The day had started out like any other day before. I was driving to work as normal but I kept thinking of the guy I had met the night before online "2Sweet4U" what a screen name "2Sweet4U" We had talked for hours it seemed. We confessed our darkest fantasies to each other. Mine was to be taken roughly by a stranger. His was to take a female roughly; his wife was a conservative woman with no imagination. It was strange how we had so much in common. When we were going to sign off for the night, we exchanged cell phone numbers. I would probably never hear from him again. He probably used the naked pictures I sent him to jack off to. Then he crawled in bed with the old boring wife.

Just then I hear breaks screeching. I hit my brakes to avoid an accident. Dammit! I spilled my coffee in my lap. Son of a bitch! Now I am going to be late for work. I get my car turned around and head for home when my cell phone rings. Hummm? Unavailable number? I pick it up, "Hello?"

"That was close Karen." a strange voice says.

"Excuse me? Who is this?" I say in a confused voice.

"I think you know who this is." he says.

The phone goes silent, he had hung up. Who was that? And how did he know my name? How did he know that was a close call?" Okay, that was strange.

I pull into my driveway and go in my house. I am searching through my closet looking for another outfit to wear to work. You know that feeling you get when someone is watching you? I had that feeling, I looked around, but no one was there. Ahh my black skirt will do. As I turn around there is a large masked man standing there. I didn't have time to scream before he slammed me against the wall and pressed his body against mine. He grabbed a handful of hair and snapped my neck back. Placing a gag in my mouth and tightly tying it around my head. I started to cry when a blindfold was placed over my eyes. He said "Do as you're told and I will let you go when I am done with you. I have had enough of you whores teasing me, making me think I have a chance with you, not this time! You will be my obedient slave or I WILL make you bleed! Yes, you will feel pain, and lot's of it. Is that understood bitch!"

I was crying and couldn't answer. He slammed me against the wall again. "I said is that understood!"

All I could do was shake my head yes and let out a muffled "yes."

He turned me around and began to stroke my face. Tracing his finger up and down almost tenderly. I felt him remove my coffee stained skirt. He began to undo the buttons on my blouse one by one, letting it fall over my shoulders and onto the floor. He slid his rough hands down my sides removing my panties. I heard a long sniff, then another deep inhale and a long exhale. "Karen, what a sweet smelling pussy you have. From the looks of your panties and the smell", another long inhale," you're a little damp." He says.

I feel his finger trace up my leg to my pussy. Feeling it cross my lips and onto my clit. He begins to tug firmly on my clit. " Mmmmmmmm she has a wet clitty. Karen? Are you enjoying this? He says with an evil laugh.

He reaches up and UN hooks my bra. My breasts feel the cold air hit them. There I stand, completely naked, to a complete stranger. Thoughts are racing through my mind. What is he going to do to me? I was so scared but so turned on at the same time. Why was my body defying me like this? Why was I so wet? Just then he turned me to the wall again and placed a rope tightly around my wrists. I felt his lips kissing my neck as he turned me around. Making his way down to my tits he began kissing my nipples. I felt him roughly pulling at my tits, I am a size DD. I felt a rope begin to go under my tits, pulling them up a little. The rope was rough and burned as it brushed across my tender skin. Wrapping the rope around them both several times pulling the rope tighter, he tied them together so tight I almost lost my breath. I let out a muffled scream. It felt like the circulation was cut off. He began kissing my nipple. The sensation was a great feeling He began tugging my nipples with his teeth. Caressing my tit I felt something cold and metal attach to my nipple. I let out a muffled scream, my body was shaking from the pain, and it was so intense. I was trying to scream when I felt a firm slap across my face. "Eat the pain whore! Eat it.!"

I was crying when I felt him caress my other tit. He was kissing at my nipple, tugging it with his teeth and I felt another clamp on it. I could feel a chain on my stomach. I knew my nipples were clamped together by a chain. I started crying furiously. The pain was too much to bear. I felt his hand grab the chain as he pulled it up and out he said "I sense an attitude whore, stop crying. You will beg me to tug the chain!"

He pulled the gag from my mouth; I licked my dry lips and tried to swallow. I was breathing heavily. "Now, you fucking whore. Beg me! Beg me to pull the chain!" He said.

My voice was low and creaked from my dry mouth. "Pull the chain."

"NO! I said Beg me whore!" He said firmly as he slapped my face again.

"Please sir, pull the chain. Please do it hard, please?" I said

He then yanked my nipples away from my body, pulling them to their fullest extent. I thought I was going to pass out from the pain, yet I could feel my pussy throbbing. "Now thank me." he said.

"Thank you Sir." I trembled when I spoke.

I could feel him removing the rope around my wrists. He pushed hard and I landed on the bed. He tied my wrists to each bed post. Then he tied my ankles to the bed posts. Spreading my legs as far open as they would go. I could hear him rustling around in the room. I felt the bed sink as he got on. He straddled my chest; I could smell his cock near my face. He took a handful of my hair and pulled my head from the pillow. I felt him brush his cock across my lips. "Beg me, let me hear you beg me Beg me to let you suck my cock." he said.

"Please sir, let me suck you, please, I want to taste your cock." I said.

"Oh, you're a fucking cock sucking slut aren't you?" He laughed.

He shoved his cock in my mouth, deep. I was licking it and sucking it good. I could hear him moaning as he started fucking my face. He was pressing down on my chest with all of his weight. Shoving his cock down deep gagging me. He was getting faster when I felt him pull out and shoot his hot cum all over my face. He was moaning " MMMMmmm yes, you're a good cock sucker, mmmmmm take it whore clean me!"

As he shoved his cock back in my mouth to clean it for him. I licked his cock clean. He put the gag back on me; I knew he was finished with my mouth. I felt him get off my chest. I could feel him untie my ankles. Maybe this was over. He took my ankles and tied them to the bed post beside my wrists. Leaving my ass and pussy open for business. I felt his finger around my puckered hole. He dipped his finger in my pussy to get it wet. Then made his way back to my ass hole, circling it, teasing it. He shoved his finger inside my ass. My screams were muffled, it hurt, but it also felt good. I started bucking my hips on his finger, making him fuck my ass with it. "Hold on whore, slow down. What is this? You like this don't you." he said.

I felt something cold on my puckered ass, it was lube. I felt something metal like invading my puckered hole, it was a mini vibrator. It seemed to slip right in; I felt my ass closing around it leaving the wire hanging out. I heard a switch click and I felt the vibe in my ass.

I felt his body close to mine again, he was between my legs. I felt his cock on my clit; he was rubbing it all over my wet pussy. I wanted him to fuck me so bad my body started shaking. I felt his hand grab the chain on my tits. Just as he pulled it towards him he shoved his cock in my pussy hard. The pleasure of this massive thick cock inside me and the pain from my aching tits was too much. I was screaming in pleasure behind my gag. He was pounding my pussy hard. The harder he pounded the harder he pulled my sore nipples. He placed a finger on my clit and pulled it as he fucked me hard. I felt so full from the vibe up my ass. Just then he turned the vibe up to 4. He pounded my pussy hard and deep. My back began to arch when I came all over his cock. Screaming through the gag. While I was Cumming he removed the clamps from my nipples, the relief of the blood rushing back into them made me come again. Still fucking me hard he unties my tits, the relief from that made me cum again. My body was in pure pleasure overload, shaking and twitching. He pulled his cock out and was Cumming all over my stomach and tits. I felt him get off the bed. I was breathing hard. He removed my gag and I was instructed to remain silent.

He pulled the vibe from my ass, released my ankles and wrists. Placing me gently on the bed. I felt him using a marker to write on my inner thighs. " You have been a good slut, when you hear the door shut, I want you to count to 50 slowly. Then you may remove the blindfold and get up. Do not call the police, you know I can find you, and next time you bleed. I am glad to see there are whores like you out there." he said laughing.

I heard the door close, the smell of sex was heavy in the room. My tits were so sore but I dare not move. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...49,50. I removed the blindfold. It took a few minutes to let my eyes adjust. I tried to stand up but my tits were so sore I almost cried, my pussy was sore from the pounding. I stumbled to the bathroom to take a shower. I had to wash all this cum off of me. I looked in the mirror at my used body. My hair was a mess; my make up was running from crying so much. My cheeks were red from the slaps; I had marks beside my mouth where the gag was tied so tight. My breasts were red; my nipples were flat and pinched from the clamps. And between my legs written in marker was simply "2Sweet4U"

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