tagErotic Couplings24 Hours Ch. 03

24 Hours Ch. 03


The story so far: I was left owning a spare ticket of two for a holiday in the Caribbean, and persuaded a total stranger, Lesilia (Les), to join me, purely for the holiday and some no-strings sex. On our first night on the beach we met up with Richard and Sue who happened to be engaged in a discreet moonlight coupling at the same as we were performing a similar exercise in an adjacent hammock. The attraction between each other's partner grew to the extent that we all hoped to repeat the first-night incident, and much more.

Part 3 -- Sue.

The next day the weather was rather indifferent and while Les lazed around the pool I set foot on St Vincent armed with camera in search of my rare bird, the West Indian Whistling Duck. We had only caught a brief glimpse of Richard and Sue. I think his fear that our warming friendship would run into something deeply sexual involving all of us together, and kept us apart. Meanwhile we lapped up what sun was available, ate like horses and fucked like rabbits. Thanks to Les's questionable experience, we performed sex in a different position each time, many of them unique to me.

Passing through the reception area one morning I did manage to catch a moment alone with Sue who reminded me that Saturday night was disco night, and perhaps we should all meet up for that. She indicated that if the previous gig was anything to go by, it would be great fun.

"Especially if you two are there," she added, grinning widely.

"I shall look forward to that."

"So shall I Tom." She kissed me softly on the lips and pressed her bikini-clad breasts into my chest. I started to grab her ass to pull her close but she pushed me away.

"Too public Tom!"

I reminded her that wasn't a problem the other night, but she just laughed and padded off to the beach in her bare feet, deliberately wriggling her tight little bum as she walked.

On the Thursday afternoon, following some earlier laboured trawling the precipitous paths in search of the nesting place of the endangered bird, a large grey duck plopped right down in front of us on the beach and gazed at us nervously as it perched on a vacant hammock, causing it to rock gently.

When eventually it flew away and I had given up trying to follow its path back to the main island, Les remarked, "That bloody bird does exist then. So it wasn't an excuse to get into my pants after all then?"

I frowned. "Sorry to disappoint you, but that duck was not the duck I want. My duck has much longer legs, is brown in colour and lives in the trees. Wrong duck!"

"Oh duck!" she laughed.

Before leaving home I had pre-booked a day trip to Barbados for tomorrow and, after checking with the airline that there were seats still available, we intercepted our new friends on their way out to dinner, asking if they would like to join us. Sue was immediately attracted to the idea but Richard, as usual, seemed reticent.

"Come on," I persisted, "The fare is only about $US90 return each."

"That's peanuts," agreed Sue, with a pleading look at her man.

At first he declined but, with the aid of the local liquor Sue eventually persuaded him to agree.


Next morning saw us all on the first flight out of St Vincent, and a friendly taxi dropped us in Bridgetown in time for a breakfast of eggs and bacon, an item sadly missing from the menu at our resort.

We all had a happy time that day, and although sex was never mentioned and even Richard seemed more relaxed, a certain tension was apparent in the air.

Les remarked to me quietly, "We are all going to shag like crazy soon, or go bloody mad!"

We explored Cave Shepherd for T-shirts and celebrity hunted along Sandy Lane beach and our friendship blossomed. It seemed natural for me to hold Sue's hand and for Rich's arm to be around Les. In the darkness of the underground tour of Harrison's Cave we gently kissed, sensing that behind us the other two were taking our cue and following suit. I sensed the Sue, like me, wanted to go much further, but it was too public.

As is the norm for the Caribbean, our return flight was late, the small propjet had flown in from Jamaica, this being the fifth stop before terminating in Grenada, and was full, and noisy! We doubted the hotel would cater for us this late so we snacked in Kingstown, hamburger and chips, accompanied by the inevitable rum punch! By the time we reached the hotel we were all tired and, after prolonged hugs and kisses all round, crashed out after promising to meet up for the disco the next night. No further mention had been made of setting up a foursome.


Saturday dawned grey and windy, it was the approach of the hurricane season, and after a light breakfast we decided to stay in bed expecting, as indeed it worked out, a very late night ahead. The sun appeared in the afternoon but our friends were mysteriously absent. We discovered later they had returned to their favourite pirates haunt, rain or no rain.

For the disco, the restaurant tables were all placed around the walls and the floor had been dusted heavily with talc so we could dance barefoot. There were a lot of new arrivals this day so we were fortunate to acquire a quiet table in a fairly secluded corner, a very useful acquisition as it later turned out.

Les wore a long colourful Caribbean dress she had bought yesterday in Bridgetown, straight cut across the chest but not enough to hide her reasonable cleavage. Her red hair was tied back into plaited ponytails and she was sporting two huge dangling earrings, her fingers as usual covered with silver rings of every description. I was sporting cream chinos and a bright yellow polo shirt that Sue had bought for me. It was printed in black with the motto, 'I am a diver and go in deep.'

We were on our third rum and coke when our friends spotted us, and I ordered margaritas all round.

We sat around the table watching the room slowly fill up. The disco would be under cover with the dancing area out in the open next to the pool, I wondered how they coped if it rained. We chatted generally about what we had been up to, me and my ornithological ramblings, their pirates adventure, until Sue whispered conspiratorially in my ear.

"Don't you think the beach looks inviting tonight? And it's not raining either!"

"I wish!" I replied. "Too dodgy though, too many people about, we will have to find somewhere else." I winked at her.

Until the disco got into gear we kept the drinks flowing, the girls staying on margaritas, the men on beers, and of course the conversation naturally turned to a sexual nature, all of us getting noticeably hornier by the minute. When the band did eventually arrive and struck up with a concocted mixture of Caribbean and Western music, people got in the mood and drifted out on to the floor. Richard grabbed Sue for some indescribably noisy piece, while Les and I were content to sit it out and watch. Averting her gaze from Sue, Les shouted above the music into my ear.

"I think from the look in her eyes, you are going to get lucky tonight Tom."

I grinned and shouted back, "If I do, then I think you have some nice cock available for you."

When they returned Sue grabbed me by the hand. "Can I borrow him Les?"

"Sure," Les grinned, and before Richard could sit down she grabbed his arm too.

"Come on mister, you're not missing out on this," and we all headed out into the sweaty throng of dancers.

The music had switched to calypso and I gyrated uncomfortably with the rhythm as I admired Sue swinging her body easily to the music. The immensely sexy girl jerked her hips suggestively towards me and I clumsily returned the gesture. As soon as the music softened to soul and several couples had headed for the bar, she drifted into my arms and we swayed together near the band, our charged bodies pressed tightly together, flimsy clothing barely separating our sweating bodies, but serving to conceal my excitement. My throbbing erection was pressed hard against her tight belly.

I nuzzled her neck, my lips finding her ear as once more I had to shout over the music, "I fancy you."

"I already knew that," she yelled back, rubbing her scantily covered flesh against the rigid outline in my pants. I swear my cock could detect the heat of her lust waiting to be unleashed.

As we drifted away from the band she pulled on my arm, indicating a quiet darkened corner.

"Come on, let's go over there."

Out of sight of the tables and the band she threw her arms around my neck and planted her lips on mine, her tongue probing eagerly into my mouth, our bodies urgently grinding together as if in a dry fuck. As we snogged heavily in the semi-dark, my fingers strayed under the top of her dress to her nipple, erect and ready for attention. I briefly cupped her breast, lifted the little acorn to my mouth and gave it the gentlest of kisses, promising more. Meanwhile she had grasped hold of my cock through my pants.

"I want to fuck," she mouthed to me silently, her eyes misty with desire.

"I want to fuck you too." I whispered back.

The band had ended its number, the dancers were leaving the floor, only the drummer was left in sight of our hideaway.

"Do me now Tom." She reached into the waistband of my chinos for a better feel of the object of her desire.

"What, here?" I looked around the room with some apprehension.

"Yes, right here," she hissed. "No-one will see. Come on, I want you so bad." She lifted the hem of her skirt. "Feel how wet I am."

Not that it needed any guiding, but she took my hand and placed it between her naked thighs. I was delighted to discover that Sue was pantyless and indeed soaking wet. Under their own volition my fingers gravitated straight into her slick pussy. She trembled at my touch while she lowered my zip and non-too-gently extracted my cock. I wasn't exactly dry either. Breathing deeply with her passion, she pulled it closer towards its natural destination.

She pleaded, her eyes begging, "Come on Tom, I need you inside me, now! Please?"

Like a dog scenting a bitch in heat, I needed no further encouragement and, propping one of her legs on a convenient bottle crate, I placed my cock head at the entrance to her sex.

Just as she started to lower herself on to me, I spotted a movement behind her, and froze. Two of the musicians had come into our space for a smoke and were clearly, but silently, interested in the sexy spectacle about to be enacted before their very eyes.

Reluctantly I pulled away from her, careful not to expose our private parts to the new audience.

"What's wrong Tom?" she groaned into my mouth. Reaching between us she grabbed again at my cock, engaging it back inside its home between her wet lips. "Please don't stop now."

I whispered, "We are being watched. The band."

She turned and grinned at one of the guitarists. "Fuck them, I don't care...pleeeese? They won't mind."

With that she eased her delightful cunny back on to me and, seemingly without a care in the world, started to hump on the head of my cock.

As far as voyeurism goes I am the first one to join in, and if the guys had stayed where they were I think I would have carried on, but when they started to manoeuvre themselves into position for a more graphic view, and with no little consideration to the surroundings, I called a halt to the proceedings.

Sue groaned, reluctantly smoothing down her skirt while I zipped up. "Okay Tom, but this is strictly a rain-check, I have to have you soon, very soon."

I took her arm. "Don't worry, I am sure we'll find a way to fuck before the night's out."

The musicians grinned as we passed by them and back into the bar area. I was amazed that we had only been out of sight of our partners for less than five minutes.

As we returned hand in hand to the table I posed the obvious question, "What do we do about the others?"

She pointed toward our corner. "I think that problem's already solved."

Les and Richard were not, as I expected, engrossed in conversation about antiquarian books. They were in fact snogging as heavily as we had been a moment or so ago. Even in the dim lighting I could see his hand discreetly exploring her breast, and one of hers was out of sight below the tabletop. They were in a virtual replay of our own recent fooling around.

"Wow!" was all I could manage as we drifted closer, slowly enough for them to spot us and collect themselves.

I really don't think they had noticed our absence and, grinning to myself, I wondered what Rich's reaction would have been if he had known that moments ago I had started to screw his girlfriend just a few yards away. As we sat down Sue cut no ice and grinned at the other two.

"Sorry Les, I seem to have given your man a problem with his pants." She squeezed my cock through my chinos as if to prove the point. It was a miracle there was no stain there.

"Well, first of all Sue," retorted Les with a broad grin, "Tom is not my man and, secondly, I think I might have gone one better than you."

She then surprised us both by turning and exposing Richard's lower half, his erection also very evident in his low cut pants, the pink circumcised head of his long cock just peeping out above his belt.

Sue laughed. "Boasting again Rich, that's going to get you into trouble one day."

Les placed her hand in his lap to hide his embarrassment. "Now where the fuck do we go from here?"

I knew very well where the fuck Sue and I wanted to go, but the decision had to come from someone else, preferably her own partner. As we sat down close together I swear I could smell her sex! Or maybe it was her smell coming from my pants!

There was an embarrassing silence as we all stared at Rich, waiting for him to speak.

"I was afraid of this, it's ending up like some sordid wife swap and..."

"No its not Rich," interrupted Sue, squeezing me even tighter, after checking the adjacent tables for onlookers.

"...the sort of thing they do behind curtains on council estates."

"But we're not wives, we are free spirits and free to fuck who we like."

Les joined in, "I agree. And anyway, how can it be wife swapping if none of us is married?"

I could feel the frustration building within Sue, it was time to put my oar in. "Can't we just think of this as some no-strings fun among good friends?"

The girls both nodded eagerly, both as anxious for sex as I was, and even Richard managed a half-smile, his erection hadn't budged an inch. And he could afford a few inches of budging!

"Well, I guess if you put it like that. It's just that I don't want us all going down there." He pointed to the beach. "I want to be with her in private." He stared long and hard at Les, she patted his cock in reply.

Then, through the alcohol, inspiration hit me. " Hey, how about we do it like this?"

"What?" they all chorused, Sue gripping me even harder in anticipation.

"Okay..." I paused for dramatic effect. "...Richard, may I have the pleasure of borrowing your girl friend for tonight please? And you can borrow mine."

For a brief moment he looked puzzled, and then grinned with a relieved expression.

"Fuck, why didn't I think of that?

The girls clapped their hands in delight.

"But only if you return the goods in the same condition you found them!"

"What? Do you mean horny Rich?" said Sue laughing.

The need to have sex very soon now lay very heavily on us all, the dreaded tell-tale had arrived through my pants and both girls quietly admitted that their skirts were soaking behind, Sue in particular, being without underwear.

Our hasty departure from the restaurant did not go amiss from the band, a few lewd remarks from them and we were past and hurrying to our chalets, Sue and I hand in hand to hers with Les and Rich racing off to mine. We had all agreed to meet up for breakfast at nine the next morning. Little did we suspect that they would be too busy talking all night to get around to sex!

Sue and I literally fell together on the bed, laughing and pawing at each other, and slowly got lost in our very first prolonged deep kiss, our tongues lashing together in total passion, while our hands ripped at each other's clothing. Our urgency belied the fact that we now had the whole night to discover each other intimately. As we kissed I was half on top of her, pressing my erection into her thigh with slow thrusting movements as though I was already inside her pussy.

Our mouths parted and she let out a long breath and then, pulling out from underneath me, quickly moved off the bed to stand next to it. She shed her skirt and top in one swift motion and jumped back onto the mattress. We were kneeling facing each other now, her lips again sought mine and she reached down to start pulling my pants off too, her hands more often trying to stroke my cock than making any progress at undressing me. Very soon we were both panting with sheer lust for each other, and the only item of clothing remaining were her bra and my black boxers which were doing nothing to hide my strong arousal, the rest of our clothes now in a heap on the floor.

Gently pushing her back on the bed again, my hand slid into the warm juncture of her thighs to continue my exploration of her delightful body. Her fine pubic hairs, which guaranteed her to be a true blonde, were trimmed into a small triangle, the pubis also lined with fine golden hair. Her lips, easily visible through them, parted easily in the wetness and warmth of her arousal as my fingers started to move more insistently. I jumped when I felt her toes reach out tease my erection.

As Sue moaned and pressed herself up against my hand, I inserted a gentle finger into her opening, being careful to stay away from her already engorged clitoris. With my free hand I stroked the soft swelling of her breasts while my finger moved in and out of her naturally lubricated pussy. The urge to continue what we started in the bar and plunge my cock deep within her was almost overwhelming. Inserting another finger I leaned down to put my mouth near her clitoris and lightly dragged my tongue across it while I worked inside her. She tasted so sweet as my tongue lingered over her open slit, but I couldn't do what I really wanted to do in this position. Sliding down the bedspread I moved down between her thighs and spread them wide to give myself better access. She passed me a pillow to place under her bum.

I returned to the paradise between her legs and while I tortured her clitoris with soft circles of wet tonguing, I slowly began to finger fuck her soaking cunny. Her breathing accelerated and her hips gyrated as she pressed herself up against my mouth striving for the satisfying pressure of my tongue. I fingered her more quickly as she seemed to enjoy the sensation of my fingers moving roughly within her. While my free hand switched from one sensitive nipple to the other, my tongue alternated from moving briefly against her clitoris, flicking lightly in time with my stroking hand, then away to her upper thighs, savouring the leaking juices of her passion.

Sue was groaning and tossing her head back and forth in pleasure, calling out my name, urging me on, continuously requesting that I let her cum. Finally I relented, concentrating totally on her sensitive button, and when at last she was near orgasm, I focused on keeping the rhythm she wanted, fingers deep inside, thrusting, stimulating the furry surface of her g-spot, my tongue attacking her clitoris.

The end came quickly as suddenly she stopped breathing, her body frozen as if in electric shock, and then erupted in moans of pleasure, her thighs clamping down on my hand. Grinning like the proverbial cat, I helped work her down from her orgasm, mercilessly and ever more slowly driving my fingers in and out of her to keep the sensation intense, but not so much as to be uncomfortable.

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