tagLoving Wives23rd Floor Ch. 02

23rd Floor Ch. 02


(Crazy stuff down there in Reno. Hell, I find some woman naked in the hallway? Now I have seen the videos of people playing games like this, you probably have also.

The common scenario is doing something like ordering room service, the wife opens the door and loses control of the towel to flash whoever arrives?

Then there is the pizza delivery boy scenario.

Or the do the dash to the ice machine, nude.

Risky because it's rather easy to get caught? Silly stuff, teasing, so they can get turned on, end up having great sex. Part of being out of town, no one knows them so it's not too embarrassing.

This trip, it happened to me? The lady named Susie was trapped in the hallway, naked, with the ice bucket and nothing else? Those hotel doors do close and lock if one does not block them somehow.

This was something new, nothing quite like that ever happened before.

My response? I gave her my shirt, tried to help. I even cleaned up the ice cubes that she had spilled all over the hallway carpet.

Yes, I looked. Susie had a very nice body, I couldn't help myself.

I like to think that any real man would do the same. Then, yeah. I handed her my shirt to cover up with.)


It was probably our most memorable trip to Reno. We have been there many times, enough so that the staff knows us, or at least pretends to.

My picture is there on the wall, too, the results of hitting one of those lucky moments. Usually that doesn't happen, though. It wasn't millions, but it was thousands. My wife Debra and I were playing a machine, $2 a push when my hand bumped the button and changed it to $20 a push.

That was one of those lucky accidents. Heehee.

On the last trip the place was full of some kind of convention or something, and we got upgraded to a much fancier room than they normally give us.

Which was neat, the room was easily as big as our house down on the Oregon coast. I joked to Debra that if I wanted to talk to her, I would need to send an email.

Then tired, exhausted would be the correct word, I lay down to take a nap, Debs took off to lose some money in the slot machines. That is actually a lot easier to do in today's world, in the old days a $100 bill would last perhaps a half hour or so, not any more.

Stingy bastards. 85% return used to be the bare minimum and that is a lousy game. But now? It's 75% and you might as well drop your money into one of their wastebaskets.

But what the heck. It's just money and there IS always that chance. (I think so, anyway.)

I woke up about 2 hours later, grabbed some cash and headed downstairs.

That was when I found Susie, naked in the hallway and stuck there. She was rolled up into a ball, backed up against their room door which had locked behind her since she forgot to set the deadbolt out as a doorstop.

She and her husband were playing sexy games, but it was clear from her reaction that getting herself trapped out in the hallway nude was not part of the plan.

I mentioned all of that in the first chapter, but not everyone reads the first chapter first, so this is just to bring them up to date.

Debra showed up, surprised to find Susie in one of the hotel's bathrobes that I gave her.

In OUR room. I had called and told her about it but I think she figured I was teasing.

Oddly, they became friends and kind of quickly.

Susie's husband Jerry showed up also, I think the situation embarrassed him at first because he sure was quiet and clearly wanted to get back to their own room.

Still later Susie called so we all went to dinner, things got relaxed, and fun, we ended up in the hot tub in our room.


The guy was one of those men that are...well.. endowed? I am just normal in that department, this Jerry guy was certainly blessed. I mean, he wasn't erect or anything like that, but the thing was fat and hung down further that I have ever seen outside of a porno film.

Things evolved, Susie was checking me out, I was checking out Susie. We sipped some nice red wine, Jerry was checking out my Debra, and she was looking too. Can't blame her, the guy really did have quite a weapon there, it sure put my barely average stuff to shame.

Intimidating, is what that is.

But when Susie came over to me, straddling my knees and preparing to do what comes naturally, then Debra did the same with Jerry after giving me a questioning look?

I called out to her, barely in time. One more second and it all would have been too late!

We did not know these people, not really. And Debra and I have never done a partner swap, although we sure as hell have done lots of other kinky things.

Yes, I called out to her and she stopped, I was actually sitting there with the end of my unit about one inch from sliding into Susie?

Only my grasp of both of her hips stopped that, clearly Susie had no qualms at all and made it obvious what she intended. My grip stopped her, she did thrust a couple of times, then gave me an odd look over her shoulder.

Debra was almost in the same position, I could see right between her legs over Susie's shoulder, all she would have needed to do was drop down six inches and the deed would have been done.

That was about as obscene a view as I have ever seen in my long life. But Debs heard me, glanced back and realized, and hopped off of Jerry.

I think she was waiting for me to stop things.

So, we didn't swing, but damn did we get close to doing that.

Hell, I like sex, clear since I really was as hard as I can get, but I just did not want that thing Jerry had inside of my wife!

Selfish that way I suppose. I knew very well that if I did, Debra would, so I stopped that.

The next day, Jerry and Susie were gone, back to wherever home is. It might sound strange to say it, but the idea of that thing inside my wife wasn't doing it for me, and of course this couple were clearly a bit loose, so we had no idea where they had been before.

There were no condoms, Debs and I don't even have any, although the spare trash can bag might have worked for Jerry.


We did have Jack and Terry up to our room for massages later on. And yes, the naughty kind with the happy ending just like we have on other trips.

It costs us $300 for about 90 minutes and it's fun, what the hell.

Oddly, to me at least, that was kind of... anticlimactic. Not quite the right word, but let's say, the edge of the excitement of having that done was somehow gone.

That was just once, also different. Usually we have them up two or three times during a trip.

Terry did manage to work a climax out of me, more difficult than usual. We talked, Debra didn't reach orgasm, somehow the fun was gone in having that done.

"It's OK, it still felt nice, honey." Debs told me as we snuggled later. I had managed to take care of her with my fingers and my tongue. Sometimes, I think my Debra likes that the most of all.

I am pretty good at tickling and teasing if I do say so myself.


The long drive home was agony, Debra's Camaro is simply not designed for comfort, it's a sports car. Just over 700 miles in what rides a bit like a hay wagon is rough on an old body like mine.

I made her stop several times so I could get out and walk around, get some blood back into my feet. We spent an hour in one of the rest stops about 90 or 100 miles North of Susanville. Debs was impatient to get back on the road but at my age, I don't like to get in any hurry.

So we sat there and watched the Chipmunks scurry back and forth, coming right up to us and begging. Big fat ones, not like the little ones we have back home, but still Chipmunks.

Debs fidgeted around, wanting to get going.

I drive at 55-60 MPH, she is seldom below 80 and in that high speed stretch just before entering Oregon I glanced over and the speedometer was hovering at just under 100 MPH.

I closed my eyes and went to sleep, I have lived a nice long life so if we didn't survive, no big deal.

Why she never gets any tickets is beyond me, but so far she hasn't.


Home. Lord did that feel good, I climbed into our bed and was asleep in seconds. We did get the suitcases inside, that was it.

I guess the truth is that my age is showing now? Just the way life is. Things have been slowing down for me, I feel it. Debra is wonderful in that respect, and she does love sex so she tries.

I think it is easier for females, at least some of them. She has told me many times now that we might as well have all the fun we can, because the day will come when perhaps we can't.

That did help me some, and perhaps helped me understand more about what happened back at her grad school. An entire month without sex?

When she is home, we never go past a week. I know, hard to believe, bit it's the truth.

It kept popping into my old head, the part that bothered me was not the fact that she slipped and allowed some guy half her age to have carnal knowledge of her.

What was bothering me was the damn near six months it took for her to finally tell me about it.

I tend to analyze myself, my feelings. Just the way I am. Even after all that had happened since, it was in my head when I fell asleep. Hell, I had no idea at all what the guy looked like, acted like, no idea of how good he was in bed.

Was he bigger than me, harder perhaps? Men think about things like that, sure, everyone claims that size doesn't matter but none of us really believe that.

I do know I had one of those vivid dreams, the kind a person remembers. I was having sex, wonderful sex, as it went on the face appeared.

My Debra, smiling down at me, something I have seen countless times.

I woke up to voices, realizing I had an erection.

It's been some time since that even happened, Debra tends to keep me fairly well drained. I got up, threw on a robe and went into the kitchen to see what was going on.

There sat Todd, Rwanda, Rachel and Debs chatting away. We had been back less than a dozen hours and it was like we never left.

"Hi, sleepy head. Do you feel better?" Debs flashed me a bright smile. How she could look fresh as a daisy after driving most of the 700 mile trip home almost straight through is beyond me. She must have also slept some, but I wasn't sure.

I drove maybe 100 miles, but my 50-55 MPH pace drives Debra completely crazy. If I come up on a slower car she keeps urging me to pass them, so usually I give up and move to the shotgun seat.

"Yes, I do. What's going on?" I spotted the Coffee cup and got some, sat down.

"I was telling everyone about our trip." She grinned.

"I bet that was a kick, finding a naked woman in the hallway." Todd slipped that in there with a smirk.

Todd smirks quite a bit, I manage to get along with him all right but I can't say I really like the guy all that much.

"It was different, I have to say. I gave her my shirt, she was pretty embarrassed."

"Heck, why bother? If she wanted to be looked at, you might as well." Todd said.

I didn't say anything, but there is a difference in men, isn't there? I would never take advantage of a situation like that, it was pretty clear that Todd might.

We all talked for a couple of hours, I did notice that it was raining lightly and kind of cool outside, a nice change. This past Summer has been hot and crazily dry for Oregon, it was beginning to look like it would never rain again.

Of course, rain meant no one would be out sunbathing like seemed to be a regular thing when they came over.

Finally they left, the three of them together? I looked out, they all got into Todd's car?

Now what?

"Hey, they all came over in the same car?" I asked Debs.

"Yes, honey." She looked at me and I knew right then.

"I suppose Todd is now fucking both of them?" I asked.

"Yes, honey. I think so. They are kids, you know how it is." She patted my arm, for God's sakes.

OK. I had been having sex with Rwanda, then Todd got into the picture and that stopped. Then, a bit of a surprise, I also had sex with Rachel? And now Todd intercepted that, too?

OK. I say I am faithful, but I did do that, and with both of them. It didn't seem to upset Debra one bit, I do know she has an entirely different was of thinking about life and sex and relationships.

She seemed to encourage me, I think in retrospect she was feeling guilty about what happened when she was back at school?

Maybe that was it, maybe.

I should not have been upset about what was going on with the girls and Todd, not one bit, because I had already made up my mind that things were going to change. Sex was going to be limited to just Debra and I, things were going to go right back to the way they were before.

I am fairly sure Debs was feeling guilty about what she had done is why. I went along with that though, so I guess I am just as guilty as Debra is.

This stuff had to end, it was getting out of control. I had my mind made up already after that trip to Reno. We damn near did a wife swap and that just is not me.

But, the guy beat me to Rachel, before I could tell her this stuff was too much?

OK. I am human. That pissed me off!

Debra reads me very well, she picked right up on that.

"Relax, honey, you are way better in bed than Todd is." She laughed.

"How in the hell would you know?" I demanded.

"Rachel told me. We came in to check on you, you were out like a log, but you sounded like a fog horn. She whispered and confided to me that she let Todd have sex with her, she was curious is all. She said that you were way better."

I suppose that should have made me feel good?

It didn't.

"Todd really is a nice guy, and he is a very good looking young man, with well trained and talented hands, so you can't really blame the girls for being interested, honey. And what with Rwanda being so open about things, it was almost certain to happen. " Debra told me.

Yeah. I suppose that is true. I am an old man, things are just the way they are, I suppose. Two nice and attractive females, one barely 30 and the other only 36. At my age?

With the wife knowing, and showing no sign at all of being upset? But then Debra is the most different women I have ever known, I have to say that.

Still, me having sex with what are just kids...it's kind of ridiculous. After all, I do have a wife that can put both of them to shame in the bedroom.


My life over the last few years has been long periods of normal. I go fishing, go to the little café down by the waterfront, I am sort of a fixture down there. I tend my garden, vegetables and yeah, OK. I grow flowers, too.

The mayhem portions come all at once, in bits and pieces.

Snicker if you want to, but I like flowers, and they bring in bees to pollinate my vegetables. I also have some prize Roses, still trying to win the "Best Yard" contest they hold in our little town every year.

It used to be the Mayor won every year, once I got second place. But we have a new Mayor now, some old lady named Clara, who beat out the guy last time by 12 votes, one of which was mine.

So who knows? Maybe now I have a chance?

That was where my old head was at for several weeks, nothing happened at all out of the ordinary.


Then we got a call from Rachel, she wanted to know if Debra and I could give her a nice massage, and she would be happy to return the favor?

Todd, who is or at least claims to be a masseur had been teaching her it seems.

By then, I have to say I was up for that. I like Rachel, we both do, but she had been involved elsewhere lately so she wasn't around.

Rachel on our table was pretty cool, of course having sunbathed topless in our back yard, and been in my bed at least a half dozen times, all inhibitions were lost.

Yes, Debra and I both were massaging her, and yes, we were getting naughty and Rachel was clearly enjoying the hell out of it.

Someone knocked on our front door, talk about bad timing.

I answered, there stood Todd and Rwanda.

"Hey, guy. What's up?" Todd held out his hand for the usual high five stuff, then breezed by me.

"Where is Debra?" He asked.

"She is giving Rachel a rubdown." I told him.

"Oh, cool! Maybe I should go in and help?" He did that smirk thing again.

"Oh, that's all right. They are just about done." I told him, just then Debra came out.

Rachel was maybe 5 minutes behind her, she came out with a sheepish smile.

"Massages are sure great, aren't they?" Todd said.

"Maybe one of these days Debra here will give me a try, I am pretty good at giving them." He added.

"Maybe." Debs said. Now that surprised me. I hadn't really said anything about how I felt about Todd, not wanting to appear jealous or anything stupid like that.

I had been going with the impression that everything was hunky dory, being polite. I figured Debs knew me well enough to realize, I guess.

I wanted to say, "Over my dead body!" and perhaps I should have, but instead I said nothing.

But the rest of the evening we sat around and shot the breeze, just like always, then the kids took off.

"That might be nice." Debs told me right after they left.

"What might be nice?" I asked.

"Letting Todd give me a massage."

"I can give you one if you want." I said.

"I know, honey, and you are really good at it. But Todd is a professional, it's just.. different, I guess."

I am sure I pouted at that, but if Debra noticed, she didn't say anything. We went to bed, and we just slept.


"Todd is coming over this evening, honey." Debs told me over dinner a few days later.

"He is? Is Rwanda and Rachel coming also?" I asked through a mouthful of the Turkey I had baked.

"No, just Todd. We are going to swap massages, you can help if you want to."

I felt an almost instant flash of irritation. Debs and I don't really try and tell each other what to do, except she gripes about me fishing off the jetty and stuff like that.

Getting massages at home is really sort of normal stuff, although it has been one of the Nurses that she works with at the clinic usually.

"Naw. Survivor is on, I want to watch it." I told her, with probably a bit of snap in my voice.

"You can record that." She told me.

"No, I want to watch it, plus I do have "Mysteries of Laura" recorded, I am three episodes behind."

"OK. I didn't ask him to work on you, I know how you are." She giggled at that.

Yeah, the idea of some guy rubbing me down does nothing for me, I have made that clear over the years.

The opening to tell her I did not want Todd touching her never came. I could have just opened my mouth and said it, but with all that had happened up to this point, I was thinking I would sound like a stupid jealous old man. Hell, it was a massage, not a sex session.

That is what I thought, anyway, so I just steeled myself to not reacting at all. Debs had said nothing, nothing at all when Rwanda and I were in our spare bedroom, and she never reacted at all when Rachel and I did that also.

Like I said before, I think my Debs was feeling guilty about what she did with that Professor, and she actually encouraged what happened between me and the girls.

But now? It had been literally weeks, in all that time the only thing that happened was when Rachel came over and Debra and I both worked on her.

"Hey, Todd." Was all I said when he arrived. He was 15 minutes early and Debra was still in the shower when I let him in. He sat down and watched me do the man thing of flipping through the channels.

"Are you going to help tonight?" He asked, finally.

"No, Survivor is on, I want to watch it." I told him.

"Oh. OK. Say, who did they kick off last week? I missed that one."

"One of the women, Petri or something like that. Not smart in my opinion."

"Yeah, I would love to get on that show." He said.

I was thinking he would die out there in 48 hours if he tried it, but just then Debra came out. Her hair was damp and all she had was a big white bath towel wrapped around herself.

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