tagBDSM21st Century Subterranean Slavery Pt. 07

21st Century Subterranean Slavery Pt. 07


This part includes a short homosexual segment in order to reestablish the Warden deviant nature. If that offends you please skip: HOMO to HOMO End.

She was s the first to be called with two other slaves she had lashed in the Madam's office plus one more. They were neck chained together outside the cell block and marched off. She knew this was not for the lineup but some private event or maybe a dungeon. The dungeon made sense since all four sported multiple bruises on their asses and thighs.

They were brought in to a small room where the ball and chain was removed as well as the neck chains. Next they were taken into a dimly lit room where each of them was handcuffed around a thick post. The chain between the cuffs was then attached to something on the other side of the post leaving their hands about even with their breasts.

The lights were brightened after a while and she turned her head seeing a long table near the wall behind her. The table was set with maybe twelve dinner plate settings. There were no chairs on her side. So they were to be on display for a dinner party. Six female slaves were lined up by the door where the guest would arrive at one end of the table. They were dressed in French maid's uniforms with mid ass cheek skirts, nylons and exposed breasts with no panties.

Clients began to arrive and each was guided to a chair by a maid. Once six couples were seated the maids began so serve them food and wine. She noticed that most of the males were in their sixties and the women less than thirty; probably trophy wives or mistresses. As their party went on and the booze flowed the conversation became louder. She heard a lot of pleasurable shrieking laughs as the maids were groped and slapped.

It must have more that an hour before the clients began to get up and take an interest in the four chained slaves. A small table was brought in by the maids with a variety of implement of punishment. Only women picked out instruments. One woman picked a paddle and slapped each slave twice, once on each cheek and then their tits.

Another woman, a beautiful tall half breed Latino picked a riding crop and started with one-eight-six. "Stick out that ass bitch," she sneered. "Display that big white ass for the riding crop." She bent over as much as she could and arched her back presenting her ass to the woman. "Nice ass for a honky bitch, now churn it invitingly whore, show me you love being lashed." She dug her fingernails deep into her ass flesh in several places. "Ah I see you love being lashed look at those stripes, you've been a slut haven't you?"

"No ma'am I'm always good," she replied in a cocky manner.

"Well listen to that, an obstinate bitch...I like that but I know exactly how to handle young bitches." She emphasized 'young' and lashes her ass and thighs five times. "George come here I want you to fuck this mouthy bitch. You like them young don't you?"

"I've got you my darling; she's about the same age."

"How old are you bitch?" she lashed her again.

"I'm eighteen ma'am."

"Like hell my age, she's a teen George, go ahead and enjoy the sluts young supple flesh after I decorate he ass a little more;" she gave her five more hard. Frenchy, drop my dear husband's trousers." She must have been talking to one of the maids. She watched as a black maid on her knees lowered his pants and boxers. Ok George you got a full figured teenager to fuck; Frenchy get it in you mouth and harden it; I want to hear you slurp bitch. She landed a couple of lashes on the maid's ass, there that's so much better. George that a nice boner. Frenchy lick her a bit for lubrication I don't want her cunt to hurt my sugar daddy's cock." She lashed her ass again for emphasis laughing sarcastically." She felt a long tongue lubricating her hole and then a fair sized cock ramming her. The woman began to fondle her roughly, digging her nails into her tits and then ordered her to turn her head up to one side to French kiss her. She bit her tongue several times, while her husband panted with lust until he came groaning loudly. The maid sucked him clean and used a towel to dry him off. They left for the table after giving her and the maid five more lashes each.

She watched, while her sister slaves tied up as she was, got lashed by female guests and fucked by their husbands. Her head spun for a minute; they were clients not guests. She was so brain washed by training, meditation and beatings that she actually believed for a moment that this was not a staged play but real life. She shook her head trying to clear out the cobwebs; but it was real life for her; she was a slave for real. The clients were actors not her.

The clients drank a lot and only a few came round fondling and beating them. Most of the sex was now performed by some of the maids crawling back and forth under the table sucking cock or licking cunts whatever was demanded. At one point she watched two maids on the table doing a sixty-nine act in the food while some clients poured drinks over them.

Long after the last client staggered out with some of the maids they were released and then chained together again before returning to the log in station along with three of the maids to be cleaned and douched before filling out their reports. When done they were brought into a long narrow room and lined up against a wall.

The opposite wall was occupied by a long blackboard with the each department name along the top, including the warden, madam, Doctor and the Dentist with their extension numbers. Most columns had one or two slave numbers marked in chalk below. The madam and Wardens had five or six numbers in their columns. A female supervisor entered through a side door looking over the seven females. She pointed at a black maid and a clerk sitting at a desk got up and chalked in that slaves number under: log in department supervisor. The super motioned for that slave to follow her and they left the room.

The clerk then began to phone, apologizing for the late call and then naming the slave numbers lined up along the wall. When an agreement was reached he would get up and chalk in that slaves number in the proper column.

When finished he transferred the information to a sheet of paper and handed a clipboard to a guard who ordered the slaves to follow. One-eight-six was taken to her own cellblock and handed over to an assistant who then knocked on the supervisor's door and ordered her to enter. Inside she removed her chains and led her to the super's king sized bed. A white lady boy was asleep besides her.

The super ordered her to crash on the lady boy waking him up. "Let me see some passionate foreplay girls." One-eight-six wondered why she said girls but her fingers soon discovered that besides nice tits and functioning penis he, she or it, also had a vagina, a true hermaphrodite. She fingered it penetrating a very tight orifice with one finger. 'It' responded with an audible moan obviously very sensitive in the female part. "Alright girls: sixty-nine," she reversed her position and swallowed 'its' sizeable stiff cock. "Finger her too and let me hear some passion." She slipped a finger into 'its' cunt as her own was being expertly licked making her moan loudly while sucking and fingering her dual purpose sex partner. Soon 'it's' body began to jerk shooting a load in her mouth while she climaxed herself. "Don't swallow," Her super's open mouth had suddenly appeared near hers and they locked lips while the super sucked out most of his semen, swallowing it noisily. "Get me more," she stroked and sucked 'it's' cock clean returning her lips to the super's. The 'it' now twisted 'it's' upper body around abandoning her vagina for the supers, while One-eight-six continued to passionately neck with her, caressing and clutching her tits until her body shuddered moaning a loud climax in her mouth. Everyone being satiated they disentangled, breathing contentedly as they all went to sleep.

She and the lady boy were roused by an assistant early in the morning and taken to a shower next to the bedroom. When done, their chains were reconnected before being led out. She was taken to her bed and the lady boy, led away to 'its' own cell block.

She got her period that day and was put in red pants, assigned to the warden's office. After getting her morning slaps in the face like everyone else, a guard took her to a small side office, where she was chained to a ring in the floor and then ordered to sort files alphabetically. After a couple of hours the warden came in and slapped her face about eight times, while she of course as usual held her head high and forward for each new slap. She thanked him sincerely for the beating, as he entered a door to an inner office closing it behind him. A few seconds later she heard a voice on a small speaker on the wall. It had a button on it and someone had obviously left it on by mistake.

"Connect me to Darryl Jones," it was the Wardens voice. Would she dare push the button to the off position?

"Darryl you foxy old slave hunter what's new?"

"Well Jose I've got plenty of great stock in the pipeline world wide just waiting for that magical eighteenth birthday. What are you looking for in particular?"

"Well as always pretty, young and doe-eyed, Greek gods and goddesses. A couple of baby faced midget particularly Asian Indian or black half breeds. Some Vegas stock, male or female any shade. You know I don't care for Hollywood's phony tits and skinny legs; I've got enough of those, though they do bring in cash. I'll take a few not too muscle-bound beach bums from there though. I'm completely out of young Brazilian big ass half breeds. Then of course most of all I need some true hermaphrodites but only the rare ones with great feminine bodies and features. They're always on my wish list; the syndicate makes a fortune with them."

"I can get you stock in most of those categories but true hermaphrodites are a very secretive lot about their dual functions, especially as teenagers, shame I guess. They usually don't hit the porn trade until their early twenties and you're not looking for seniors, are you?" They both chuckled. "We've made a breakthrough though by hacking some medical data bases in the last few months, listing cases around the world and we're sorting through that now. The problem is that doctors don't include looks and body type, only photos of the genitals. The photos are helpful since we can determine whether the genitals are fully formed and vertically aligned. We lift the better candidate's addresses to identify and secretly video tape or photograph them. Not many hang out in bars at that age with phony ID's, where we can use date drugs and test the functionality of both genitalia.

"We follow the good ones hopefully to beaches because they don't frequent pools with their public change rooms. Real feminine beauty with a female body is rare in this category but we have about six good candidates coming up over the next three years. So you can understand that it's a very expensive operation tracking and separating these beauties from the chaff. Then of course they have to be abducted just on or after that magical eighteenth birthday with you hosting the surprise party or should I say deviant orgy?" They both laughed. "I'll be shipping one hermaphrodite a Brazilian half-breed, a big ass to booth in about a week. Oh dear Jose, another regrettable drowning;" they both chuckled, "plus about five in other categories over the next month and a half.

"That will include, in three weeks a Japanese half black midget with a face to die for. She's a rare genetic mix with Asian color and that exotic Asian slant eyed doll face but with great rising pointers and a superb caboose plus sculptured thighs from the black side. This little doll sports more curves than the Rio Grande."

"What the hell is a caboose?"

"A caboose was the last train car, sort of a living quarter-shelter for the crew, back when they needed one.

"Ah...cozinha de navio."

Anyway she's a three foot nine inch goddess, that's about three foot three inches to her full thick lips; talk about fellatio convenience."

"That's easy to say for a six foot Texan, but I prefer midgets and regular bodies squatting though, it's so much more uncomfortable, some of them end up with painful cramps and fall over, which of course is a punishable offence.

"You are a truly perverted Jose.

"And proud of it Darryl, a terrified sex slaves, especially a new recruit that I can abuse for the syndicate mentally and physically, is what makes my day. The threat of a terrifying sexual encounter with me...is a wonderful persuader, leading to passionate sexual performances with our clients."

"You got the system down path Jose. Anyway, my agent in Asia managed to obtain naked photos of this tiny living doll in a private bath house after bribing an attendant. Barring an accident or a sharp fingernail during masturbation she's most likely a virgin you can auction off as such; the syndicate will make a fortune on her. You of course will get second helping to some very tight pussy.

"Don't worry I prefer to have someone else drawing blood; that orifice and my favorite rear entry will still be tight as a drum for some time."

"I know, you horny old bugger; I can't wait to bang her myself someday, so don't stretch her too much." They chuckled again. "Anyway can you process that many?"

"No problem banging anything here Darryl and an average of one fresh conscript per week is about right. I thrive on breaking in new stock on a regular basis. Call met the next time you're in the main office. I hope you've got time to try out some of your captives before leaving and happy hunting."

"You can count on it. I'll check out the album library and happy perverting to you."

"Say Darryl, how are you going to snare this little doll in that crowded country?"

"I've got a deviously shrewd native agent in Japan; you've accommodated at least a dozen of his past acquisitions in your Asian collection, courtesy of this dude over the years. Trust me; our little princess will be having sweet dreams on cloud nine while being spirited away in the Lear, before anyone knows she's been added to the syndicate's stable of choice flesh."

That's just great Darryl. One more thing, are you still using that suicide jumping of the bridge strategy. You know leaving the poor depressed quarry's car and shoes there.?" The warden laughed heartedly.

"No, many bridge in the western world has safety fences now that are hard to scale. A bigger problem, not only here but in many areas are those fucking video cameras, they makes it very difficult to leave our quarry's car there and then get picked up in another. But don't fret your perverted heart Jose, there are more than one way to skin a cat."

They both chuckled again as he hung up. He returned to One-eight-six, slapping her a few times and then left for his beastly den and live desk chair.

He left the door wide open giving her a side view of the lineup on their x marked spots. Since they didn't dare take their eyes off the warden, she was able to push the off button unseen, drawing a deep breath of relief. Who knows what he would have done to her if he knew. This was one secret she'd never share with anyone.

She couldn't see his desk but imagined him settling down on a large ass and the back lean caressing his gorilla body while nibbling on his ear moaning sweet nothings of love; also a slave under the desk taking his cock in his or her mouth, holding his balls while all of them moaned with pleasure. He was busy on the phone for about an hour and then got up to pick out a sexual victim from the lineup.

He made each of the seven hug and kiss him while he fondled their bodies. He finally chose a very pretty doe- eyed Asian Indian male slapping his face hard about eight times. "Well now my pretty sweetheart it's time for you to love me passionately. Have you ever had sex with a woman?"

"Yes warden the madam last night."

Homo Section.

"I know dear but in India?"

"No never warden."

"How about a man?"

"Yes Warden my uncle taught me about oral sex."

"Oh ... really how did that start?"

"I was sent to work at a young age in his wood carving shop to learn that art and he began to fondle my genitals one day and then sucked my penis; after a month of that I asked if he would honor me by letting me suck on his penis."

"You asked him if you could and he honored you!"

"Yes I loved my uncle very much and wanted to return the pleasure he provided for me."

"How old was your beloved uncle?"

"He is thirty-five Warden."

"That I'm afraid wont happen here, your clients will be male or female mostly in the sixty to eighty year range. I supposed that you miss your uncle now?"

"Yes I love my uncle very much."

"Well consider me your uncle now. How were you abducted?"

"Someone pushed me into a flooded river when fishing; I realized now that it was not an accident. I can't swim but two men in a boat pulled me out and that's all I remember before waking up in the pit. My uncle must be very worried about me."

"He probably thinks you drowned but he doesn't need to worry; we'll take good care of you here sweetheart. You'll will be fucking and sucking aunts and uncles or rather grandparents every day. That's your only function in life from now on my pretty nephew. While you're in my office please call me uncle."

"Now kiss and hug me passionately sweetie!" He embraced the just slightly shorter warden and kissed him gingerly. The warden stood back slapping and back slapping him four times. "I said with passion my beloved. First me explain something to you, if you don't learn to love every one you're assigned to with fervent passion, you'll be spending a long time in the pits. We have an instrument for you, similar to a speculum that doctors used to examine women's cunts. It can be fitted into your asshole, strapped and locked there so you can't remove it and snakes love warm dark placed. Shall we try loving each other again?" They kissed passionately this time. "That was a little better now let see how well your uncle taught you; squat down and don't forget to swallow each and every drop, are you used to that?"

"No uncle, I have always spit it out and rinsed my mouth after; that's how my uncle taught me."

"Well here you'll get severely punished if you don't swallow and no rinsing. You must show me that my and every client's semen is a gourmand delicacy, by slurping it down while moaning with satisfaction, licking and smacking your lips, understand?"

"Yes uncle I will swallow every delicate drop." He began sucking expertly frigging the warden's cock while fondling his balls.

"Ah, my sweet lover you even know how to scratch my taint and finger my asshole. Your dear uncle taught you well, except of course for the joy of swallowing. Good man he was." He barely finished his comment before blowing his load which was dutifully swallowed accompanied by loud slurps and moans of satisfaction. He made him get up and watched him licking his lips and making swallowing motions before slapping his face a few times.

"That was a good start my sweet lover, do you know what buggering or sodomizing is?"

"No uncle I never heard of those words."

"Well my darling it means that later in the day you will get on your hands and knees while I shove my cock inside your asshole. Do you like that idea?"

Yes...yes uncle I...I would...would like that very much." His voice trembled as he spoke."

"You're lying, don't ever lie to me again; you're scared stiff about being sodomized right?"

"Yes uncle I'm sorry I am very afraid, very scared."

"But since you love me so much you will submit willingly and beg me to bugger you wont you sweetheart?"

"Yes uncle I love you very much and I will beg to be buggered even though I'm afraid because it will hurt."

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