tagAnal28-year-old Bisexual Stepfather Ch. 06

28-year-old Bisexual Stepfather Ch. 06


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story contains straight sex, bisexual sex, gay sex and incest.



The Sunday morning following Thanksgiving found Dustin, Margaret, Brandon and Tyler in the king size bed. They were all on their sides and Tyler had his slender cock in Margaret's ass. In turn, Brandon was fucking Tyler and Dustin was fucking Brandon. The three guys would cum and then Dustin ate Margaret to another intense orgasm. She had certainly come a long way since her conversation with Barb. However, she was still not ready to take Dustin in her ass and she wasn't sure that she would ever be ready for that.

Following the satisfying sex that morning, the four of them ate breakfast. They all pitched in preparing the meal and cleaning up. Then it was time for Brandon to head back to college. He packed his bags and said goodbye to his mother. Dustin would drive him back to school and it would make for a long day. Tyler left for home but reminded Dustin that e would see him Wednesday. Margaret smiled as she had given her husband permission to keep fucking Tyler.

Dustin and Brandon left the house. Margaret was exhausted after four days of debauchery. Not in her wildest dreams had she thought she could do such things. She had to admit that she liked the smaller slender cocks cumming in her ass. Knowing that Dustin had an insatiable appetite for anal sex, she had approved of him fucking her son and Tyler. What she didn't realize was that he would never be satisfied until he fucked every attractive bottom to which he was drawn.

On the four-hour drive back to college Dustin and Brandon discussed the new relationship with Margaret. Brandon was thrilled that he had been able to fuck a female ass although he wasn't sure he could do it with someone else besides his mother. They got to the school and Dustin helped Brandon bring his bags and clothes inside. Like every student, he had brought home a bunch of dirty laundry. Brandon invited his stepfather to stay for awhile but Dustin had other things on his mind.

"Thanks Brandon but I'm really tired and I have a four-hour drive home as you know."

"Okay, I was thinking we could have some fun but I understand."

"I'll see you at Christmas break, its not that far away."

"Right, see you then."

They hugged and Dustin left the dorm. He got in the car but before he drove away he decided to call the sisters. Delia answered the phone.

"Delia, how have you been?"

"Dustin, Chole and I was just talking about you. We haven't seen you in a while."

"Yeah, it's been tough to get away. Listen would you two like some company tonight?"

"How will you manage that?"

"I just dropped my stepson off at college and it is a four-hour drive home. I could call Margaret and tell her I need to stop because I'm tired."

"Sure, what time will you be here?"

"I can be there by 7:00 PM."

"Great, Chole will be excited. See you then."

Dustin's next call was to Margaret but he waited a couple of hours. He told her his eyes were closing as he drove and thought it better to stop overnight. She agreed and thanked him for being so sensible. She was actually grateful that he was not coming home as she was exhausted and could go to bed early without worrying about him.

It wasn't that Dustin didn't have anal sex the past four days. He just had not seen the sisters in quite some time and it was a good opportunity to visit them. As he drove, he was already picturing their beautiful asses perched in the air awaiting his big dick.


When Dustin arrived he and the sisters had a cocktail and caught up on news. He wanted to tell them about Margaret but decided to wait until later. They were all still dressed and it seemed to add some eroticism to the moment. The three of them arranged themselves in position as Chole removed her panties and flipped up her skirt. Delia lowered her panties to her knees and dove right into Chole's pussy. Dustin dropped his pants and drawers to his ankles and stroked his already hard cock. He used the lubricant provided and began to finger Delia's anus. He marveled at the ass on his Greek lover as her buns stuck out from her lower back and thighs.

In spite of Delia's ass being big and protruding, her cheeks were firm and her ass was so round. He fingered her nether hole applying an ample of lube to it as he relished in its beauty. Satisfied that she was ready he lined up his cock and pressed forward into her snug chute. She gasped as he pushed his cock into her ass. Delia relaxed her ass and he slid in further and then she turned her attention to Chole's pussy.

Delia's moans were muffled and lost in her sister's pussy. Dustin held her hips firmly and continued to push his cock in deeper and deeper. Delia could not believe her good fortune and that this was happening to her again and she moaned with joy into her sister's cunt. She reached for her pussy with her own fingers and rubbed her clit frantically as she sucked on Chole's clit.

Dustin had finally buried his entire cock in her ass and he held still as her rectum relaxed a little adjusting to the intrusive invasion. She realized that she had been holding her breath and then she started to breathe easier and relieve some of her tension. He began a slow fucking motion and caressed the shapely buttocks. She never really felt any pain but she just a pleasurable pressure in her rectum and bowels. Once again, she began to enjoy the ass fucking. Dustin began to fuck her with long deep strokes.

Delia started sucking on Chole's pussy at a furious pace which signaled Dustin that she was approaching her own orgasm. He picked up the pace and really began to pound her ass. His cock would come almost all the way out and then he would shove it back in to the hilt. Dustin kept pounding the luscious ass. Chole grunted and groaned in orgasm as Delia sucked up all of her juices. Delia then lifted her mouth off of Chole's twat and groaned aloud as the big dick pounded her ass.

"Oh, oh, oh, yes give it to me. Fuck my ass, fuck it!"

Dustin increased his speed and his cock was flying in and out of Delia's ass. Perspiration was dripping from him and now he wished they had taken off their clothes. His thighs were slapping into generous buttocks causing the cheeks to jiggle as they always did with each thrust of his cock. He shoved his cock in all the way, stiffened and grunted as his cum shot out of his pecker into the receptive chamber. He emptied his balls and flooded her rectum with his seed. He kept fucking her ass as he loved to feel cum squishing around in her rectum. Chole was humping Delia's face as she too approached her orgasm.

"Oh God Delia, don't stop please, make me cum. I'm going to cum. I'm cumming Delia, oh Delia!"

Delia continued tongue fucking her and playing with her clit and Chole could not stand it anymore as her body went rigid. She moaned and lifted her hips towards her sister's face. Delia grabbed Chole's ass as she continued with her tongue lapping and squeezed the shapely ass at the same time. This final act took Chole over the edge with a mind-numbing orgasm.

They collapsed and fell to the floor with Dustin's cock still in her ass. He lay on top of Delia until his cock softened and then rolled to the side. Delia clenched her sphincter muscle and more cum squirted out of her ass and ran down over her pussy. The three of them made quite a sight still partially clad in their clothes. Dustin lay on his back with his cock draped across his pubes with his pants and underwear still around his ankles. Delia lay on her stomach with her shapely ass pointed in the air and her panties around her knees with her skirt flipped over her back. Chole was still on her stomach with her skirt pulled up and her pussy still glistening from her orgasm.

"Let's get more comfortable this time," Chole suggested.

"Thank God! I am dripping wet," Dustin offered.

The three of them got completely undressed and Dustin and Chole stared at Delia's rock hard extended nipples. Her nipples stood out like erasers on pencils and they were just as hard. Her nipples looked even bigger that evening.

"I love your hard-erect nipples," Chole replied and then kissed her sister's tits and took her nipples in her mouth one by one.

She moved from one tit to the other taking the entire breast in her mouth and sucking the nipples. She let each nipple pop out of her mouth with an audible sound and the nipples seemed to get harder and longer each time. Delia moaned aloud and grasped her sister's head holding it to her breasts. Dustin got hard again just from watching the two sisters and he walked up to Delia. He caressed her sensuous ass and she felt his cock bump into her buns.

The three of them lay back on the floor and the sisters moved into a 69 position and began to lick each other's pussy. Dustin lay down behind Delia and played with her fabulous ass for a while before sliding his cock back into her. She grunted softly in Chole's pussy as the impressive cock slid all the way in. He fucked her slowly as he wanted to make it last as long as possible. Delia grabbed onto Chole's firm ass cheeks and held her tight as she worked on her pussy. She began to finger her sister's pussy with one then two fingers. Chole's juices were overflowing with desire and she was panting as she approached another orgasm. Delia started to play with Chole's anus and she moved the pussy juice to the anus and lubricated it with natural moistness.

Dustin despite all his efforts to control himself finally gave in to Delia's ass milking his cock. He shot another impressive load into her ass and let his cock stay in her as she milked it dry. The deflated cock eventually slipped from her hot ass. Delia rotated her ass as Chole continued to eat her pussy. She finally orgasmed dousing Chole's face with her female nectar and her sister gobbled it all up.

They rested for a while as they lay together in the king size bed and stroked each other's body. Chole still had not been fucked and she wanted Dustin to fuck her but he was done for the evening and she would have to wait until he rested. As they lay in the large bed, he told the sisters about Margaret, Brandon and Tyler. The sisters were surprised but pleased that Margaret had become more adventuresome.

Delia had to ask, "Dustin did you fuck your gay stepson too."

"I did. I have been for a while. It was the first time with Margaret too."

"What about the one named Tyler?" Chole asked.

"Yes, him too, they both have nice asses and are able to handle my cock."

"Wow, we know that Brandon has a nice ass. Is Tyler's just as nice?" Delia inquired.

"Almost, it's nice enough."

"They're not as nice as ours, are they?" Delia challenged.

"Of course not. You both have the best bottoms ever."

"You better say that. This conversation has me hot. Dustin do my pussy."

Dustin, somewhat rested, slipped between Chole's legs and eased his cock into her pussy. She was glad that he had already cum twice in Delia's ass because she knew he would last longer in her. He knelt between Chole's legs as he fucked her and Delia played with her sister's tits and nipples. Delia straddled Chole's face and lowered her pussy to her sister's mouth. Chole wasted no time in locating the stiff clit. She began to lick it and gently nibble it driving Delia wild.

The sisters had multiple orgasms but Dustin did not cum again. Chole had one more mind-blowing orgasm that rocked her body. The three of them lay alongside one another in the large bed and cuddled together. They eventually dozed off with their three naked bodies touching one another. It was never in doubt that Dustin was spending the night.

In the morning the sisters were up, showered, dressed and ready to go to work before Dustin dragged his body out of bed. They pecked him on the cheek and Delia told him that coffee was made and to lock the door when he left. She also said they would be in touch and that they had plans for Margaret. Later that morning, Dustin showered, dressed and headed home. He wondered what Delia meant, they had plans for Margaret.


The following weekend the sisters invited Margaret to go shopping on Saturday. Margaret, after clearing it with Dustin, agreed to join them. The sisters swung by the house and picked her up. They would have lunch out while they were shopping but Margaret had no idea about the real intentions. After shopping they invited Margaret back to their home for dinner. Before the meal they had a bottle of wine and then another one with dinner.

After dinner the sisters invited Margaret to join them in the cozy little Jacuzzi. It was much smaller than the one at Margaret's home. Perfect for two people but a little snug for three. Margaret asked if they had a swimsuit she could borrow. The sisters laughed and told her they always went in naked.

Margaret just watched as the sister began to remove their clothes. Chole just let her dress drop to the floor and she was totally naked underneath. Margaret admired the beautiful woman with nice firm tits, gorgeous legs and a perfectly round bubble butt. Her body was completely golden tan. Delia had more the mysterious look of the two, dark hair and eyes, and a very shapely body. Both of them kept their pussy hair well-trimmed into cute little tufts and they were very fit. The two of them approached Margaret and proceeded to undress her, telling her not to be so shy. Chole & Delia then led a naked Margaret into the Jacuzzi.

Chole and Delia sat on either side of Margaret so that their bodies were lightly touching. Delia stared at Margaret with her deep dark eyes. The conversation was small talk, which eventually turned to sex. The women talked about their sexual adventures and Margaret told them how good Dustin was in bed. They told her how lucky she was to be married to him. Margaret realized that both bodies rubbed up against her. They also moved their hands over her thighs and breasts under the water. Margaret was nervous but also a little turned on and thought that the touching was innocent enough.

"Have you ever made love with another woman," Delia asked.

"Why certainly not," Margaret lied. It was twenty years ago in college but it was a passionate lesbian affair.

"I think you should try it Margaret, the two of us do it all the time," Delia said softly.

"As sisters, you get it on?"

"Oh yes and we share men too."

Delia had positioned herself in front of Margaret and reached up to fondle the lovely breasts. Chole continued to stroke Margaret's thighs and began to kiss her neck and ears. Margaret felt her loins stir but she did not move.

"Just close your eyes and relax," Delia whispered.

Margaret followed her instructions and tried to imagine that Dustin was with her. Soon she felt her pussy being probed with fingers, her tits and nipples being fondled, kisses on her face and neck and then a kiss on the lips with a tongue pushed into her mouth. The fingers in her cunt had worked their magic and brought her to her first orgasm.

"Let's move inside girls," said Delia.

They all got out of the Jacuzzi and helped Margaret to her feet; she was clearly feeling the effects of the wine, Jacuzzi and her initial orgasm. Chole guided Margaret into the house. They immediately eased Margaret down on the soft carpeted floor. Chole lay next to Margaret and began kissing her tits and sucking on her nipples. Delia moved between Margaret legs and placed the thighs on her shoulders, and then she began to lick the hot pussy. She probed Margaret's pussy with her fingers as she ate the woman to another orgasm. Delia moved away and Margaret was then turned over on all fours. Chole slipped underneath her and began to lap at her pussy as Delia moved behind and started to rim her nether hole. Only Dustin had done that to her.

Margaret went wild and was soon bucking and humping again with orgasmic convulsions. The sisters switched places and continued their pussy lapping and ass rimming. Chole had a long thin tongue that probed deeply into the anus, driving Margaret insane. Delia moved to the front and positioned her pussy in Margaret's face.

"It is your turn, my dear. It's time for you to eat pussy."

As if in a trance Margaret moved her mouth to Delia's cunt and began to eat her pussy recalling those college days. All the buildup had Delia so excited they she came in Margaret's mouth immediately. Delia's pussy was replaced by Chole's. Margaret was obsessed with their pussies. It was time to take it to the next step

Delia left the room briefly and returned with 2 strap-on dildos and 2 two-headed dildos that had to be 14" long with a fake set of balls in the center. Delia strapped on one dildo that was almost as big as Dustin's cock. Chole strapped on the other one that was about the same size. Chole lay on her back and had Margaret straddle the dildo and lower her pussy on it. Delia then greased up Margaret's anus and her strap-on. She pushed the fake cock all the way into Margaret's ass and then she and Chole began to fuck the woman's brains out. Margaret was soon grunting, groaning and urging them on.

The sisters continued to work her over, switching positions with the dildos. Margaret was then rolled on her side and one of the two-headed dildos was placed in her pussy. Chole faced Margaret and pushed the other head of the dildo into her pussy. Delia got behind and pushed the strap-on into Margaret's ass. Chole reached up and played with Margaret's tits while Delia reached around and fondled Chole's tits. After Chole came she turned around and placed the cock head in her ass. Chole pulled Margaret's hands around so that she could play with her tits. Delia moved over to Chole. She pushed the strap-on dildo into Chole's cunt and humped the daylights out of her.

The combinations seemed to be endless for the rest of the evening. Margaret proved to be insatiable and it had been some time since Delia had seen a woman, other than her sister, behave like that. Delia placed the dildos in the sink to soak and then she poured more wine for everyone. They invited Margaret to spend the night as they did not feel like getting dressed and driving her home. She agreed and she called her husband to tell him.

Dustin was pleased that she was staying with the sisters as things must have gone very well. He then called Tyler at the restaurant and told him to come over after work. Tyler was glad to hear from Dustin. He had planned to go out but he much rather spend the night with Dustin.


It was late Saturday when Tyler arrived so it was a quick round of sex and then to bed. Tyler slept in the guest room as Dustin didn't want to fuck in his bed without Margaret being there. They both woke up leisurely on Sunday morning. Dustin took his morning piss, put the coffee on and then went to visit Tyler.

Dustin went to the guest room and got in bed with Tyler he lay back on the bed and Tyler began to suck on the big cock. Dustin was propped up with the pillows and for the first time he watched in the mirror on the wall over the dresser. He watched Tyler's head bob up and down enjoying the oral sex. Every so often he would look at the mirror and marvel at the lovely ass.

Tyler got his favorite lube and prepared his anus for the penetration he so desired. Next, he lubed Dustin's cock and stroked it lovingly. He straddled the muscular thighs and reached back with his soft hand to grasp the throbbing shaft. Using his hand, he guided it to his entrance and slowly lowered himself onto it. Tyler emitted a gasp as the thick cock filled his chamber yet again. He remained still for a few moments and then began a rocking motion. Once he was comfortable, he leaned over toward Dustin.

They fucked slowly and matched each other's pace. Dustin hugged the pretty young man. It was really making love and not just raw sex. Tyler rocked his body back and forth relishing the feel of the rigid shaft in his bottom. It was the first time they had fucked in this position and Dustin wasn't sure if he liked it.

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