tagAnal28-year-old Bisexual Stepfather Ch. 04

28-year-old Bisexual Stepfather Ch. 04


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This will be the final chapter as reader interest has waned with the two previous chapters. Thanks to those who offered positive feedback.



Dustin had dropped Brandon off at college on Monday and drove four hours to the hotel. He checked in and went right to bed as he was dead tired and had a full day tomorrow. Well rested, he went to the client site on Tuesday and worked until 6:00 PM. He was back at the hotel at 6:30 and he was pleased to see the sisters sitting in the lobby waiting for him. Once in the room things moved quickly. He could not conceal his excitement. Delia reached down and grabbed his cock through his pants. She squeezed it as she whispered to him.

"I know that you are anxious to stick your stiff cock in Chole's gorgeous ass but first you are going to make love to her ass. Chole has douched her ass for you so it is squeaky clean. I want you to take her panties down and kiss her ass and tongue her anus. Take your time and make love to her beautiful bottom."

He moved over to Chole and dropped to his knees behind her. He pulled the panties down and had her step out of them one leg at a time. He made sure the panties cleared the high heels. He looked at the gorgeous globes and took one in each hand. He fondled and squeezed her ass cheeks and then buried his face in them. He swiped his tongue along the crack and tickled her anus. Chole cooed and wiggled her ass in response.

"Lick her pussy too. Lick her from her pussy to her ass. Get her hot and get her wet and then you can fuck her in the ass," Delia directed.

Once again, he had lost all sense of reason. He was not thinking of infidelity or his wife and he was beyond caring that it was his wife's friend. All that he could think about was the incredible ass he was eating and would soon be fucking. Delia told him to take off his clothes and he scrambled to his feet and stripped quickly. Chole knelt on the bed. Delia was already naked and she was seated in a chair fingering her pussy as she watched.

Dustin looked back at Chole's ass and he could not resist running his hands over her shapely cheeks. Her ass was so amazing that he felt his loins stir with desire. He loved her perfect ass and he desperately wanted to fuck it again. He got to his knees behind her and kneaded her gorgeous ass cheeks. He then began to kiss her cheeks and run his tongue lightly in the crack of her ass. Chole wiggled her ass feeling very wicked as he tongued and kissed her just as he had earlier. He lifted her by her hips so that her ass was perched in the air. Her head was on the bed and she turned it to one side. She let out a gasp as the tongue licked close to her nether hole. He ran his tongue from her pussy to her ass causing her to groan loudly.

He spread her ass cheeks with his hands and dipped his tongue into the crack locating her nether hole. His tongue slowly circled her anus and she flinched at the contact. He then pushed his tongue as far as he could into her and he found himself needing to fuck her. He continued to ass fuck her with his tongue and she was soon at his mercy. Her desire grew as he worked her ass to the point that she really wanted his big cock in her ass.

"I can see that you are both ready. Go ahead Dustin, fuck my sister in the ass."

Delia handed him a bottle of lubricant as Chole arched her back and pointed her beautiful ass back at him. He coated her anus with a generous amount of lube and slid his thick finger in her hole. He took his time preparing her ass savoring every moment. He coated his entire cock with the lube and placed the head at the entrance. Dustin pushed forward and the soft mushroom cock head squeezed into her tight passage. Chole relaxed a little and then felt more of his cock slide into her. He kept feeding more and more of his cock into her ass.

"Oh my God, I forgot how big you are but it is wonderful."

"Oh yeah fuck that ass. Fuck her hard," Delia called out from the chair.

As Chole orgasmed her entire body went into spasm. Her pussy convulsed and clamped around Dustin's fingers coating them with her cunt juice. Her rectum pulsated as he drove his big cock in and out of it. Her sphincter involuntarily squeezed and released his huge member as he fucked it causing him to finally lose it. He slid his pecker deep into her rectum as his cock spasmed and sent a thick stream of hot cum into her channel. He kept fucking her as his cock kept twitching and spurting inside the impaled Greek beauty.

He stopped moving and slowly withdrew his cock from the lovely bottom. He loved the sight of his large cock sliding out of her shapely ass. She looked magnificent with her incredible ass on display. Delia was on her knees beside him and she took his soft cock in her mouth and sucked it clean. Next, she turned her attention to her sister's ass and pussy and licked until Chole cried out and collapsed on the bed. Delia then ordered him to eat her pussy as she spread out on the bed next to her sister. He dove right in and ate Delia to a very quick orgasm. Then Delia beckoned her sister to come to her as she spread her legs baring her pretty pussy. Chole descended between her sister's legs knowing full well what was expected.

Chole felt her body positioned so that Dustin could fuck her in the ass again while she ate Delia's pussy. His cock was moving smoothly gliding in and out of the shapely ass. As much as he tried to hold off cumming it was all too much for him and he exploded in Chole's rectum a second time. She felt the surge of semen flood her ass. She liked the feeling of the warm liquid coating her anal passage and filling her rectum. He left his cock in her ass and she massaged it with her sphincter muscle keeping him hard. Delia was the next to cum and she threw her pelvis up into sister's face as she reached up with both hands and held the head securely.

"God that was so good. I have a surprise for you Dustin."

Delia took something from her bag and within seconds she was wearing a strap-on dildo. Delia lay back down on the bed with the dildo sticking straight up. The fake cock had been in both Chole's pussy and ass many times. Delia told her sister to sit on her cock. Chole then moved over the dildo and lowered her pussy onto the fake cock. She moved around so the rubber dick nestled comfortably in her pussy and then she felt Dustin behind her again.

"Stay perfectly still until he is back in your ass."

"You sisters are too much. I may never go soft again with you two here."

Chole remained still, impaled on the fake cock, as Dustin positioned himself to re-enter her ass. She felt the impressive cock slide back in her ass and she felt incredibly full with the double penetration. Dustin was experiencing another first and he wondered what else might be in store for him before they were done. The fake cock rubbed against the aroused clit as it slid in and out. Chole knew that she would cum again and it would be at any minute. Delia also benefited from the fake cock as the nub at her end rubbed against her sensitive clit. Soon both women were screaming as massive orgasms sent their bodies into spasm. Dustin rode out the storm keeping his cock buried in Chole's ass but he did not cum this time.

As the two women lay motionless on the bed, he eased his cock out of Chole's bottom. She then lifted her body off the fake cock and lay face down. Delia rested only for a few minutes before she got behind her younger sister and lifted her by the hips. Chole kept her head down on the bed turned to one side and she watched as Delia knelt behind her. Then she felt the familiar talented tongue move between her buttocks. Delia tongued her sister's ass and Chole felt the semen ooze out of her anus. Dustin then moved behind Delia and slipped his cock in her ass.

Dustin began to fuck Delia as she made love to her sister's ass. Chole looked over her shoulder so that could watch the both of them as she had her butt reamed out by the active tongue. Chole was getting turned on again as she had become insatiable in the hands of her older sister. She heard her sister groan as Dustin drilled her ass and then she heard the gasp that signaled that Dustin had cum in Delia's ass.

Delia's tongue ran up and down in the crack of Chole's bottom kissing and probing the anus and pussy. When Delia sensed that her sister was close to another orgasm, she fastened her mouth on the pussy and sucked the clit like she would a cock. Chole screamed as a massive climax rocked her body and her ass gyrated out of control. Dustin enjoyed watching the shapely ass as it seemingly humped the air. Then Chole collapsed on the bed and Delia moved next to her. Dustin stared at the two incredible asses on the bed in front of him and he was pleased that he got to fuck both of them.

One by one they showered and got ready for bed. Dustin was disappointed to hear that the sisters were only staying one night. They told him that they could not take any more days off of work for a while. The three of them would make love again in the morning but then he would be off to work and they would head home. Still it had been an incredible night.


After another full day at the client site, Dustin arrived back at the hotel about 7:00 PM. Since he was alone that evening he decided to have a drink in the bar. It wasn't very crowded, mostly a few business men like himself having a drink. He did see a couple by themselves. They looked so much alike that he assumed they were brother and sister. After a few minutes the young man came over to speak with Dustin.

"Hi, we see that you are alone. Would you like to join my wife and I for a drink?"

"That's very nice of you. Yes, but only if you let me buy."

"Sure, that's kind of you. I'm Blake and my wife is Stephanie. "

"I'm Dustin, pleased to meet you."

Dustin took his drink to the other table and smiled at Stephanie, a cute slender blonde. They were both slender blondes. He was pleased they had asked him over as it was boring sitting by himself. When the drinks were consumed, Dustin ordered another round.

"When I first noticed you. I thought that you were related. You could pass for brother and sister."

"Yes," Stephanie laughed, "We get that a lot."

"We are even built similar except that my wife has cute tits."

"Yes, but your ass is as nice as mine."

Dustin was stunned by the comments. "Oh sorry, Dustin, did we embarrass you?" Stephanie asked.

"No, surprised yes but embarrassed, no."

"Good, Stephanie and I would like you to share our bed with us tonight," Blake bluntly offered.

"If I heard you right? I don't know what to say."

"Say yes, I love to be with two men. Just go with the flow and if you are uncomfortable with anything we'll understand."

"Okay, I'm game."

"Let's go to our room then," Blake suggested.

"Have you ever had a threesome?" Stephanie inquired.

"Yes, but with two women, never with a couple."

Dustin settled the bar tab and followed Blake and Stephanie to their room when once inside the couple undressed quickly and hung up their clothes. Dustin stared at the two look alikes and he was still amazed how much they resembled one another. Except for Blake having a cock and Stephanie having a pussy they were almost identical. They both had slim curvy bodies that were virtually hairless and they both had smooth unblemished skin. Stephanie had very small tits and she was almost flat chested. They both had blonde pubic hair that looked more like peach fuzz.

At that moment Dustin felt a little foolish standing there fully clothed. So, he took his clothes off and folded them neatly in the nearby chair. Then they stared at him, admired his body and complimented him on his fitness. They approached him and they both ran their hands over his body. They enjoyed feeling his muscular torso and they loved his washboard abs. Dustin was hard in an instant and then Stephanie cooed.

"Oh Blake, look his lovely cock got hard already. It is beautiful," she gasped as she took a hold of it.

Stephanie told Dustin to get in bed and lay on his back. Then she knelt between his legs and took his cock in her mouth. She sucked his cock and caressed his achy balls. She was a very accomplished cock sucker and she was able to take it fairly deep in her mouth. He was convinced that he could feel his cockhead at the back of her throat. She seemed to have the ability to massage the cock with her throat muscles and she soon had him racing toward an orgasm. Dustin held her head with his fingers entwined in her blonde hair as he began to face fuck her. Stephanie was every bit as good a cocksucker as Brandon.

Dustin looked over at Blake and saw that his cock was an average size. He knelt behind his wife and slipped his cock into her. She never stopped working on Dustin's cock while her husband fucked her. Reaching under Dustin's scrotum, she lightly touched his perineum which sent him over the edge. He blasted loads of cum in her mouth. She rapidly swallowed all of his cum and continued to suck and milk his cock dry.

Dustin lay back on the bed as he recovered slowly from the fantastic blow job and watched the couple fuck until Blake's body stiffened and he announced that he was cumming. She leaned back against her husband as he came in her pussy which caused her small tits and hard nipples to stand out. She definitely had cute tits even though they were small. Her nipples stood out like little dicks they were so hard.

Dustin was already starting to get hard again when Stephanie asked if he would like to fuck her. His cock was now rock hard and he moved it toward her. She lifted her legs and presented her pussy to him and he pushed his cock against her labia allowing it to slide into her warm passage. She gasped as the big cock nestled into her vaginal passage for the first time.

Blake moved up to her head and stuck his dick in his wife's mouth. Dustin fucked her slowly at first and then he picked up the pace. She used her vaginal muscles to tighten her pussy and she massaged the cock by clenching and unclenching. She was an exceptional fuck. Dustin felt his second ejaculation travel from his balls up through his dick as he shot wads of cum deep into her pussy. He leaned over her body, grabbed her small firm tits and let the rock-hard nipples slip between his fingers as she continued to use her vaginal muscles to milk his cock dry of every drop of cum.

"Oh Blake, I need you. I'm going to cum too."

Blake pulled his cock from his wife's mouth and slid down to her pussy just as Dustin's softening cock slipped out with an audible pop. A trail of semen trickled out of her just before Blake got there to suck Dustin's seed out of his wife's pussy. He covered his wife's pussy with his mouth just in time to catch all her love juice. Her body thrashed around as she orgasmed and came in her husband's mouth. Her hips lifted off the bed as Blake sucked every drop of the combined juices from his wife's pussy. She had been fantastic as Dustin had just received a world class blow job and fucked her very hot pussy. The three of them remained silent and rested for several few minutes and then Stephanie said she wanted two cocks in her at the same time.

Stephanie worked on Dustin's cock until it was erect again and then she mounted him lowering her pussy onto the big shaft. She cooed as her husband worked his fingers in and out of her ass lubricating it for his cock. Then he lined up his cock and slipped it right in his wife's hot ass. She sighed as the hard cock entered her ass and Blake fucked her slowly. Dustin could feel the smaller erect cock through her thin membrane, another first for him. Surprisingly it turned him on. Blake didn't last long and he soon came in his wife's ass.

"Your turn," she whispered to Dustin.

Obviously Stephanie wanted Dustin in her ass so she lifted off of him and then she got back on all fours. Blake handed Dustin the lubricant and he put an ample amount on his cock making it as slippery as possible. He eased his cock into the cute curvy ass and she tensed up when she felt the larger cock at the entrance. Dustin was excited to be fucking her ass. He held onto her hips and slowly pushed his cock in her rectum.

"Oh easy, go easy, let me get used to you. Not too deep at first, please."

Dustin didn't want to hurt Stephanie so he slowly fucked her ass with about half of his cock in her. She loosened up gradually and as she did more of the cock slipped into her bottom. Soon with patience and steady strokes, he was fully imbedded in her ass. She grunted as he picked up the pace and drove his cock home with each stroke. Dustin looked at her beautiful ass as he fucked her and he couldn't believe that he was really fucking her cute ass with her husband watching. He excitedly watched his cock slide in and out and he felt another ejaculation building in his balls.

Dustin shoved his cock in as far as he could and unleashed a torrent of cum into her rectum. Stephanie was surprised by the force of the ejaculation and the amount of semen that he shot into her ass since it was his third time that night. She was thrilled with his virility. He kept fucking her slowly and the sphincter contracted around his cock milking every last drop from him. He would have loved to stay in her beautiful ass forever but he felt his cock soften in her rectum. His cock slipped out slowly and made an audible popping sound when it cleared the snug rubbery ring. Dustin had just experienced another incredible ass fuck.

Stephanie was in need of an orgasm and she rolled her over and told her husband to take care of her. Blake knelt between her legs and lowered his face to her pussy. Stephanie had a quick orgasm and humped her pussy up into her husband's face. Stephanie coated Blake's face with her pussy juice as she thrashed about on the bed. Dustin stared at Blake's ass and realized it was every bit as nice as his wife's.

"Good job Dustin, we needed that. Bring that delicious cock over to me Dustin," Blake requested.

"I've got nothing left Blake, you two have drained me of every drop."

"That's okay I just want to nibble, you don't have to cum again."

So once again, Dustin let a guy suck his cock. Blake kept sucking Dustin's cock and Dustin realized that he was every bit as good as his wife at sucking cock. Blake got him hard again and then asked Dustin to fuck him. Dustin watched as Blake got on all fours and lubricated his anus. Dustin looked at the shapely ass it looked just like Stephanie's. Other than his ball sac hanging down he looked just like his wife waiting to get fucked. Dustin lubed his cock again and then eased his cock into Blake's ass and fucked him with long deep steady strokes. Stephanie got in front of her husband and took his cock into her mouth. Dustin fucked Blake until he came in his wife's mouth. Dustin could not cum again so he pulled out after Blake ejaculated.

It was time to get some sleep so the couple invited Dustin to stay with them that night. They all stayed naked in the bed and pulled the covers over their sexually sated bodies. Dustin had no trouble falling asleep with Stephanie in the middle between her husband and him. Sometime in the very early hours Dustin was awakened by the bed moving. When his head cleared he realized that Blake was fucking his wife. Somehow Blake had gotten in the middle and he had his back to Dustin. He didn't know if Blake was in Stephanie's ass or pussy but he was overcome with desire and he decided to get in on the action. Dustin's cock was hard so he moved it to Blake's ass and touched the anus with the head of his cock. Blake reached back and guided the cock into his ass and then he resumed fucking his wife. Dustin didn't have to move much since Blake's fucking motion caused his ass to slide back and forth.

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