24 Hours Ch. 05


"Bloody hell Tom, I think I'm going to want more than your finger in there, it feels so nice."

Covering her mouth to suppress a scream, her body convulsed and went rigid. Her thighs closed against my ears, her pussy and asshole clamped tight on my fingers. She stayed frozen for several moments, holding her breath to restrain the scream she so wanted to emit, then, as she breathed out in a long sigh she relaxed, a stream of pussy cum flowing into my mouth. Holding the sweet liquid on my tongue, I moved up her body to kiss her.

"I believe this is yours."

She eagerly opened her mouth and I let her cunny juice flow on to her tongue, and we kissed hungrily, both of us totally lost in our moment of lust.

"Fuck me Tom."

We were in the perfect position for such a manoeuvre, my erection already pressing hard into her groin, her legs wide apart ready to receive me. All that was needed was for me to unzip my pants. I slid into her as easy as a knife into butter and for the first time that day we slowly started to make love.

"Yesss," she hissed, "Fuck me hard, fuck my wet pussy. Shoot your hot spunk into my wet cunt you horny fucker." This girl was getting dirtier by the minute, and of course I was loving it.

As I increased my pace I found it difficult to control the hammock, which was swinging wildly with every plunge into her, and I was seriously contemplating lifting her fully into the bed. The decision was made for me when we heard soft footsteps in the sand.

"Quick." I whispered," Someone's coming." Another few seconds and it would have been me, I smiled grimly to myself.

We scrambled into the hammock together. Sue covered her breasts and I managed to pull my pants up over my bum and laid on top of her, hiding our genitals from view.

"Perhaps it's Rich and Les?" Sue looked up at me hopefully, she was so keen that we all have sex together. I realized later that she simply wanted her brother to see her enjoying herself and that he could let his hair down in front of her also.

Unfortunately it wasn't them. As the footsteps approached in the gloom we could see that it was in fact the couple who had nearly caught us copulating in the surf last night. Tonight it was an even closer thing! Perhaps they had seen something, but had remained quiet, watching us in the dark.

The very tall guy spoke with an Australian accent, "Sorry to interrupt you folk, we didn't realize you were here."

He was sandy-haired and dressed in jeans and t-shirt, his companion a tiny gothic-like creature with pixie-cut black hair, short black skirt and a bikini top barely concealing a tiny pair of breasts. Her eyes were an electric blue, and while she was barely out of her teens, he must have been pushing forty.

"That's okay," I replied with an embarrassed smile, "We were about to leave anyway."

Sue whispered in my ear, "No we were not, we were fucking!"

From our position in the hammock that must have been pretty obvious to them. The Aussie chuckled and put his arm around the girl's waist. His own erection was very evident in his pants.

"Please don't go on our behalf, we came down here for the same reason as you guys."

His eyes glanced meaningfully downwards towards where Sue's crimson panties lay like a beacon on the sand.

It would be very fanciful of me to say that the unlikely couple climbed into the adjacent hammock and we all had mind-blowing sex in full view of each other, but he just grinned, took the girl's arm and moved off down the beach. Hearing new voices from another direction we decided that caution was now the order of the day, and in silence we dressed. An elderly couple wandered past, never giving us a glance.

For a while we just sat together with our feet on the sand, gently swinging the hammock back and forth, and when we heard a distant groan from the far end of the beach we knew that the Aussie couple had found a secluded place to vent their own carnal desires.

I was still horny as hell and wanted to finish what we had started but for some reason the moment was lost for Sue, I think the brashness of the tall guy had destroyed the magic for her. Anyway, we both felt in need of a drink, and returned to the bar.

Les and Rich had gone to bed. Sue annoyingly got into a conversation with two newly arrived couples from Canada, so I settled back to watch some live cricket from South Africa. Brian Lara was at the wicket and entertaining the large crowd with another faultless display.

A large shadow descended over the table marking the return of the beach lovers, he with a very smug grin and she, in total contrast, appearing extremely bored. Upon further inspection he was clearly in his forties, and she couldn't have been a day over nineteen. In the Caribbean anything goes, the original sugar daddy was born here.

"Mind if we share?"

"No problem." I replied, adjusting the chairs and eyeing up the slender curves of his concubine.

"I'm Greg by the way and this is Sooline, but I call her Soo." He spelt it out.

The Canadian couples had drifted away and Sue focused her attention on the new occupants of our table.

"That's funny, I'm a Sue too!"

"That's cool!" He gave an ill concealed wink at her. "I only date girls called Sue, that way I don't call out the wrong name in the night!'

I laughed, but the girls just frowned.

He jerked his head back at the beach. "Sorry again if we disturbed anything down there."

I grinned at him. "Nothing that we can't continue later."

"You know, we love outdoor sex too, the risk of being caught and all that."

"We know, we heard you."

The conversation carried on pretty much between us two guys. I was not surprised to learn later that Sue was not keen on the guy, finding him loud and obnoxious, and truly dreading any suggestion of teaming up with them for anything of a sexual nature.

"Now, her on her own, that would be a different matter," she admitted later in the night with my cock pounding into her. I had to admit to agreeing with her.

Soo didn't talk, period. Apart from frequent piercing glances at Sue and I, she looked totally bored out of her skin. Throughout the conversation she maintained an intense expression, hardly smiling at all. What could not be mistaken however was the strong sexual energy that was emanating from this strange little girl. If she had offered, and Sue was not present, I knew I would have willingly fucked her, nineteen or no nineteen. Little was I to know that offer was on the horizon.

Sue was clearly eager to get to bed, but Greg insisted on buying one more round, and for the moment I was happy to wallow in the sexual aura of his girl friend. Her body language suggested to my bulging ego that he might have been the only one to have enjoyed their recent session on the beach. As I discovered next day through Sue, I was correct.

Greg dispatched his girlfriend to go fetch the drinks and as she rose I was quick to spot a flash of black pubes. A blatant gesture to me I was sure, I didn't realise that it was meant for Sue too. I had earlier noted on the beach that her armpits were also hairy, a fashion quite acceptable in parts of Europe, and to me a very sensual touch.

New drinks on the table, Greg checked around that he was not being watched, and dipped into his shirt pocket.

"Fancy a joint you guys? If there's anything as good as sex then it's a decent smoke afterwards."

"Or even during!" I laughed.

"And especially before a fuck!"

Soo surprised us with her first words, and she was grinning. Obviously sex and the weed were close to her heart. She had a French accent, which explained the hairy pits. Naturally we accepted, passing the reefer between us.

"Fuck!" gasped Sue, "This is really good shit."

I followed suit, inhaling deeply. I agreed with a huge grin.

Soo grabbed the joint from her lover's hand, taking a huge drag and blowing the smoke erotically towards me and Sue.

"We got it locally this morning. Can get you some if you want."

"Thanks all the same, but we are going home tomorrow, too dodgy to carry into Barbados, even though we are in transit."

"No worries. So, you folks been here long?"

"Just ten days. You?"

"We got in yesterday, saw you guys on the beach last night, we did kinda wonder if you would be down there again tonight."

Sue raised her eyebrows. "You came looking for us?"

"Not really, we had it planned anyway."

Soo was staring intently at me, her startling blue eyes locked on mine, now totally silent after her outburst.

My new lover, getting a little high on the smoke, stared at Greg. "Are you two what we in the UK call swingers?"

I couldn't believe where she was taking this, I was sure she didn't fancy the guy. It turned out that, like me, she was fascinated with his gothic girl friend.

Soo shook her head slowly and Greg took a long puff before answering.

"Not really. We just happen to be open about sex, do it where we want, with who we want, go to parties once in a while. That's how we are in Oz. By the way, they call them swingers in Melbourne too!"

He looked at me curiously. "Why do you ask? Are you two in that scene?"

It was my turn to shake my head. I looked at Sue and when she nodded I told them how we had met last week, and that we had both arrived here with different partners.

"That means you really are swingers," he chuckled. "You've done a permanent swap!"

"I prefer temporary ones."

Soo spoke again with her distinctly sexy French accent, and Sue was now the object of her unblinking stare. My cock stirred with the thought of being temporary with this young girl. Sue immediately spotted the movement in my pants and pinched my thigh with the distinct message that I had a sexual obligation to complete with her before pointing my cock in any other direction.

She muttered in my ear, the joint clearly taking effect, "I'm fucking randy Tom, I want to go to bed, and I want your cock in my asshole."

I sat bolt upright, Greg raised his eyes, seeing my look of surprise.

"Had an offer you can't refuse Tom?"

I laughed. "You could say that." I placed my hands in my crotch to hide my growing erection.

Soo suddenly stood up and looked at us both in turn. "Perhaps we will meet up again sometime?"

"Melbourne is a long way away Soo."

She smiled. "We live in Brussels, I am Flemish."

"Yeah," continued Greg, lewdly grabbing her ass. "My company moved me across the planet so I could fuck this gorgeous sexy creature. And of course because of my job," he added with a raucous laugh. I have to admit that I wasn't over keen on the guy either, but with his frank Australian openness I guess he could grow on you in time. A sort of Crocodile Dundee without the Croc.

We parted with hugs all round and, as Soo pressed her lithe petite body to mine and clearly aware of my prominent erection, she whispered in my ear, "Pity you are both leaving so soon. I swim at six." When Sue asked me later what she had said I repeated it to her, for some reason leaving out the swim part.

As we left the bar Greg caught my arm. "Hey you guys, something to take to bed," and promptly pulled two more reefers from his pocket. "Something to remember us by when you hit the spot."


Sue was drying herself after a shower, I was sat in my boxers absorbed again with the cricket. The subject of anal sex clearly occupied our unspoken our thoughts.



"You know what you did in that hammock?... you know...with your finger?"

I humoured her. "I do lots of things with my finger!"

"You know what I mean, when you put it in my bum."

"Uh huh." I pretended to half-listen as Brian Lara was poised on hitting yet another century.

Impatiently, she grabbed the remote and killed the picture.

"Well, one or two blokes have tried that before and I never liked it. I told them to stop, they were too rough."

"You didn't stop me," I smiled up her, kissing her nose softly, my mind immediately off the cricket. Little Tom was warming to the subject.

"I know. It was 'cos I trusted you, and to be honest I was so turned on I think I sort of really liked it."

"What did you like about it?"

"It was so very, very private and personal, and it sort of tingled in there, bit like I tingle in my pussy, but... I don't know ... just different that's all, and very exciting, something new!"

"Is that what made you cum?"

"Oh God yes, it was just...so fucking rude and at the same time so lovely." She paused. "Have you ever done it with your cock Tom?"

"Umm yes, a couple of times I've tried, but it hurt the girl too much so I never bothered asking again."

"Not surprised with that fat thing," she laughed, grabbing my rising erection through my pants.

"But a friend recently gave me some tips, apparently it's a fantastic experience when you get it right. For the girl that is."

"Apparently? And would this friend be Les?"

"No, I laughed, "We never got around to it. The advice came from a woman I chatted with on the Internet. We never actually met, so I still have to put it to the test." I gave her a sly knowing look.


"What does hmm mean then?"

"I might be willing to give it a go." She looked into my eyes curiously. "You remember yesterday when we said we would do anything for each other, and that I had a fantasy?"

"I wondered what it was. You really want me to do that with you?" Of course I was fully erect in anticipation.

"Yes Tom, I think I do. I want our sex to be complete, I want us to make love each and every way we can, and if you get pleasure doing me in the bum then I'm pretty sure I will too."

She put her arms around my neck and pulled me close and we kissed deeply. Rubbing her naked crotch eagerly against my exposed cock she whispered, "So?"

"So what?" I taunted her, my hands gripping her ass, pulling her tightly to me.

"So, are we going to do it then?"

"What, now?" I grinned, my cock twitching against her pussy, as if in answer to her question.

"Yes Tom, yes please, I want you to put your cock in my ass and fuck me, do it how you were told to by your friend."

Although madly keen to do this, I was a little apprehensive because I didn't want to hurt her, and as I slipped out of my pants I sought her very available pussy opening instead, but she immediately put her hand down and pushed my cock away toward her little hole.

"I'm a little sore in there Tom, please do it in my bum, I know I am ready for it, I am so horny."

I slid down the bed and turned her on her side and placed a towel underneath her. Gently prising open her legs I softly licked her pussy to release some juices and let them flow freely out of her, teasing her nectar along the delicate flesh between her pussy and asshole. She shivered as I teased her tight little anus open with my tongue.

"Mmm that's lovely, all tingly."

For a moment she tensed and then sighed as very slowly I substituted a finger for my tongue, sliding it gently into her, all the while dribbling saliva to keep her moist. When I felt her initial tension relax I inserted a second finger continuing to keep her wet with my tongue, her vaginal juices adding to the wetness. She played with her clitoris as I started a gentle fucking motion with my two fingers, her breathing became faster.

Asking her to wait I removed my fingers and, spreading some saliva on the head of my cock, laid down behind her and ever so gently worked the tip into her secret entrance, some of my pre-cum conveniently appearing to assist access. Furiously frigging her pussy and, with just the head of my cock inside her asshole, her orgasm hit her so surprisingly that I involuntarily jumped a little further in. She cried out in ecstasy as I tried to hold her bum cheeks steady. Luxuriating the tightness around my cock, I held my position just inside her, eager to penetrate further inside her forbidden hole. I smiled to myself with satisfaction when I realized that this was the furthest I had been inside a girl's ass without rejection.

"God," she gasped, "what are you doing to me? And whatever it is don't stop my darling."

"When you are ready, just say the word and you can have some more, okay?"

Holding my cock steady a couple of inches inside, I could feel her gripping me, not wanting to let go.

"Ready darling, I think I like this. Love my bum with your cock, and please go slowly."

With my fingers I scooped the fresh cum juices pouring from her pussy and spread them around my shaft and, caressing her cheeks with my hands, I eased slowly further inside, Sue continuously urging me on. Her orgasm had helped her to relax. Each time I pushed further in I stopped, retracted a little, and then penetrated a further half-inch or so, adding water from a nearby bottle that I had grabbed.

With about an inch to go Sue, breathing heavily, abruptly waved her hand. "Tom, wait a mo."

I stopped, her body gripping my cock like a vice, her ass reminding me of the tight pussy of a virgin.

I leaned forward and softly kissed her neck. "Is it hurting?"

"No my darling, I love it. I just remembered I've got some KY in my bag."

Her handbag was on the floor, slowly we crawled comically locked together to the side of the bed so she could hook her toe into the handle and swing it within reach. We were now both on our knees as I partly withdrew and placed a huge dollop of the jelly all round my cock and asked her to move back on to me when she was ready. What a result! I slid back inside as easily as if it were her pussy, and was resuming a slow movement in and out when she spoke again, pointing to the wall.

"Tom look! They're fucking!"

Concerned that we were being watched (what again?), I stopped still and followed her gaze...into the mirror on the dressing table. She was watching our reflection! And what a horny sight! Our own porn show!

"Move down Tom so we can see better, I love doing it in front of a mirror. I want to see it going in!"

Together we wriggled backwards until I was off the bed and standing behind Sue, who was now high on her knees in front of me, my cock now well inside her tight hole and really starting to pleasure her virgin ass. In the mirror we watched as at last I started to fuck her slowly and deliberately, adding two fingers to her dripping pussy to add to her pleasure.

It must have taken at least ten minutes of careful penetration and another application of jelly to become fully inside her, at which point I stopped.

"What do you feel honey?" I asked as she kneeled trembling in front of me, her face buried in the pillow.

"I don't know what I feel, but it's bloody amazing. Are you going to stop talking and fuck me now or what?"

"You sure?"

"Yes please. Fuck my bum, fuck your dirty slut in her asshole with your big fat cock."

Immensely aroused by her words I started to move faster within her, retracting to half my length and then filling her fully again. Sue was squealing and gasping with pleasure, my fingers moving inside her pussy in time with my motion in her ass. Curiously my fingers could feel the outline of my cock as I fucked her.

"My vibrator Tom," she gasped, reaching for her bag.

"God, you do come prepared" I smiled and, switching the toy on, slipped it into her sodden pussy.

She giggled, "It goes with the KY Tom. Now please fuck me Tom, fuck my ass, fuck my pussy, this is so lovely." To urge me on she started to rock back against me. "Do me in there like you do my pussy."

Sue was clearly comfortable with me fully inside her so I thrust into both her holes at the speed she wanted, and all too soon she started groaning loudly and shaking violently.

"Oh God don't stop, it's like I have two cocks in me."

She let out a loud screech and I paused with a concerned look into the mirror. Our eyes met, her face was contorted with lust.

"I'm cumming...oh fuck!"

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