If you hadn't lashed my ass the madam or the guard would have and by refusing you would be in the snake pit for a long time. The syndicate, I should say crime syndicate, and their system beats our ass flesh sweetie not the madam, the guards or our fellow slaves. I've been forced to beat other slaves twice in two years."

"But...but I ended up enjoying it, I'm as bad as they are." "So did I," she looked at her smiling.

"Don't forget that everyone here from the warden and madam on down are technically slaves; no one can leave. Without the threat of severe punishment in the pits, the crop, or making love to the beast, we would not be performing with such a convincing degree of love and sexual passion for the clients and staff. If we didn't perform that way I suppose the syndicate would have some way of punishing the Warden and the Madam."

"But I still don't understand why I enjoyed lashing other slaves today."

"Its probably part of the physiology effect of being a slave. You beat another slave feeling bad at first then after a few more lashes it become a rush. Maybe subconsciously you're getting back at the world because you're a slave; you're in control, for just a few minutes and actually relish it.

"The madam does this once in a while; she's gets her jollies watching slaves lash slaves while she eyes her victims with that adoring expression.

"Obviously to her, having someone lashed thirty times while the victim makes love to her, is to her the ultimate sexual turn-on. That makes her a sadist of course but she never looks mean or sneers like the Warden; on the contrary she seems to genuinely love her victims as they shake, tremble and cry with pain. She truly is a walking contradiction; one second kissing and caressing your tits, next pinching and biting and then she'll ever so tenderly kiss your tears away.

The gong interrupted their discussion. It was time for the final daily lineup preparation. Everyone removed their bras and hung them on newly installed hooks on the bedposts. The breast and vagina rituals never changed; every day the cell block supervisor paced them through it, repeating the same phrases and actions. The effect on her, however had increased by the day, she became totally mesmerized, the feeling lasting sometimes until she entered the clients room and even longer. Some of the slaves who had been around for years told her that it was a form of hypnotism and the effect could last for them until morning.

To be continued...

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