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2nd's Drive


Why you decided to cross our genetics with those ancient Earth creatures I have no idea. Okay, I can understand why you sent him out here; I asked for muscle and he's certainly got it. Thezaran-I know it's yours-intellect and telepathy with Sauran strength is scary enough, but wherever the fighting prowess and affinity for weaponry of any sort came from is a huge bonus. I don't think this quadrant has ever been this safe, I know this station hasn't. It's almost funny, now the pirates are trying to negotiate their way in instead of invading. Give it a few more cycles and someone's bound to show up asking for their own clone. But I never thought I'd be a part of your illegal experiments.

Yes, a part. He may be sterile, but the mating drive's alive and well. I must admit he's almost as satisfying as you are.


It didn't surprise her in the least when Ank just walked into her bathroom. Even with all the subliminal programming and intelligence, he still had no sense of privacy. 'The purification system's on the fritz again, looks like one of us will have to go surface to...' he lost the thought as he finally looked up, caught sight of her dripping wet in nothing but a skimpy bath towel. An involuntary step closer made him flinch. 'What's happening Gideon?' his normal mind-voice was reduced to a shaky whisper.

She smiled at his reflection before turning to him, his head was hanging and she realized why. The front of his pants was straining badly. She knew he was well endowed, but anyone could see he was even bigger hard. "You just got turned on," she smiled as she turned back to the mirror. "Kain said something about that."

That spike-crowned head turned to the right, remembering, 'Yeah...the dick said something about not being able to remove the mating drive. The Voice didn't say how to fix it...'

"Don't rely on what he said or did, it's all instinct Ank. Give in to what feels good," she added as she started brushing her hair.

'What feels good...' he stepped closer, slowly giving in.

Shifting her mass of blue hair over her shoulder Gideon nodded, "Yeah, like when we're under fire. Don't think just act. Isn't that what you tell the-" she stopped as he stepped even closer, pinning her between the sink and himself, his growing erection pressing into her back.

'Gid...' there was a little more uncertainty than desire in his mind-whisper.

Watching those arms shaking, she set her brush down as she turned to the mirror. Those eyes were the only way you could read any expression, his brow-ridges pressing together in confusion, the hunger in his eyes. Something deep within told her to. Leaning her head back against his chest, she smirked at his reflection as she rocked her hips back, the surprise and need flaring out his eyes.

Hands that made a rocket launcher look like a machine gun tore the towel away before squeezing her breasts roughly, tearing moans laced with pain and passion from her. Those massive arms curving under hers, Gideon could only cover those scaly hands with her own, gasping at reptilian fingers undulating, pinching her nipples hard. Arching back into him, pressing herself against Ank's rock-hard body, she couldn't help jumping at that short muzzle pressing into her neck, those lips, those teeth grazing her skin, that unexpectedly humanoid tongue lapping at her.

She'd gotten turned on at the sight of his erection and thanks to his hypersensitive nose they both knew it. So it shouldn't have surprised her when the vise grip loosened, an almost relieving pain flooding her before one hand bore her down over the sink, the faucet pressing into her collarbone. She was suddenly thankful the counters and sinks automatically adjusted to his barely 7 foot frame. Hearing his zipper, those pants falling, she grabbed the faucet in a death grip, arching up and back, bracing herself.

His hands practically fused to her hips as he raised her to his, her legs dangling as he suddenly entered her. The scream she released was more primal than painful; the sheer brutal force of it fed her need, the carnal side of her few others could touch. All she could do was hold on; watch his reflection, the way his mouth moved, the grunts sounding in her head with each thrust that had her gasping. She suddenly called out "Ank!" as she realized something was different.

It almost felt like he had three cocks in her pussy. Held in titanium-like arms, his cock felt like a piston, his shaft felt like two moving in and out separately, the head twisting and turning deep inside, bringing her pleasure to amazing heights as his moves got more intense. Both seemed surprised as she begged, "More... ffaaaster... har-harder..."

Screaming as her body spasmed, her orgasm pulling him over, his mouth hung open with a soundless groan, their cum running down each others legs. Ank fell backwards still inside her; Gideon slid off the sink, landing in the Thyreophoran's lap. Both panting heavily, she started laughing as she pulled away, standing.

'I don't understand... did I screw it up?' he asked.

She just shook her head as she turned to him, "No... no, it's just... this is one thing I never thought I'd be doing with you."

Getting up on his elbows, his sigh almost had her laughing again. Following his gaze she realized why; he was still hard. 'It didn't help Gideon.'

"No shit Sherlock," she smirked as she stepped between his legs, "So now what?"

'What...' those brows furrowed, 'I have no idea what I'm doing, remember.'

She purposely held her legs open as she squatted down, her pussy still dripping, throbbing from their first time. Smiling as his eyes immediately when there, she smacked her lips, "There's lots of other things I could show you. What do you want?"

Those scaly hands suddenly enveloped hers, drawing them to the softer, broader scales across his hips. 'Fuck me damnit. Fuck me like I fucked you.'

She smiled as she raised her ass into the air, crawling across his legs, that long alligator-like underbelly. Her hands stopped on his pecs as she straddled his legs, her smile turned devious as she stopped with her knees resting on his hips.

He instantly snapped up, 'What the fuck Gid!' his mind-voice half-whined, half-roared as he sat up.

Her hands now on his shoulders, she only raised her eyebrows as she leaned closer and started sucking on one of those stubby horns crowning his head. Grazing her teeth over the skin at the base sent a shiver through the Sauran's body as she slowly traced her fingers around the other seven.

Those vise-like hands were suddenly clamped on her breasts again, tearing more moans from her. She threw her head back with a gasp as those beak-like lips started snapping at one nipple as he released the other breast, palm still against her, flexing every way; scales scraping, pinching and caressing with each motion.

Her hands slid down then up his chest, groans getting her a brief break from his ministrations as one finger slid beneath his underbelly scales. She tried to smirk as he switched to the other nipple as she ran her hands up and down his body, giggling at each gasp as she'd start back up. The pain starting to overshadow the pleasure, she tucked each finger of her right hand under a scale. Her wonder at his reaction was answered as his telepathic hum practically vibrated her skull, her vision quivering slightly. She knew it should scare her, but the adrenaline only intensified her need, her juices dripping onto his trembling cock.

Apparently they'd crossed Ank's limit as his hands suddenly planted themselves on the floor at his sides, a quick buck slipping her legs off his hips. His instant penetration made her scream and spasm, that one upside down push up almost making her cum. Leaning back, she glued her hands to his knees and planted her feet beside his hands.

Quickly catching on, bucking hard when he arched up, he slammed into her quickly before withdrawing just as fast, smacking his ass into the floor. She gave up trying to hold still, letting his movements rock her body, feeling her tits swinging across her chest.

Throwing her head back, she got lost in the intense rush, her hair brushing across the floor as orgasm after orgasm rocked her body as he just kept slamming into her. Her juices ran down his hips, pooling into the dent he was creating in the floor as he rammed into her incessantly. He came as he pulled out, shooting his load all across her, the force alone making her cum again, her hands slipping off his knees, his cock sliding up her back shooting the rest of his cum in her hair.

27X93 END

My faucet, sink and counter are all loose. Ganymede can't comprehend how one solid object can be loose in three places and still be in one piece. I almost wish he would've left the dent in the floor.

And since then I've been ambushed everywhere: the bridge,


One of those chiseled arms suddenly caught her around the waist, picking her up and putting her in his lap. Gideon gasped as her crotch was pressed against his; any harder and he'd rip through his pants. Slipping one hand under her skirt, Ank just pulled her panties to the side, plunging two fingers deep within her. Gasping, she barely got out, "Gany-" before leaning back across the controls.

The digitized voice drowned out the sound of his zipper, "The weapons panel has been disengaged."

She screamed when he impaled her, drawing all three of their current visitors. Gideon would have smiled at the shock on their faces if he hadn't shoved her hips back, roughly rubbing against her clit. But his mental laugh rang through her head, and at least the crimson-skinned Venant male's from the shit-eating grin on both mouths. 'Come on, her mouth's free,' Ank thought with a smirk as he pressed his left knee into the console, making it lower and level out, Gideon sliding away briefly as her head hung off the other side.

One mouth chuckled as he walked across the room, rubbing his crotch with both hands, as the other joked, "And which one's Captain again?" He stopped in front of her face, smirking as Ank froze.

Gideon blinked once, not even turning to him as she raised her hands towards the other male, shoving his away and opening his pants, "Quit messing with him Rufus and just gimme!"

"Well, well, aren't we eager?" he smiled down on her as his pants fell to his ankles.

Gideon just stared as his member slowly emerged from his body, "You're almost as close to his physiology as I am, you can't tell me you don't feel it."

Rufus groaned as she reached out, playing with the skin and trying to draw him out quicker, "You've done this before," he gasped as she nipped at it, "Haven't you?"

Drawing her tongue along the underside of him as she pulled back, she leered at him, "You're not the first Venant I've had here."

Gideon cried out again as Ank pulled her away from Rufus, 'Don't forget about me!' driving into her just as hard as before, and making her gasp, Rufus's penis going right in her mouth. She pressed her lips tight around him, grabbing his hips and holding him still, letting Ank's powerful thrusts do most of the work for him. Rufus groaned as she toyed with him, using both tongue and teeth to work over each vein.

Turning to the dino-man, he quirked an eye at the total amazement on Ank's face. Rufus chuckled, drawing his gaze from her mouth to his face as he realized Ank'd never shared her before. Smirking at the confusion radiating off him, Rufus roughly tore Gideon's top open, her breasts swinging freely as the Thyreophoran kept up his movements.

Taking full advantage of his highly-flexible ribcage, the Venant literally bent himself double as he took her breasts in his hands, squishing them together so he could take a nipple in each mouth, drawing a long moan from Gideon and making his own body quiver at it.

Completely over-stimulated, Gideon came, screaming out into Rufus's member. Rufus took one step back, pulling out so he wouldn't choke her as she kept screaming and he shot his load all over her face and neck. Releasing her breasts, Rufus fell to his knees and unfolded his back; kissing her thoroughly with one mouth, the reptilian tongue of the other flicking all over her face to clean up his own mess. Ank leaned over her, watching in awe as he kept pounding away, feeling her twitch and spasm. Seeing a glob sitting right along her throat, he quickly licked it off, the taste of it sending him over the edge.

She screamed again and their audience applauded.


The kitchen,


"You-" she groaned, "you're cold-blooded, remember?" those massive hands were under her robe, firmly covering her ass as he pressed his face into her naked pussy, her back into the cold fridge wall.

He was getting deeper with his tongue than she thought that beak would let him. Feeling the chuckle vibrate her entire body she was so glad he couldn't actually speak; she'd kill him if he stopped. 'But that's half the fun,' was his only response as he put her left foot up on the rack beside her.

The rack, the wall, the floor... his scales, his face... it was so damn cold in there. Sweating, quivering with each lap, each nip, her heat trying to overpower the cold just added to his actions. His pussy-warmed tongue getting replaced by his ice-cold penis pushed her over fast and hard. He just held still, waiting for her to catch her breath before he pulled out completely. "Ank? Wha, you-" she stopped as he hooked his arm under her knee, taking it off the rack and stepping even closer.

Ank hitched her robe up over her ass, smiling as it fell open draping off her shoulders. "I just wanna try something," The Sauran twisted her to the side, reaching out and pressing her hands into the rack instead. "You told me you've done almost everything. How about this?" Gideon heard the smirk in his voice as he swung his hips in sharp.

"GAWW," she almost yelled as he twisted her further, her left leg sliding up and down his right forearm, the toes of her right foot bouncing off the floor.

'How's this?' his mind-voice went from cocky to devious, 'What do you think? Rough enough for you?' Ank stepped closer, forcing her left leg back and up to her shoulder.

"Holy fuck!! That fucking hurts!" Gideon screamed, bracing her arms on the rack and curling both legs up, kicking out hard.

Ank caught her feet, holding her up, 'I thought you liked a little pain.'

"Trying to pull my leg off isn't a little pain! Fuck if you wanna try something new do some research first dumbass!" she snapped back, trying to twist free.

His eyes fell to her hips as she kept fighting, thinking. 'So if back doesn't feel good,' he released her right foot, running his hand down her left leg, 'how does forward feel?' her stroked her ass with his right hand, fingers tickling her pussy.

Gideon jumped, tensing up, "Holy shit, how the hell are you still moving, you feel so fucking cold!" she gasped as he entered her, leaning over and wrapping his right arm under her, squishing that breast, toying with her left nipple.

'I don't know, but it's creeping up on me,' his mind-voice sounded slower than usual even with the taunting tone, 'So keep me awake.' he stopped thrusting.

She chuckled, curling her leg around his back and using it for leverage, "You're the one that needs it so bad," she gasped at a sudden spike of pleasure, "I should just leave you here to hibernate."

He pulled his left arm out from under her leg, toying with her clit and making her squirm. 'You'd miss me. You're having too much fun.'

Glaring at him, she clamped down on his dick, driving the dino-man to his knees.

957DI2 END

The corridors,


'Why'd you wear that thing today?' Ank's thought came to her before she saw him round the corner.

"Because I-" she tried to answer before the wind was knocked out of her, the dino-man had her pinned to the wall, nipping at her neck and face. Trying to breathe and not gasp as he fondled her breasts through the greasy coveralls, she thought the rest, '-was helping Ganymede fix the-' Gideon jumped as one of his hands suddenly fisted all the fabric covering her snatch. Suddenly yanked closer to him that hand flew back as her clothes ripped, throwing her crotch and panties into the opposite wall.

His hand swung right back, thumb sliding inside her as he hauled her up the wall. "What the fuck?" she gasped as he rolled his thumb back and forth, rubbing the second knuckle into her clit. "You were watching someone, right?"

He growled into her head as he started snapping at her neck. 'No. But...'

"But what?" she watched his other hand open his pants.

A soft giggle could be heard behind him, "I slipped him an aphrodisiac."

Gideon jumped as she pulled on his right shoulder, finding Elizabeth standing behind him. "You stupid Castor, you fucking know his mating DRIVE," she screamed the last word as he plowed into her, dumping his load with that one move. Falling to his knees then flat on his back, Ank cried out in fear and frustration as Gideon stood up and glared at her. "Ganymede, activate Protocol JLX-23."

"Activated. All docks have been locked, all teleports and elevators are disengaged. All communications to and from the station are now jammed and awaiting your reactivation Gideon." She almost swore there was a touch of humor there.

"You're gonna pay for this, bitch. No one messes with my construct." Gideon smiled evilly as she turned her gaze back to Ank, "You're free to break the rule this time Ank. Show this little ass exactly what she's done." The devious chuckle that rolled through her head made the other female squeal as he rolled his head back to her. Gideon stepped over him, starting down the hallway as Elizabeth started begging. Waving behind her, Gideon called out, "Let me know when you have to get rid of the body."

"You can't let him do this my Da-" was choked off.

Q8265R END

Anywhere. The only time it was in bed was because he woke up hard.

I had Ganymede monitor him and he said, according to his calendar, Ank's mating drive comes out for one week every 157 days. The sex is phenomenal; it's so rough and primitive that it gives a rush like you wouldn't believe. The pheromones he emits keep you in a constant state of arousal, I've lost track of all the people I've had to turn away when the drive kicks in. It's so damn funny when I have to tell them why. It doesn't seem to affect the Earthlings (no big surprise) or the natives from both Castor and Pollux. I have been letting those that I know can mate with Thezarans on board to see what happens; he has gone to others, so apparently there isn't some life-mate programming involved. A solid list on who can and can't be on board would be helpful.

Oh, and incase you ever get this way; even though he hasn't participated yet, he seems curious about anal sex. Both the seme and the uke roles.

Yours always,



"Hmm... I may need to double-check these results." he chuckled, wiping the cum off the screen before turning to the navigation system.

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