tagGroup Sex28-year-old Bisexual Stepfather Ch. 16

28-year-old Bisexual Stepfather Ch. 16


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This series contains straight sex, bisexual sex, gay sex and incest.



For the two weeks leading up to the cruise, the family sunbathed in the nude every day, weather permitting. They had become used to being naked and it almost seemed odd to wear a swimsuit. Even when their friends joined them, they too felt more comfortable in the nude.

The first weekend after Dustin had completed the consulting engagement was a little wild. Dustin, Margaret and Brandon hadn't been together for several weeks and they had been anxious to renew their sexual couplings. It really got hot on a Saturday when Tyler, Artie, Delia and Chole spent the day at the house.

That Friday morning, Dustin treated Margaret to her favorite wake-up call. It started out with her riding his morning erection. She bounced up and down on his cock as he held to her shapely buns. He loved holding her ass as she rode his cock. Once again, without cumming himself, he was able to fuck her into oblivion. After a string of orgasms, she rolled off of him and collapsed on the bed.

She sighed and exclaimed, "God, I love that. No matter how many times we make love like that, it's wonderful."

"I like it when you ride my cock like that. I love to see your expression when you orgasm."

Dustin got out of bed, took his morning piss, washed up and then checked back with his wife. "Up for more?"

"Let me rest. Go have fun with Brandon."

Dustin smiled and patted her on the ass before leaving the room. He walked naked down the hallway and peeked in on his stepson. Brandon was in bed wearing the lounge outfit with the drop seat. The flap was unbuttoned and his gorgeous curvy ass was poking through the opening. Dustin knew that was for his benefit and his cock got hard again. Entering the room, he saw that Brandon was already awake.

"Do you like my surprise for you?"

"Definitely, your ass looks so desirable peeking out through that flap."

"It's lubed and ready for you."

Dustin approached the bed and Brandon pushed up onto his knees. He placed his head on the mattress and turned to look at his stepfather. The sight was incredibly erotic as Dustin got behind his stepson. He placed the spongy mushroom head at the anus and slowly pressed forward. He loved to watch the head of his dick part the rubbery ring and disappear in the snug rectum. He fed his cock ever so slowly to his stepson, savoring the sensual penetration.

"Oh my God, I have missed your big dick."

Bit by bit, inch by inch, Dustin slowly and methodically penetrated the lovely ass. In and out he moved going a bit deeper each time. For what seemed an eternity it continued until he bottomed out in his stepson's scrumptious ass. He loved the feel of the smooth round buttocks against his pubes. He caressed the soft flesh and held to the curvy bottom that was so erotic poking out of the drop seat. He slowly picked up the pace as Brandon loosened up. He looked down and all he could see was his stiff dick sliding in and out of the curvy bottom. It was the only naked part of Brandon's body that was visible. He loved the sight as he drove all the way in and almost pulled all the way out. He could not see Brandon's cock and testicles which were concealed in the one-piece loungewear. He could have been fucking anybody's ass, male or female.

He sensed that his stepson had his hand inside the loungewear and was jerking off. Brandon groaned and announced that he was close to cumming. Dustin picked up the pace and slammed his cock into the pretty gay teenager causing the shapely buttocks to jiggle with each thrust. He was getting close and when Brandon ejaculated, Dustin felt the sphincter contract around his cock several times as he came in the one-piece. Dustin felt his scrotum tighten and his toes curl just before he shot an enormous load into the clenching rectum.

"Oh, I feel it. I love it when you cum in my ass with a big load."

Instinctively Dustin wrapped his arms around his stepson as he emptied his balls into the warm passage. He felt the sphincter milk his cock, a sensation he always savored. He slowly released the teen and moved back slowly slipping his cock out of the scrumptious ass. Dustin was still hard as he watched his seed run out of the twitching anus down over the testicles balls and down into the loungewear. It had been a massive load and there was a continuous stream oozing out for several seconds. Dustin stood up with his erection waving in the air and he watched as Brandon looked back and smiled at him.

"That was fantastic. I love getting your first cum of the day."

"Yeah, it was great. I know that I could fuck you all morning but let's save some for later. I'll go get your mother and we'll have breakfast. It's a nice day, the three of us can hang out by the pool."

The morning was a great start to what would be an erotic and relaxing day. After breakfast they went out to the pool deck and applied sunblock to their bodies. When they decided to lay on their bellies they applied the protection to each other. Dustin put the sunblock of his stepson and took the opportunity to fondle and finger the scrumptious ass. Brandon did his mother and toyed with her ass and then Margaret applied it to her husband.

They would take occasional dips in the pool to cool off. At lunch time they sat in the shade and dined on the deck. Dustin whipped up a batch of Bloody Marys to have after lunch. It was more sun, swim and sex that afternoon. Margaret was treated to a double penetration with her husband in her pussy and her son in her ass. Later Dustin fucked Brandon as Margaret sucked her son's cock. Eventually they went inside, showered, dressed and had dinner in the dinette area.

"You know I never thought that I would ever like fucking a woman's ass or let a woman suck my cock. You two really helped me to become more bisexual."

"Well you had help from your mother and the sisters. They really got you into it."

"Yes, I do like those Greek asses. I don't think that I will ever to take on a pussy though."

"You don't have to. You like oral and anal with women, just as I do with pretty gay young men with great asses. I think you understand where I'm coming from. I don't have any interest in cock just as you don't have any interest in pussy."

"How do you feel mother?"

"It took a while for me to get used to Dustin fucking you. I'm fine with it now and knowing that I could never take his cock in my ass, I'm pleased that you can. I like your slender cock in my ass as I like the sensation when you cum in me."

"Some people may call us perverted having incest sex."

"Well they don't know that we do and I don't really think of it as incest since you are not coming in my vagina. It's taboo for sure but I'm okay with it. I love having both of you in me at the same time."

They cleared off the table, cleaned up after dinner and adjourned to the family room as usual. They were done with sex for the day and would relax chatting and enjoying evening cocktails. Dustin then asked about the guests arriving on Saturday.

"Delia and Chole will be here before lunch. I don't have an exact time," Margaret informed them.

Brandon added, "Tyler and Artie will be here around ten in the morning."

"It is to be another beautiful day like today. I'm looking forward to it. I suggest we cool it with sex in the morning and save ourselves for our guests," Dustin stated.

One more night cap and they chatted about the upcoming cruise. They retired early to get a good night's sleep as they wanted to be well-rested for Saturday. Dustin lay on his back staring at the ceiling thinking about the past nine months. He never imagined that he would have had so many bisexual encounters in his life. It began with Brandon and then just mushroomed after that. He had had a few encounters with cute gay men in Europe but never expected that he would renew that part of his life. Yet here he was just two weeks away from a LGBT cruise. He could only imagine what was in store for him.


As expected Tyler and Artie arrived at ten o'clock. The family was already in the backyard sunbathing in the nude. The two pretty gay teenagers quickly shed their clothes, applied sunblock and joined the others. They loved Brandon's family and felt they were the sexiest people alive. Delia and Chole arrived closer to eleven. They smiled when the saw the display of nudity and quickly shed their clothes. They put sunblock on each other and paid particular attention to their dynamite derierres.

The sisters purposely had their backs to the others and flaunted their curvy asses at the boys. It didn't take much to get things started and Brandon was the first to move. He went right to Delia and had her lean over a table. He quickly lubed his cock and her ass, then he entered her. Seeing this, Artie repeated the action with Chole. Now both Greek sisters were bent over tables getting their incredible asses drilled.

"You boys like our asses, don't you?" Delia teased.

"You both are unbelievable. Your asses are to die for." Brandon replied.

Tyler was stroking his cock and he was trying to decided whether to fuck one of his gay friends or go for Margaret. He had his answer when Margaret rolled over on her belly and pushed up on her knees. Seeing his condition, she encouraged him.

"Tyler, give me your cock."

"Oh my god, yes!"

He made a beeline for her lounge and quickly lubed her ass and his cock. He eased his slim dick into the receptive ass and Margaret cooed when he plugged her bottom. Tyler had the slimmest cock and she liked having him in her ass. Dustin patiently watched the backyard orgy. It was wild seeing three gay teenagers fuck three scrumptious female asses.

The three gay young men were extremely charged that morning and it didn't take long for them to cum. One by one they filled a rectum with their substantial loads. Dustin watched as each teenage face grimaced as they ejaculated and then he looked to the women to see the looks of lust as their asses were flooded. The couples separated and the teens dove in the pool to cool their bodies. The three women headed for the Jacuzzi and Dustin knew that three bottoms would soon be douched by the forceful jets.

Between the anal sex and the erotic sensation of the Jacuzzi jets, the women were soon into each other seeking their first orgasms. They were fondling each other's breasts and fingering each other's pussy. Dustin watched their faces give the tell-tale sign of reaching a climax. One by one they left the Jacuzzi and returned to the lounges. At his point Dustin was ready for some action and he was focused on Delia's marvelous ass. He once again thought she resembled a cartoon girl with her buns exaggerated.

Brandon had the thickest cock of the three gay teenagers but still nowhere the size of Dustin's. Still Delia was glad that she had taken Brandon first before Dustin. It helped stretch her somewhat and line her rectum with lube. Now she smiled as Dustin approached her, his big dick standing proud as he walked toward her. She raised her hips and arched her back giving him the view that he loved. Lubing his shaft and her rectum, he asked.

"Ready for this?"

"Definitely but take it slow. It's been a few weeks."

"I'll be careful."

He eased his impressive cock into the shapely bottom. The others were now watching as the thick head spread the delicate rosebud and slowly disappeared into the curvy bottom. Each of them except his wife had experienced that big dick sliding into their asses and they knew just what Delia was feeling at the moment. Chole moved over to Margaret's lounge and they sat side by side watching the anal show. Seconds later they were fondling each other and playing with their pussies.

The teens had got out of the pool and they were playing with each other's cock as they too watched the anal sex display. It was an incredible sight to see the big thick dick move in and out. Dustin would pull almost all the way out and then push it all the way back in until it disappeared. It was a stark reminder of just how much man meat Delia was taking in her rectum. The scene was so erotic that the gay friends got hot again.

In a standing position Tyler was between Brandon and Artie. He was fucking Artie while Brandon fucked him. Chole and Margaret moved over to Delia's lounge. Kneeling behind her sister and Dustin, Chole licked at Delia's pussy and Dustin's perineum and ball sac. Margaret fondled and kissed Delia's breasts. The scent of sex filled their nostrils and they were as turned-on as they ever had been. Because of the amount of his ejaculation, Dustin pulled out.

Holding his thick dick, he shot streams of seed onto Delia's head, back and buttocks. The first jet was so forceful it flew past Delia and landed in Margaret's hair. The rest was distributed over the beautiful Greek body. Dustin stroked his cock until he stopped shooting and then Chole took it in her mouth and sucked it dry. Dustin looked over at the teens just as they were reaching their climaxes. Artie was jerking off and he shot his load on the pool deck. Tyler released his seed into Artie's ass just as his own was being flooded with Brandon's seed.

Everyone remained still for several minutes and then one by one they entered the pool. They all need to lower their body temperatures and cool their jets until after lunch. After about 30 minutes in the swimming pool, they got out and dried off. For lunch, Dustin and Margaret put out a spread of fruits, veggie's and cheeses. Beer and wine were also served. Following lunch, it was more sunbathing, fun and games.

"Chole are you up for this?" Dustin asked stroking his erect cock.

"Oh yes, but I need to be loosened up first."

Chole was anxious to receive Dustin's cock in her sweet ass. She wanted her bottom stretched out before taking him. Delia got one of the odd-looking dildos to use on her sister. It actually looked like anal beads except that it was all one piece. It was pick in color and had five balls linked together and each one was larger than the previous one. Delia lubricated it thoroughly and then eased it into her sister's ass.

The first two went in very easy and then third stretched the anus more. Delia held it still as her sister adjusted to the pressure. She pulled the dildo back out and the balls left with an audible pop. She then re-inserted it and pushed until the fourth ball pushed past the anus. Delia moved it around and back and forth helping Chole open up. Finally, the last ball was pushed in and they all heard her gasp. Delia had used this on her sister before and had also been the recipient of the toy. They were both able to take it all but it was always a slow process. Delia pulled the dildo out and pushed it back in several times before Chole was comfortable with the thickness.

"She's ready for you Dustin."

Dustin smiled and with his cock full erect, he knelt behind Chole and fed his cock to her curvy bottom. The dildo had done its job but even then, she was stretched a bit more with his cock. The others had become voyeurs again just as they had when Dustin fucked Delia's ass. Each time they saw the anal penetration they were turned on by the sight of it. Chole was holding onto the sides of the lounge as Dustin worked his cock in and out of her gripping rectum.

The teens were horny again and this time, Brandon fucked Delia's ass while Tyler fucked Margaret. Artie slipped his dick into Tyler's bottom. Once again, the orgy was underway and everyone was involved. Tyler was the first to cum followed by Artie. Dustin drenched Chole's ass and kept right on fucking her. His seed backed up and oozed passed his shaft still buried in her bottom. Brandon announced that he was cumming and shot his seed into Delia.

The guys were done for the afternoon but the gals had more to do. They wanted their pussies tended to, so Margaret got the purple passion dildo and they used it on each other. Tyler and Artie were mesmerized by the rotating head and vibrating shaft. They could only wonder what something like that might feel like in their asses. Once the woman had achieved their orgasms, everyone was ready for cocktails and relaxation.

After a quick rinse off, everyone put clothes on and enjoyed drinks on the pool deck. It was a gorgeous evening and Margaret invited everyone to stay for appetizers. Tyler and Artie passed as they had to get going. They thanked the family for a great day and left the house. Margaret put out meats, cheeses, veggies and bread. The group had a few drinks with the food as they engaged in conversation. They discussed the upcoming cruise and what might be in store for them.

Delia began with a question, "Do we know what mix of passengers to expect?"

"Not really," Margaret replied, "I think we have to be prepared for most anything."

Chole offered, "I saw some photos and there were a lot of good looking people on the ship."

"I'm afraid that is mostly advertising. All travel companies do that," Dustin said.

"I hope there are younger people like myself," Brandon offered.

Dustin responded, "I think there will be plenty of gay young men in their 20's and 30's aboard. I just wonder about the women. I know that they will be gay or bi but at what age and will they be attractive."

"Well if we are disappointed, we still have each other," Delia reminded everyone.

"I wish I could have invited Tyler to be sure but he and Artie have summer jobs and he couldn't come anyway," Brandon sighed.

"Brandon, you will be in the best position. I have a feeling that you will have plenty of action. Once the other gay passengers see your good looks and super fine ass, they will be after you," Dustin remarked.

The five of them finished eating and the sisters then left for home. The family cleaned up and picked up before adjourning to the family room. Tomorrow it would be the three of them along with Tyler who was stopping over. Artie had a commitment, so it would just be the four of them. Margaret and Dustin watched TV for a short while and Brandon listened to music in his room before they turned in for the night.


Sunday was another perfect day for sunbathing and after breakfast the three of them did so in the nude. Tyler arrived later and joined the family. He loved being naked with them on the pool deck. They passed on any sex until after lunch and Margaret surprised the guys when she said she was in the mood for a foursome. First, she wanted a massage. The three guys rubbed her down with massage oil and they all got turned on. Tyler and Brandon took turns fingering her ass and lubricating it. Finally, she couldn't take any more foreplay.

"I'm ready. I need your cocks in me."

She mounted her husband's big cock. It filled her pussy and once she was comfortable, Tyler slipped his slender dick in her ass. Brandon offered his cock to his mother and she took it in her mouth. She had multiple orgasms and her husband's cock was soaking in her womb. Tyler was the first of the guys to cum and he shot his wad into her rectum. She loved that sensation and being his first of the day, it was a voluminous ejaculation. Brandon then replaced Tyler and slid his slightly larger cock in his mother's ass. He was the next to cum and flooded her rectum. He eased out of her ass and she collapsed on her husband.

Dustin picked up the pace fucking his wife and soon he was shooting in her pussy. He held her body and caressed her as he fired several volleys into her. She rested on his muscular frame for several minutes until she was able to pick herself up. She was sexually sated and she gingerly took her cum-filled body over to the Jacuzzi. That was always the best therapy after great sex and she loved to use the jets to refresh her body. She loved the feel of the powerful jet as she douched herself.

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