tagBDSM3:00 is His Favorite Time of Day

3:00 is His Favorite Time of Day


She remains naked in the open window, just as he left her hours earlier. Her wrists in cuffs attached to the hook in the ceiling. The curtains drawn for the neighbors to admire her, a cool breeze blows against her skin. She's embarrassed; today there seemed to be a lot of extra people outside enjoying the nice weather and she had been placed on display by her Master.

Her shoulders ached from being left in such a position for so long. Her clit swollen with anticipation. Her juices flowed, she felt her wetness dripping down her thighs.

"What will he have of me?" she wondered.

The clock in the hall chimed 3:00, he will be home soon to have his way with her. She enjoyed his game; he is her master and she his slave. But on days like this, she is left to wonder what he has planned for her. She yearns for his touch, his kiss and the sound of his voice. Just how long had she been waiting for his return?

Finally, she hears his keys and the sound of his boots on the hardwood floor. The bedroom door opens behind her and she feels him enter the room. His footsteps approach her and she gasps as his cold hands touch her bare back. He kisses her neck creating goose bumps along her skin. His hands reach around her to gently caress her breasts.

She exhales as he whispers in her ear, "I've missed you."

She smiles to herself, she's missed him too. He steps away from her and she hears his belt buckle drop to the floor. She feels his hands on her again, as he massages her aching shoulders.

"I'm ready to come down, Sir," she almost pleads.

He snickers and replies, "Not yet. First, let's give the neighbors something to talk about."

She feels his hands move down her body to her ass. He kneels behind her and spreads her ass cheeks with his hands. She shifts her weight to open her legs for him. She moans as he presses his face against her and his warm tongue enters her waiting asshole.

His hands move to the front of her body and he finds the wetness dripping from between her legs. His fingers begin to explore her womanhood and she exhales again.

One hand on her clit, the other enters her pussy forcing her lips open. First one finger, than another. He withdraws his hand and licks her sweetness from his fingers then reinserts them into her. His left hand pinches at her swollen clit making her moan with desire.

His fingers move from her pussy again, but this time instead of bringing them to his lips, he begins to tickle her asshole with them.

"Give it to me," he commands.

She arches her back as much as possible to expose her ass to him. Her current position makes this difficult and she begs to be released from her restraints.

SMACK she feels his palm against her right ass cheek.

"Don't ask again," he says to her sternly.

She whimpers quietly from the pain, but forgets about it quickly as he enters his middle finger into her asshole using the wetness from between her legs as lube; slowly at first, then harder and faster. He enters her canal, fucking her ass with his fingers. His left hand continues to play with her clit; pinching, poking, pulling.

She feels herself on the verge of an orgasm. He teases her. His breath on her skin, his fingers invading her asshole, and now another finger is inserted into her pussy. He grips her body like a bowling ball and continues to fuck every hole from behind. She grows weary from pleasure and pain and is unsure how she can hold back any longer.

"Time to cum," he says to her and she immediately reaches orgasm, releasing her juices onto his hand.

Once her spasm slows, he removes his hands and rises behind her. He moves his fingers to her lips. She forces her to taste herself on his hands.

"That's my girl," he whispers into her ear, "now it's my turn."

She feels him move against her, and her ass is spread again. His erection probes against her asshole which is still wet from her own cum, she gasps as the thickness of his cock stretches her open. He forces himself into her, inch by inch. A drop of blood trickles from her behind.

His hands move to her breasts, he grips onto her body for leverage. He rams into her again and aqain, his balls slapping aqainst her swollen clit. The pain in her shoulders grows intense as his body grinds into her. She cries out as he pinches her nipples with tremendous force.

His breathing increases as he reaches orgasm forcing his cock deep into her as he releases his incredible load within her canal.

Finally, she feels his body relax and his cock slides out of her as his erection softens. He steps back from her and she feels the ache in her shoulders lessen as he releases her restraints.

She is allowed to turn and look at him for the first time since he's been home. He kisses her lips softly, touches her face gently. She kneels before him and places his penis between her lips. She licks the taste of her own asshole from his cock.

He whispers, "Now clean yourself up and meet me downstairs. I'm not finished with you."

With that he leaves the room and closes the door behind him. She is alone again, left wondering what was next.

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