3:45. The numbers on the digital clock by the bed cast a green glow over the room. Outside, the street was quiet, save for the rustling of the leaves swirling in the autumn breeze. Inside, the only sound was the deep, even breath of sleep.

She had gotten home at the regular time. The boys were already there and doing homework. The oldest was working on math problems while the younger colored a picture of bright, primary colors. The evening was, thankfully, uneventful as no major fights broke out, and no one threw a tantrum over what show to watch on the television. She had checked over the homework and fixed dinner, albeit a simple one of grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, and lots of ice cold milk. After dinner she and the boys played a couple rounds of the board game de jour before she stood and announced that the bedtime routine would begin in two minutes. Showers were taken, teeth were brushed, and each child was tucked into his own respective bed. After a kiss and a lullaby for each, it was lights out and time for Mom to have a few minutes to herself.

She walked into the kitchen, barefooted and silent, as she had deserted her shoes shortly after entering the house. After pouring a glass of her favorite Chardonnay, she at last settled into her chair and relaxed. The pale golden liquid swirled in her glass, catching the light and her attention. She found herself drawn to the patterns on the wine's surface, lost there.

"Reading tea leaves again?" she laughingly questioned herself.

She took her time, sipping from her glass, flipping through the t.v. channels but watching nothing in particular, until the sleepiness overtook her. She was tired. It was like a sudden wave of exhaustion hit her, taking with it every ounce of energy she had left.

She pushed herself out of the chair, and made her way down the hall and into the bedroom. After washing the day's makeup from her face, running a brush through her long hair and a toothbrush over her teeth, she felt she could finally collapse into bed. She pulled her robe off as she stood by the side of the bed in the filtered moonlight. Wearing nothing she slipped between the cool, clean sheets, and pulled the soft, down comforter up to her ears. No sooner were her eyes closed, than she was soundly asleep.

3:45. The numbers on the digital clock by the bed cast a green glow over the room. He stood by the bed watching her sleep. He had been careful not to wake her, but now as the air played against his bare skin, his need for her was growing.

The house had been quiet and dark when he stepped inside. His entry had been an easy one, after all, he had a key. Softly, quietly he made his way through the living room and down the hall toward her bedroom. He opened the doors to the other two bedrooms as he passed, assuring himself that nothing stirred there, that the occupants were asleep, but on this night it was the door at the end of the hall that interested him most. He knew exactly where he was going, what was behind that last door, and he knew why it was to there that he was pulled. He listened to her breath flow rhythmically in and out, and watched her chest rise and fall. Her breasts had been left exposed as she moved in her sleep, and the cool night air had brought her nipples erect, or perhaps it was her dreams.

So many times, when she was unaware of his eyes on her, he watched her. He loved to watch the way she moved, the way her hair blew across her face in the wind. He loved the sound of her laughter and the way her eyes lit up when something she perceived as wonderful caught her attention – be that a brightly colored leaf, a good book, or the smile of a child. Most of all, however, he loved the look that crossed her face and the wave that flowed up the body each time her mind wandered past an erotic fantasy. She was a sexual being, sensuous and passionate.

He wanted her, needed her, had to have her. Such was his state as he eased into the bed next to her, tentatively reaching out to caress her skin in the moonlight. A small sigh escaped her lips, and he found himself wondering where she was in her world of dreams. He pressed his lips to her neck, tasting the salty flavor of her skin. It was then that she moved, that her eyelids fluttered, and his heart raced.

3:45. The numbers on the digital clock by the bed cast a green glow over the room as her eyes fluttered, and she was pulled from her dream, where she was meeting him again for the first time. She felt the tangible electric shock course through her body as he first walked up to her table, tasted the metallic flavor of the adrenaline pumping through her veins, and smelled her own sexual response at his first touch. His lips on her neck burned into her consciousness, and his hands grazing over her flesh ignited those long ago feeling again, just as it did every time he touched her.

She turned toward him, a sleepy smile on her face, and moved her hands to cradle his face, pulling his lips close to her own, and kissing him deeply, softly, sensuously.

"Hi," she whispered. "I'm glad you're home."

His mouth pressed to hers once again, his tongue pressing softly between her lips to enter her mouth, flickering at the tip of her tongue. Lost in the sensation of a long time love kept ever new, they melted into one another, arms and legs entwining, and heat building.

"Sorry to wake you," he whispered when finally his lips left hers. "You need your sleep."

"Mmm, I'm not sorry." She pressed into him, her wetness obvious against him. "I need you more than sleep, and I want you." Her voice was soft and seductive in his ear.

He moved atop her body, and looked into her face brushing the hair from her eyes, holding her head in the palm of one hand. She moaned, licked her lips, and opened her mouth to him to invite his kiss again. He lifted her head toward his face, meeting her mouth with the hard urgency of desire. Her arms encircled his neck, and she pressed harder and deeper into his kiss, their tongues searching and their breath quickening.

He pulled away from her arms and slowly, so slowly, slid down along her body, caressing her with his lips and tongue, until his kiss contacted her swollen clit. Her back arched at his touch, and she whimpered at the heat that exploded within her. His practiced tongue traveled down along the lips of her pussy, pressing deeply inside to taste her already flowing juices. Replacing his tongue with his fingers, he moved his mouth to the spot he knew would drive her wild. He circled her clit, coaxing it from hiding, and fluttered over the tiny bud, sending erotic jolts throughout her body. She was always amazed at the skill he used to easily build her excitement, making her writhe in pleasure. He knew exactly how to touch her, how to tease her, how to take her right to the edge and hold her there. Soon, too soon, the movement of his tongue and the heat of his breath drove her over the edge and into a shuddering orgasm, ripping ecstatic moans from her throat. He stayed, his mouth covering her, holding her, until her waves slowed and finally ended.

"God, you're fantastic," was all she could say, between her heaving breaths. "Now, come here." She grinned at him and crooked her finger to call him toward her.

He moved up to cover her body with his once again, and she felt the extent of his excitement for her. Her kisses strayed down his neck and across his chest, her tongue trailing along to enjoy the flavor of his skin as she moved her lips up to taste his lips again. Her hand slipped down along his chest, stopping to tweak his sensitive nipples. His eyes closed in pleasure, and his small moan let her know how he loved it.

Her arms slipped beneath his, her hands coming to rest on his strong shoulders. She raised her mouth to his ear and whispered to him, so soft and so low that he had to strain to hear her. "Take me, baby. Drive into me hard. Fuck me like there's no tomorrow." She felt his cock jerk against her as the words left her mouth.

"Oh my god baby. Yes." His words came out as something between a moan and a whisper as he plunged his now throbbing cock deeply into her waiting pussy. His strokes were hard and deep, taking them both to a higher level of lust. Their lovemaking took on the smooth, fluid movement of a practiced dance, each knowing the other so intimately. They knew so well where to touch, how to move, what to do to drive the other crazy. Her long, red nails raked down his back. He gasped as the sensation took him to the point where pleasure and pain collide and dropped him firmly on the side of indescribable pleasure. His warm mouth found and enjoyed her full breast, circling her nipple with the tongue, nibbling with his teeth. She tried to raise herself toward him, to press deeper into his mouth, but he held her down, preferring instead to keep her locked in his erotic torture.

"I'm close, baby, so close," he whispered. His face strained and his back arched as he tried to hold back.

She smiled, and her breath shook as she spoke. "Come for me, baby. Come for me now." Her hands gripped his waist and her nails dug into him as his orgasm took him hard. She pressed up, taking him into her again, continuing her rolling strokes, pushing him to total release until his body trembled and he begged her to stop.

It was then that, all of his strength gone, he collapsed beside her. His arms held her next to him. Her head laid softly on his chest. Their breath slowly returned to normal and their heartbeats ended their race as they relaxed together in the darkness. Whispered words of love passed between them with promises of forever both spoken and silent.

4:30. The numbers on the digital clock by the bed cast a green glow over the room as, there together, they slept.

I'd love to know what you think, like it or not. Thanks for reading.

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