24 Hours Ch. 05


I thrust harder into her and she screamed as she orgasmed violently. She was so totally consumed by the ecstasy of the moment that it took all my strength to hold her still and stay inside and continue the fucking strokes. Gradually I slowed my pace, allowing her to luxuriate in her magical moment, but I was now on the verge of my own climax and, with the tightness of her ass gripping my cock, finding it difficult to hold back any longer.

"I'm cumming too," I gasped, starting to draw out, but she pushed back hard against me.

"No Tom, cum in me, cum in my bum," she groaned. "I want to know what it feels like, give it all to me."

I needed no further encouragement and, with a few more deep thrusts, I exploded my sperm deep into her ass with a groan to match her own loud cries.

For a full minute I held her there on my cock, leaning forward to kiss her tenderly on her neck. As my cum started to leak out I pulled gently away, her enlarged hole brimming with cream. Shaking uncontrollably, we collapsed on the bed together in a pool of sweat and semen and kissed tenderly as we slowly caught our breaths and gazed lovingly into each other's eyes.

She kissed my nose. "That was the most amazing thing I have ever done Tom, thank you so much. I love you."

"I love you too," kissing her back. "It was pretty damn special for me as well."

"I need a drink," she declared suddenly and, while I grabbed two bottles from the fridge, she rushed off to the bathroom. I had a sudden concern that perhaps the fucking had disturbed her bowels, but she returned quickly with a smile and aloe cream in her hand.

"Just a bit tender there I think," she smiled.

We sat in silence as we touched each other, words at that moment could not express everything we wanted to say. Eventually I spoke, "Do you realize I have just fucked a virgin?"

She laughed. "From what you have told me, so have I! And it was much nicer than when I lost my other virginity."

I held her close as we kissed deeply, surrounded by the strong aroma of sex.

"So tell me, what did it feel like to have a cock in there Sue? Be honest, because all my previous girl friends were revolted by the idea."

"Then they don't know what they missed. I can't describe it Tom. It was just the most wonderful feeling ever, I felt so full, so complete. What did it feel like for you?"

"It felt like the tightest pussy I have ever been in, a real virgin one."

She giggled. "Perhaps next time we could try it the other way around?"

I froze as she held up the sticky vibrator, but quickly sighed with relief when she explained.

"You know, fuck me normally and put this up my bum?"

"You mean you still like my cock enough to have it up you yet again?"

She fondled my shrunken member.

"I would like that thing inside me all the time if it was possible. Tell me, did you really enjoy it, or did you do it just to please me?"

"I did it for us, because it felt so right. Until now I never realized how much pleasure it could be, both for a man and a woman."

I whispered a silent thank you to my Internet friend for her expert advice.

In the shower we sponged each other and kissed and caressed as we talked of what might lay ahead in the future for us. Ten minutes later we were both cuddled together in a deep contented sleep, but not before she shared with me.



"When I said earlier that I love you..."


"I meant that I don't love love you, not that way. I love you as my new friend. Does that make sense?"

I reached around her and cupped a soft breast.

"Yes it does. I understand. What you mean is you love me like a fuck-buddy."

She placed her hand over mine, pressing me into her breast. "Exactly. You okay with that?"


I withdrew my hand, and turned on to my back.

"Nite-nite Sue."

"Nite-nite dear fuck-buddy."

* *

Like every male over ten years old I normally greet the new day with a customary flagpole between my legs. Thanks to the booze, the smoking and of course the sex I awoke this morning with a rare half-mast and with a head that was buzzing.

I peered at the clock, 5.40. It was just getting light, and Sue was still well out of it. As my head banged I knew that a dip in the sea would be the solution to my hangover, but I was easily tempted to go take a pee and crash back in bed.

'Swim.' I aimed my cock at the toilet pan, peeing away the night's beverages.

'Swim'. The words echoed in my aching head

Take a swim my brain was telling me, the hot body lying supine in bed was trying to persuade me otherwise.

As I shook away the final drips her parting words drifted through the haze.

"I swim at six."

Sooline, the sexy gothic teenager was waiting for me in the sea.

In my hand my cock stirred, wanting to know more, and tucking it into my bathers, followed it in the general direction of the beach.

Squinting against the bright Caribbean dawn I could see the usual walkers, joggers performing their early morning ritual. Scanning the water I quickly spotted her, out deep, off to one side of the bay. If she had seen me she didn't wave, she seemed to stay in one spot, gently paddling her arms to stay afloat.

Like iron filings drawn to a magnet I made a beeline in her direction, my hangover miraculously left behind. Her eyes soon locked with mine and long before I even reached the water I knew we were going to fuck. By the time I was waist deep I was hard and ready for her. Soo's face was as expressionless as last night, but there was no doubt about the intent within her eyes. When I moved in to kiss her she turned her head to one side, my lips finding instead the long pale neck below her cropped hair.

We were both paddling well out of depth and together we moved inshore so we could stand. Apart from the foiled kiss, we hadn't yet touched. Reaching shallow water she grinned impishly and raised her arm out of the water, her hand clutching her bikini bottom, her hairy armpit exposed to the rising sun.

Message received, I licked my lips, lowered my own trunks and pulled her toward me, my hands grasping her ass. Without further ado she grabbed hold of my cock and, without any hesitation, pulled me into her. In this salty water she was tight and dry to start with, but once deep inside her I was welcomed with her own slippery lubrication. Hands gripping each other's ass, we started to move together. Against the cold of my cock the interior of her pussy was burning hot.

Soo looked hard into my eyes and silently mouthed the universal invitation to sex, "Fuck me."

To the uninitiated, intercourse in the sea can be a painful experience, the salt being very abrasive to both parties. From bitter experience, the solution is to stay inserted as deeply as possible, then restricting the in-and-out motion to short but fast. As we humped frantically together, with only our chests exposed above the water, I looked over her shoulder at the beach. I dreaded seeing Sue suddenly appear or even Richard and Les, but all was well. Only the joggers came anywhere near the water's edge, and if it was obvious what we were doing, they didn't seem concerned. Perhaps sex in the sea is now old-hat!

We fucked as fast as the restriction of the sea would allow, knowing that once the salt water crept in the fun would be over. I was fascinated by the determination of this girl to screw just for the fun of it. I sensed that she didn't fancy me all that much, she just needed someone different to fuck, and I filled the slot, to coin a phrase. Tentatively I reached between us to finger her clit but she shook her head placing my hand back on her ass. And again she shook it when, on approaching my orgasm, I started to pull out. Instead, she gritted her teeth and pulled me closer. Given the green light I quickly exploded inside her and we both muttered a grunt of satisfaction.

Easing herself off me she kissed me on the cheek and just as suddenly she swam away, a small blob of semen rising to the surface in her wake.

Recovering my trunks, I allowed my cock to subside and waded back to the shore. Starting back up the beach I looked over my shoulder to see her swimming out toward the diving raft, no doubt leaving a further trail of my sperm behind her. I idly wondered what the fish would make of it. Again in my stupidity I had rashly engaged in unsafe sex, but much later back home I was relieved to be expertly advised that salt water is not only a good contraceptive but pretty good at anti infection too.

Back by the restaurant I took one last look, she was sitting on the raft and waved to me. I returned the gesture and hurried back to Sue's cabin.

You would think that, as I entered the shower, I would have felt very smug and satisfied, but I didn't. Even though she was now my fully declared no-strings fuck-buddy, I had still in a way cheated on Sue. Part of me also regretted that I hadn't made Sooline cum. Perhaps I could ease my conscience by making it happen for Sue.

I lifted the bedsheet off her sleeping body. Fortunately she was on her back and it took little effort to part her thighs exposing her sex. Since we didn't have vaginal sex that night, her pussy was only barely moist and smelled sweet.

I licked her softly and thoroughly as she slowly came to. The more she regained consciousness the more rapidly I licked, my tongue tracing the letters of the alphabet, with the result that she orgasmed before she was fully awake. I was quickly rewarded with a little squirt of fresh nectar. When she had finished shaking I moved up beside her body and kissed her with the taste of her pussy on my lips.

"Morning Sue, coffee?"

"Mmm please."

She had sat up, her breasts all perky in the morning light and I kissed each in turn as I passed her coffee.

"That was nice Tom, what did I do to deserve that?" Little did she know!

"Lisa used to like me to lick her awake," I answered truthfully, "so I thought I would try it with you."

"You didn't fuck me though."

"This one was purely for you." Although my cock was still semi-hard, and to this day the sight of her naked body never fails to excite me, I wasn't sure I could perform so soon after my recent marine encounter.

She smiled and headed for the shower.

Following a leisurely breakfast Richard and I headed to the airport to organise the ticket swap, leaving Sue to enjoy the beach. Les, being in a similar overhung condition to me, couldn't face the sun, and relaxed in the shade of the bar.

At lunch we all shared a large buffet and Sue seemed very preoccupied and a bit irritable, no doubt with the thought of returning home. After four rum punches Les plucked up enough courage to tell Richard about her previous nocturnal employment, apparently much more to his amusement than shock.

"Les, my naivety and your experience should prove for an interesting time ahead, if last night was anything to go by." Apparently she had kept him awake all night, this time for a different reason.

Les laughed, now relaxed after her confession, and put her arm around her new lover.

"And for everyone's information, size does matter!"

"Yeah," agreed Richard, "She could hardly walk this morning. Not to boast, of course!"

"Well, I must say I am satisfied with what I found on the beach." smiled Sue, patting me lightly on the groin.

We all laughed, and gently kissed our new partners.

As we waited for our taxi Les cornered me about the scream she and a hundred others must have heard in the night.

"Was that someone being murdered or did you hit the spot Tom?"

"Actually, we had anal sex, it was a first for both of us."

"First time? And how old are you Tom, 28? Where have you been all these years?"

"Okay miss pro, we don't all have your experience," I taunted.

She glared at me. "Don't you bloody go telling anyone. I don't mind the other two, but no one else okay?"

I held her shoulders and kissed her forehead. "I promise. And anyway, if it hadn't been for you in that library I wouldn't have met Sue and... ah, here's the taxi."

Richard and Les came with us to the airport where we had all had a snack together, and they waved us goodbye.

"Have a safe trip you two," stuttered a tearful Les, kissing us both. "And no mile-high stuff either!"

"And don't you go screwing any strangers on the beach!" I retorted.

In the little airport lounge, while we waited for our flight, Sue turned to face me, taking my hand in hers.

"Tom, when I said yesterday I am not ready for commitment, I don't want you to think that this was just another of those holiday romances which ends right here at the airport."

"It never crossed my mind Sue, we can always do it on the plane!"

She punched my side. "Be serious for a mo. Something happened this morning over on that little island that confirms what I said yesterday about us not committing just yet."

Bugger! She knew about my early morning swim. But what she said next caught me right off guard.

"Tom, when you and Rich went off to do the tickets, Sooline, you remember her from last night?

I nodded cautiously. I remembered her from this morning!

"Well, she came to my cabin and fucked me."

I uttered a genuine gasp. That little innocent scrap of a girl was insatiable. I waited to see if she had divulged about her earlier encounter with me.

"How on earth did that come about?"

"Quite out of the blue she came up to me on the beach and sat down with two bottles of beer. I said hello, but she just looked at me with that pan expression of hers and started to stroke my foot."


"Nothing was said, but there was this instant spark. We both knew immediately that we wanted each other, just like you and me at the disco."

My cock was stirring.

"What did you do?"

"She looked me in the eyes and raised her own in question. I just nodded and she took my hand and led me to my cabin. I couldn't resist her Tom. We had sex in total silence."

"Bloody hell!"

"Well, more she had sex with me, she just took over. Funny thing Les spotted us on our way over and gave me a huge grin. I hope she doesn't tell Richard."

"Don't worry, I know she has been with other women herself, she'll keep mum."

Sue looked at me sheepishly. "I guess that makes sense of what we discussed last night, about any serious relationship."

I decided to come clean. "I suppose I have to agree, because she fucked me too."

For a moment Sue just stared at me expressionless, but instead of looking shocked she burst out laughing.

"We are a pair aren't we!"

"While you were still asleep this morning I went for a swim."

"I know, she told me."

"You said she never spoke to you."

"She didn't until then. There was nothing to say. We both wanted the same thing, and instinct took over. Afterwards she did open up a little."

"Aren't you angry Sue?"

She took my hand and stared deep into my eyes.

"Why should I be? We have agreed to take this thing slowly and enjoy ourselves, even fool around a little like this morning. And then when we are ready, if we are ready, then we can commit. Okay?" She kissed me lightly on the nose. "I love you Tom, but not enough to be monogamous, not yet anyway."

"I accept that. Soo was sheer lust, on any other day I would pass her on the street and not bat an eyelid."

"It's holidays Tom, we let our hair down when away from home. It's the freedom from the responsibility of normal life that makes us adventurous. I love that feeling, that's why I came out here with Rich, and the same with you and Les."

I veered away from the subject. "She was your first time wasn't she, did you enjoy it?"

"Not as much as I think I could have done. I knew I was going to go with a girl one day, the opportunities kept falling into my lap after losing Jim, so I thought it was about time I grabbed this one. But I am sure I could have done better. I will be more selective next time. It's something I needed to get out of my system, but she wasn't the right person Tom. I don't want wham bam when I do it for real."

She did do it for real, and I helped to organize it, but that came much later.

Our flight was called and when we were buckled into our seats we continued the conversation.

"Sue, why do you think that girl came on to us like that? I don't know if it was the same with you, but she didn't seem to be exactly ecstatic while I was fucking her."

"I asked her. She told me she is bored with Greg and simply likes change, but hasn't met anyone yet who totally satisfies her."

I laughed. "She certainly got change this morning!"

"Apparently they have an open relationship, and that works for them."

"Sort of like what we are talking about? Though I don't think I could never get bored with you!"

"Yes, that's exactly it. We can be like them, both have lots of fun, and still be there for each other."

She gave my cock a surreptitious squeeze, and continued, "I must admit that although she is not raving beauty, deep down she is incredibly sexy. I don't blame you in the slightest for not fending her off. I was certainly unable to do so. So where did you actually fuck her? In one of the hammocks?"

"Didn't she tell you?"

"Nope, she just apologised for seducing you, and that left her horny for me. She did say you didn't suck her off though." She giggled softly, "But then neither did I!"

"It would have been difficult, I didn't have my snorkel with me!"

"You did it in the water?"

"There were too many people on the beach."

"I've never tried it in the sea, I did it in the bath once with my boyfriend. My mum was really pissed off, there was more water on the floor than in the bath!"

"So, are you going to meet up with her again?"

"I don't think so Tom, for a start she lives in Belgium, and I don't really fancy her all that much. What about you, did you swap numbers?"

"No way. I like someone who takes an interest when you are having sex with them. It was an impulse animal thing, she had a hole to be filled and I obliged. It was one of these holiday things you talked about."

"So Tom, are we still going to be fuck-buddies then?"

"Of course." I cast one eye toward the toilet. "How about starting now?"

"No way, not in that smelly thing!"

We peered down on our little island as the twin prop flew us the short hop back to Barbados, finally to rendezvous with our flight back home.

For most of the overnight flight we slept in each other's arms and arrived back to a misty humid dawn at Gatwick where we both got the train to London. I was hoping Sue would come home with me, it seemed an eternity since we had had sex, but she had to be in Manchester that afternoon for an interview. However she invited me down to her flat near Guildford two days later for a long weekend. Those three days were spent lovemaking in every position conceivable and anywhere that happened to be convenient. We even managed anal sex again, this time underwater in the bath! We continued to live apart and although we had given each other the space to see other people, neither of us did so, our weekends together were sufficient enough to keep our libidos in check.

Over the following months we met up several times with Les and Richard, the most recent to celebrate their engagement and yes, Les was pregnant again!

"This time the father stays!" she declared.

"Damn right," grinned Richard. "Don't want her wandering off to some desert island with some horny creep."

We all laughed as we toasted their happiness with champagne. Sue made a show of wanting to take the empty bottle home.

"We have found a new game to play with these," she grinned.

Our relationship changed status when one day when Sue was staying over at my flat. Karen the younger sister of my ex girl friend, arrived on my doorstep demanding to know why I hadn't invited her on my holiday, and started coming on to me quite strongly, only easing off slightly when Sue appeared.

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