tagGay Male28-year-old Bisexual Stepfather Ch. 07

28-year-old Bisexual Stepfather Ch. 07


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story contains straight sex, bisexual sex, gay sex and incest.



As it turned out the sister were not able to make it over to Margaret's house before Christmas. Chole had come down with a cold so they put off their planned orgy. Dustin told them it was just as well, Brandon would be home for the holidays and he could join the group. Christmas fell on a Sunday that year and the offices were closed on Monday. Brandon was coming home Tuesday and Dustin agreed to pick him up at school. Margaret was working until Friday and she hoped they would let everyone out early.

Dustin picked Brandon up at noon and they had lunch before they began the drive home. After they ate and resumed the trip home, Brandon told Dustin about some of his gay encounters at school. The explicit details had their effect on Dustin who soon had a woody. Brandon teased him and grabbed it through the trousers. It had started to rain and soon it was pouring and difficult to see. Dustin pulled off the road and into a strip mall parking lot. He parked in a remote spot and turned off the engine.

It was raining so hard that they could not see out the car windows and conversely could not be seen in the car. Brandon resumed talking about sex with guys and as he did he reached over and started rubbing Dustin's crotch again. Dustin had enough teasing so he freed his cock and told Brandon to suck him.

"We're not going anywhere for a while, so let's pass the time and have some fun."

Brandon leaned over and took the big cock in his mouth, Dustin let out a soft moan. He closed his eyes as Brandon sucked his cock. It didn't take long for Dustin to cum and he did so without warning his stepson. Brandon was caught off guard by the quick and voluminous ejaculation causing him to swallow quickly to prevent gagging. He drained the semen from Dustin's cock and continued sucking it keeping it hard. He played with the testicles and rubbed the perineum and Dustin knew that he could easily cum again. It was still a blinding rain and they had time for more sex.

"Let's get in the back. I want you to fuck me."

Brandon dropped his pants and underwear and got on all fours across the back seat. Dustin watched as Brandon took a tube from his pocket and then used it to lubricate his anus. Brandon fingered his ass with one and then two fingers. He had his fingers moving in and out easily when he spoke to his stepfather.

"I'm ready for you. I'm ready for you to put your big dick in me. Go slow, its been a while. I have missed your cock."

Staring the entire time at his stepson's beautiful curvy ass, Dustin knelt on the back seat and moved his body in close. He held his erect cock in his hand and guided to the twitching rubbery ring. Brandon held his breath as the thick but soft mushroom head opened up the anus and stretched the sphincter. Dustin was thoughtful and gentle as he slowly penetrated his stepson's marvelous ass. It opened up and welcomed the thick cock into the warm snug passage. Dustin held still at first and let Brandon move back and forth. Once he was satisfied that Brandon had loosened up he began to fuck him with long steady deliberate strokes.

The two of them moved together and were oblivious to having sex in parking lot as they were lost in the moment. Brandon was on his knees while keeping his chest and head lower. This move accentuated the round shape of his shapely ass. Dustin like the feel of the curvy buttocks as he drove his cock all the way home. Brandon groaned repeatedly each time his stepfather buried his cock in the sweet ass. Moans and groans were only audible inside the car as the pounding rain drowned out any sounds.

Every time Dustin drove into the receptive bottom, Brandon pushed his hips back to receive the cock. They fucked slowly and maintained their rhythm and Dustin wrapped his arms around Brandon's upper body. Dustin was so wrapped up fucking Brandon's hot curvy ass that his ejaculation snuck up on him. Almost without warning he shot another massive load, this time into a gripping clenching rectum.

Brandon groaned aloud when he felt the first stream shoot into him followed by several more streams nearly as forceful. Dustin moved his hips in and out as he ejaculated until he was nearly drained. He pressed his body into Brandon and remained still as the teen clenched and unclenched his sphincter muscle around the pulsating shaft. Dustin was still hard when he removed his cock. Brandon turned over and lay across the back seat. He took a hold of his own erection and stroked it in search of his release.

"Put your cock back in me. Just fuck me until I cum."

They had done that many times at home. Dustin moved back to his stepson who lifted his legs to receive the cock yet again. He eased his cock back into the well-stretched, lubed passage and began to fuck him again. Brandon stroked his cock as his stepfather fucked him. Dustin watched as the pretty teen closed his eyes and then he felt sphincter tighten around his cock as Brandon ejaculated. The load shot out in four or five streams and landed on his chest, abs and pubes.

It's still raining, fuck me again."

"Okay but get back on all fours."

Dustin looked at the hot curvy ass again and within minutes he was buried balls deep again in the tight ass. Brandon was now flattened on the backseat face down as Dustin drove his impressive cock deep into the pretty college student. Dustin's powerful buttocks clenched and unclenched as he pummeled the incredible ass. His thick cock drove in and then retreated until only the head remained in the rectum. Brandon felt the powerful shaft drive in and out of his anal passage like a piston causing him to cry out.

"Oh man your cock is so big in my ass, so deep. Cum in me like the last time, I want to feel you shooting in my ass again. God, I have missed this!"

Dustin continued to fuck the shapely firm ass driving his cock into the warm recess. He sensed his orgasm building in his balls and he knew that within minutes he would cum in the hot ass. Dustin felt the pressure in his scrotum just before he unleashed another torrent of semen into the shapely firm ass. Dustin felt the sphincter muscle tighten around the shaft and squeeze every ounce of juice out of it. Dustin continued to slowly fuck Brandon's ass as the semen coated his shaft. Brandon had masturbated while he was being fucked and they were both done.

Timing could not have been better as the rain let up some and they could resume the trip home. After getting re-dressed, they had to wait until the fogged-up windows were clear and they could see. Finally, with decent visibility, Dustin got back on the highway. He smiled at his stepson and spoke.

"That was perfect timing. We won't be home until about 7:00 PM now and your mother will be home. It was a great way to wait for the rain to let up."

"I'll say. I was hoping we would have time for sex when we got home. This was even better, I loved it."

"I did too. That was another first for me. I had fucked girls in the car before but never a cute gay guy."

"Are you working tomorrow?"

"No, it's slow now but I do have a big consulting engagement starting after the New Year."

"So, we can have fun tomorrow after mother leaves for work."

"Definitely, Tyler is coming over at ten."

"Oh wow, that is so cool. Is Mother ever going to join in again?"

"Of course, but not until Saturday or maybe Friday if she gets home early."

Margaret was home when they arrived and as usual she had picked up Chinese food. It was always easy to serve it at any time. They ate dinner, Margaret was caught up on all the news at school. After dinner, Brandon unpacked the car and brought his things in the house. Of course, there was a huge amount of dirty laundry. They would deal with that on Wednesday. Dustin served after dinner drinks and they sat in the family room to relax and visit some more.


Margaret surprised Dustin when she was a bit horny Wednesday morning. She rode his morning erection until she orgamsed and then she showered and got ready for work. Dustin took his morning piss and returned to bed. He managed to doze off but was awakened when the naked body of Brandon got in bed with him. The stepson's hand immediately found Dustin's soft meat and held it lovingly.

Brandon caressed and gently squeezed the thick cock. He felt it harden in his hand and grow into a full erect state. He loved his stepfather's penis and felt he could play with it all day. He rested his head on Dustin's stomach and looked at the stiff dick as he fondled it.

"Don't you want to wait until Tyler gets here?"

"No, I'll have plenty for him. I want to make love to your cock first."

Brandon then moved his head down and took the soft spongy mushroom shaped cockhead in his mouth. He didn't take more in his mouth but instead enjoyed nibbling and sucking on the spongy flesh. Dustin caressed his stepson's silky long hair as he enjoyed the morning foreplay. Brandon was in no rush to make his stepfather cum as he wanted to savor the impressive cock.

As he nibbled on the soft head, his hands were busy and he was fondling Dustin's taut ball sac and running his fingers along the perineum. It seemed an eternity before Dustin's body twitched and sent a signal that he was close to cumming. It was then that Brandon took as much of the cock in his mouth and sucked it enthusiastically. Within minutes Dustin flooded his stepson's mouth with a massive load, not unusual for the first of the day. As always Brandon stayed glued to the spewing shaft and swallowed every bit of his stepfather's seed.

"Brandon, no one sucks cock like you do. That was fantastic."

"Not even mother, you said she gives good head."

"Yes, she does but you have her beat. Let's get up and get some coffee. Tyler will be here soon."

"I'm going to throw a load of laundry in and then I'll join you."

Dustin got up, put on shorts and a tee without underwear. The clothes would be coming off again shortly. He went to the kitchen and was thankful that Margaret had made the coffee before she left. Brandon got the laundry started and then he too put on just shorts and a tee. He joined his stepfather in the kitchen for coffee.

"Are you hungry?"

"Not that much. I'll just have juice and toast."

Dustin poured the juice and made toast for both of them. They had finished eating by the time Tyler arrived. He and Brandon hugged and they talked about college life while Dustin straightened up in the kitchen. Brandon then suggested they go to his room.

"Are you coming Dustin?"

"Not yet, you two go ahead and get re-acquainted. I'll join you later."

Actually, the pretty gay teens were thankful that they had time with each other first. Their asses would be snug when they fucked each other. That would not be the case if Dustin had fucked them first. They stripped quickly and got in Brandon's bed. Tyler was on his back and was lubing his anus when Brandon moved between his legs. Tyler wrapped his ankles around his friend's torso and pulled him closer. The cock entered Tyler's ass and pushed passed his sphincter. Brandon stopped and remained still for a moment and waited for a reaction. Tyler rotated his hips and arched his back to get the cock further inside him.

Tyler's body opened up to his lover and he felt the cock stretch him open. Brandon's cock slid in and out slowly until he had finally buried all six inches in Tyler's ass. He couldn't believe what a wonderful feeling it was to have Brandon completely inside him once again. Brandon pulled out a little and then he stopped and pushed back inside. The feeling was fantastic and Tyler began to rotate his hips again. Brandon pulled almost all of the way out and then plunged inside fucking his gay friend senseless. Tyler moaned in response to the pounding and they began to make love. Brandon leaned over and Tyler wrapped his legs around him, hooking his ankles together and they began rocking and moving beautifully together.

They were fucking hard, fast and reveled in each thrust. Tyler looked down and watched his balls and erect cock bounce around as his lover fucked him. Brandon began to moan louder and louder, and fucked harder and faster. Tyler felt the cock swell in his rectum. Tyler knew that he was close and he began to pump his own cock with his hand. Brandon grunted and Tyler felt hot cum fill his ass. He pumped his cock harder in search of his own release. When he came, he shot all over his chest, abs and pubes. Brandon had filled his lover's ass but he remained hard and continued to fuck him. He pushed his cum around in Tyler's ass and some of it escaped and wet the bed. Due to Brandon's horniness and his youthful recuperative powers he continued to fuck until he came again. Tyler's rectum was overflowing with cum.

Brandon collapsed on top of his gay friend and then they kissed. He lay on top of Tyler with all of his weight resting on him. Tyler wrapped his legs around him and he reveled in the feeling of the cock growing soft inside him. They stayed in each other's arms for a long time and no words were spoken. They just held each other, kissed and ran their hands over each other. Brandon's cock softened and slipped out and it felt like a plug had just been pulled from Tyler's ass. Cum ran out onto the bed and he felt the cool air caress his dilated anus.

"Tyler, I want you to fuck me now"

"Good, I've been looking forward to it."

Brandon got on all fours and handed his lover the lube. Tyler knelt behind and he began to caress the beautiful ass. Tyler put an ample amount in his hands and rubbed it all around. Then he inserted first one finger then two fingers preparing Brandon for his cock. As he sawed his fingers in and out of the anus, he was getting turned on by the thought of burying his cock in the shapely ass. He moved closer to Brandon and lined up the head of his cock with the anal opening and began to ease it into to him.

The cock head cleared the sphincter and it slid right in without resistance. The ass chute was warm and tight as Tyler went deep into him. He was all the way in and he started a slow fucking motion. Tyler continued to pump the lovely ass with deep, long, deliberate thrusts as he caressed the smooth round bottom. He picked up the pace and he started pounding Brandon's ass faster and faster. Brandon was moaning with each thrust of cock. Tyler could feel his climax building and he knew that any moment he would shoot his seed into the receptive ass.

Tyler fired a barrage of cum in his lover's ass filling it to overflowing. As he continued to fuck, the semen backed up in the rectum and began to ooze out flowing over their balls. Brandon used his talented sphincter to milk the cock and drain it of all his seed. The milking action weakened him and Tyler collapsed on top of the effeminate body. Brandon flattened out on the bed with Tyler on top and his cock still in the curvy bottom. Tyler rolled off and his hard cock slipped from the sweet ass. Brandon rolled to his back and spread his legs lifting his knees to his chest.

"Fuck me again."

Tyler moved between Brandon's legs in the missionary position and lined up his still erect cock with the anus. Brandon was also as hard as a rock and his beautiful cock pointed toward his head. Tyler pressed slightly forward and his cock moved into the hot ass once again. It seemed as if the ass actually pulled Tyler inside and his cock went in all the way.

"God, that feels so good, love me, fuck me."

His ass was in the air and Tyler's cock was fully embedded in it. Tyler pulled back a little and pushed forward. Brandon groaned as Tyler began to slowly fuck him. Each time he would start taking longer strokes. The cock head was soon at the edge of the anus before he pushed it back into him. Their fucking was making a sucking sound. Tyler's balls slapped against his cousin's ass. He was so fucking hot that he crammed his cock fully into Brandon who held the cock and massaged it with his experienced sphincter. Tyler knew he was not going to last very long. Brandon humped up against him fucking him back. The room smelled of sex and sweat. Tyler reached down to stroke his lover's cock.

"Yeah that's it. Jerk me off as you fuck me. Make me cum again."

Tyler took slow long strokes in and out of his lover's ass as Brandon pushed up into him. Soon Brandon took control and just fucked Tyler's cock. The actions became more erratic and the thrusts shorter and more powerful. Brandon was grunting as the cock slid in and out of his hot ass. Tyler's cock was barely staying in the gripping passage. Brandon slowed down and let the cock just press against his prostate. He announced that he was cumming and he pulled Tyler down and kissed him deeply plunging his tongue into the sweet mouth. Tyler felt cum shoot between their bodies covering their chests and abs and then oozing out around their pubes. That set him off and he began to pound his cock in and out. He slammed his cock into the now loose wet hole and he felt his balls tighten again. Tyler pressed deep into him and his seed filled the hot ass for a second time.

"Yes cum in my ass again. Oh, I feel it I feel your hot seed."

Tyler pulled, pushed and cum spurted into Brandon making his hole wetter and warmer as the cock easily slid in and out. Tyler continued fucking him until his legs were weak and cum had stopped flowing. The cock slipped from the well-fucked ass as they cuddled and stoked their sexually sated bodies.

"That was so hot. I really missed you Brandon."

"I could tell. Let's go sit in the Jacuzzi for a while and then we'll hook up with Dustin."

"It's a bit chilly out."

"I have robes for us. Once we're in the water, we'll be fine."

They donned the robes and headed to the hot tub. Dustin was in the family room reading the paper and sipping his coffee. He spotted them and smiled.

"You boys have fun?"

"It was great. We're going to sit in the Jacuzzi for a while."

"Okay, I put your laundry in the dryer. I hope you two have something left for me."

"Always," Brandon responded.

They both knew that after that morning session it would be some time before they would be able to cum again. They also knew that they would both be fucked by Dustin later on that day. It was chilly so they hustled to the hot tub, removed the cover and jumped in naked after hanging up the robes. The water felt fantastic and it was one of the best feelings after great sex. The bubbly water caressed their smooth bodies and they used the jets to douche their bottoms. It always felt erotic to let the jet of water cleanse the anus.

Thirty minutes was enough. They got out, put on the robes and covered the Jacuzzi. Despite the cool air, their bodies were still warm when they went back inside. Brandon put another load of laundry in and then they joined Dustin in the family room. They were still wearing the robes. Dustin smiled at them and asked.

"Feel better?"

"Much, that hot tub does wonders." Brandon replied and Tyler nodded.

"Good, because I'm ready to fuck those sweet asses of yours. Let's go to your room."

Dustin stood up and the teens noticed the boner in his shorts. They knew that that big dick would soon be filling their rectums. The three of them went to Brandon's room and the teens dropped the robes. Dustin admired their lovely smooth bodies and incredible asses. He took off his tee and shorts. The pretty gay teens could see he was ready for action.

"Both of you kneel on the end of the bed. I'm going to grease you both."

The teens knelt on the bed with their lovely asses exposed. Dustin got the lube and worked on both bottoms simultaneously. He loved fingering both asses at the same time. Brandon and Tyler lowered their heads to the mattress and looked at each other. They held hands as they awaited Dustin's big cock.

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