tagBDSM24 Hours Ch. 02

24 Hours Ch. 02


The ache in my muscles had subsided, who have thought that taking a leak could be so exhausting? I lay here still restrained but warm and comfortable and to be quite frank.... Bored. I can hear the click of the keyboard, ignoring me, you bastard, ok, so be it.

I arch my back and stretching my cuffed hands find I can with one finger reach my pussy, discreetly and with concentration I go to work. I realise the sound of the keyboard has stopped and I hadn't noticed, to far away I guess. You pull the blanket off me, I turn half on my back, trying to hide my wet hand, but you're not fooled, are you?

I hear your voice.

"Getting bored are you?"


"Thought I'd forgotten you?"

I lay still, saying nothing, just getting wet from your voice goddamnit. You remove the cuffs from my ankles and wrists, leaving the blindfold.

"Out of bed"

I slide of the bed and stand, you press something in my hand.

"Put these on".

A pair of my panties, as I blindly slip them on I wonder idly what colour they are. You turn me, gripping both wrists in one hand you slip a rope between them and then three, four times around my wrists and two times in between, you knot the rope. I feel the rope again, this time on the soft skin above my elbows, circling, pulling tight and being knotted, I can feel my breasts pushed forward under the pressure, my arms virtually immobile, I must be the sexiest thing you've ever seen!

You lead me from the bedroom, down the hall and into what I know must be the living room, you release my arm and move away, I stand where you left me. I hear the sound of curtains being drawn, conscious of my appearance I ask.

"Are they open or closed?"

You laugh .


I have no way of knowing where in the room I am, can I be seen from the street? This panicky line of thought is interrupted when you take my chin between your thumb and finger , say.

"Open your legs"

I obey.

"No matter what I do or say to you, you are to remain in this position, don't move a muscle, you understand?"

I just nod, don't ask.

"Or what"

I already know, just as I've a sneaking suspicion why you're making me wear panties.

I feel your touch, that incredibly light touch, that you're so fond of, ok, so am I, barely touching my skin, yet leaving a trail of erotic fire in its wake. You stroke my belly, my waist, my breasts, my cheek, I ignore the wetness soaking my panties and concentrate on remaining immobile. You move down to my thighs, starting on the inside, just above the knee and moving, oh so lightly, up, just grazing the sodden silk of my panties and back down the other thigh. I feel sweat forming on my skin, your fingers return, this time following the line of my panties, front to back, then slipping under the elastic. I feel you rise, your hand in my hair, pulling back my head, kissing me and at the same time two fingers, pressing, rubbing against my overheated pussy. I give in, don't care if you punish me, I press my pussy against your hand, try to swallow your tongue. You pull your face back,

"Randy little slut, aren't you?"

I can only moan. You slide of my panties, press them against me, soaking the few remaining dry areas and lead me back to the bedroom.

You released my arms, the slight sting as the pressure on my skin was relieved, a very erotic sensation. I feel straps on my wrists, which are pulled in front of me and then, the click of a padlock. You move me so I can feel the edge of the bed against my legs.

"On the bed on your knees".

You say. I obey.

I hear the rattle of a chain and another metallic click and my hands are pulled above my head. Suddenly I feel very exposed, I try to pull my arms down to cover my breasts, knowing as I did that it was impossible, I relaxed, and just waited for your touch. The beds gives under your weight, I feel the inside of your thighs against my knees and realise that you are naked, your fingers stroke my belly, squeeze my nipples.

"Straddle me"

You say.

I lift my body as you slide beneath me, I feel your prick against my pussy, your knuckles against my thigh. With a moan, I gratefully impale myself on you, I start to rotate my hips, accelerating sensation. My arms are pulled taut, lifting me off you, you're still inside, but not far enough! I try to rubberize my arms, I'd tear them off, just to get you back inside. I feel you rising inside me, I hang still, harboring every last iota of pleasure, trying to get enough to ignite this agonizingly ecstatic tension. You're rising again, the heat rises, ignites and explodes, I throw my head back and scream, feeling your sperm pumping into me, I want to thresh my body but if I do I'll lose you, so I hang there still, containing the overwhelming sensation in my body. The waves subside, reality returns, I wonder idly if you'll punish me.

My arms are released, click and click, my wrists pushed behind my back and, click. You pull me down beside you, my head on your shoulder, breasts on your chest.

"I might you know"

"Might what?"

I asked drowsily

"Punish you"

I don't answer, just slide my thigh over yours. I realise I'm falling asleep with a smile on my face.

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